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  • Day1

    We made the most of our 10 hour layover in New York.

    Me, Riaan and Torrie took an uber from JFK to Karin’s place in the upper east of Manhattan for a long awaited shower.

    The 4 of us hit the streets by foot, train and cab to see Time Square, Empire State building, Chrysler building, Grand Central station, 911 memorial and finally the State of Liberty.

    It was fun to see NYC through Riaan and Torrie’s eyes as they were blown away by the city and its sights and sounds.

    As always it was a pleasure to see Karen again and catch up with he, the last time we saw each other was when Isabel ran the NY half in 2016 a year and a half ago.

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  • Day16

    I went to see Waitress last night on my own - I was so disappointed when Groundhog Day was a no go I consoled myself by going online and securing a seat to Waitress. The boys were happy to sit this one out!

    It was a fabulous show - great music and performances - I had a great seat in the Orchestra (3rd row, Centre) and I sat next to a lovely young man from Aberdeen - Stewart McLeod - who is a singer and was in NY to sing at a launch party for the Whiskey company he works for. He also works at the convention centre as a sound engineer and recently worked with l’il mix.

    Anyway back to the show. The cast included Jason Mraz (who was wonderful), Betsy Wolfe as Jenna - phenomenal and a wonderful supporting cast including John Cullum who I recognised from Northern Exposure where he played Hollingsworth Vincoeur, Eric Anderson who also looked familiar - he has been in The Good Wife, Law & Order, Alias to name a few. Fabulous show - definitely worth seeing.
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  • Day18

    Today is a travel day and although we gain 3 hours as we head west most of our day will be checking in and out of hotels driving to and from airports and some waiting around! We will do some flying too - about 6.5 hours all up. We got to the airport with plenty of time as it takes soooo long to get through some of the security checks. We just went up to House of Nanking for dinner - same good food with the same brash service. Both Angus and Ian enjoyed dinner. We then just a little walk around the area and back to the hotel. It was as we were getting ready for bed that I realised that I had left my kindle on the plane - not happy Jan 😩 I have lodged a report with Virgin America and now I wait to see if I can get it back - if not, I will have to do a claim through insurance when we get back. I was so cross with myself last night but now I have just let it go and hope I get it back.Read more

  • Day12

    We really enjoyed this part of Brooklyn. Met some friendly locals over lunch that recommended a Pizza and Calzone Restaurant in Cobble Hill that they had been going to since she was a kid, we will try to get there during the week, also recommended an Italian place on 46th street which is only a couple of blocks from our apartment. I haven’t put captions on these photos as they were all taken in Brooklyn Heights.Read more

  • Day13

    Sunday in New York - we will get some steps in today but in may be difficult to beat yesterday’s total of 22,272 (a personal best). Another beautiful day = sunshine and blue sky, not that we see that much of the sun with the shadows of these skyscrapers! As we headed out this morning heading for the High Line there was a brisk wind blowing and not much sun to warm us. We walked the High Line which had a sculpture exhibition by multiple artists titled Mutations - some pieces were easier than others to work out, there were even a few with explanations that I still didn’t get! Not sure if that is a reflection on me or the “art”.

    After the High Line we headed to Chelsea Market for a bit of a browse and then had some lunch. We went to the Green Table who believe that the best food is grown, raised and harvested within a day’s drive of the table. The food we had was delicious and fairly priced. As we were leaving the market we ran into the Greens who are also here on holiday which was a nice surprise. We will catch up with them for dinner on Monday.

    We caught the metro back up to 42nd street and we had a bit of down time before we needed to head out again for our first show on Broadway. We got up to the August Wilson Theatre to find it closed and no Ground Hog Day - apparently it closed in September after opening in April to rave reviews - lady in the box office was very nice and helpful and advised me that Ticketmaster would have refunded me the money ( I checked when we got back to our apartment and yes it was refunded in late August). I don’t understand why they wouldn’t send an email to advise us of this. Very disappointing - I have now got a ticket to Waitress on Tuesday night - the boys elected for a night in - so everyone is happy.

    As we had a free couple of hours we decided to walk up to Central Park and take it all in. We watched with amusement as a guy let his dog off the lead and he (the dog) had a stand off with a squirrel- the dog came off second best as those squirrels can move at lightening speed - it didn’t deter him from trying to creep up on the next squirrel or bird in his sights. We also saw people ice-skating and we will give it a go at the Rockefeller Plaza ( I used to skate when I was young, hopefully I is like riding a bike and it will all co e back to me).

    We then walked back to our apartment down 5th Avenue - past Tiffanys but I couldn’t persuade Ian to buy me anything🙁. Some of the Christmas decorations are now up and they look fabulous. We have again broken the 20,000 step barrier and so we rewarded ourselves with a cuppa and shared a brownie from the Fat Witch.

    Tonight we went to a local restaurant (next door) called Un, Deux, Trois which was very nice.

    Another big day planned for tomorrow so a good nights rest is required.
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  • Day14

    Today we are again very fortunate to have good weather so headed off about 9.30 - headed up Central Park West passed the famous Dakota Building where John Lennon lived until his death (he was killed outside the building) - first stop American Museum of Natural History where we spent a couple of hours going through many of the exhibits including the African mammals, Asian mammals, Dinosaurs, the Primate display, Birds of New York, Wildlife of NewYork, Pacific Island exhibition and American Indian Exhibit.

    We then headed across Central Park to the east side. In the Park we passed the Delacorte Theatre (where Shakespeare in the Park is performed), Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn, Statue of Hamilton and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, plus all the beautiful autumn 🍁- the Park is just spectacular at the moment.

    We then headed to the Guggenheim Museum where we saw an Exhibit: Art and China after 1989: Theatre of the World - it was a collection of paintings, experimental film and video, installation and performance art - not really my thing but we gave it a go. We were also fortunate to see the Thannhauser Collection which included paintings by Cezanne, Picasso, Kandinsky, Monet and more. We also saw the Brancusi collection of sculpture.

    After the Guggenheim we headed to the MET and on the way saw some dog walkers that were walking between 8 and 10 dogs, we also met a lady who was walking her 7 month old French Bulldog called Marlowe who was very friendly but overwhelmed by the large groups of dogs being walked en masse.

    At the MET we say the Michelangelo and David Hockney exhibits as well as the 19th century painters such as Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Manet, Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne, Gaugin, Matisse and others. It is amazing to see so many wonderful paintings under one roof. We also saw a number of Rodin’s sculptures.

    After that we were a bit over museums and so we started the long walk (36 blocks) back to our apartment via Magnolia Bakery for a well earned cup of tea!

    Tonight we had dinner with the Greens at Cafe Balthazar in SOHO. We had a lovely evening and after a delicious dinner we headed off to the Empire State Building to view the city at night. The city lights are great but it was extremely cold out on the observation deck on the 86th level. We said our good-byes to the Greens who are leaving NY on Wednesday but we will meet up again in San Francisco next Monday.

    We then walked the 10 blocks home past the Lord & Taylor Christmas Windows. We also recorded the highest step count of the holiday (so far) of 28,104steps which equates to over 20 kilometres - no wonder we are all knackered.
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  • Day15

    So many exhibits to see - we only covered about a third of them! The taxidermy was of an amazingly high standard. Much of the work was done by or overseen by Carl Akeley. Frank Chapman, a director of the museum sent teams of taxidermists and artists into the natural habitat to ensure the dioramas were a true reflection and in my opinion this has been achieved.

  • Day15

    We spent the afternoon at the MET - we saw the Michelangelo and David Hockney exhibits and then just hung out amongst the impressionists. I never tire of looking at a Degas, Van Gogh or Renoir. I have included my favourite paintings in this post.

  • Day15

    We headed off this morning a little later than usual as we had had a late night after dinner and the Empire State with the Greens. We headed off to the subway to catch the red line downtown. We spent a couple of hours at the 9/11 museum which is very tastefully done. It is a very moving experience, reliving the attacks and watching the aftermath and then reading about the victims and their families. I found the September 11, 2001 Historical Exhibition excellent - it was well laid out with a range of media used to retell the story. Some of it brought me to tears. Following the museum we went to the reflection pool and again found a name with a white rose indicating it would have been their birthday today (we also found a couple with a white rose last year when I visited with my sister).

    We then went across to Eataly and shared a couple of pizzas between us. We then jumped back on the metro and headed over to the Taglialatella Galleries to look at the Burton Morris exhibition - Painting Playboy -and also looked at art by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Mr Brainwash, Keith Haring and Basquiat. It was a private gallery and we just walked around and took some snaps - the guy who looked like he was in charge was showing pieces to a wealthy couple and we were left to our own devices!

    We then walked the ten blocks back to the apartment to get our step total up - tonight I am off to see Waitress on my own and the boys are have a quite night in.
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  • Day15

    This afternoon we went to a private gallery that we had seen advertised on the High Line - in addition to an exhibit by Burton Morris - Painting Playboy, the gallery had work by Andy Warhol, Banksy, Mr Brainchild and many others. The owner/manager was attending to some cashed up clientele and so we were left to our own devices! Some interesting and iconic pieces on display.

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