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  • Day9

    Whale watching

    August 2, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Wisst ihr was das Schöne an unserer Reise ist? Wir haben nichts geplant und jeder Tag wird trotzdem spektakulär und einfach unbeschreiblich schön. So auch heute. Morgens losgefahren ohne wirkliches Ziel. Der Plan: Wale beobachten. Also suchten wir einen Campingplatz in der Nähe, wo die Betreiber alles Unmögliche für uns möglich machten und sogar den Transfer zum Hafen kostenlos organisierten. Wir ahnten nicht, dass uns dieses Naturphänomen erwartet. Die Bilder sprechen für sich. Wir sind so dankbar, dass wir heute 7 Buckelwale bestaunen konnten. War zwar eher eine Rentner Tour, wo Luisa noch den ein oder anderen Witz machte, aber wir hatten sehr viel Spaß. Ihr glaubt gar nicht, wie schnell Rentner auf einmal laufen können, wenn auf der anderen Seite ein Wal in Sicht ist. Man könnte es fast als Sport bezeichnen. Zurück in unserem Zuhause auf Rädern kochten wir lecker und trafen zwei deutsche Mädels mit denen wir den ganzen Abend verbrachten und sehr lange quatschten.Read more

    Rita Vagelpohl

    Ihr beiden strahlt über's ganze Gesicht. Eure Bootsfahrt war ganz bestimmt ein großes Highlight!

    Hallo Ihr beiden, ich habe auch Mal so eine Waltour gemacht, aber so dicht bin ich da nicht rangekommen. Beneide auch. Wirklich eine tolle Reise. Und die spontanen Dinge sind häufig die Schönsten. Ich folge Euch gerne auf Eurer Reise und wünsche noch viele tolle Erlebnisse. LG Heike [Heike]

    Johanna Engelmann

    Nicht das der Waal euch in den Nacken springt

  • Day52

    Fraser Island - Journey to Maheno Wreck

    December 2, 2019, Coral Sea ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Up early and across the road for a full breakfast before being collected at 7:30 by “Macca” in his slightly jacked up Toyota Land Cruiser.

    Fraser Island is a natural wonder of the world. Located off Australia’s eastern Queensland coast, it is the world's largest sand island, stretching over 120km (76 miles) and its width is approximately 22 kilometres (14 mi). Yes it is a world heritage site, but it is best known for driving 4wd vehicles along the beaches and around the tracks. There are many beautiful sites on the island and we are hoping to see as many as possible.Read more

    Wayne Bampton

    This gives me an idea for when your mum pops over 😇

    Andy n Bunny Briggs

    She’s already said yes please.

  • Day53

    In the Coral Sea

    March 16, 2020, Coral Sea ⋅ 🌧 75 °F

    As we are all aware, the Coronavirus is quickly becoming a global disaster. Many people around the world are suffering from loss and sickness.

    We are merely being inconvenienced. Our cruise was canceled this morning and although things didn’t turn out quite as we expected, it is certainly not the tragedy that many people are experiencing.

    We were turned away from our last 2 ports. There has also been a cyclone roaring down the length of the Coral Sea that stretches between our last stop in Vanuatu and where we are headed in Australia. Did we really need any more drama? Our captain enacted a plan of moving as fast as possible to cross in front of the cyclone and arrive in Brisbane (an unscheduled stop).
    We did indeed cross in front of the cyclone (wow, these seas are rough!!!), but we have been instructed to go directly to Sydney ahead of the Australian government closing Australia’s ports.

    Our cruise has been cut short by 7 weeks, but many passengers had another 11 weeks to go.
    Everyone is anxious and the staff is overworked trying to figure everything out.

    Jeff and I have flights to go home on the 18th through Honolulu. We will self-quarantine after traveling for 2 weeks.

    Having said all this, we’ve had a fabulous time, have met some interesting people, seen incredible sites and have done a good job of keeping each other from spiraling out of control the past few days (thank goodness we take turns!)

    They always say that travel is an adventure, and we definitely agree with that! Uncertainties have escalated this entire trip and it sounds like we are returning to a different world than the one we left just about 2 months ago.
    Read more

    Franz Rosenboom

    Thanks for the Blog, take care, have a save travel back home and god bless you.

    Ali and Jeff Carithers

    Thank you, Franz. We hope we will be on our way home tomorrow.


    Safe travels. Mary Gessner

  • Day52

    Leaving the island

    December 2, 2019, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Macca had set the timetable as he had to get us back on the 5:00pm ferry and needed to be there by 4:45.

    We’d already come across a tag team that were having problems with cars overheating 🥵. Fortunately they were in a place where we could get past all four of them, but many tracks are single file with only small passing places.

    Throughout the day, Macca had been telling us how bad the tracks were becoming. They do go out and water them, but it wasn’t having much benefit. The worst thing to do is to get bogged and then sit spinning the wheels as it simply digs a deeper hole. Actually the worst thing is to ground the chassis which is what happens after you’ve dug a deep hole with the wheels - then you need a spade. There’s lots of wheel spinning due to lots of inexperienced drivers, the sand in some places was extremely soft.

    After 45 minutes of pretty hairy driving, we arrived late at the ferry just before 5. One coach and 6 cars were still to turn up. The ferry operators give the vehicles as much time as they can but, with the tide going out, they had to be off by 5:20. One coach and two cars managed to get to the ferry before it left. I asked one of the crew what the remaining four cars would do and he simply replied “be early for tomorrow’s first ferry 😂”. Great sense of humour. Actually they went to another ferry crossing for 7:30pm. One of the vehicles had to change a wheel and that is why they were delayed, delaying everyone else in their group.

    The cat permanently lives on board the ferry. His job is to keep the seagulls off ferry. Apparently, since he’s lived on board it’s saved about 40 minutes a day not having to wash down the outside seats.

    That evening we returned to Bertha with no power 😩, something to be fixed once back at Brisbane.

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  • Day24

    Fraser Island

    November 10, 2019, Coral Sea ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Die Fraser Island Tour hat Marc mir nachträglich zum Geburtstag geschenkt. Und es war wirklich eine super schöne Tour, wir hatten wirklich tolles Wetter um die größte Sandinsel der Welt zu genießen.
    Wir legten mit dem Boot im Hafen von Bunderburg ab und fuhren erst eine Weile bis wir zum ersten Mal mit einem motorisierten Schlauchboot dann an Land gebracht wurden. Dort angekommen paddelten wir zuerst mir einem zwei Mann Kayak über einen Meeresarm umwi wir Rochen beobachten konnten. Danach hatten wir eine Luftkissenboot Fahrt, die wirklich super lustig war. Zeit am Strand verbringen war nat3 auch einer der wichtigsten Punkte an diesem Tag. Der Sand war so extrem weiß, so weißen Sand hatten wir noch nie zuvor gesehen. Die Insel war wirklich super schön zum entspannen und im Meer baden. Danach ging es zurück auf das große Boot, welches und zu einer anderen Stelle auf der Insel brachte, wo wir das zweite mal Kayak fuhren. Dieses Mal in einem kleinen Süßwasser Strom der durch die Mangroven der Insel führte. Außer das wir ein paar Mal stecken geblieben sind, war dass eigentlich die schönste Aktivität an diesem Tag. Danach machten wir eine kleine Wanderung durch den restlichen Süßwasserstrom in dem wir auch Baden konnten. Die größte Herausforderung kam danach; auf eine große und extrem steile Sanddünen klettern. Doch die Aussicht war einfach großartig und reichte bis aufs Festland. Schnorcheln war heute leider nicht möglich wegen dem Unwetter die Tage davor, also schnorchelten wir in einem Süßwasserfluss zwischen den Mangroven, was wirklich spannend und etwas unheimlich war, da man das Gefühl hatte jedem Moment einem Krokodil zu begegnen 😅
    Ein wirklich gelungener Tag, den wir auf dem Hevery bay -  Scarness Beachfront Caravan Park, bei unserem letzten gemeinsamen Abendessen in unserem Camper, ausklingen ließen.
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  • Day3

    Day 2 Whales

    August 24, 2019, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Much calmer and warmer today but not as many whales. Did see lots of breaching and tail slapping and dolphins. Just before we were about to head back in had amazing close encounters including a couple of our group getting in with 2 whales just happy to lie there belly up and reach out for a touch. Water so clear could really feel like they were looking at us.Read more

    Linda and Andrew Celewych

    All excellent. Did you get in the water with the whales?

    Travelling Mindfully

    No but it was very close just hanging over the boat.

  • Day10

    Fraser - sand, salt and ground water

    December 27, 2019, Coral Sea ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    7:00 Tagwache - nochmals ging es mit einem Catamaran, und in Begleitung von Delfinen, auf eine Insel. Diesmal aber auf die grösste nur aus Sand bestehende Insel der Welt: Fraser Island! Auf der 127 km langen (N bis S) und 25 km breiten (O bis W) Insel gibt es mehr als 72 verschiedene Sandarten, aber auch Süßwasser Flüsse 😯 Wir waren mit dem Kanu in 2 “Creeks” im Westen unterwegs: hier paddelt man in 1000 (!) Jahre altem Grundwasser, das es an die Oberfläche drückt. Forscher haben herausgefunden, dass Grundwasser auf der Ostküste teilweise von Papa Neuguinea stammt!
    Beeindruckende Sanddünen, “Coffee Stone” der auch wieder nur gepresster schwarzer Sand ist und alle Blautöne dieser Welt. Wirklich alle: denn in Fraser Island regnet es 3x so oft als sonst wo an der Küste. Die Guides meinten, Fraser ist wie ein Regenmagnet, was wir auch in Form eines kurzen Tropenregen zu spüren bekamen. 😉 aber es war einfach nur angenehm!
    Außerdem brauchten wir nach dem “tubing” (Luftsofa, das hinter einem Boot mit Vollspeed nachgezogen wird) eine Abkühlung vom Adrenalin 😝
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    Harald Grabner

    Das ist echt grandios ... das Paradies dort 😳😊

    Helene Jantscher

    Liebe Grüße von deiner Oma😙😙😙😙


    Heute habe ich mit viel Ruhe eure schönen Fotos angesehen 🥰traumhaft 👍viele💋

  • Day41

    Noumea, New Caledonia

    January 27, 2015, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 86 °F

    January 26, 2015
    We spent the day on the island of New Caledonia. It is at once French and Melanesian. There are baguettes and bistros alongside Kanak people with their brightly colored clothing. We walked and snorkeled and had a pleasant day in what seemed to be the biggest city we've been in since LA.
    We are currently headed to Sydney through the Coral Sea and into the Tasmanian sea which are typically rough so it will be an interesting couple of days!
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    Mark Zimmerman

    Fair winds...

    Roland Zimmerman

    We always look forward to your pictures and commentaries. A little snow and ice here today. About 1 1/2 inches mixed with ice.

    Laura Fogle

    Agree with Roland how inviting your photos of tropical paradise are as we are receiving snow and cold in the Virginia mountains in January! Nothing like last year though! Hope you have a safe journey to Sydney!

    JR Hagan

    Is that your ship?

  • Day331

    Bye, Bye Südsee...Hello again Australien

    September 23, 2018, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Wir nahmen heute Abschied von der Südsee🤗🏝🏖🏜, um auf die große Insel🏝🏖🏜, zurück nach Australien🌏🌐 zu fliegen.🛩🛫
    Vanuatu hat uns, trotz der Preise, sehr gefallen und man hätte auf den verschiedenen Inseln bestimmt auch länger als zwei Wochen keine Langeweile.....😊🤔😊,
    ob man sich die Lavaseen auf Ambrm ansieht,
    auf Malakula in die Kultur der Ambas eintaucht,
    auf Epi mit Dugongs schwimmt,……
    in Espiritu Santo Schiffs-und Flugzeugwracks betaucht oder schnorchelt...
    ...und, und....und😊....Es ist eine interessante Welt und wahrscheinlich in ein paar Jahren nicht mehr so ursprünglich und viel touristischer.
    Von Port Vila ging es nachmittags nach Brisbane und weiter nach Cairns, wo wir nachts im Caravella Backpackers ankamen....
    Jetzt haben wir mit acht Stunden im voraus zu Deutschland eine Stunde weniger Zeitverschiebung im Vergleich zu Vanuatu.
    Morgen holen wir unseren Camper und freuen uns auf unsere Tour die Ostküste entlang von Cairns nach Melbourne, in sechs Wochen.😊🚐
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    Maria E.

    Schöne Geldscheine💶🍀😂


    Ganz viel Glück auf eurer neuen Reiseroute. Häbit fescht sorg.😘😘🤗❤️Muntsch. 💕

    Gertraud M

    Hoffentlich nicht der ganze Rest der Reisekasse 😉😅😂?

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  • Day9

    Southward Bound

    February 4, 2020, Coral Sea ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Mostly a much needed day of rest and recovery today. After breakfast, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon in bed sleeping or resting, which helped me bounce back a notch from my cold.

    Good timing too on that front as rumors circle the ship about possible containment of coronaviris infections. Apparently crew are directing any ill/coughing passengers to the medical department.. All non-major ports/smaller islands in the Pacific have now been closed, recently visited Isle of Pines included. Word is many Pacific cruises are being cancelled. There's talk of Chinese passengers being denied access to Port Vila and others being confined to quarters. Others suspect we may be subject to quarantine upon arrival in Melbourne. We shall see.

    Feeling spritely and somewhat renewed in the afternoon I spent 90mins or so in the adults retreat (Nat visited earlier) where I gathered much of the above gossip. Tonight was the first where Ryland struggled to get to sleep.. still fussing as we finished dinner at 9pm (very noisy spot tonight though!). We checked out the earlier theatre show.. which was more balloon making than juggling.. and didn't hold our interest. Finally, jnr just collapsed about 9.45pm in his cot... The sound of snoring and dummy movement is music to our ears!

    Before I go on, I have to give a shout out of thanks to Bananas in Pyjamas, who have chipped in to help us with Junior now and then. I don't know what we'd have done without them!

    With little else of significance to report on our last days at sea see, I'll probably sum up/review the ship, the rooms, the service, the entertainment and the ports/itinerary in the final few entries.

    I'll start off with the ship as a whole -
    I'd read that this ship, Carnival Spirit had been refurbished a couple years ago.. but you wouldn't really think that. It's our second Carnival cruise and one of the smallest we've boarded. Overall, I've been pretty underwhelmed/disappointed by the design, layout and variety of the ship and features, it's a bit of a tub. Lots of narrow spaces, tiny pools, weird designs (things like view restricted theatres) and the same generic bars/spots with different names. The jogging track/sports court and mini golf are all tiny and seldom used. The main foyer and glass lifts are elegant but the ship lacks that as a whole. Below the top decks (There's only 10), it's generally rather quiet (outside main dining areas) with only decks 2 and 3 to wander with bars and a couple shops. (Decks 4-9 are staterooms). Overall, probably 5.5/10 for the ship.

    As far as the rooms go -
    We're on "Upper Deck" 5, a balcony room, number 5225. I've actually been really happy/impressed with the room as a whole. It's decently spacious for a mid range cruise cabin, with a fair size private balcony with deck chairs. The balcony is very child proof and secure enough with Ryland out there supervised, sturdy 1.2m glass from ground to banister. Beds are comfy, a small tv and good size bathroom. Our travel cot fits snugly by the fold out couch. Loads of space for clothes storage and luggage fits neatly under the bed. The weakness would be the shower.. which comes out as a trickle with an alternating acid or ice temperature, making for a thrilling and unpredictable experience. The room temperature/aircon set to minimum setting is pretty decent. The walls are magnetic and there's plenty of space for Rylands toys and hooks for hanging things. The other slight con is only 1 power point and no power boards allowed. Position of the room is fantastic, on a corner with only 1 neighbor (lifeboat other side) close enough to elevators but far enough to have no thoroughfare and we've had basically no noise pollution at all.
    Its not luxury, but for what it is, 8/10.
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