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  • Day2


    August 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Beautiful weather and clear blue skies awaited us in London. Getting in early meant we had to put in a full day before going to bed, so that's what we did. Luckily for us, the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's biggest street party, was hotting up just as we were about to head out, basically right on our door step.

    First stop though was to buy a data pack, and with that in hand we were on our way.

    The end of the main street was being cordoned off ready for the parade, so we just had to follow the crowd and wait. The Carnival is a celebration of the Caribbean culture, so there was plenty of colour and lots of loud horn blowing (called vuvuzela). There were loads of people and when Craig went out later in the evening to forage for food, he felt as though he was in a distopian movie as there were so many people moving around. Finn commented his first impression is that people in London all travel in "gangs".

    Unfortunately the parade wasn't quite as coordinated as we would have hoped, so to save waiting around, we watched the first little bit and headed off through Hyde Park on our way to the Natural History Museum. Contrary to my sister's experience, we walked right in without lining up for an hour.

    After that, we went next door to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and ended up having some scones with clotted cream and jam in a rather ornate tea room.

    By this time, the feet were getting weary, so we jumped on a bus and headed home for an early night. Given we are at the tail end of summer, we were in bed before the sun went down (which the children thought was peculiar).
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  • Day30

    Notting Hill

    July 31 in the United Kingdom

    Decided to walk to Notting Hill today, tried to look like Julia Roberts but couldn’t find Hugh Grant so had to give that up!!! Ha ha. Walked the length of Portobello Road, looking very drab and every stall holder was either Indian or Middle East. I was a little disappointed but it has been done now. Very busy today. Went across to Hyde Park again, today very busy, probably because the weather is a little better. I spent some time organising to do research when I get back here and rang a couple of relatives, so all good. Catch the train to Ely in Cambridgeshire at 10 tomorrow morning. Looking forward to being up there again.Read more

  • Day27

    Salzburg to London

    July 28 in the United Kingdom

    Lovely time this morning with Bruno & Gabi, they took me to the airport where we had coffee before I said goodbye for now. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful time I had with them showing me their home country seeing places I would never visit. Superb to say the least. Plane to London uneventful, train to Paddington then cab to hotel. Just finished dinner at hotel, not too bad!!! Tomorrow s wall around Hyde Park then ‘High Tea’ at The Dorchester in Mayfair with Sandy, daughter of Bruno & Gabi. Will post photos, watch this space!!! Random photos now.Read more

  • Day28


    July 29 in the United Kingdom

    After 30 degrees in London over the last ten days the rain and wind set in last night with the temperatures dropping today. Didn’t get out for a walk as too wet. High Tea at The Dorchester, amazing, what a place!!! Champagne poured from a magnum, beautiful dainty sandwiches then a series of little cakes beautifully decorated. Tea from Royal Doulton china. Very special indeed, but I couldn’t do that every day!!! Had to walk it off when I got back to my hotel, just as well Hyde Park is opposite!!!Read more

  • Day29


    July 30 in the United Kingdom

    I set off this morning through Hyde Park just in time to get in a shower so had to take refuge under a tree. Walked a total of 13.6 km taking in Buckingham Palace, St James Palace walked around Mayfair and Belgravia before going to Harrods. As like 1998 NZ wines cheaper than in NZ, crazy. Saw the NZ war memorial and then walked back via Kensington Palace. Absolutely knackered. Good though. Lovely through Hyde Park. Typical tourist today!!!Read more

  • Day1

    2 day in London (HARRY POTTER)

    August 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    I went to the studio where all 8 HARRY POTTER movies were made. This studio has all the effects they used in the movie. Inside the show all the rooms, props, costumes and the people they go on. This studio has the models, the drawings and other sets

  • Day3

    3 day in London

    August 30, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    After we went to the very small shopping centre we took a fast train to THE MONUMENT. After the Monument we went to the TOWER OF LONDON. At the Tower of London I smelt soggy air. I felt people walking by me. I saw pigeons flapping fast above my head and heard trains passing by the station. Inside the tower we saw the the amazing, glittering CROWN JEWELS. They have weapons, weapon cases, robes, shoes, belts, bracelets and cutlery. Not long after lunch we walked across one of the biggest bridges in London, it was spectacular (tower bridge). The river we walked over was called the THAMES. To go to the BOROUGH MARKETS we took a train. They held the markets under the train line.Read more

  • Day1

    2day in London

    August 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Hi, today I went all around the monopoly board and I thought I was one of the little people. I went to BUCKINGHAM PALACE, and saw the guards slowly changing places. They were wearing big black fluffy, long red shirts and long black pants. After that we walked to WEST MINSTER ABBEY the history inside the giant building was really old tomes and lots of famous people like kings and queens. The patterns inside the building were amazing and so meany carved by hand. When we walked outside we saw things like BIG BEN and HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT. No 10 Downing Street were the prime minster lives. The big tall men on there big tall horses were there being very serious. We went to M&M WORLD there was m&m everything 4 levels of fun.Read more

  • Day1


    August 28, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    On the plane it was really boring, all I did was eat, sleep and watch movies. On our way we got off at Singapore airport to sit down and stretched our legs. After the 1hour stop over we got on the plane it was better than the last plane flight and more cozy. The games and movies were amazing and the space was good too.
    When we got to London there was a parade down the street from the hotel we were staying at for the next 4 nights. The hotel that we were staying at was nice and cozy as well. The weather in London was warm and really sunny. After the parade we whet to the Natural History Museum and saw bones of extinct dinosaurs and other extinct animals. There were blue whales and lions, tigers, diugons, dolfins, fish, mammals, reptiles.The animals at the museum were so realistic and so much detail into the description on the side of the boxes. After that we went to the Hyde Park and saw so meany statues of great people.Read more

  • Day2

    Kensington Palace

    May 30 in the United Kingdom

    Von Albert Memorial aus nehmen wir einen Weg am Rand des Kensington Gardens entlang in Richtung Kensington Palace, denn der ist unser nächstes Ziel. Wir können schließlich nicht in London gewesen sein und keine Wohnstätte der Royals gesehen haben.

    Auch der Kensington Palace Ist Teil des London Passes, so dass die 26£ Eintritt pro Person nur eine gefühlte Schnappatmung auslösen. Eintrittstechnisch ist London echt sehr teuer und wir sind mittlerweile froh, uns für den London Pass entschieden zu haben. Natürlich suchen wir auch gezielt Sehenswürdigkeiten aus, die wir jetzt nicht mehr bezahlen müssen, aber insgesamt gibt es so viel zu sehen und zu entdecken, dass das kein Nachteil ist.

    Der Kensington Palace ist seit 1689 eine königliche Residenz. Derzeit leben hier William und Kate. Der Palast besteht aus einem öffentlichen und einem privaten Teil. Im öffentlichen Teil kann man 300 Jahre königliche Geschichte Revue passieren lassen. Los geht es im King's State Appartement aus dem 18. Jahrhundert. Hier sind verschiedene Räume des Hofes von König George II. und Queen Caroline zu sehen. Weiter geht es dann im Queen's State Apartment mit den Stuart's aus den 1690er Jahren. Dies ist der älteste Teil des Palastes. Die Räumlichkeiten würden einst für Queen Mary II. und ihren Gemahl König William III. Geschaffen.

    Vom ältesten Teil geht es in die neueste Ausstellung. Diana - her fashion Story zeigt eine Kollektion von Diana Outfits Inden Räumen ihres früheren Zuhauses. Die Entwicklung ihres Kleidungsstiles und der Geschichte, wie sie diese Aufmerksamkeit zu nutzen wusste, ist Inhalt der Ausstellung.

    Der letzte Teil der Ausstellung ist mit 'Victoria revealed' betitelt und beschäftigt sich mit dem Leben der Königin Victoria im 19. Jahrhundert.

    Insgesamt eine sehr interessante und gelungene Ausstellung über verschiedene Jahrhunderte hinweg.
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