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  • Day175


    February 23, 2017 in Thailand

    Wir wollen mitten hinein in die Natur Nord-Thailands und in seine Bergdörfer. Dafür haben wir eine 2-Tagestour mit einer Übernachtung im Homestay, Baden im Wasserfall, Elefantenfütterung und -baden und Bambusflossrafting gebucht.
    Wir haben nette Mitstreiter, zusammen sind wir 11 Personen, die sich mit Piroon in den Wald begeben.
    Ich schreib einfach mal Peters Bewertung bei TripAdvisor, das ist eine super Zusammenfassung der zwei Tage:
    Wir fahren relativ lange Strecken auf der ausgebauten Ladefläche eines Pickup Trucks, über teilweise wenig ausgebaute Straßen, aber das trägt nur zur Authentizität des Ausfluges bei. An jeder Station war ausreichend Zeit eingeplant, das Trekking an sich dauerte bei uns sogar 4,5 Stunden und war eine tolle und anstrengende Gratwanderung. Das Essen war traditionell, wahnsinnig lecker und mehr als wir essen konnten. Die Zutaten haben wir übrigens zuvor auf einem lokalen Markt eingekauft und mitgenommen. Die Stimmung war die ganze Zeit über gelassen und fröhlich. Das Dorf lebt abseits vom Tourismus und ist mit all den freilaufenden Tieren idyllisch - aber auch sehr einfach. Es leben hier nur 17 Familien, es gibt keinen Strom und kein warmes Wasser (keine Ahnung wo das kalte Wasser zum Duschen herkam). Keine Straße führt ins Dorf, was nicht getragen werden kann, wird mit Bambus-Flößen transportiert. Die Dorfbewohner leben als Selbstversorger von der Hand in den Mund und von Tag zu Tag. Ein kleiner Verdienst ist das Homestay, darauf angewiesen sind sie aber nicht. Der Weg zur Schule dauert 3,5 Stunden und immer montags machen sich sieben Kinder auf, schlafen die Woche über im Schlafsaal bei der Schule und treten Freitag nach dem Lunch den Rückweg an.
    Beim Bamboo Rafting gab es sehr viele Möglichkeiten zum Baden und Springen und wir haben beim Steuern selber mitgeholfen. Besonders erwähnenswert ist die Atmosphäre am Abend mit Lagerfeuer, Piroon an der Gitarre und Thai-Naschereien über dem Feuer gegrillt. Absolut empfehlenswert!!AiUv8teodO-roGpv8X9iHvMW6uMM
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  • Day63

    Jungle Trek Day 2

    March 14, 2017 in Thailand

    I woke up much earlier than the rest of the group and took some time to myself to write and read my book before the crowd stirred. I think some of them slept almost 12 hours, recovering from the stomach bug. We had breakfast and then began our day of hiking.

    I learned that the mountain we climbed yesterday is called Baby Mountain, and before lunch we did Mama Mountain then after lunch was Papa Mountain. In total we hiked about 6.5 km in about... 4 hours? I honestly don't remember. Again, it wasn't all that strenuous, it was just hot! We stopped partway for lunch in another village and had some instant noodles for fuel lol.

    When we got to our final destination we were greeted by two Elephants! Such gentle creatures. They were just hanging by the water eagerly waiting for the treats we brought with us, watermelon and pineapple rinds. Their skin is rough and leathery and they took the fruit from us so gently after smelling it to make sure it was actually food. When they breathe out they're so loud and when they walk they're so quiet and they hardly leave a foot print. It must be true that Elephants remember everything because as soon as they smelled Toni they got all excited! Pretty neat :) So these two Elephants are owned by a couple of men that live in this... It's not even a village, but their home plus a few guest houses. They allow the elephants to roam on their land so that they don't get poached. Basically, the elephants come to the river each day to bathe and be fed by tourists when there are tourists, and otherwise are allowed to roam as they please. Each morning the mahoots (spelling?), the man that each elephant is bonded too or the caretaker, go out to find the elephants and guide them back to the river and houses. After they've bathed and eaten and done their elephant thing, the mahoots walk them back out into the jungle and let them do their thing. It's pretty awesome, because the elephants are being allowed to live as they're naturally intended to. Not cooped up in elephant camps for a tourist's viewing pleasure.. We went to their home!

    Anyway, part of the experience with the elephants was getting into the water with them and being able to throw water over them to clean off the dirt (which they promptly covered themselves in again when they got out of the river). It was a pretty neat experience :) We stayed in the water long after the elephants tired of it, just swimming and relaxing.

    At some point we got out of the river and hung out on the lawn just socializing. At a later time we ate some dinner and had a bonfire! That was lovely, and reminded me of home. It's cooler in the mountains for which I think we're all grateful for. When it was dark Eric and Toni procured two Lanterns that we released into the night sky with fire crackers attached to it. Before releasing them we wrote on them, one Lantern for things to let go of and one for things learned to remember. It was a bit of an emotional experience to be honest... The whole trekking thing anyway, made me miss Nepal and I was feeling a bit lonely even though I was in a group of people. But I got over it! And went back to the fire to continue playing a game that I can't recall the name of but was pretty fun. We split into 4 teams, and Each person put a word or phrase into the hat, and the first round you were able to describe the word so that your teammates might guess it, this continued until all the words were used up. The next round was acting only, but the same words as the first round, so it helped to pay attention and remember what slips of paper the other teams pulled. The third round was only being able to say one word to describe the item on the paper! It was fun, there were some ridiculous phrases in there that just didn't make sense but somehow we made it work. Good times!
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  • Day206

    Jungle Trek

    May 31, 2017 in Thailand

    After the city vibe of Bangkok me and three mates I met in the hostel decided to go on a 3 day Jungle Trek. Hiking through the tropical north of Thailand with 32 degrees and a humidity soaking your clothes after five minutes was an experience I'll never forget. The best Thai food I've had so far, rafting down the river on self built bamboo boats, singing by the fire at night and bathing with elephants made this trip to an unforgettable time.Read more

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