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    • Day 3

      Out and about on a sunny London day

      April 29 in England ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Who said London has poor weather?
      Today was glorious blue skies and pleasantly warm as we tackled a few significant points of interest.
      We left the apartment just after 8am to walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral for our first tour of the day. The architecture of the building is amazing and the audio tour was very informative. A real highlight (especially for Loss) was to hear the pipe organ being played while we were there.
      After seeing all the main features of the building, we then climbed right to the top of the dome for some great views across London. The narrow, winding staircase is definitively not for the claustrophobics!
      After this, we caught the tube to Queensway station then walked down through Kensington gardens to Kensington Palace. In the grounds is a memorial tribute to Princess Diana who lived there from the time of her wedding until her death 16 years later.
      As it happens to be a holiday weekend (and the weather was so nice - testified by the number of English out sunning themselves) we were only able to secure tickets for a tour of the palace itself at 4.30pm. This gave us a few hours to see some other things in the interim, so we walked /tubed back to Whitehall, and then toured the Churchill war rooms - the bunkers underneath Whitehall where Churchill and his war cabinet planned and executed WW2. The whole place is preserved exactly as it was in 1945 and gives a sense of the fortitude and conviction of Churchill and his nation of the time.
      As we were leaving Whitehall (hoping to go to number 10 Downing Street), we happened upon a changing of the guard.
      Alas, Downing Street is no longer accessible to the public - totally protected by police and steel fences - quite different to my last visit in 1974 when you could stand right by the door.
      We spent a little time down on the banks of the Thames (amid throngs of people, a large protest outside Whitehall and many shirtless British men who were finding the 19 degree temperatures way too warm to stay fully clothed), with some photo ops of the London Eye and Big Ben while we were there.
      It was then time to return to Kensington Palace for our 4.30pm tour. We walked then tubed to Paddington station first (mainly for the benefit of the grandchildren who love Paddington bear) - then another 20 minute walk saw us back at Kensington where we enjoyed a tour of the palace - not the section where Diana lived - but rather where Queen Victoria was born, lived and worked.
      After another walk / tube and walk, then a shopping diversion for some groceries - we returned ‘home’ at 7pm after clocking up 23,000 steps today.
      A great day all round, rounded off with Loss preparing another amazing meal in the kitchenette.
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      Traveler  Dear Madee and Padee it looks like you're having fun at London. I wish we were there to enjoy it with you. Paddington was so cool. Love lulu xxxxx


      Traveler  Thank you Lulu - we thought you would enjoy Paddington! We’re missing you Grandies and would love you to be here too xx


      Traveler  Miguel also loves Paddintong. It looks like you are both having fun, a wonderful experience.

    • Day 2

      It’s London, baby!

      September 7 in England ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

      We had a fantastic (yet exhausting) first day! We flew red eye and both didn’t get much, if any, sleep on the flight. We Landed at 7:00am, and the hotel wouldn’t allow us to check in until 5:00, so we had no choice but to power through!!! So we operated on pure adrenaline

      Stopped into St Pauls Cathedral, walked across the Millennium Bridge, and then got some yummy food at the Burroughs Market. After resting a bit, we powered through and toured the Tower Bridge and then finished the day on the London Eye.

      Fantastic day, as I said before. I honestly never thought I’d see London once, let alone twice! And even tho I have “seen most of it already”, it’s really fun seeing it all through Adams eyes this time.

      9.5 miles
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      Traveler  Yikes!

      Traveler  Nice view!

      Traveler  woah

    • Day 3

      Day 3 - London

      September 7 in England ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      After spending precious calling minutes talking to Westpac (😬) I activated full tourist mode and booked a hop on hop off tour bus. Got to the bus stop next to St Paul's Cathedral and found another solo female traveller from Melbourne (Zoe) who arrived in London the same time as me (but different flight) so we spent the day together. Spent the day seeing sights, finding meal deals in Aldi and Tesco, taking a river cruise (included in the bus tour deal), melting in the heat and getting ridiculously sunburnt 😅
      My favoirites were Tower of London, Tower Bridge, South Kensington, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the river cruise (even saw a seal 😍)
      *still no jet lag
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      Traveler  Great pictures. Big Ben without scaffolding! Lol

      Traveler  It's probably been 35 years without scaffolding mum! 😂

      Traveler  Soooo awesome Kim. What a crackup with meeting the lass from Melbourne too ❤️

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    • Day 26

      British Museum

      August 17 in England ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Today we attempted to see Stuff the British Stole. It wasn't a huge success.

      Ian was feeling off. He keeps doing RATs and today he was feeling a bit dizzy. We caught the tube again, only 2 stops + 2 stops. We swapped lines at Liverpool Street station which is 34m underground and felt like we were descending into the bowels of the earth. The new Elizabeth line opened in 2022 and is an engineering marvel, but a bit disconcerting for the claustrophobic.

      When we got into the Museum, we were once again swamped by a ridiculous number of people. The noise was overwhelming - we should have used Jeremy's noise cancelling earphones. We couldn't see where we were going. No point taking photos. I did a quick whizz through the Islamic section while Ian found a seat, as I wanted to check out the Girih tiles.

      We decided we'd rather watch a good documentary, and made a hasty exit. At least we hadn't wasted £ on entry fees.

      On the upside, we got back to the hotel to find fresh sheets and towels 🙂
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      Traveler  There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the system. No point in having a display with no way of seeing it. I think I'd find the train station less challenging than those crowds 🙉


      Traveler  I must admit that it wasn't this bad everywhere, but this was our initial headache forming introduction. We sat down in the Cafe for 30 minutes and tried again. Level 3 wasn't too bad, but Ian still didn't feel great.


      Traveler  Hope you're feeling better soon, Ian


      Traveler  Slept all afternoon and is feeling better. Hopefully tomorrow everything is back to normal.

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    • Day 14

      The British Museum

      August 19 in England ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      The British Museum is a public museum dedicated to human history, art and culture located in the Bloomsbury area of London. Its permanent collection of eight million works is the largest in the world. It documents the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present.Read more

      Traveler  There is so much history to look at, 2 million years' worth of items and information. I did find it interesting that there is no charge to go into the museum, but they ask everyone to make a 5-pound donation.


      Traveler  I moved hotels today in preparation for my next tour. I have had a quieter day today. I am getting better at the tube and able to move around better. Still freaky but feeling better.

    • Day 5


      May 24 in England ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      I met up with a friend from high school and we visited some of the (mostly furniture) design stores participating in Clerkenwell Design Week. One company was exhibiting in the St John's museum, which was of special interest to me because my sister was a St John's volunteer for many decades.Read more

      Traveler  Sign-in booth outside Farringdon Tube station.


      Traveler  Altar at the Museum of the Order of St John.


      Traveler  My ID card. The QR code was scanned by vendors at the various locations so they could bombard me with emails. LOL One vendor, in his 50s, commented laughingly on "Student". "I guess you're a student of life," he quipped, seeming to think I'd chosen that category as a joke. Ageism is alive and well!

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    • Day 21

      Ankunft in London

      September 24, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Stilecht sind Verena und ich am King‘s Cross Bahnhof in London angekommen und haben uns dann zuerst mit der Tube und dann einem weiteren Zug zu unseren Gastgebern vorgewagt. ☺️
      Die Reise heute war insgesamt wirklich sehr lang, aber das leckere Abendessen mit einem regen Austausch unter Pastor*innen - quasi zähle ich da ja mit zu!!! - war auch echt schön und spannend. ✨
      Jetzt bin ich wirklich müde und hoffe, dass ich bis morgen gut schlafen werde, um den Tag dann auch zu genießen. 🥰
      Euch allen eine längst überfällige, gute Nacht! 😴
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    • Day 12

      The Trozzo Wedding

      September 14 in England ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Today is WEDDING DAY for Adam and Berta (and little Emi too). They got married at the Chelsea Town Hall this morning with both parents and two friends as witnesses. After the ceremony they all had a wedding breakfast before heading to the afternoon high tea at the Renaissance Hotel at St Pancras.

      We caught up with Trozzo relatives we haven't seen for nearly 10 years. We caught up with Enzo's sister Rita, Rita's long time friend Carmen was there too. We chatted for hours and they were so surprised to Daniel as he was 11years old when they saw him last.

      The Renaissance Hotel is an amazing hotel, it was previously the original rail station for St Pancras but is now a beautiful up market hotel. We had a very lovely high tea with yummy scones, sandwiches, cakes and tea/coffee. So full, not sure how we are going to fit in dinner???? But I am sure we will find a way.
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       Really lovely photos of the day Jen, so sweet the one of Enzo & Emi! The Renaissance looks gorgeous, . I hope Adam & Berta had a wonderful day x [Cawol]

       Beautiful photos...would have liked more of you both and Dan all dressed up!!! [Lauren]

    • Day 22

      Gottesdienst in London-Ost

      September 25, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Mit der Tube bin ich dann eine knappe halbe Stunde in einen anderen Teil Londons gefahren, wo ich an dem Gottesdienst teilgenommen habe, wo Verena eine neue Kollegin eingeführt hat. ☺️
      Die Kirche liegt unterhalb der Straße und ganz nah an King‘s Cross, was ziemlich cool ist und auch schön aussieht. ☀️

      Nach dem Gottesdienst haben wir uns mit ein paar Menschen unterhalten, die wir vorher nur auf Zoom gesehen hatten und dann mussten wir auch schon wieder los, unseren Zug nach Hause kriegen. 🚝♥️
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    • Day 4

      Off to visit the Queen (King, actually)

      April 30 in England ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      After our solid day yesterday I assured Loss we would take it a little easier today, so I let her sleep in until 6am, followed by a memorial meeting (Riverwood YouTube stream from a few hours before) at 6.30 - then out the door just before 8am.
      A brisk walk then tube to Leicester Square heading for Trafalgar Square. On the way Loss spotted St. Martin-in-the Fields Church which was a source of some excitement because she has enjoyed some fabulous music from there over the years.
      After checking out Trafalgar Square, we walked down the Mall to Buckingham Palace where much preparation was taking place for the Coronation in 6 days time.
      After a short stroll / detour (and coffee) in St. James’ park the plan was to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
      Loss was VERY pleased to see it had been cancelled today (Coronation preps) - she hates large crowds with a passion - so we altered plans slightly and headed around the corner to ‘The Queen’s Gallery’ which is part of Buckingham palace, and enjoyed (with the help of an audio tour) an excellent gallery of Georgian artwork and artefacts. It was surprisingly engaging.
      Following this we walked a few hundred metres further down the periphery of Buckingham Palace grounds to tour through “The Royal Mews” where the horses, carriages and cars that transport the Royals are kept and maintained.
      Of particular interest was that the carriages to be used next Saturday were on display, including the Australian Bicentennial gift carriage constructed by the Australian carriage maker W.J. Frecklington.
      According to the staff, it is expected that this carriage will transport Charles and Camilla from Buckingham Place to Westminster Abbey for the Coronation - but carriage selection is very much weather dependent.
      Next stop was Wellington Arch (and the Australian War Memorial which is adjacent to it) where our legs had the luxury of a lift to the top of the arch for an impressive view over this area of London.
      The next stop was planned to be ‘The Jewel Tower’ at Westminster, however I made a major error at this point.🙁
      On leaving Wellington arch, I sought directions from a security guard involved in setting up barricades for the Coronation.
      Me: “I’m wondering if you could tell me please, is this road down here Piccadilly?”
      I was about to tell him that we were looking for Leicester Square Station but before I had a chance to say this, the guard (looking directly at Loss and not at me, says) “Yes sir, and is it the Ritz you’re looking for? Or perhaps Fortnum and Mason’s? - they’re both down there just on the right”
      I was looking for neither, but with a gleam in her eye and a new spring in her step, I trailed behind ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’ as these became our new ‘interim’ destinations.
      After dragging her away from the front steps of the Ritz and then parting with unseemly amounts of cash for minuscule amounts of produce at Fortnum and Masons, we eventually made it to the Jewel Tower and toured it.
      The Westminster area was absolutely teeming with people as we fought our way around to get a look at Westminster Abbey. The Abbey has already been closed for a week to prepare it for next Saturday, so we quickly made our way down to the riverfront with the intention of catching the Uber ferry to Greenwich.
      This was not to be as the large crowds meant that availability was non existent, so we took a 10 minute break to work out a new plan for the next few hours until our 6pm ‘View From the Shard’ booking.
      We settled on paying a visit to The British Museum - which we duly did (after a 10 minute lunch break at a nearby cafe) - and although the crowds were large, we were able to move through the exhibits quickly and efficiently with the use of the book ‘Through the British Museum with the Bible’ which Bro. Stephen Whitehouse had recommended.
      This was absolutely invaluable as it gave step-by-step detailed instructions on where to find the Biblically relevant exhibits and the Bible passages and background information about them.
      2 hours (and being kicked out at closing time at 5pm) saw us covering 46 pages of its content - but it runs to 140 pages - so another visit is planned within the next few days.
      We then tubed it back to ‘The Shard’ for our 6pm trip up to the viewing platform (72 stories) of London’s tallest building.
      It was great to be able to identify some of the places we had visited over the last couple of days from this vantage point.
      So a final tube ride back ‘home’ with another grocery stop (I did offer to eat out but she said she was happy to cook) saw us through the door at 7.45pm with the same amount of walking as yesterday.
      I’ve promised Loss another easy day tomorrow.
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      Traveler  You couldn’t have chosen a more expensive store than Fortnum and Masons for buying groceries or anything from there - that is where I bought my galoshes when we were in London in 1974.xx


      Traveler  🤣


      Traveler  London Bridge!!


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