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  • Day2

    Taipei 2

    October 27, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅

    Vandaag bezochten we de theevelden in Pinglin.

    Er geraken was niet simpel en het mannetje in het infocentrum sprak geen Engels. Maar het lukte ons om een fiets te huren, kochten een lunchpakket en gingen er theegenaan!

    Het junglepad was zo goed als verlaten, heel af en toe eens een theegenligger. We reden langs de rivieren door de bergen. Oolong we juist gefietst hebben weet ik niet maar theegen dat we terug in het dorp waren was het al namiddag. Theeft zeker deugd gedaan die frisse en bijna zoete berglucht na al die uitlaatgassen. Het regende wel een beetje dus dat was wel een theegenvaller.Read more

  • Day140

    Taipei - Elephant Mountain

    April 23, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅

    After our day in the zoo we used the good weather to climb up elephant mountain. From the view points we had some really nice views over the city.

    All in all Taiwan was really nice and we will come back to see the southern part of it as well. For this time we have to say goodbye, because tomorrow night we will fly to Bangkok (including an overnight stay at Singapore Airport).

    Nach unserem Tag im Zoo haben wir noch einmal das gute Wetter ausgenutzt und sind auf den Elephant Mountain geklettert. Von hier konnten wir uns Taipeh aus einer ganz anderen Perspektive ansehen. Nach dem Sonnenuntergang gab es dann noch ein paar leckere Snacks auf dem Nachtmarkt.

    Auch wenn das Wetter teilweise nicht ganz so gut war hat uns Taiwan an sich gefallen. Am Anfang brauchten wir etwas Zeit um uns an das neue Land zu geöhnen, da hier bei weitem nicht mehr alles so super organisiert und sauber ist wie in Japan (es gab sogar einen Zug mit 5 Minuten Verspätung :D) Wenn wir allerdings nicht aus Japan sodern zum Beispiel aus Sri Lanka gekommen wären, wäre uns das gar nicht aufgefallen.

    Morgen Nacht fliegen wir dann weiter nach Bangkok (mit einer kurzen Übernachtung am Flughafen in Singapur).
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  • Day131

    Taipei - Downtown

    April 14, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅

    Today we decided to stay in Taipei Downtown. Taipei is a really nice and green city, but we have raining season in the moment so there were several thunderstorms today. Nevertheless it was a fun day.

    Heute haben wir uns Downtown Taipeh angesehen. Taipeh ist eine wirklich nette und vor allem sehr grüne Stadt. Leider haben wir zurzeit allerdings Regenzeit, weshalb wir vor dem ein oder anderen Gewitter flüchten mussten.Read more

  • Day3

    World Tourism Day

    September 27, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    Today's plan is to take advantage of being a tourist by going on a free Historic City walking tour and then to the National Palace Museum which is normally around £10 but free today!

    After an amazing night sleep we went for our Historic Walking tour. Molly out tour guide spoke fantastic English and really knew her stuff. We saw the Longshan Temple, bought ice cream at the oldest ice cream shop in Taiwan, learnt about the various rulers of Taiwan, saw Taiwan's equivalent of Times Square, learnt why the Chinese design curvy streets (to prevent attackers and the Chinese Zombie), saw and heard about history of the 228 Peace Park and the stories of Chiang kai-shek. During the break me and Will ran to a bakery where we had a voucher for a free tourist gift, a pineapple cake and two nougat bars. Then we saw the Presendital Parliamentary building, the concert hall, theatre Hall and finally the Chiang kai-shek memorial.

    For lunch we headed to Nanmen market hall for beef noodle soup and then to the National Palace Museum. By the time we got to the museum it was about 4pm and we had been wandering round since 9:30am so we were quite tired with pretty sore feet. The museum was free so we decided to make the most of it anyway. Overall it was quite interesting and had a few pieces of interest but I was very much looking forward to a proper sit down. At the museum we saw various paintings with calligraphy, a meat shaped stone that looked like pork belly but was actually a mineral known as banded jasper, a jade bokchoy and much much more. The museum was huge, we only got round one section before having to stop due to throbbing feet.

    We are now both starving for dinner so it's time to head off in hunt of food. We tried Raohe Night Market and having been to 3 night markets in Taiwan, I'm convinced they are the same with different names and size. We had beef bone soup, pan fried dumplings and a Peppered Pork Bun again and then headed home to plane for our next day.

    The original plan was to stay one more day and do a day trip to Jiufen, a neighbouring town. However the hostel tried charging us double as its a Friday and the rain from the passing typhoon is supposed to be worse tomorrow and therefore worse on the north east of the island. So we are going to go to Taichung, famous for its food and on the west of the island. We've also booked in for our very first couchsurfing experience! Bit of an adventure so let's see how it goes 😊
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  • Day7

    Welcome to Taipei

    February 22, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅

    We again arrived under the cloak of darkness. This time however we were greeted with a veritable light show and extremely vibrant and energetic streets. We navigated the brightly lit sidewalks dodging scooters that seem to materialize out of nowhere. Ducking under awnings that served as cover for various street food vendors and assorted eateries we weaved our way to the hotel. The streets and sidewalks were buzzing with preparations for the lantern festival. What exactly it was celebrating wasn't clear, but what was obvious was the carefree upbeat attitude was everywhere. A pleasant reception. Welcome to TaiwanRead more

  • Day99

    Strolling around by the Kelung River

    December 6, 2014 in Taiwan ⋅

    We are now on our 4th month on the road. Still in Taiwan but will be heading to Shanghai soon to meet up with my brothers and have a Shanghai family Christmas!

  • Day11

    Day 6: The Longest Day EVER!

    January 12, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅

    首先,今天由我们给开平学生介绍澳洲的节日。我们安排了一些活动,从教他们怎么唱澳洲的Jingle Bells、怎么说澳式英语,到怎么踢澳式足球(因为台湾没有澳式足球,我们用的是一个排球)。活动很成功,我们都一直笑。
    在我们把学校到窗子笑破以前,我们和一些学生离开了学校,去士东市场。午饭我们在那儿吃日本菜,然后在市场里参观。今天是一个叫Medusa的同学陪我。她和我 一起尝试了“刀疗”!刀疗是用刀来按摩。做刀疗以前,我们很怕,但是尝试了以后都觉得很舒服。Medusa也教我很多花的中文名字,我特别喜欢兰花,台湾的国花。

    接着,我们去故宫博物馆,但是在进去以前,我们发现有木乃伊展览。对,在台湾我们看到了来自大英博物馆的木乃伊!两个博物馆都很有意思, 故宫博物馆最有名的展品是一个白菜的玉雕,叫“翠玉白菜”。

    Hello Everyone!

    It was a very long day today.
    Firstly, we introduced Australian festivals to the Kaiping students. We organised a few activities , from teaching them how to sing Australian Jingle Bells and how to speak "Australian", to how to play Australian Rules Football using a netball(because there are no Aussie footballs in Taiwan, we had to use a netball). The activities were a success, we couldn't stop laughing!

    Before we broke the school windows, a few students left with us for Shi Dong market. We ate Japanese cuisine for lunch then we were left to explore. A fellow student, Medusa, accompanied me and we had a "knife massage" together! A knife massage is where knives are used to massage around the back, neck and shoulders. Before we got the massage we were a bit afraid, but afterwards we felt very comfortable. Medusa also taught me a lot of flower names in Chinese. I especially liked the Lan Hua, Taiwan's national flower.
    Afterwards we went to the National Palace Museum, but before we went in we went discovered the Mummy exhibit. Yes! We went to see the British Museum's Mummy exhibit in Taiwan! Both museums were very interesting, the National Palace Museum's most famous exhibit was a jade cabbage, called "Jadeite Cabbage With Insects".

    This day still isn't over! In the evening we went to the Shi Lin night market, ate a lot of small snacks and played some small carnival games. We ate fried chicken cutlet, spring onion pancake, Taiwanese sausage, oyster omelette, fish ball soup, papaya milk, carrot juice and roast mushroom. We also played a lot of games. Fitzie played the best, but after spending a lot of money (400NTD = $17.10), we all won a prize.

    We will sleep very well tonight!!

    作者:凯丽 Written by Kelly
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