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  • Day60

    Nuku'alofa - Entdeckungstour

    March 6, 2017 in Tonga

    Guten Morgen aus Nuku'alofa, Hauptstadt vom Königreich Tonga! 😃

    Gegen 10 Uhr haben wir den Hafen von Nuku'alofa erreicht, leider hat dieses mal das Wetter gar nicht mitgespielt. Wir hatten eine Rundfahrt durch Nuku'alofa, vorbei am Königspalast, einer 3 Köpfigen Palme und an den Fledermausbäumen, hin zu einem Resort am Strand. 😊

    Derzeit herrscht in Nuku'alofa Staatstrauer, da die Mutter des Königs letzte Woche im Alter von 97 Jahren verstorben ist. Sie war zur Behandlung in einem Neuseeländischen Krankenhaus. Als man sie in Ihrem Sarg "nach Hause" gebracht hat, wurde sie gebührend empfangen. Alle Schüler hatten an diesem Tag frei und bildeten vom Flughafen bis zum Königspalast eine Kette um ihr den nötigen Respekt zu zollen. Jedes, und zwar wirklich jedes Haus auf der Insel war in den Farben schwarz und Lila geschmückt, um der verstorbenen zu gedenken. ☺

    Man merkt schon, 3 Dinge sind den Menschen auf Tonga heilig:

    - Religion
    - Familie
    - Respekt

    Und das merkt man überall wo man hinkommt.

    Auch beim Schulsystem:
    Während die Volksschule noch für alle kostenlos ist, muss man eine weiterführende Schule bezahlen. Und diese ist von der Religion abhängig. Jede Religion hat eigene Schulen auf Tonga. (Mormonen, Katholiken, usw..)

    Nebenbei erwähnt, die Währung auf Tonga ist Pa'anga, ein Schuljahr kostet ca 300 Pa'anga. Eine Lehrer verdient im durchschnitt 600 Pa'anga im Monat. 😨

    Nur Frauen haben auf Tonga noch nahezu keine Rechte. Unsere Reiseleiterin merkte aber an, es hätte sich schon gebessert und man würde sich an die "moderne" Zeit anpassen. ☺

    Wie oben erwähnt war es leider durchgehend bewölkt und es hat auch eine lange Zeit geregnet. Schwimmen konnten wir also leider im Resort nicht. Dafür hatten wir durch das Wetter einen etwas stärkeren Wellengang sodass sich die Blaslöcher von ihrer besten Seite gezeigt haben 😄
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  • Day18

    Tonga Nuku'Alofa

    February 18, 2017 in Tonga

    Heute ist als Landgang Tonga 🇹🇴 geplant gewesen!
    Leider haben wir so starke Winde, dass das Schiff nicht am Pier anlegen kann!
    Also bekommt der König von Tonga keinen Besuch von uns...

    Wir fahren gleich weiter Richtung Auckland!

  • Day40


    January 23 in Tonga

    As we docked in Tonga we were greeted by the local band and dancers. The Viking crew bid us farewell as we depart for our day of adventure. What a beautiful place with even more beautiful people! The coral reef with crystal clear water is right beside our ship. Our tour of the Kingdom of Tonga was lovely in its simplicity. You have to love a country that is proud of the simple and beautiful things in life like the 3 headed coconut tree and the blow holes in the coral near the shore. The people are so gracious and friendly. Tonga is the first place in the world to welcome each new day. After touring the island we were treated to a Tongan feast and music and dancing by locals. Much of the music is old Southern Gospel tunes. The people hang quilts at graves to honor loved ones. There were riots in 2006 to protest the Chinese influence here. Over 80% of all businesses are owned by Chinese. We preferred to spend our time in the local craft markets. A local resort here prepared a lovely feast for us, complete with suckling pig. One can see the influence of the Protestant missionaries here in the nineteenth century. Before the meal, a community leader offered a very gracious pray of thanksgiving. As we left, he offered an elegant prayer for our safety and enrichment during the rest of our cruise. There is a Methodist orphanage here that has a special ministry. Children born to couples of different religions are usually rejected by the families of both father and mother. The orphanage takes such children and places them in loving homes, usually in New Zealand or Australia.Read more

  • Day40

    Nukuaalofa, Tonga

    January 23, 2015 in Tonga

    We kayaked out to one of the beautiful little islands in the surrounding reef of Nukua'alofa Tonga called Pangaimotu. This is the perfect little cruisers hangout. It has a great bar and good anchorage and pretty beaches. The town itself was also nice. The market was very large and had a lot of great local crafts. Since tourism is not that big a deal on the island most of the shops were for the local people. It was very pleasant and the locals were friendly and most spoke English so you could get around easily enough. It is not an island I would really have any interest in going back to unless I was on my own boat but it was good to see.
    We found out yesterday from the captain that we escaped Tahiti in the nick of time. If you remember I said we had some bad weather the night we left but it smoothed out by morning in Bora Bora. That bad weather turned into a tropical storm and eventually became the first cyclone of the season. It is not chasing us though so no worries here. It is calm and sunny and pretty perfect and we should have a good sail to Noumea, New Caledonia tonight. I don't have any pictures to post because we are getting really jaded to the physical beauty around us and we don't even pull the camera out any more. I think Jeff has some though so I will try to get some up later.
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  • Day36

    Nuku'Alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga

    February 8, 2014 in Tonga

    27C at 7am. We disembarked to the sound of the Tongan Police Band playing a selection of music for us. Terrific. We took a tour to Pangaimotu Island, a short boat ride from the town, for swimming and snorkelling and then walked around the island. It took about thirty minutes only. We had a drink in the beach bar before heading back to the town by boat. Not too much to see in the town, except the royal palace, but everybody was so friendly and welcoming. We listened to the beach band again, who played "When will we see you again' as we departed. Very sad to leave.Read more

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