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  • Day19

    Route 66 Harley - Tulsa!

    August 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Picked up a vibration thru the bike from yesterday & was already told my front tyre was on the minimum tread depth while in Milwaukee. Thought I'd risk carrying on as we'd had no rain to date. Well with the rain this morning & the vibration becoming a bit more of a worry we drove into route 66 Harley Davidson in Tulsa for a checkover & they've put 2 new tyres on the rod. Back was flat in the centre & front was definitely toast. Hopefully this will remove vibration also. Now 40deg C in Tulsa & very very humid! 😢Read more

    Global Adventures

    What a nice dealership.


    M8 they all treat us like kings when we say NZ & on the road! 👍🏻

  • Day20


    August 17, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Just a nice spot in a small town we went through on our way to Texas!

    Cherie Kemp

    Cute 😍. Haha you said it Fran. I was just thinking that 😂

    Fran Jackson

    A couple of cute Hedgehogs eh Cherie 😍


    You two are gonna get it when we get back!

  • Day15

    Day 14 Wallace Ranch, Tx - Foss, OK

    June 9, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 70 °F

    Day 14 Wallace Ranch, Texas - KOA, Foss, Oklahoma
    Miles - 102
    Number of trucks that honked - 5
    Winds speed all day - 30

    Well back to the normal routine.I woke up at 4:45am and got ready. The time to have our luggage out by the van was 6:00am. Breakfast was 6:30am and we pulled out of the Wallace Ranch at 7:20am. Vela prepared scrambled eggs. I had cereal and bananas. We drove to Pampa. Texas and met up with the rest of the #CC2C team.

    Two new fellows joined us. Tony and Tim. While they were getting all geared up and the mics on, Neil walked into the convenience gas station store and started talked to the gal. She shared her story how she has lived in Pampa most of her life and how she lost a child through an accident.

    It was extremely windy ALL day. 30 miles an hour. It was pretty scary for me, because any gust of wind could just knock the cyclists over. Glenn spent a good amount of time drafting for them. There was constant communication between the van (Chuckwagon 16) and the camera crew car and Wes, one of the cyclists.

    We stopped to use the restroom at a restaurant in Mobeetie. And then Neil started to really talk with several folks there. He talked with Mr. Boone who is a direct decendent of Daniel Boone. His great great Grandfather. Neil yelled over to me and said, Judy get me a 50.00 bill. Mr. Boone had a waiting or picture that he took, and Neil asked to buy it from him. He was soft spoken but shared his story. And then Neil talked with 2 Joes and they told of the history of the area. Again, Devine appointments along the way.

    The town folks wanted to name this small Texas town in the panhandle, the name SweetWater, however there was another town already incorporated by that name. So, they ask the Cherokee Indians what was the Indian name for SweetWater. And that was Mobeetie. Come to find out later, the real translation is not sweet water, but buffalo dung.

    We decided to eat lunch this quaint restaurant, named Cowboy Oasis. The service was slow, but the food was delicious. Glenn and shared the special of the day, Chicken Fried Steak. After a 2 hour break, the cyclists got on their bikes hoping the wind would have died down, but it hasn't

    They continued on. Vela drove on ahead and scouted out the Pizza Hut in Elk City for dinner. We pulled into Elk City at 6:30pm. Shared a salad and then the ChuckWagon16 drove on to KOA in Foss so we could get the cabins ready. Neil, Caroline and 2 others rode on into KOA for 102 or 103 miles for the day, So proud of them.

    Tonight, we have the girls (Caroline, me and Una) in 1 small cabin, Glenn is with James, and the others have cabins. Some with a shower and some without. This is my second time at a KOA. I think I could do this again.

    Its been a long hard day. We just have a good "day off", but at least we didn't go anywhere, I did a load of laundry,. I kinda repacked, so I could snd some stuff back with the Coxs when we see them on Tuesday in Tulsa,
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  • Day17

    Day 16 Edmond, Ok - Tulsa,Ok

    June 11, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    Day 16 Edmond, Oklahoma - Tulsa, Oklahoma'
    Miles - 104
    Roadkill 3 stuncks 10 possum, 8 turtles and 29 others smashed beyond recognition

    It was a very short night. I didn't finish my previous ious blog until well after midnight. And since we were staying and sharing a bathroom, I wanted to get all ready to give Caoline plenty of time.

    It was a beautiful sunrise. Bright red colors over the lake. We threw stuff into the van to made it to the hotel by the 6:30 deadline. And like everything else, there was a quick conversation with the front deck staff.

    All the guys left, oh, I saw around 8:00am or even early. We followed behind catching up with them about 10 minutes later. Then we got a call on the radio from Wes that neil was needing his eye drops. Vela graciously said she would catch up with us. Bless her heart she got lost. How ever family about 10 minutes later she was able to catch up with us. At this point, Glenn us off his bike, head bended now and crouching his eyes. He couldn't see very we'll. The eye drops helps d somewhat. He then used a patch on one eye and used it later on the another eye. By the end of the day, m Neils eye wasn't hurting as bad and I noticed he wasn't wearing a patch at all.

    Vela was on her own, as he drove to Tulsa and got to do some class prepartion work. We finally got back together at the hotel.

    One of the stops we had was at a roadside fruit/vegetable stand. Caroline had 2 flat tires. Neil talked to two farmers. Father and son business that was struggling. They also mentioned the difficulty with the recent rains. He pulled out of his pocket an old knife and sliced the cantaloup. Delicious. Neil also purchased a jar of pickles.

    As we were coming upon one of the towns along Hiway 66, things got really busy and hectic. We were proposing a restaurant in this one town so the cyclists rode towards it then Neil and crew decided to stop at Sonic. Again. They were engaging in these 4 Latin America folks and then Glenn continued on the conversation in Spanish. All 4 from Central America. 2 from Guatemala, 1 from Honduras and I forgot where the 4 person was from. They didn't have time to to have a conversation once they needed to return back to work at 12noon. They were painters and were repainting inside the school rooms.

    After lunch we continued on. I started to take a short cat nap when all of a sudden Glenn stopped in the road. I looked up and saw Wes on the road. He quickly got up and brushed himself off. What happened his tire hit the part of another cyclists wheel and down he went. Just behind us a car stopped and the gentleman driving was a medic. Wow, an angel showed up at the right time. Wes didn't hurt himself. I think he was more embarrassed than anything. And of course this made a good part of the story.

    I then looked at my text messages and there was one from Jack and Val Cox, who were up ahead waiting to cheer us on. They were parked along the side of the road. Then I checked out a text from Jeff. He wrote that Jon, the photographer, that his girl friends' father was riding his bike around White Rock Lake on Tuesday morning and died of a heart attack. I showed Glenn's the text and he read it to the group. We immediately stopped to pray. Wow!

    We continued on our journey towards Tulsa. There were several stops like at convenience stores where there was shade and also a bathroom. We stopped in Spolovia, Oklahoma and Neil had a conversation with a police deputy, He mention how there has been some tragedy in the department. We stopped to take a photo by the sign on the highway.

    Finally arriving at our Best Western Hotel on Route 66 around 5:30pm. I quickly got to my room to take a shower and get ready for dinner. Everyone down in the Lobby by 6:30pm. Glenn didn't get a chance to come up to the room as he was getting the van cleaned out. The shower felt good.

    We had dinner at Mother Road Market. I texted John C and he came down to visit with us over our meal. Good good good to reconnect with him. We sure miss him and Gail down in Guatemala.

    Tonight was a longer night. I needed to call Apple Support to find out why my photos were not syncing with my computer. Got that solved. I was literally 'fading' and nearly fell asleep on the phone with the Apple computer person.

    Day 16 is in the Books! Next stop, Missouri
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  • Day18

    Day 17 Tulsa, Ok - Joplin, MO

    June 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

    Day 17 Tulsa, Oklahoma - Joplin, Missouri
    Miles 104
    How many "Stand back" yelled from the front car as they shoot a drone shot - 7 times

    oday, Neil and the camera crew drove out to Southern Hills Golf course and Neil was able to share some with the 15 men that gathered there. Again, I'm not sure if this is a weekly thing or if its's something special that Neil did since he's in town. After the breakfast Bible Study, Neal met us and the rest of the crew at a Wal-Mart parking lot just 20 minutes north o fTulsa. Instead of pulling into Walmart, we unloaded the bicycles at the Whataburger parking lot. Glenn parked kinda "crazy" as he's driving this big long long van, so the manager came out and mentioned Glenn was in the handicap parking. So, Glenn pulled out his handicap card. True Glenn.

    It was a pretty straight shot on the 4 lane highway. Most of the truckers were kind to the cyclists. As we turned the corner in Chelsea, Oklahoma, Neil noticed a young man with a 9 or 10 year old boy with their fishing pole. Neil engaged a conversation with them and found out that Nathan had some trouble with the law and that he was going to Celebrate Recovery and was really doing good. HE and his son were going to walk about 1 mile down the road to their favorite fishing hole which is an old rustic out steel Route 66 bridge that is no longer in use. Neil asked if Glenn and I could take them out to the fishing hole and take some pictures. It was our pleasure to do that. I radio back to the cyclists that they should veer off about 100 yards and see this spot. Beautiful.

    We continued biking (oops, cycling) along the small 4 land road, when I suggested we stop at the Hi-Way Cafe in Vinita, Ok. I read the reviews on Yelp and one comment was "don't let the outside appearance discourage you". Here we had several conversations. I think there were two sets of conversations here.

    All the while I had been texting Virginia and her sister Evie to see where they were going. Virginia decided to drive 4 hours down from Hesston KS and meet us and spend one night in Joplin, MO with the #CC2C.

    We connected in Miami, OK just before we got to the Braums. And Vela connected with her friend, Jody, who is from the Dallas area and was traveling through. As we rode into Miami, we were looking for a place to use the restroom. And the camera people were looking for a placel to have a great shot for the 3 bicyclists to "roll into town". They got their shot, then we followed Virginia to Braum and had a scoop of ice cream.

    Oh, yea, just before Baums we stopped so the 2 cyclists fromDallas could load up their bikes and head on into town and catch a plane plane back to DFW

    Im glad I connected up with Virginia. I then went straight to the hotel room with her and Evie. The rest of the team traveled on Historic Route 66 until they got caught up in a rain storm. I couldn't check into my room since Jeff was not around, but we got Evie and Virginia checked in.

    Once we got up to her room, we waited for everyone else to arrive. I tried to get on the internet but couldn't. It wasn't too long until the whole gang arrived. They we cold and wet.

    Today is Virginia's birthday. We went to Outback Steak House to make it a special one. It was fun to catch up. Thankfully we didn't need to "catch up too much". I had just seen her at Mom and Dad's 70th anniversary party just 3 weeks earlier. And it was another late night. It was after 10pm when we dropped Evie and Virginia off. Glenn and I needed to run to Walmart to get a few things and to fill up with gas.

    We didn't get back to the hotel room until after midnight. And I didn't even try to get on the internet. We had a2 room suite. We pulled stuff off and took up to our room. Glenn took the big black box and put it inside for the night.

    Again, another late night. But I'm thankful for the many conversations (even one in the city park in Miami, OK while we connected with Virginia. I'm thankful for the group of friends that drove to see us (Jody, Virginia and Evie and then a group of Tomba's friend that met them at the hotel here for a few minutes). And I'm thankful for the rain and the protection from the rain and elements
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  • Day16

    Day 15 Foss, OK - Edmond, Ok

    June 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    Day 15 Foss, OK - Edmond, OK
    Miles 118
    How many truckers kindly honked - 3
    How many rude cars passed us - 2

    Warning: This is going to be a long Blog post

    I got up before Caroline got up. I didn't want to be in the small bathroom when one of the cyclists should be in there preparing for the morning ride. So I tip-toed out of the small framed 1room cabin and walked to the community shower and bathroom. Once I got dressed and ready for the day, I went back to the cabin and got my laptop out. My pictures had not been synced from my iPhone to my computer when I was working on my blog on Sunday night, so here I was able to quickly add the correct photos onto Day 14 and send that out before we left on our journey for the day.

    This morning, I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of Day X with Neil, so I quickly asked him if I could take his photo. The sun was rising and it was a perfect time to take the shot. I've wanted to ask him for the photo shot, but I know he is preoccupied with the day of cycling, but today seemed like a good time, as there was kinda a "lull" in the morning packing and such.

    The riders left right on time. They had several other riders to join them from Dallas, plus Cherree, Neil and Vela's adult daughter had arrived and will be joining us for several days. As soon as they left, Glenn and I followed behind. We got on I40 and met them as they were going under the underpass where a bunch of birds were building their nests. I thought they were bats, but they were swollows Glenn said.

    The bikers were headed to the McDonalds in Clinton. Neil ran into a motorcyclists who was traveling from Fresno or Orange County to Tennesses. We had met this same guy at the KOA campgrounds on Sunday night. Glenn and I had talked a little to him, and now we run into him agin at McDonalds. Neil was able to have a good conversation with him.

    Once we got to McDonalds, we connected with Loretta and her husband. Loretta's niece is S Riffe from Northwest Bible Church. Loretta was just so super exited that the #ConversationsCoasttoCoast team was coming near her town. She is from Corn, Oklahoma. So, we made several missionary connections, as the Corn academy is famous for housing missionary kids from back in the 70's and 80's. I'm not sure if they still do that anymore. But they knew the Blyckers, Nellis from Mexico and Goertz. Now that I'm thinking, I bet they would have known the Phillippi kids. Any way, Loretta had her grandson with them, Jack and he just loved the idea of what Neil was doing. Coast to Coast conversations. And bicycles.

    After a quick breakfast, the cyclists were off. We asked if we could take Jack in the van with us as we go down the highway for about 10 miles. Harold tased along. While we were driving, they got to listen to the walkie talkies and the communication that way. And we explained how we would stop for them to take a break and Glenn would serve them cold water, or just ice, or maybe some cheese sticks or even fresh fruit. We explained to Jack some interesting details about how they travel about 100 miles a day and their habits. I got a nice email from Loretta thanking us that we engaged with Jack. Even Neil had a picture of the two of them together. I was so blessed by what Loretta wrote to me in an email, that I must share it on my blog. I skipped through it earlier in the day, but really didn't read it word for word til right now, 12:55am as I write it. But I must enclose it and may it be a reminder of what it's like to share Jesus and be a light in the World.

    Judy, Glen, Vela,
    It was absolutely a delight meeting the cross-country conversation team at McDonalds
    this morning. Thank you so much!!!. Our 13 year old grandson, Jack Irick, is visiting
    us, but lives in Euless, TX. He was so excited to learn there were fellow "Texans"
    riding not just across America, but within a few miles of our home near Corn,
    Judy, your invitation to ride in the van and follow the bikers for 15 miles will
    definitely compete with his trip to Disney World this summer. After meeting Neil and
    the team, looking at your website, and watching several of the video posts, Jack
    said, and I quote, "Today I met some people who are really sorta famousish".
    Most of all, he saw the love of Jesus presented in a new, kid friendly, venue---a
    bicycle. That's Awesome!!
    Now he is committed to follow you each day, pray for you and your bikes, no more
    flats, strength to get up long hills and face wind, and for Jaden to be healed of
    cancer. He wants to come to Northwest Bible Church and see Mr. Neil again after he
    finishes this ride.
    The instagram picture of Jack sitting next to Neil at McDonalds has many proud views
    Extend our thanks, appreciation, and love to Neil. We experienced JESUS in a
    fun-filled, refreshing way.

    Our love, prayers, and blessings from the Oklahoma Heartland,
    Howard & Loretta Schmidt, Jack Irick

    PS: Glen, small world that several of your MK friends attended Corn Bible Academy

    We continued on following the cyclists. They did make a quick pit stop out near some open corn or wheat fields. The done went up several times. One time we saw it flying right over I 40 was we were on the over pass, and the cyclists was on the service road. I know that will be a spectacular arial view.

    Glenn was trying to connect up with John H. and another cyclists. We were trying to figure out where they could eat lunch. There were very many towns in this area. And we would pass through a town but it wasn't quite lunch time, and the next town was farther away. So, in communication with Jeff and (where's Vela when we need her? Side Note: Vela took one of the vehicles that had come from Dallas and was able to drive to the hotel, do some class work and leisurely drive down I-40 and wait for us to arrive 11 hours later and it only took her 1 1/2 hours) Glenn we decided to meet John at the Love's Traffic stop and then it was changed to stop at Sonic. Glenn and I split a hamburger and onion rings.

    While sitting around the picnic table, John H got to meet their other cyclists. John knows this area. He knows what roads are good and what are not. He suggested an alternate route and he was leading the pack. I'm thankful that he was able to lead the group through the corn or wheat fields. It was here that we saw a lot of flooding. I hear that there has been massive flooding in the area, however, I haven't had a lick of TV or news in the past 2.5 weeks and even more. We saw debris of wood that was stuck in trees and you just knew it was from the effects of the flooding in the past few days or weeks.

    We made a "pit stop" at a convenience store. And this time it was in the shade. So often we have found no shade (especially out in the dessert), so this was a welcomed sight. We had to keep pushing as tonight, most of the team was staying at a Home2Suite Hotel in Edmond and 4 of us are staying at a lake house just 15 minutes down the road. We also had plans to have dinner together after everyone showered. A bus load of folks from Northwest Bible and the Bureau Sunday school class had driven up to surprise Neal and encourage him.

    We also needed to get Una and one of the riders to the hotel so they could take an "Uber" to the airport for the 8:15pm flight to Dallas. Two days earlier I had texted 2 folks at Metropolitan Baptist Church to ask if they could drive these 2 folks to the airport. And just like clock work, Rebecca volunteered. She was at the hotel waiting for us. The hardest thing was to get Una away from the gang so they drive through traffic and get to the airport and not miss their flight. Also, I had called Joanie to come to the hotel to pick up John. They were there for the arrival of the cyclists.

    Next was the party at the Bar-B-Que place the Sharla L. had organized. We took Neil, Vela and their daughter down the road to the "surprise" party. I sat and talked "a mile a minute" with Judy S. She was so excited about my blog about this journey, and I'm thinking, "its just what I do, nothing special and Glenn doesn't even proofread my stuff, because we just don't have time, and my grammar is awful, etc, etc, etc." However, Judy went on and on and on about it. Neil give a special talk, on how he was really planning on having a party to celebrate Jadon. Jadon is a young boy who is struggling with cancer and how Neil is riding 1,000 miles or it might be 3,000 miles in the month of June to Cycle for Childhood Cancer. And its all because Neil was kind to a banker, that started a relationship that will hopefully point the family to Christ. And its all about having easy to start conversations with people and like Neil has said before, just being kind. Wow, where did that rabbit trail go?

    After the party, drove 15 minutes past the hotel and 4 of us are staying in John's friend that has a weekend house at a private late. We quickly unloaded our stuff and then Glenn and I turned around and drove back out to the Wall-Mart store to get a few things. James needed some cold medicine as he was feeling kinda getting that "chills" feeling. Ugh. He also needed some toothpaste. Gotta keep those teeth clean. We picked up cereal and milk for the boys, and fruit, especially banana for Caroline. It wasn't until midnight when we got. back home.

    During this trip, our "Betsy", Garmin GPS died, so Glenn and I purchased a New "Betsy" to help us navigate through the streets and hi ways. I'm going to check with Glenn to see maybe this new Garmin, we'll give her a new name. I propose we use Chuckwagon 16. Hmm

    And guess what? The house was locked. I told Glenn to go around to every door and make sure. It was left open for us, so we didn't have a key. Sadly, Glenn had to call Jeff up and wake him up. Tuesday morning, Glenn will work at repacking the vehicle. The van gets trashed everyday. Because there is such a rush to get the water to the cyclists or maybe they want some that is not in their "box", then we have to try to remember where something was packed. And now with more cyclists here traveling along, it will be interesting to see how this works out. But then again, we'll have more cars too. Oh well.

    Sometimes I feel I wish the day would have gone smoother, I wished we would not have made that wrong turn, but thankful that we only went 1 block out of the way, or that we could have gotten that bag of ice at the last gas station we passed or that I wasn't feeling so worn out.

    My heart is blessed when I read this email from Loretta (Read above). I'm thankful that I have not had any major conflicts with the other team members. I especially am thankful that Wes has been kind to Glenn and me as we have learned some of the "cyclists lingo". And I'm thankful for the divine appointments we have inspite of our weaknesses. Because those wrong turns happen for a reason. Those extra smile to someone we meet make a difference.
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  • Day13

    Durch die Ozark Mountains

    July 7, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Hanno schreibt:

    Es hätte heute morgen alles so schön werden können, aber: die KTM! Hans hat es ausgiebig beschrieben. Nur für die Statistik: alle drei BMW haben den 20 Meter breiten Bach anstandslos passiert!
    So waren wir denn eine Stunde nach dem Frühstück vöiig nass: die Füße vom Bach, der Rest von der Anstrengung, die Kiste aus den Fluten zu bergen.

    Nach der Reparatur (ach ja: spritmässig scheint die KTM jetzt zu funktionieren) ging’s drei Viertel des Tages durch die Ozark Mountains, davon gefühlt 95% auf Schotter- und Naturstrassen. Toll. Sogar eine recht anspruchsvolle Passage über respektable Steinabsätze war dabei.

    Neben dichtem Waldbestand bekam ich als Vorausfahrender reichlich Tiere zu sehen: Rehe, Squirrels, Vögel, Schmetterlinge, Gürteltier (tot). Leider hatte ich meine Helmkamera nicht aktiviert, als direkt vor mir ein Luchs die Straße querte.

    An einem ländlichen Verkaufsstand ließen wir uns ein Glas Apfelsaft (selbstverständlich ohne Alkohol) schmecken. Den haben wir uns am Motel gegönnt. Das tröstet Bernd und mich über ein möglicherweise kommendes Problem hinweg: seit dem Start in Toronto sind wir mittlerweile 4400 km gefahren; bis zu unserem geplanten Boxenstop in Moab sind es noch 2000 km. Unsere beiden Hinterreifen sind aber jetzt schon fast am Ende.
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    Na so ganz ist das nicht richtig. Bei der BMW brechen die Schrauben, Hinteradabdeckungen würden, wenn wir noch da wären an den Baum der Schande genagelt werden😎😁😂


    Nicht Hans sondern Franz


    Tolle Tour klasse Gegenden es ist schön euch so zu folgen und ab und an was am Moped gehört doch dazu ...oder😉L.G. Herby

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