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  • Day55


    October 19, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Das erste, was mir in Bristol passiert ist, war, dass eine sehr freundliche Dame mir 40p geschenkt hab, weil ich sonst die Parkuhr nicht bezahlen konnte. Das fand ich echt unglaublich lieb und hat mir den Tag total versüßt.
    Das zweite, was mir passiert ist, beziehungsweise, was ich gemacht habe, war die Kathedrale besichtigen. Wie immer war das einfach nur wunderschön. Einfach tolle Orte. In der Kathedrale war auch eine Ausstellung zum ersten Weltkrieg, zu der ich, sagen wir mal, wie zu erwarten reagiert habe...
    Ich hab irgendwann auch probiert in der Stadt rumzulaufen, aber ich hab es nur geschafft unglaublich nass geregnet zu werden, einen Regenschirm zu kaufen und dann wieder in der Kathedrale, im Café zu Mittag zu essen. Man sitzt da auf alten Kirchenbänken in einem echt super gemütlichen Raum. Lecker war es natürlich auch. Nach dem Essen war mein kleiner Ausflug nach Bristol auch schon wieder vorbei, was ich natürlich selbst bestimmt habe und es deswegen komisch ist, das so auszudrücken... Eins noch!
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  • Day7


    May 25, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Als deutlich weniger sehenswert empfanden wir Bristol. Die Stadt bietet wenig Interessantes. Ein absolutes Highlight an Bristol war allerdings das Treffen mit einer Schulfreundin, die ich seit über 20 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen habe. Wie der Zufall es wollte verschlug es die mittlerweile in Großbritannien lebende just an dem Tag geschäftlich nach Bristol, an dem wir auch in der Ecke waren.Read more

  • Day80

    Wesley Museum

    July 20, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    The second floor of the New Room (or Wesley Chapel) had a large central meeting room for John, Charles, and other circuit preachers to meet, as well as bedrooms and offices.

    It is used now as a museum, to tell the story of John and Charles, and the Methodist movement around Britain, America, and the world.Read more

  • Day80

    John Wesley Chapel, Bristol

    July 20, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    The New Room, the oldest Methodist building in the world, was built in 1739. It was too small and not well-built, so it was rebuilt and enlarged in 1748. Except for the pews, it is the same as then. At that time, men and women sat separately on benches. There was no organ, but the congregation was taught the hymns in stanzas, and then they sang with enthusiasm. In other churches singing was only done by a choir or not at all. There are no windows on the ground floor, to protect against mobs.

    Wesley promoted the idea of helping the less fortunate. The New Room was a multipurpose building with a food shelf, natural medicines, a school for children, and visits to a nearby prison were arranged. Services are still held there: we attended one that day, and thought, "This is where it all began!"

    Note: The chapel was used in filming a courtroom scene for the BBC series, Poldark, season 2.
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  • Day5

    Flew over to Bristol, UK

    June 8, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Took a while to get off, but beautiful flight and we got some rest waiting to take off. We were over an hour late, and for no apparent reason. There was a ton of fog but the pilot didn't mention that as an issue and we were able to clear it quickly.
    Dublin airport was quite nice, extremely efficient, and clean... I do abhor that they make you walk through the mall, especially the perfume and makeup counters, in order to reach your gate however. I wish it was more well known and respected that people can be negatively affected by strong smells. 😞 The duty free liquor store, including the "Whiskey Ambassador" was a neat and useful place.
    They also had a really cute rating system of sad to happy faces as you moved through the various areas. I thought this was cute and probably helped them to provide the efficient and overall nice experience. I did wish the one at the end of the mall had an option to Also state a comment though. 😉
    Flying trough the clouds and over Wales was beautiful!
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  • Day158


    September 8, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    So, left out gross little apartment/hotel thing and headed to the White cliffs of Dover. It was passing down rain. We made it and it just wasn't plausible to do with Jaxon. But as we drove all the way there just to see it and because it was one of Wills top U.K. Priority sights - he ran through the storm and met us back in the little shop thing.
    I would have loved to have gone but I wasn't dressed appropriately, Jess had the shits so I wanted to keep her calm and I technically have already seen them when we took the boat from France to England on my school trip to Europe.
    Will did manage to find them though so in happy for him.
    We left once he was back - his run took about 30 mins.

    We had breakfast at some cafe thing we found, bought some snacks in the supermarket next door then got on the road.
    Jax fell asleep quickly so that was great. Nice and quiet lol.
    Off to Stonehenge.
    We put it on scenic route instead of fast route so it didnt take us through London.

    4 hours later we hit major traffic but we were close! We could see it over the hill.

    The villages we drove through were so cute. Loved it.
    Every single one had a pub without fail. Lol

    Eventually made it to Stonehenge and to Wills utter horror there was an entry fee of 20£ each.
    We had a few heated discussions about our plan from there.
    There were tour buses driving people out to the rocks but we decided to walk - it was about a 2km walk there and when we got there they still wanted tickets 😒
    So we asked what we could do and he said to go into the back paddock and walk around, stay behind the dense and we could have a look at one side.
    Pffft I don't know why everyone paid - our view was perfectly fine considering we saved 60£!!
    I feel pretty happy I got to see it because I stayed on the bus when school brought us because I was too tired lol. It sounds silly but I still remember how tired I was an stand by my decision even though it was disappointing lol.
    We got some photos of it and Jax ankles walking around the paddock.

    What can I really say about it? It's a bunch of rocks lol. it's cool though the unknown aspects of it.
    We walked back and there were little village hut things we had a look at. They don't know for sure but they reckon this is what the village huts would have looked like.

    We drove another hour and stopped for dinner because it was getting late quickly.
    We stopped in a cute little town and ate at a pizza place. Great food but terrible service. Well sort of.. all the workers were doing something so it want laziness - just not enough workers.
    You could tell none had no experience with kids either because the kept putting knifes and things in front of Jaxon lol.
    Will had an extremely over dramatic reaction to Jaxons poo that me and Jess had a good laugh at him.
    Jess changed him while Will paid.
    We filled up with petrol then drove another hour to Bristol. Found our hotel - soo many damn roadworks!
    Check in in - lovely room - had working wifi woooo!
    Sleep time! :D Wales tomorrow.
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