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    • Day 5

      Arundel Castle

      June 4, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      I'm still adjusting to time change, but feel pretty good. Other quirking things I'm learning that are different: light switches go down instead of up to turn on, sometimes you need the room key in a key slot to power on the room, and many places offer no AC.

      We left the London area with giggly, excited girls as they ran up the stairs to the top of a double decker bus. We were on our way into the countryside away from the hustle and bustle. First, we walked. Then we rode the double decker and last we took the train the rest of the way. As we rode the train out of town, I couldn't help but sing Mary Poppins songs in my head. We passed many homes with tiny, round chimneys. I imagined the scene from the movie with everyone dancing on the rooftops with the chimney sweeps.

      Then we entered the countryside and I believe this is the most beautiful place I have seen in Earth this far in my life. A patchwork of green laid across rolling hills with newly sheered sheep, lambs too many to count (my favorite - the smut-faced ones), historic cottages and the Arundel Castle in the distance. The gray clouds that have covered our days in England just intensify the shades of green.

      We had a delicious dinner after a long day of travel at BeefEater and are so far impressed with English food. And of course lamb chops were one of our dishes. After a good night's rest, we had a full English breakfast, which included black pudding - Google it if you dare, I won't dare - before walking to Arundel Castle.

      Arundel Castle was stunning! This is one of the best preserved castles from the middle ages.
      We climbed hundreds of stairs exploring the castle, peeked in the bedrooms, and then had our breath taken away by the gardens surrounding the castle grounds. I want to LIVE in that garden. You need to go for yourself!

      During the festival, we watched falcons show off their intelligence and speed, knights dual, archers defeating knights, and our kids took the battlefield. On our walk home we grabbed a bite of English chocolate. It tastes like chocolate. Yummy as always, but nothing defining or distinct. I will keep you posted on chocolate from each country.

      One of my goals is to taste chocolate in every country. One of Demi's goals is to climb atree in every country. Check and check!

      Such a lovely, slow paced day...... Oh ya, since many things the "commoners" use were closed for the celebration, we washed laundry in our bathtub. Be jealous! Seth had an assembly line going and make it fun. Teamwork!
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    • Day 2


      June 6, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Dieser Ort wäre berühmt für sein Märchenschloss, leider war es aber geschlossen. So gibt es bloß die Außenansicht und ein bisschen vom Stadtkern.

      Mein Clubsandwich wird mir wohl auch lange in Erinnerung bleiben.Read more

    • Day 3

      Der Morgen danach…

      May 14, 2023 in England ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

      Es ist 4:17Uhr Sonntag morgen. West-Sussex irgendwo bei Arundel. Die Lautstärke der Natur hat mich wach gemacht 🐦 🎶⛺️🐦🐦🐦🐦
      Alles schläft noch…
      Also mach ich einen Spaziergang - es werden 10km daraus…
      und ein morgendliches Video für den Rallye-Kanal mit den wichtigen Info‘s des Tages ;0)…
      PS: an die Zeitverschiebung habe ich gar nicht gedacht 🤦🏼‍♀️…
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    • Day 12

      West Sussex - Arundel Castle

      September 7, 2022 in England ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

      While we were quite ready for Surrey, West Sussex, which is south of Surrey, has been a complete surprise. Beautiful rolling green hills and pasturelands. Farmland, quaint little villages with the obligatory pub in each. I can understand why the pubs now. In times, past, the distances between these villages was significant, so a public house is a place for refreshment, a drink, a bite to eat and to rest up for a bit. Makes perfect sense. Different to the pubs in suburbia in Australia.

      Before I get to the Duke of Norfolk; did I mention the Duke of Norfolk? Oh, he lives in Castle Arundel. No, before I get to him and there, I want to say a world about the roads here. Aggghhhh! There I've said it. Oh, okay. They're winding, extremely narrow, slippery when wet, and you have to stop sometimes to let oncoming traffic through before you proceed. If you happen to reach each other in one of those narrow passes from a blind spot, then you have to stop, and one either has to reverse, not always possible, or you inch past each other as though your life depends on it. At least, the excess on a rental car depends on it.

      Surrey and West Sussex have been a dream. Random Hall where we are staying has been a delight and a balm after London. The little connective tissue roads between villages, not so much.

      So, now to the Duke of Norfolk. We didn't see him. Apart from the odd portrait in his castle, I probably would not recognise him if I bumped him in the Arundel corner store.

      The castle is immense. And by immense, I mean absolutely huge. Once in its depths and heights, Chris and I had no idea exactly where we were. It is very old, you can read the Wiki entry if you're interested, and it has been added onto over the years. It is the seat of the Duke of Norfolk, who by right of his title, is also called the Earl Chamberlain, whose duties are to organise coronations and I think maybe, royal funerals.

      The Norfolks all spring from the Howards, as in Catherine Howard, one of Henry VIII's wives. One of the Dukes, the fourth I think, was beheaded by Henry, who only outlived him by two weeks.

      The vast halls, dining rooms, feasting chambers, the library, the bedrooms, sitting rooms, are in truth, completely over the top, and if they were not in an ancient castle would be considered gaudy and bad taste. But in such a place, they work really well and look fabulous. Weirdly, the Norfolks are a Catholic family and managed to survive Henry and Elizabeth. There are pictures of cardinals and various Popes meeting with the Duke and Duchess over the years. The present Duke is the 18th and he and his family live in private apartments that we did not go near.

      The art collection placed upon the walls is magnificent. As a private collection, it has masterpieces on every wall and they are well-looked after by the guides who also double as security.

      Going up into the keep was a challenge for me. My legs got a little wobbly on one of the spiral stone staircases, but I managed to keep moving and get up there to see the views, and to cast aspersions on any French tourists below (Monty Python joke there). The gardens were gorgeous, vast and rambling and we had a relaxing time walking around in them even though it rained lightly while we did so.

      The British aristocracy is something else. It is ancient I know, but it is of another time and an anachronism in many ways in the modern world. I am so glad that Australia doesn't have class system built on an aristocratic elite and has always aspired to equality. Still, with its magnificence and splendour, Arundel Castle was fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to lilve there.
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    • Day 29

      Arundel, Brighton, Seven Sisters, Eastbo

      June 28, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Auf der Fahrt nach Brighton sind wir zufällig auf das mittelalterliche Arundel gestoßen. Das Castle ist sehr gut erhalten, der Ort, wie immer, malerisch.
      In Brighton gab es keinen Platz für WoMo‘s. Haben nur kurz angehalten und ein paar Bilder gemacht. Frank hat während der Fahrt gefilmt.
      Die Seven Sisters sind beeindruckend. Weiße Kalkformationen WOW!
      Eastbourne ist ähnlich wie Brighton ein Badeort. Hat mir aber besser gefallen.
      Jetzt sind wir auf einer Farm Campsite Cobbs Hill Farm mit V+E für 16 £. Was will man mehr 😊
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    • Day 2

      Schlafplatz Nr. 1

      May 8, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

      Schlafplatz Nr.1

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