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    • Day 185

      White Sand

      September 26, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

      Nach den Caverns ging es direkt zum White Sands National Monument. Um dort hinzukommen bin ich nicht über El Paso gefahren, sondern habe die 20 Minuten in Kauf genommen und habe die Strecke durch den "Lincoln National Forest" genommen, das sich zum Schluss als richtige Passstraße entpuppte. Somit habe ich Texas vorerst verlassen und befinde mich in New Mexico. Sobald ich in dem Park war und las, dass dieser bis 8 Uhr geöffnet hat, war für mich klar, ich bleib bis zum Sonnenuntergang. Die knapp 4 Stunden, die ich dort verbrachte, haben sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Auch wenn ich definitiv kein Fan von Sand-Wanderungen werde. Es ist anstrengender als "normale" Wanderungen, was zusätzlich an der Hitze liegt, aber auch das ständige einsinken und dann die Hügel hoch & runter, hat es auf Dauer in sich.Read more

    • Day 10

      Riverbend Hot Springs

      October 21, 2022 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      The Riverbend deserves its own footprint, even though it was only an hour, the view and surroundings were spectacular. Earlier in the day, I did a final soak at Hot Springs Glamp Camp, and took a video that is part of this post…. The mountain views are beautiful!Read more

    • Day 117

      Caballo Lake

      March 18, 2023

      Wo mer verwached send heds vorem fänster liecht gflöckeled...🥶 Das esch doch werklich wie verhäxt, das cheibe wätter da, eifach viiiiill z chalt för d jahrsziit! Mer händ de morge demit verbracht plän z schmiede, wo mer als nächsts dure wennd. Üsi "original" plän, wäg dene mer de roadtrip eigentlich au hend welle mache, send leider immer no unmachbar....bim grand canyon werds ide nacht immer no so stark unter 0, dass mer s wohnmobil müessted winterisiere, de hettemer aber au kei wasser me... Zudem macht campe bi - 12 grad au ned so werklich spass 🤷‍♀️ mer händ entschlosse eifach s beste drus z mache ond fahred jetzt weder rechtig weste, eifach immer möglichst südlich, nöch a de mexikanische gränze wo d temperature akzeptabel sind 🤭
      Freitag ist Fajita tag....höt esch zwar samstig ond au s "old" im name fählt, trotzdem hämmers, womer ume mittag ume dur "el paso" gfahre sind, eifach ned chönne la si ond send ines mexikanischs restaurant go öpis chliises ässe 😅
      Aschlüssend hämmer üs um ne camping för die nacht kümmered. Mer hätted eine gseh in "pancho villa" ond das hed ja scho fast zu fest zu dem tag passt. Aber leider esch üs das nach es bitzli recherche z unheimlich gsi det 🤷‍♀️ so simmer wiitergfahre uf e härzige camping am caballo lake. Mer händ bi de letschte sunnestrahle d ussicht ufd bärge ond de see gnosse ond händ üs aschlüssend amne lagerfüür ufgwärmt 😊
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    • Day 9


      October 20, 2022 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

      Two years ago today mom passed. It was beautiful to see all the prisms and yesterday I worked at a table and an hour later came back and there was a little booklet between the planters that Sue pointed out (called Letting Go). I read it today over coffee.
      We went for a walk and had some crepes and coffee at Passion Cafe, walked about town and explored some of the stores. Meet a man at Junkology who was having a tough time trying to find land for his RV / converted airplane fuselage. Then back to the compound for a soak (while Sue read). We headed to Walmart in the evening to pick up food… and try on Christmas sweaters #peopleofwalmart. Back for salad and charcuterie, then an evening soak before our head hit the pillow in our RV named Sylvia. www.hotspringsglampcamp.com
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    • Day 15

      Windy and Sparce

      May 15, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

      Our drive here takes us through some very different landscapes. We start off with very flat, very dry land with low scrub vegetation. We head through the Lincoln National Forest and through the Sacramento Mountains where the Mescalero Indian Reserve is. These are the Apache Indians. This landscape is very pretty with tall pines, mountains and a huge rain storm. As we head toward Las Cruces we see vast orchards of pecan trees. This is at least a break in the landscape. Every now and then you see mountain ranges in the distance. This part of New Mexico has many high peaks of around 9000-12000 ft. apparently there are several ski slopes here. I never thought of New Mexico as a ski destination, but that is the thing with travel…you get an education. On route to Elephant Butte is the city called Truth or Consequences. Could this be where Bob Barker lives? Or are there other truths or consequences that we don't know about here in the New Mexico desert?

      We arrive at our campground with no issue. Elephant Butte State Park is very large with several campsite. Ours is the furthest point on the lake. After checking in we head down the road for about 10 miles to our campground. It is very windy here and you have to watch when you enter or exit the motorhome or the door will take off your legs. It is too windy for the boys to go out and they are not impressed with us. Our site is very large (over 20 meters) and there is no one behind us, just a beautiful vista of the mountains. We set up and have some dinner. We take a walk around the park and see that all the sites are pretty well spaced with lots of room in between. The bathrooms and showers are nice and clean, which is a good thing since we don’t have any sewers here.

      Day 1

      Today starts off as windy as yesterday. The campground host says that tomorrow should be better. We are up on top of a hill here overlooking the lake. I wonder if this is part of the reason for the wind. It may also be the time of year or the region. I’m not too sure. So the boys don’t get to go out again. We don’t have happy kitties again.

      After breakfast we head off to the Gila National Forest. This is a little ways on the map and a long ways in the car. As we drive through the backroads you see how the real people live. I’m not sure where or how they make a living. There is nothing here but flat land with the low scrub again. The houses here are basically mobile homes of the single and double wide variety. There are plenty of junk cars (and other stuff) in the yards and old tires holding the roof on. It looks like a very depressed area. It also seems deserted. You go through little villages and no one is around, not even a stray dog laying on a front lawn.

      We head through a mountain pass and stop for some pictures. There is a tiny stream running through and you wonder how life could be sustained here. You see homes every now and then, sometimes some cows or a horse, but this is a very sparse area. As you look around and hear the quiet you drift back a couple of hundred years and your imagination takes over. You picture a Wells Fargo stagecoach heading through the pass looking for an ambush. Are the Indians up the hill behind a tree? Is Jessie James or Billy the Kid waiting to rob the stagecoach? As I turn around I see a lone Cherokee on the road. Maybe my imagination is not that wild after all?

      We head into the forest area and are pleased to see that the area is turning to tall pines and mountains. The scenery is improving, but you don’t see any deer, birds, prairie dogs, or anything that is alive. The road here through the forest is very steep and winding around the mountains. The speed is slow, but the views are beautiful. There is evidence of a forest fire here. It looks like a large part of the forest was destroyed, but you see where the regrowth is starting to replenish the forest. There are plenty of hiking trails and a few rough camping places. You wouldn’t get a trailer or motorhome in these but a popup trailer or a truck camper would work. The drive takes us a couple of hours.

      We finally hit a small town called Silver City, we stop for a late lunch and by the time we finish it is 4:00 pm. It seems to take a lot longer to get somewhere here then I think. We were going to go for a hike, but by the time we get back it would be dark. I have to plan a little better next time.

      On the way back we hit a copper mine. They have stripped the mountain completely and it looks awful. At least we have found some form of commerce here for the people to earn a living. We head home and maybe we can take the boys out for a walk around. I think we are going to have a campfire tonight. We haven’t had one yet, so this will be nice. Our campground is very dark and the stars are very pretty at night.

      Day 2

      Today I am going to try and find some Wi-Fi to book some more parks. One problem we are having with the state parks is that they don’t have any internet connections. This park said it did. So off I go to the main campground to find it. I ask at the front check in booths where not one but two young students are working. Young people should know this stuff right?? I get this blank look and a vague over by the picnic tables. So I try but the signal keeps cutting out and there doesn’t seem to be anyone with an IQ to ask. So off I go to McDonalds. Trying to book parks on the fly is very difficult. I will have to get a hotspot and internet for my own.

      Guenther has had his own trials and tribulations as well. We seem to have a problem in this park with moths. They come out around dusk and somehow make their way into the trailer. I’m talking like 30 or 40 of them. This is quite annoying. So today Guenther is filling any cracks or crevices we have with expandable foam.

      This takes a while so no exploring today.

      Day 3

      Today is a down day to just relax and head down to the boat launch and see what kind of birds I can find. This park doesn’t have as many animals and birds as the other park. Tomorrow we are off to Kartchner Caverns State Park in Arizona. Different state maybe more animals? We’ll see.
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    • Day 7

      Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

      May 13, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Truth or Consequence is a sleepy little town and we saw very little activity there. Apparently it is growing at the moment because of the hot springs.

      The place we stayed had a tank/hot tub in the backyard that you filled each time you wanted to have a soak. Water clear and quite hot. First time we waited for the water to cool for an hour before getting in, second time we put in cold water.

      It was a mobile home, older but comfortable. The only uncomfortable part was the shower, trailer-sized with a shower head that was in your face...literally.
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    • Day 28

      Fahrt in Richtung Süden

      April 6, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Langsam wird das zeitige Aufstehen zu unserem Tagesrhythmus. Gegen 9 Uhr fahren wir los nach Albuquerque, was heute unser Ziel ist. Ich habe die Koordinaten eines Parkplatzes von Google ins Navi eingegeben. Er liegt aber nicht dort wo er sein sollte. Irgendwie fehlt die Feinabstimmung zwischen Garmin und Google. Wir finden aber doch einen Parkplatz, sogar kostenlos.
      Leider haben wir keine Karte und gehen auf Verdacht in Richtung Altstadt. Es sind nirgends Hinweisschilder zu sehen und wir laufen wahrscheinlich in die falsche Richtung. Wir sind so gut wie allein auf der Straße, so dass wir niemanden fragen können. Eigentlich haben wir nicht viel Lust, schon wieder eine Stadt zu besichtigen. Deshalb machen wir kurzerhand kehrt und fahren weiter. Die Downtown sehen wir ja zum Glück und so fahren wir wenigstens mal durch die Straßen. Ich filme um einen kleinen Eindruck zu bekommen. Die Innenstädte mit ihren Hochhäusern sehen aber überall fast gleich aus.
      Wir erreichen die Interstate 25 und fahren Richtung Süden. Da wir mal wieder unsere Vorräte auffrischen müssen, lasse ich Susi einen Walmart suchen. In Los Lunas können wir dann einkaufen, Wasser verbrauchen wir jede Menge. Unser Kleiner bekommt ebenfalls wieder Nahrung.
      Es geht weiter nach Süden. Wir kommen an dem Kiva RV Park vorbei, den ich eigentlich für heute Abend als Übernachtungsplatz nach der Stadtbesichtigung vorgesehen hatte. Er liegt direkt an der Interstate, sieht aber nicht sehr einladend aus. Wir wollen heute bis Socorro fahren und dort übernachten.
      Die Fahrt ist abwechslungsreich. Links und rechts kommen Hügel und Berge in Sicht, es geht ständig bergauf und bergab. Überall wachsen Kreosotbüsche, die schön gelb blühen und mit ihrem Grün für Farbtupfer in der recht grauen Landschaft sorgen.
      Wir erreichen Socorro und biegen von der Interstate ab, da wir noch die Post aufsuchen wollen. Norbert ist ein fleißiger Kartenschreiber. Der Ort sieht sehr schön und einladend aus. Nach dem wir die Karten eingesteckt haben, fahren wir zum Campground, der am südlichen Ende liegt. Als wir vor die Rezeption fahren, gewinnen wir einen ersten Eindruck vom Platz. Überall stehen alte Wohnmobile rum und es sieht aus wie auf einer Baustelle. Uns juckt es überall und wir machen schleunigst kehrt und fahren weiter.
      Es geht gleich wieder auf die Interstate und wir fahren noch ca. 70 Meilen weiter. Ich habe inzwischen auf unserem Navi einen Campground bei Elephant Butte herausgesucht. Leider entpuppt sich das wieder als Windei. An der Stelle, zu die uns Susi führt, gibt es gar keinen Campingplatz. Dies bestätigt uns auch eine Postangestellte, die wir zufällig treffen. Nun suche ich den nächsten Platz in unserem Navi, dieser heißt Cielo Vista. Zwischen einem Baumarkt und einer Tankstelle führt der Weg bergauf. Der Platz ist recht gut gefüllt und ich habe etwas Bedenken, da es Freitagnachmittag ist. Wir werden freundlich begrüßt und können zwischen zwei Plätzen wählen. Wir nehmen den, der etwas höher liegt und einen herrlichen Blick auf den Ort und die Umgebung hat. Internet gibt es hier auf diesem Platz leider nicht. Zum Glück hatte ich heute Morgen die Bestätigung der Reservierung bekommen.
      Wir genießen den sonnigen Restnachmittag auf einer Bank mit Blick über den Ort und Campground. Abends kommen unsere Nachbarn zu ihrem Anhänger zurück. Der Mann entpuppt sich als Vielredner. Er redet ununterbrochen laut auf seine Frau ein, hustet, schnieft und rülpst in übertriebener Lautstärke. Vielleicht will er, dass wir nur eine Nacht bleiben. Irgendwann kehrt dann aber Ruhe ein und wir schlafen tief und fest.
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    • Day 6

      Truth or Consequences

      March 29, 2015 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

      After a really long and boring drive we finally reach the one horse town that is T & C what a totally strange place feels like we are the only people here . We sit in the restaurant all on our own ( an alcohol free restaurant) very strange indeed. The best thing was the spa bath with the local mineral waters it just made my skin feel amazing.Read more

    • Day 6

      Truth or Consequences

      January 29 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      We rolled in here yesterday, FHU RV sites just across the street from Riverbend Hot Springs right on the Rio Grande River. RV site includes use of hot springs. This place is decorated with lots of pretty art and stained glass.
      This morning we hiked 2.5 miles loose rock scramble of Carin Trail near Elephant Butte SP.
      Home- Dick has lost his phone at the hiking trail. Locate it on Find my IPhone and head back out. As we approached got a call from hikers who went out after us. They had his phone, we connected at the trail head. Very thankful for the good people of the World.
      Afternoon spent enjoying soak in the mineral hot springs. Awwww, so nice, relaxing, and soul refilled.
      Maybe there is not much to the town but we can find things we enjoy wherever we land. Lots of murals, art, springs.
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    • Day 9

      Last day T or C

      February 1 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 66 °F

      Very relaxing few days here enjoying hikes, springs, and an interesting town. So much unique art in murals, fences, mailboxes, landscaping.
      Today’s walk took us to the VA campus and a very respectful Veterans Memorial Park.
      Our last soak at Riverbend Hot Springs. Delightful.
      Trivia- how did T or C get its name, and what was its previous name? Not telling you - Google it.
      Tomorrow we head to Tucson, with wind and rain for the drive.
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