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  • Day42

    Day 41 - A Cowboy Bunk House?

    June 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 10 °C

    At 8.45am, we joined the scrum for breakfast, then returned to our room for some much needed admin. We booked accommodation for Sunday night & topped up our pre-pay card.

    First stop of the day was Walmart for another slab of water & to try & buy a new strap for my Fitbit, but couldn’t. All our hikes are not getting the recognition they deserve! I had 3 locations to visit in Flagstaff before we left. The 1st was the Weatherford Hotel in the Historic Main Street, which we achieved.

    The Weatherford Hotel dates back to 1897 & is apparently haunted by a young newly wed couple. The husband went out hunting & didn’t return when he was due. The bride assumed he had been killed, so took her own life. The husband then returned belatedly, discovered the fate of his new wife, then killed himself.

    Next was Louis the Lumberjack, who was 10ft high, which we had seen once but didn’t have a camera available. We drove round twice without seeing him.. The traffic was starting to get busy so we abandoned our search & cancelled a visit to my 3rd Lowell Observatory.

    Instead we picked up Highway 89A southbound, which took us through the ’scenic route’ into the bottom of Oak Creek Canyon. It was a lovely route, but very narrow & too busy. It seemed to be a popular destination for hikers & campers. We would probably have been more impressed if we hadn’t already seen so many Canyons.

    Thirty odd miles later we arrived in Sedona, I had visions of it being a classy town surrounded by mountains. Instead it turned out to be a characterless, man made tourist trap heaving with people. I had planned to stop, but nothing could persuade us. It was a real disappointment.

    We continued south on 89A & turned off & drove through the Historic Districts of Cottonwood, Clarkdale & Jerome. They were very appealing & we stopped for the odd photo, including at Verde Canyon Railroad & Haunted Hamburger, but we were now on a mission to get to Seligman, back on Route 66.

    We climbed up through the Mingus Mountains to Prescott Valley, then north to Chino Valley. Eventually we arrived at Ash Fork & headed west on Interstate 40. At 2.40pm we arrived at our motel for the night. It is called Stagecoach 66 Motel, which Jackie booked a couple of days ago, I think in a state of delirium, because she booked the Cowboy Bunk House room. As we pulled up we said hello to a long blonde haired biker ‘chick’ in her leathers, unfortunately she was about 70 years old!

    We checked in & were given our room key. We opened the door to our room & walked into a Western Saloon Bar with beds. It was fantastic, all decked out in cowboy memorabilia. It also had (what I thought was) an old VHS video player & Western Movie videos. This made a nice change.

    We dropped the rucksacks off, then drove the mile into the town centre of Seligman. In 1987 Seligman gained its name as the "Birthplace of Historic Route 66" due to the efforts of Seligman residents. It is also the inspiration for the animated feature movie ‘Cars’ from Pixar Studios.

    We parked up & started at one end. 1st stop was Delgadillo’s Snow Cap, which served fast food & shakes & had several cars resembling those from the cartoon movie. Next was Delgadillo’s Route 66 Gift Shop & within was Angel Delgadillo’s Barber Shop. Angel Delgadillo is 91 years old & is considered to be the driving force in getting the old Route 66 christened as Historic. He is a celebrity locally, particularly after appearing on ‘Billy Connelly’s Route 66’ & has been interviewed over a thousand times. I had previously seen & read about him in my USA trip research.

    In the gift shop, I enquired as to whether they still do haircuts in the barbers, because I was seriously in need of a haircut & where else could be better? The really nice sales assistant, who later turned out to be Mauricio, Angel’s son-in-law, said they did but only 1st thing in the mornings. I asked if that included Sundays & was told Angel himself could cut my hair before 9.00am tomorrow. WOW, I made an appointment for 8.30am. He said coach parties arrived from 9.00am onwards & took photos of Angel & his subject. Mauricio said it was off putting for Angel. Jackie has suggested he also gives me a late cut-throat razor shave!

    With a smug spring in my step, we walked up Seligman high street, stopping & photographing all the Route 66 establishments. These were Deluxe Inn Motel, Roadrunner Bar & Gift Shop, Return to the 50’s Gift Shop, The Rusty Bolt, Copper Cart, Route 66 Historic Seligman Sundries, Black Cat Bar & Seligman Grocery. It was all a sight to behold.

    Outside of Return to the 50’s Gift Shop a large group of bikers had gathered on Harley Davisons. All of a sudden they started cheering & our biker chick drove up on a big Harley with a Norwegian flag 🇳🇴 on the back, stopped & started chatting to them.

    We returned to the car & drove up a bit further to check out the breakfast menu in the Road Kill Cafe & look/photo the other Route 66 buildings. Road Kill Cafe will be our post haircut breakfast. We returned to our motel & all the Harley Davison’s were parked up outside The Pizza Joint at the front of our motel.

    We sat in the sun for an hour or two enjoying a small beer. All of a sudden, there was a racket outside The Pizza Joint. The bikers were worshiping our biker chick. I grabbed my camera & sauntered over. She was giving a speech to them, then she jumped on her bike for a photo opportunity. They were all having selfies with her.

    At 7.00pm we went to The Pizza Joint for our tea. We asked the waitress about the biker chick & the bikers & she told us that the bikers were Norwegian & on an organised tour. The blonde lady is the owner of our motel, but she is a minor celeb amongst the Norwegian biker fraternity. She meets them in town, escorts them back for a Pizza then sends them off on their way. I googled her & her name is Anne-Lise Finnbraaten.

    There was live music playing in the side room, but it wasn’t very good, so after our shared medium pizza, we went up to pay. The waitress had gone AWOL, but in walked Anne-Lise to deal with our check. She was now in civvies, had removed a lot of makeup & Jackie thinks removed a wig. She looked her age, old!!

    We returned to our room to watch The Outlaw Josey Wales on video. Unfortunately although we had the video cassette in our room, we didn’t have a video player, but a DVD player to play it on! With the WiFi pathetic & next to no mobile data, we called it an early night. After all, tomorrow I had an appointment with an Angel 😇

    Song of the Day - Cars by Gary Numan.
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    Angela Bambridge

    Your room looks amazing - well done Jackie! xx

    Agnes Fitzmaurice

    I want to be a cowgirl!

    Agnes Fitzmaurice

    did you see any ghosts?

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  • Day19

    Red Rock Scenic Byway

    September 28, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Was wir heute wieder erlebt haben 😳 unglaublich.... aber ich fang mal ganz von vorne an 🥰

    Der Red Rock Scenic Byway ist ein 11 Meilen langer Streckenabschnitt des Hwy 179.
    Diesen Weg sind wir heute morgen erst einmal bis zum Ende gefahren. Denn dort befindet sich das Red Rock Ranger District Visitor Center.
    Wir haben uns ein paar Infos und eine Map geholt und sind dann zurück zum Bell Rock Pathway gefahren 😍

    Wanderschuhe angezogen und los ging es ☺️ Wir sind zuerst um den Bell Rock und dann an der Rückseite ein Stück nach oben gewandert.

    Und da stand dann so eine Lady und hat ins Gebüsch geschaut 😅 sowas macht ja immer neugierig.

    Wir dann auch dorthin und da war sie 😳😳😳 eine echte Klapperschlange in freier Natur 😎 Entfernung zu uns waren ungefähr 3 Meter 😳

    Zum Glück hat sie sich von uns weg bewegt und nicht anders herum.
    Also schnell das Tele drauf und probiert ein paar Fotos zu machen.

    Mein Fokus hat ständig auf die Äste drum herum scharf gestellt 🤷‍♀️
    Vermutlich hab ich so doll gezittert, dass ich es nicht geschafft habe den Kopf scharf zu bekommen.

    Egal ein paar Fotos sind dabei und ich denke ihr könnt sehen, dass wir nicht flunkern 😎

    Nach diesem aufregenden Trail der nebenbei mal wieder Wunder-wunderschön war, haben wir noch einen weiteren Viewpoint besucht und sind danach ins mexikanische Viertel gefahren.
    Das ist ein Künstlerviertel im Herzen Sedonas das im 1970er Jahre Stil erbaut wurde.

    Vermutlich sind wir zwei eher Kulturbanausen und fanden die Kunst nicht soooo der Knaller.

    Deshalb haben wir uns für eine Kugel Eis entschieden 😂
    Jetzt kommt das zweite highlight von heute. 🙈
    Ich eine Kugel in der Waffel und Didi 2 Kugeln im Pappbecher, also wir sprechen eher von Kügelchen 😂 dann die Rechnung 23 Dollar 😅

    Naja es war handmade und vermutlich mit diesem Vortrex versehen, also dieser besonders positiven Energie die hier überall zu finden ist 😁
    Außer in unserem Geldbeutel 😎

    Auf jeden Fall wird dieses Eis unvergesslich bleiben 😂 auch wenn es nicht das beste war, das wir jemals gegessen haben 😂

    Morgen geht es weiter über Sedona und dann nach Kingman 😊
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    Autofokus unscharf😜Gleich erging es mir bei meinem ersten Bären in freier Wildnis in Canada. Seither stelle ich immer bei Nahaufnahmen auf Manuell🧐

    Selly und Max


    Hans Peter Weber

    Hättest für uns ja wirklich mal ein bisschen Mut zeigen können und etwas näher ran😂😂😂

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  • Day6

    Prescott Arizona

    January 9, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 0 °C

    We had a big day driving today from San Diego to Prescott Arizona. We stoped for lunch at a popular American dinner called in and out the food was so good it was all fresh and the chips were cut right there, they only have three types of burgers and they were like $2 each! We also went through a check stop because we were so close to the Mexican boarder.
    We went out for dinner in Prescott and then all of a sudden we looked out the window and it was snowing! It was the first lot of snow they have had this season it was very excited! We are now at a little country bar listening to classic songs and chatting away! Ready to head to the canyon tomorrow 👍🏼
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  • Day15


    May 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Petite ville ou il y a de l'ambiance et du monde mais c'est petit. Ancienne ville minière a 1600 m d'altitude perchée à flanc de coline.
    Fait vite fait en passant.

    BUDIN Nadine

    Ça change du 4X4blanc rutilant que nous avons vu hier !!

    BUDIN Nadine

    Très "touristique"

    Jacques Latracol

    Prison de Geronimo?

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  • Day16


    May 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 6 °C

    Sur la route 66

    BUDIN Nadine

    ciel bien chargé

    BUDIN Nadine

    collector !!

    BUDIN Nadine

    sympa ces voitures !

    Jacques Latracol

    Le van aussi... S'il a autant de km que de tags, va falloir le mettre à la retraite!

  • Day378

    Sedona, Arizona

    May 24, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Kaum bekannt und doch wunderschön ist die Gegend um Sedona in Arizona. Wahrzeichen der Stadt ist der 'Cathedral Rock', und ganz in der Nähe finden wir wieder einen herrlichen Stellplatz ...

    Ingo Macco

    Hei ihr seit ja wieder aktiv 😘 schön wieder was von euch zu hören 👍🏻😀

    Arild Johansen

    Fantastische Aufnahme. Grüße Arild



    Manuel Droll

    Echt schön :D

  • Day9

    Route 66

    November 5, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    Aktuell befinden wir uns auf dem Weg nach Seligman, wo wir in einem Motel übernachten werden bevor wir uns morgen den Grand Canyon anschauen. 🤩 Unser Weg führt uns über die historische Route 66. 🇺🇸😎

    Das Motel war typisch amerikanisch und echt super. Ein Route 66 Fan am Santa Monica Pier hat uns das Supai Motel ebenfalls empfohlen. Der Ort hatte ein paar kleine Läden mit Souvenirs und antikem Kram, so wie man es sich vorstellt. Auch im nächsten Ort auf der Route 66, Williams, gab es viele typische Diners, Motels und Souvenirs. Die Stadt wird auch als Tor zum Grand Canyon bezeichnet.
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  • Day10

    Back to Backroads

    October 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌫 9 °C

    All those fancy pants neons and “The Vegas Strip” got a bit much for us simple country folk from the Northern Rivers so we were trying for some quieter times and a little less traffic, as much as you can in a country of 350 million people with probably 650 million cars.
    The one thing we weren’t going to compromise on is accomodation and fine dining luckily we have found five star all the way.
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    jan brown

    Time to ditch the rv.

    jan brown

    There really is a Bedrock and cars with stone wheels...is that an eco resort.

    jan brown

    Bet you went nuts in the gift shop.

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