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    • Day5

      Voyager plus leger ;-)

      June 9, 2021 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Bon, ben on peut dire qu'on a eu de la chance de tomber sur une personne attentionnée ... je pense qu'il s'était fait la même réflexion que nous: vous voyagez trop lourd les gars !!!

      Du coup, il nous a allégé d'un iPhone ... Merci mec d'avoir pris soin de nous !

      Blague à part, sans cet événement qui un peu chamboulé les enfants, la journée aurait été top !

      On s'est baladé dans le marché le plus Covid friendly qui existe sur terre !
      C'était vraiment super dépaysant: pleins de micros allées ultra bondées, des odeurs qu'on ne connait pas, des fruits qu'on a envie de manger (fruits de la passion, noix de coco, bananes, ...) Mais au bout de 2h, les enfants en ont eu marre ...

      Du coup, petit tuk tuk pour rentrer (serrés comme des sardines)... Elvina nous fait un petit film avec bras et iphone qui dépassent du tuk tuk ... Puis plus d'iphone 😱😂

      On Switch l'iPhone de Côme vers celui d'Elvina et c'est reparti !!!

      J'ai aussi oublié de parler de la l'entaille (plutôt grosse) que Pia s'est faite avant de partir et qui m'a obligé a vivre dans la peau de docteur Quinn l'espace d'un instant ...

      Quelle journée 😊

      PS: merci a Momo, top le service client ... Mais logiquement, c'est plutôt dans l'autre sens (on appelle en Afrique depuis la France)

      PS2: dsl, j'ai pas de meilleures photos, elles étaient dans le tel d'Elvina ,😬
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      Jo trouve que ça pue apparemment


      Elvina ou le chauffeur 💨


      Vous êtes les seuls blancs non?


      On a pas encore croisé 1 seul touriste !

    • Day41

      Dar Es Salaam, ich komme!

      March 12, 2020 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

      Endlich kommen wir zum gestrigen Tag!
      Der sehr früh und sehr anstrengend anfing.
      Um 6.40 Uhr sollte der Bus kommen, um 12.40 Uhr waren wir in Dar Es Salaam. 🚌
      Die Busfahrt war spannend, aber die Straße größtenteils recht gut ausgebaut. Sie wird auch intensiv befahren, denn es ist die Hauptverkehrsachse für Gütertransport von 4 Ländern!

      Dank Kontakten hat mich jemand abgeholt und war mit mir im landesgrößten Einkaufszentrum, wo er zufällig auch arbeitet. Er hat mir alles gezeigt, wir waren Mittagessen und dann weitere Stoffe kaufen. Diesmal hab ich genau darauf geachtet, dass es afrikanische sind. Das hat die Auswahl enorm eingeschränkt... Trotzdem konnte ich diese Prachtstücke ergattern. Das war sogar noch günstiger als auf dem Markt!

      Dann ging es zum Beach Village, wo mich dieses traumhafte Chalet erwartete.
      Die kleine Krabbe hat mich auf dem Weg zum Abendessen begrüßt und der begrünte Weg führt von den Chalets zum Strand und Restaurant/Rezeption etc.
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    • Day40

      Day 40: Dar es Salaam

      March 13, 2019 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      We are back on Tanzania mainland and spent an afternoon in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city.

      It’s a busy place 😉 We spent the day walking through some local streets and visiting a local market. You can buy anything you need for your home at this market: From fresh fruit and vegetables to clothes and household equipment. It was great fun and also quite nice to walk for a bit.

      But I am a bit sad today as I just realized that more than half of my trip is already over ... time flies and I am sooooo not ready to go home 🤷🏼‍♀️
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      Beautiful! The colors are stunning. Compared with our markets we look boring.

    • Day47

      Besinnliche Weihnachten...

      December 23, 2020 in Tanzania ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      ...wünsche ich euch allen.

      Melde mich hier wieder von der Insel Mafia. Flug dorthin am 1. Weihnachtstag.

      Du bist gespiegelt zu sehen, Mathias! [hilde]

    • Day2

      Day 1: Dar Es Salaam via Dubai

      March 6, 2011 in Tanzania ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Dubai airport is massive! Emirates have the entirety of Terminal 3 which is a massively elongated rectangle. All races and nationalities are here, it almost feels like a casting call for an overly PC corporation's promo material. Africans in tribal dress, others in suits, kawaii Japanese girls on laptops, Emiratis in their flowing white robes, Indians, Asian businessmen, women in burqas, Germans in socks and sandals, a French girls hockey team and the odd bogan in a Billabong singlet.

      Queues everywhere as well! Waiting for security checks, waiting for the toilet, the coffee machine, any kind of food or drink. Even at 5am on a Sunday it's very crowded. Duty free liquor is very cheap - $20 USD for a 1L bottlel of Smirnoff! Will be stocking up on the way back.

      The free wifi isn't working for either of us which is annoying, no idea what's wrong with it. Had a look at the McDonalds menu but the only non-standard item was the "McArabian Chicken". The picture looked interesting but I didn't feel like eating Maccas or waiting in a 10-minute queue just to find out, so I guess we'll never know! Annoyingly, most of the free services are Terminal 1 and our flight arrived early, so we're just chilling at the departure gate.

      The flight to Dar was fairly uneventful. I played games, fiddled with my phone and watched football clips on the plane's video system. Shandos slept most of the flight. The plane cautiously avoided Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Spectacular scenery of desert canyons around the coast of Oman! Flew over much of Somalia as well, but the last leg was over the ocean. Approach to Dar was over the city, giving us a good idea of what to expect.

      On arrival: chaos! Buying visas beforehand was a great idea - the line was very long and not moving. The arrivals hall was extremely hot - a/c units everywhere but I don't think they were running. Baggage eventually arrived, so first major fear was averted! Found a taxi easily enough, I was a bit nervous but they were wearing Taxi ID badges and were up-front with the fixed prices.

      The drive from the airport took about 20 minutes, traffic isn't thick but the drivers are very reckless. Everyone beeps frequently and doesn't bother with indicators or lanes. It seems to work. For some reason 90% of the vehicles are Toyotas. There's the odd Suzuki, Nissan or VW but almost exclusively Toyota. Even spotted a few riced-up Celicas!

      By the time we arrived at Jambo Inn I'd accepted that the cabbie wasn't goingn to rob us, but felt very intimidated at being obviously tourists, the only white people around and in front of a lot of people just sitting around on the street.

      Checked into the hotel which is nice by Tanzanian standards I guess, went up to our room and the gravity of the situation sunk in. Felt pretty down for a while, but eventually we went and sat on our balcony overlooking the street and started to warm up to the place.

      People that I first thought were wandering aimlessly actually all had a purpose - most people were carrying something or selling something. The people who were just hanging around were usually sitting and laughing/chatting with friends. We saw a few tourists as well who nobody gave any heed to, despite sticking out like sore thumbs. After an hour or so we worked up the courage to head out for a walk, so off into the late afternoon we went!

      Walked down to the waterfront which took about 20 minutes, not much there except a small park and the ferry terminal surrounded by taxi touts. We wandered back to the hotel as it was gathering dark and we didn't want to be out in it. But it was good to get out into the city a bit.

      Dar is an interesting city. Almost all the buildings are semi-decrepit relics from the 1950s, covered in wires and rust. Most of the locals seem to ignore the buildings, doing their business out on the street. It's not squalid, but not all that clean either. Most pedestrians walk on the road as the pavements are pretty destroyed. A moderate amount of construction is happening, we saw one building with the upper floors completely held in place by sticks!

      Ate dinner at the hotel's Indian/BBQ restaurant. Decent food, cheap and tasty. Went to sleep very early, woke up from jetlag at 2am and the call to prayer from the nearby mosque at 5:30. Eventually got up at 6 and did more traffic watching.
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