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  • Day14

    Yey - Back to normality!

    October 8 in Taiwan

    We both woke up with a spring in our feet as we knew we were going to have an amazing day. We were finally able to get hold of a scooter and were going to go to the mountains!! Taroko Gorge is the number one place to go in Taiwan. Although very touristy its easy to get off the tourist trail by heading a bit further and not going on the smaller trail roads. To be honest we didn't care, we had sunshine, a scooter and mountains. Perfect.

    The drive was soo gorgeous, first along the coast and then through the mountains. Gosh it was good to be back to normality!

    First stop was to go to a hidden natural hotspring. Annoyingly I'm a stickler for rules and I just couldn't bring myself to go in as it was actually closed off. Will on the other hand went for it. He said it was very very hot and came out sweating like mad. I definitely had a bit of FOMO on this occasion but ah well.

    For lunch we made peanut butter and jam sandwiches from breakfast at the hostel and ate them on our next stop, Baiyang Waterfall. At the moment it's the end of rainy season and you can definitely see it from the fast flowing river! I can see why its the number 1 place to visit in Taiwan.

    Next we did a bike tour round various photo ops and on our way down hit "total grid lock". It was crazy busy and there was a very narrow road and the traffic was being managed. Luckily we were on a scooter and were able to race to the front 😊 We soon jetted off and as it was beginning to shower we decided to head home before it got dark.

    For dinner we went to a really tasty beef noodle soup restaurant and for 25p extra you could order a large, so we did. It was ridiculously big, so I gave half to Will to finish off. Well at least he didn't need a second dinner today!

    It was only 6pm when we finished. I went for a much needed haircut and then chilled in the hostel with a hot chocolate.

    I'm not sure if I told you about a tune that we keep hearing everywhere? It's driving us bonkers and as I write this blog it's going on repeatedly outside. It's a tune that the bin lorry makes to alert residents it's coming round. All residents have to throw their own rubbish in the wagons so everyday from dawn till dusk this annoying tune is played and it is constantly stuck in our heads! But not going to let that ruin our amazing day 😊

    I'm so so so so so so glad we are finally getting back into the swing of things and able to visit the mountains, its made such a big difference on our mood!
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  • Day20

    A Quick Swim Before Hualien

    October 14 in Taiwan

    We have the scooter for the morning and then in the afternoon we are getting the bus and train to Hualien.

    To make the most of our day we went for a quick swim in the morning. To be honest the waves were so big that we were more bobbing in the water than swimming. Running a bit late to pick up our bags we quickly raced back to the hostel, pick up our bags and then Will dropped me and the luggage off at the main square in Hengchun next to the bus station. Will then drove to drop off the scooter.

    While I was waiting for Will to come back I decided to make use of the time and the sunshine. I draped all our swimwear and towel all over the bench and then made our peanut butter and jam sandwiches. I must have looked like a homeless person 😂 I wish I'd taken a picture! In fact I've realised I've not taken any pictures of our day at all...

    For those that can remember Will's pants moment in Cambodia, guess what... We had another! I couldn't find his swim shorts and he realised he left them at the hostel. I had both our backpacks and packed up the drying and walked back to the hostel to pick them up. It was now midday, the burning heat couldn't have been hotter and I was walking for 20 mins with 2 backpacks. I was not impressed! Just as I arrived back at the square, absolutely drenched, Will turned up. Soaked and shattered we then jumped on the bus to to the train station.

    Before coming to Kenting we did exactly the same journey in reverse so we knew our way, or we thought we did. When we got to the train station we tried to buy our tickets and it seemed to be the most difficult thing to do, at one point he printed us 6 tickets 4 if which were for the same train and then when we said we need to pay using card he ripped up the tickets and handed us 4 instead of 6. Utterly confused, starving as we hadn't had breakfast and it was now 2pm we went for a brown sugar bubble tea and ate our sandwiches 😊

    The journey was long but we eventually got to Hualien at 8pm. Luckily we have been here before so we went straight to the hostel, dropped off our bags and had pork noodle soup for dinner. Yum 😋

    As I didn't take many pictures today I've added some of signs we've seen that are interesting...
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  • Day21

    Setting the world to rights

    October 15 in Taiwan

    Unfortunately we decided not to go to to the Taroko Gorge as the clouds over the mountains looked quite low and threatening, so instead we spent the morning setting the world to rights. We had quite an in depth discussion about how we felt with regards to the current pollution crisis and what we feel we can to ourselves to help from vegan ism, transport systems, housing and how we feel the government can and should encourage the population to make the right choices. Obviously us taking so many flights etc is not helpful towards this so we actually looked to see if it was possible to do the shorter journeys by land or sea, but it was interesting to find out that a lot of them you actually can't. 2 coffees and a green tea in we decided we should probably go for a wander.

    We wandered to a park to have lunch, Will bought a ring donut from a bakery and then we went along the river towards Pine Garden. It was hot, cloudy and muggy. Along the river we found the perfect spot for watching jumping fish. That entertained us for a while!! No idea what the fish were but they were big, silver and could jump impressively high. We thought they might be salmon but we are unsure. We also spotted a yellow wagtail on the side of the river.

    Once we got to the Pine Garden we realised you had to pay. It is literally 5 pine trees in a garden!! There were pine trees outside the park! Seriously why do they make people pay for these things. So needless to say we didn't go in. Instead we walked back to the river walked to the opposite side, watched the fish, saw a grey heron and then walked around the city centre until we could justify it being dinner time.

    For dinner we went on a bit of a foodie tour. Will had a chicken roll (3 chicken balls wrapped in chicken skin and grilled on a stick, it wasn't great actually), a KFC style chicken drumstick, we tried green bean mochi (still not a fan of mochi), a croissant filled with custard with a meringue on top (this was dessert when we got back) and then xao long bao (sooo yummy, will ate 5!!). Will was then super full so we started to head back, but I was still pretty hungry. On the way back I saw a buffet style restaurant that had looooads of veg so I just had to go in. I just filled the plate with lots of veg and... the thing we have been looking for since we got here... the famous 1000 year egg. Also known as the Pidan it is a Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months. I can't describe how God awful this looks,but I will try and describe its textures (see last pic below, bottom left weird eggy thing... ). What would normally be the yellow yolk is still runny, but is a congealed, green, slimey goo, which oozes when you cut up the egg. What would normally be the white of the egg is a brown jelly. The whole thing tastes like a Kippery Egg. If you close your eyes it actually isn't that bad but the look of it is another level. To sum it up, I thought it was fine, but Will was feeling quite queezy after just one bite. Finally we went back to our long await gyoza shop and bought 5 gyoza. All in all we only spent £6.38 on what was actually quite a lot of food 😊

    When we got back to the hostel we booked our taxi for the morning, packed for our 7kg handluggage flight and then ate our amazing desert, yum!!
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  • Day9

    Taroko National Park

    November 26, 2017 in Taiwan

    Heute sind wir früh los um früh im Taroko Nationalpark zu sein. Also frühstücken und ab zum Bus. 1 1/2 h später haben wir die lebensmüde Busfahrt überlebt und waren mitten im Taroko Park.
    Dort sind wir dann 4 h durch die Schlucht und Trails gewandert. Es ist eine sehr eindrucksvolle Schlucht, die jeder der hier ist sich anschauen sollte. Wieder zurück im Hostel haben wir dann eine kurze Pause gemacht, um dann auch schon wieder auf den Nightmarket zu gehen. Dort haben wir Austernomlett und Dumplings gegessen.
    2 km zu Fuß zurück ins Hostel und ab ins Bett.
    Morgen geht's ja schon weiter nach Taitung.
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  • Day8


    November 25, 2017 in Taiwan

    Heute haben wir unser Luxus-Hotel verlassen und sind mit dem Zug nach Hualien gefahren.
    Dort angekommen sind wir mit einem überteuerten Taxi zum Hostel gefahren.
    Wir hatte echt Glück mit unserem Hostel, großes Zimmer, schön eingerichtet und eine super nette Besitzerin.
    Nachdem wir unsere Sachen ins Zimmer gebracht haben und gezahlt hatten, hat uns die Besitzerin mit ihrem Auto an den Strand gefahren. Extrem klares Wasser, riesen Wellen und Hunderte Touristen.
    Auf dem Rückweg hat sie uns dann am Nightmarket rausgelassen. Dort haben wir uns dann ein bisschen umgeschaut und sind dann aber zum McDonalds essen gegangen, da wir beide kein Asiatisch essen wollten.
    Zurück im Hostel haben wir dann noch ein bisschen ferngeschaut und haben dann aber auch relativ bald geschlafen. Morgen geht's ja in die Taroko Schlucht.

    PS: der Footprint ist von Vorgestern!
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  • Day135

    Taroko Nationalpark

    April 18 in Taiwan

    The last two days were very rainy and much colder than expected, so we were not able to do a lot. We just traveled to Hualien by Train and then stayed in the city.
    Today the weather was much better and we could go to the Taroko Nationalpark. The National Park was one of our "must-see`s" in Taiwan. The park was really great and it was fun to do some hiking through the mountains.

    Die letzten zwei Tage hat es leider sehr viel geregnet und es war deutlich kühler als erwartet. Daher sind wir nur mit der Bahn von Taipeh bis nach Hualien gefahren und haben die restliche Zeit in der Stadt und auf unserem Balkon verbracht.
    Heute wurde das Wetter dann endlich wieder ein bisschen besser und wir konnten uns auf den Weg zum Taroko Nationalpark machen. Der Park war auch wirklich schön und es hat Spaß gemacht mal wieder ein bisschen durch die Berge zu laufen.
    Das einzige an das wir uns allerdings noch nicht wieder gewöhnen konnten ist, dass in Taiwan ein Busfahrplan eher eine optimistische Empfehlung darstellt... Es ist halt nicht überall perfekt organisiert wie in Japan.
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  • Day4

    Hualien dag 2

    October 29, 2017 in Taiwan

    40km gefietst. Schat ik. Joy schat 5 km maar Joy denkt ook dat een gemiddeld huis 3 mensen op elkaar groot is oftewel 28 meter hoog. Dus ik zou op mijn schatting afgaan (ik heb het stiekem ook uitgerekend met google maps ik vogelvlucht).

    Wij zijn in oost Taiwan nu, een stad genaamd Hualien.

    Gisteren gingen we naar Taroko gorge, een nationaal park met rotsen van marmersteen, heel erg mooi. Er was een muziekfestival met klassieke muziek en dat had wel iets zo in de groene marmerbergen.

    Vandaag gingen we op een fietstocht op de mountainbike. Zee aan de rechterkant en de jungle en bergen links met geen kat op de baan, zeer magisch. Er was wel waanzinnig veel wind wat zorgde voor metershoge zeegolven maar ook voor een sterke tegenwind op de terugweg. 'S middags staken we ons vol met dumplings voor nog geen 3 euro voor ons tweetjes.

    Morgen keren we terug naar Taipei om dan door te gaan naar Tainan, grote omweg maar het kan niet anders.
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  • Day14

    Taroko Schlucht

    May 12 in Taiwan

    Heute ging es für uns den ganzen Tag in den Taroko Nationalpark, genauer gesagt in die Taroko Schlucht. Dort haben wir viele kleine Wanderungen in und auf der Schlucht gemacht. Zu sehen gabs schöne kleine Tempel und auch die ein oder anderen Insekten.

  • Day77

    Taroko National Park, Taiwan

    June 8, 2015 in Taiwan

    Met z'n drieen ( Melati, Vir en Sab ) gaan we naar een nationaal park. We huren hiervoor scootertjes en crossen met de scooters het hele park door ( haha.. dit was de meest luie manier om een nationaal park te zien, dat hebben die Taiwanezen toch goed aangelegd. ) Als echte budgetreizigers huren we de goedkoopste scooters en dat zijn ook gelijk de kleinste. Dus we passen nog net ( lees eigenlijk niet ) met z'n tweeen op de scooter. We rijden langs prachtige valleien met grijze, witte en groene marble stenen. Ongelofelijk mooi om te zien. We doen tussendoor wat korte hikes om toch ook de afgelegen stukken te bekijken. Uiteindelijk worden we zo zelfverzekerd op de scooter dat we het aandurven om azie stijl, met alle backpacks naar het station te rijden. Sab d'r knieen komen voor het stuur uit en Virgil zie je haast niet meer tussen alle tassen.Read more

  • Day42

    Impressionen von der Ostküste

    November 15 in Taiwan

    Der in den einschlägigen Reiseführern empfohlene Ausgangsort Hualien an der dünn besiedelten Ostküste ist alles andere als eine Schönheit. An der Küste reihen sich verfallene Industriebrachen aneinander. Auch der Hafen macht einen sehr verfallenen Eindruck. Außerhalb der Stadt sieht's aber viel besser aus. Es gibt lange steinige Strände.
    Per Fahrrad erkunden wir die Umgebung auf dem edlen und vor allem leeren Küstenradweg .Read more

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