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  • Day37

    Charleston South Carolina's

    September 25, 2016 in the United States

    What a beautiful town, I'd like to thank Lauren for suggesting a little road trip down to the coast and south Carolina for my last weekend, it is a beautiful southern town with so much history and a great vibe.

    Friday morning we did the drive down here, pretty straightforward interstate driving, nothing much to report, it's been a tough few days for Charlotte after the police shooting on Thursday and despite Lauren and clay living 15 miles outside and us not really being directly impacted, Clay's office was closed Friday and there was a decent enough amount of concern around that you could sense it. Charlotte is a beautiful, inclusive, peaceful town and I think the main feeling was shock.

    Friday night after checking into our airbnb condo we headed out to dinner and got into some awesome southern food, my dinner involved fried green tomatoes, hush puppies shared starter and a deep South spin on paella for main....God I love good southern cooking.

    After dinner it was time for girls night again, me and Lauren headed off to the Charleston music hall to see the soggy bottom boys while clay took greyson back to the condo. despite the fact we were up in the cheap seats, we both thoroughly enjoyed the music and it was a great venue, there was an issue though, we were both completely and utterly distracted by the guy one row in front and three seats over, why?? Oh, just cos it was Bill freaking Murray!!! Apparently he is a big fan of the soggy bottom boys (someone saw him sneaking in and convinced him to go on stage to introduce the band and then he came and sat down near us) and loves Charleston because despite being obviously recognisable he gets to wander round here fairly anonymously. How do I know all of this you may ask? Well we were sat right in the middle of a big group that Bill....yea we're on a first name basis.... came in and I ended up chatting to my new best friend, who's dad is best friends with Bill Murray's best friend...I know right? I'm basically friends with a celebrity!!

    Saturday we got out early and met Al our carriage driver and Don...Our horse, for a carriage tour around this beautiful city, they really have done things right here with architecture laws in place since the early 1900's that state that any building that's been standing for over 70 years can't be torn down by anyone but God, this combined with the fact that the city was built out into the harbour by dumping the garbage and ballast from the ships that came over into the water and letting it settle for 100 years and the fact that Charleston was settled by a combination of the English, French and Germans over the years has lead to some beautiful
    And very varied architecture. Interesting little tid bit, they have doors to their outside porches before their front door because it gets so hot here the whole family used to sleep outside.
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  • Day24


    November 7, 2016 in the United States

    Charleston genießt den Ruf, eine der schönsten Städte der USA zu sein. Bei einer Rundfahrt mit dem Pferdewagen durch das Stadtzentrum konnten wir uns von den architektonischen Highlights der historischen Altstadt überzeugen. Die typischen Südstaaten-Villen mit großzügigen Veranden und Balkons säumten unsere Fahrtroute.
    Nach einem Bummel durch den Town-Market mit Einkauf von typischen Reiseandenken sind wir im Fleet Landing Restaurant am Hafen eingekehrt. Sowohl Trixi´s Crab-Cake-Burger als auch meine Spaghetti mit Garnelen waren hervorragend. Dazu gab es regionales Bier vom Fass und frischen Ananassaft. Alles richtig lecker!Read more

  • Day16


    May 26, 2017 in the United States

    The town of Charles in the land of Charles (Carolina). Wondermooi, maar met een duister kantje. Charleston was lange tijd een van de belangrijkste centra in de slavenhandel, en South Carolina scheurde zich als eerste staat af van de Unie. We bezochten dan ook de oude slavenmarkt en Fort Sumter waar de eerste geweerschoten van de burgeroorlog werden afgevuurd. Hier geen wolkenkrabbers, maar kasseien en palmbomen. Morgen Savannah!Read more

  • Day14

    & the livin' is easy..

    May 30, 2016 in the United States

    A couple of relaxing but uneventful few days. We took a 2 hour ferry off the Okeycokey Island (as we renamed it) and then drove a couple of hours to a free little campsite by a boat launch. Bit worried about turning up at a random place where apparently you can camp for free (which isn't a Walmart car park), but turned out to a beautiful little spot. Happy days.

    Decided we needed to do more meandering so stopped off at Willington for lunch then camped at a Grapefull Sisters campsite. This was our first use of Harvest Host membership, where you can stay at vineyards and brewerys for free. We are more than happy to spend the usual camping fee on a bottle or two! We were expecting little more than a car park to stay in but got a fully fledged RV park.

    Next stop was Georgetown, a lovely little historic town on the river (actually convergence of 4 rivers) , for lunch. From there down to Charleston, where we found Porgy and Bess playing simulcast in the park. I'm not much of a musical man but Jo & I love this show and it was pretty spectacular. Tropical Storm Bonnie made an appearance after the interval but we had found the beer tent by then so all was good :)
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  • Day16

    'Shaggin' in Charleston!

    June 1, 2016 in the United States

    We had our first really lazy day, just mooching around the campsite and doing a few chores. It's hard work this travelling malarkey! We spent the next day exploring Charleston. Highlight was the slave mart museum, it was horrific to read of the scale of the operation: European goods to Africa, slaves to America, American produce back Europe- a shameful reminder of humans' inhumanity...
    (& sorry if the title of this post misled you- 'shaggin' is a kind of dance for the British reading this!)Read more

  • Day58

    Charelston, South Carolina

    March 7, 2013 in the United States

    We docked in beautiful Charleston last night, which was twelve hours earlier than the itinerary stated.
    That gave us an overnight in port and a chance to explore some of the town and find out where we pick up our carriage ride on the morning.
    We did this but didn't stay out to long as most places were shut and also it was bloody cold.
    We got back to the ship about 9 pm and had a drink before going to see the show that John had recommended.
    It was a singer called Rebecca Storm, who I'd never heard of but John said she was very good, and I must say she was.
    She did a lot of musical theatre stuff, Evita, Blood Brothers, etc and she'd actually starred in them.
    She was excellent and acted out the songs rather than just sing them.
    Strike two for Chisit, we just need the carriage ride to be good and that will be his hat trick of good recommendations, space centre, theatre and carriage ride...lol
    I'll keep you informed.
    Looking forward to the day, as Charleston looks to be a beautiful and interesting place, but I well be putting two pairs of socks on and getting well wrapped up.
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  • Day60

    Surrey with a fringe on top

    March 9, 2013 in the United States

    Well I'm not sure if it was a surrey, but it was a horse drawn carriage and it did have a fringe on top, and it was a brilliant way to explore downtown Charleston.
    We spent a very short hour on the carriage and the driver gave us a humorous potted history of Charleston, explaining things like the wealth in the town and not the haves and have nots, but the haves and have a whole lot more each side of Broad street.
    Then it was on to the hour and a half harbour tour, which again was great.
    We learned about the first shots of the civil war being fired from fort Johnson on the Confederate side to fort Sumpter on the union side.
    While this went on the people of Charleston who lived by the water watched and partied as it was so far away from them across the bay.
    We also saw things like the retired aircraft carrier Yorktown which is now docked at Patriots Point, and is a floating museum.
    The tour, carriage and boat was booked by Chisit, online before we came away, the whole thing cost $39 per person, which was brilliant as the carriage ride alone booked on the ship was £34
    So once again well done John.
    We then had a walk around the slave museum, which was quite touching and humbling in many ways.
    Then a stroll to find something to eat, we first tried to find a place called AW Shucks which had been recommended, but we couldn't find it, so we ended up in a restaurant called Sticky Fingers where we had pulled pork and fries washed down with a large draught beer.
    It was brilliant and John and I agreed we'd never had our pork pulled so well in a long time...lmao
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  • Day8

    Wilmington to Charleston

    May 30, 2017 in the United States

    Tuesday 30th May
    Went on a trolleybus tour of Wilmington, but it wasn’t very good. There was only one bus, it went to its own timetable, ignoring the plan, it tore around and there was no commentary. Glad it was free because I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for it. I felt a bit queasy and didn’t want to walk around so instead we jumped in the car and headed for Charleston.

    Charleston is a beautiful, historic, colonial town with lots of wooden clapperboard houses. We are staying in the Thomas Lamboll House, a 300 year old wooden clapperboard house with an amazing veranda on the ground floor and a first floor piazza from our room in the centre of the historic district. It is so incredibly hot, we are absolutely melting. Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, but it was soon done and we settled in. We are here for 3 days and are looking forward to that. We walked to the waterfront where there was a lovely park with lots of ancient oak trees with twisted limbs spreading out over the grass. The park was patrolled by a tourism enforcement officer who made a guy take down a hammock he had slung up in the trees – one of the rules is no hammocks in the park. The tree lined streets had old flagstones that were lifting due to tree roots, but the overall effect was one of great beauty. Some of the streetlights were still gas lights, it was very strange seeing flames flickering behind the glass of the lanterns it felt like an old street in London. We had been recommended to go to Poogan’s Porch for dinner. The food was delicious and we were pleased we had taken the advice. Poogan was an previous pet for its grave was by the front path.Read more

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