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  • Jun20

    Back to Glasgow

    June 20 in the United Kingdom

    We caught the bus to Glasgow from Portree this morning. It was a seven hour bus ride with one stop for a half hour in Ft. William. It was interesting to see some of the places we passed on our hike from the vantage of the bus. We were sad to be finished walking. The walking was much better. It’s funny how the British say that you’re “walking” when you’re struggling up the side of a cliff with a pack; whereas we would call that “scrambling”or at least “hiking”. Walking in Canada is where you take the dog around the block.
    We got to Glasgow and checked into the Citizen M hotel, where we stayed when we first arrived here a few weeks ago. We went out for whiskeys and pub food and found the Pot Still. We had Laphroaig and pies. Both were pretty good. Then we went for a bigger dinner at Atholl’s and then back to our room. We’re figuring out what to do with our last day in Scotland tomorrow.
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  • Jun21

    Last Day in Glasgow

    Yesterday in the United Kingdom

    We spent the last day wandering around Glasgow. We went over to the Glasgow Cathedral. There are a lot of Scottish soldiers memorialized, from all the British wars all over the world. St Mungo’s tomb is there, dating from the 600’s AD. We wandered along Argyle St to see what was left of Sir John A MacDonald’s alleged birthplace above the Fox and the Hound Pub. It’s all been torn down with no plaque of any kind. Good job Canada. We had a beer at the Horse Shoe bar which dates from the 1840’s and watched the World Cup. We went to Waterstone’s bookshop and saw pictures of Kim and Laura in Hilary Sharp’s Mont Blanc hiking book, so took pictures of the pictures. We did some shopping and then had dinner at the Raven. We’re back at the hotel now packing up for tomorrow’s flights.Read more

  • Day1


    August 13, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Der erste Tag ist immer etwas Besonderes. Uns blieb viel Zeit zum Frühstücken, Packen und Loslegen, da der Flug erst kurz vor 6 uhr abends startete. Ryanairs neuste Strategie zur Gewinnmaximierung liegt darin, selbst für die Sitzplatzauswahl Geld zu verlangen. Somit landeten wir durch Zufallsgenerator in vier verschiedenen Reihen. Doch wie es der Zufall wollte, konnten wir uns doch immerhin jeweils zu zweit setzen, da niemand mit seinem Platz zufrieden war. 2h später waren wir auch schon da. Eine kurze Busfahrt in die Stadt, ein kurzer Fußweg zur Unterkunft und um 20 Uhr Ortszeit bezogen wir unsere kleine zweistöckige Wohnung, welche durchaus großzügig und offen wirkt. Der Hunger trieb uns zu "handmade burgers", was früher offensichtlich ein Kino war, und der Durst danach in die "schilling brewery". Man war das lecker! Da fällt es fast schon ein bisschen schwer, dass es morgen früh direkt auf die Piste gen Norden geht!Read more

  • May28

    Arrived in Glasgow

    May 28 in the United Kingdom

    We had to wait in Frankfurt for 6 hours, but eventually got on a sweltering hot bus at the gate and drove to the far end of the airport where the Glasgow plane was waiting. The flight was on time. Our bags made it to Scotland which always seems like a miracle. We bused into Glasgow and walked to our hotel, the Citizen M. It’s very boutique-ish. It’s hot here- somewhere in the mid 20’s but about 80% humidity. We had a nice dinner sitting outside. We are now back at the room. We’re both pretty tired having been up about 30 hours.Read more

  • May29

    Heading to Milngavie

    May 29 in the United Kingdom

    Well, we’re up and had a nice breakfast. We are pretty jet-lagged but I’m sure that will go away in a day or so. This morning we’re heading to Central Station to catch a train to Milngavie, the start of the West Highland Way. It’s pronounced “Mill guy”, which is like a lot of Scottish names that are way off if you say them as they are written. Like, for example, Drymen (a day’s hike away, which is pronounced Drimmen. I’m sure everyone will be snickering at us when we mention place names. It’s grey but not cold today.Read more

  • Day164


    September 14, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    We were gonna go to Loch Ness but it's just not plausible 😖😔 I'm really disappointed. It's the only thing I wanted to do in Scotland 😔 stupid Jaxon lol gah, we will have to come back - probably the same time we get around to doing Ireland. Lol

    Decided to go for a day trip to Glasgow which is about an hour away.

    We parked and walked around.

    Ermmmm... where are all the people??
    It was dead.
    We kept walking and eventually found a more populated area. The buildings were again nice and it was less crowded but it just seemed like a boring city.
    It did have some cool street art though!
    We ended up in TGIFridays because it has a reliable children's menu.

    Our waiter was terrific to the point Jess tipped 10£
    He came and chatted to us non stop because he had lived in Australia but also wrote down things to see and do in different parts of Glasgow (we did none of it but still that was extra effort on his part)
    When Jess ran in to give the money ( had to get it out from an atm) he then came out to thank us. I was happy with his coworker to because Jess didn't give it to him but another worker to pass on which they obviously did. Nice to see honest people still exist.

    Outside the resturant was an old man who kinda looked drunk wearing a fluro yellows workers vest, banging tin cans with 2 dancing cat toys with him hahah good on him. Hope he gets a lot of tips 😂

    As we were walking back to the car we saw police horses waiting in traffic. I know that's what's meant to happen but it was still funny to see them wait at traffic lights.

    Like I said a pretty boring city.
    We were recommended a cemetery so of course Jess was interested lol
    I was too a bit. Apparently the tombs say stuff like "died from the plague" so that's cool. Unfortunately it was closed by the time we could get to it.

    We wanted to do something for Jaxon so we took him to a soft play place.

    We had such a terrific time! Jaxon loved all the slides and climbing. I loved it too. My entry was free woohoo! Hahah
    I was running around thins jungle gym thing feeling like i belonged even though I'm bloody 24 hahah
    I just felt at ease and the kids didn't seem to think it was weird.
    There was a big free fall slide that we all had a go on and I took Jaxon on twice. Not sure of his feelings towards that one... 😂
    There was a ball pit that was so comfy to sit in haha

    I've decided I will happily take Jaxon to soft play places when back home. Wooo
    He had a turn in one of those shitty arcade ride things too. He wasn't fussed.
    Scottish people sound like they are stupid.

    We all went on a slide together in 4 separate lanes. I was the only one that made it to the bottom. Their butts were too big and Jaxon didn't weigh enough lol 🙊
    Jax was getting really tired so we left around 5.
    We stopped in at Tesco on the way home to eat Taco ingredients 🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Dinner was delicious.
    Jaxon didn't want it so jess was gonna go get him nuggets but me and Will awkwardly suggested that's teaching him the wrong thing even if he doesn't understand..
    she doesn't ever say no.. we have wanted to say things several times but I don't want to tell someone how to raise their child.
    I would have kept my mouth shut if Will hadn't have said something and then Jess asked my opinion so...
    I have seen this child have Coke, hot chocolate, a krispy Kreme and soooo much juice. He doesn't brush his teeth (I've told her to start when home) but that's a lottttt of sugar just sitting on his gums 😒

    He just whinges because he knows he gets a response from her.

    She didn't end up going to get him nuggets so that's good

    Our deal was if I did the dishes I could watch 3 crimes shows in peace.

    I got scared though and only watched 2 and a half. I swear the house is haunted. Hahahah Edinburgh has so many damn ghost tour options too 😰
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  • Day3

    another day in Glasgow

    September 6, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    I'm a little behind in the blog so my information might be a little thin until I get a chance to have quality time to go back to write about the days in more detail and include better pictures

    After 12hours sleep we ended up at the Kelvingrove museum about a mile away. The most impressive piece was the Dali of Christ on the Cross. Many exhibits showcased Scottish artists, understandably. We stayed to hear the pipe organ recital and then walked down to the museum of transportation where they showcased all sorts of means of transportation from boats to trains, cars, ambulances, wheel chairs, subway, horse drawn carriages, motorcycles to crashed vehicles!

    Then back to the hotel by way of a small pub. Dinner was tapas just down the street. Spent most of the rest of the evening working out what to do and where to stay.
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