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  • Day60

    Ho Chi Minh Rd.

    March 3, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅

    Kein Van Gogh kann so gut malen, als was die Natur einem bietet ... 240 km gebirgspass mit einer meiner kurvenreichsten Strecke in meinem Leben ging es durch wunderschöne Landschaften und Bergdörfer. Angekommen in Phong Nha, wollte ich durch einen Anruf nur die Bestätigung, Ort und Abfahrtszeit meines transfers nach Hanoi sicherstellen. Leider wusste hier keiner von etwas, schon gar nichts von einen geb. Transfer zurück nach Hanoi. 🤔
    Hat die junge hyperaktive Dame in Hue mir ein falsches Ticket ausgestellt. Kann mir nur vorstellen das kommt von zuviel Karaoke oder weil ich mein Geld für eine weitere nicht genutzte Nacht zurück haben wollte.
    Dabei erzählte ich ihr im voraus, das 3 Backpacker auf dem weg hierher sind und übermorgen auf meiner Empfehlung hier einchecken wollen 😉
    Du sollst nicht lügen - aber flunkern ist ja wohl in den Fall erlaubt 🤣
    Die Freude meinerseits hatte sich ja dann auch schnell geändert. So musste ich den Nachmittag damit verbringen, einen freien Platz bei einer anderen Company zu bekommen (natürlich wieder Nachtbus) um nach hanoi zurück zu kehren. Hier werd ich noch die letzten Vorbereitungen für Neuseeland treffen. Bißchen Shoppen, weil es hier echt sehr günstig ist !Memory cards, Klamotten etc.
    Montag geht's für einen 2 tägigen Stopover nach Malaysia 😊
    Zum Glück hab ich diese Tickets woanders gebucht 😃
    See you in KLCC...😎✌
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  • Day16

    Hang tien cave

    April 25, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅

    אחרי נין בין המשכנו הלאה לפונג נהה, האזור לא מהמאוד מתויירים בויאטנם אבל כן יש בו כמה מערות ורצינו לחקור גם אותן.
    בעיקרון, יש כאן את המערה הגדולה ביותר בעולם, קוראים לה paradise cave, ואפשר לערוך בה סיורים של 5 ימים (כן, ישנים במערה). אנחנו בחרנו סיור קצת יותר קליל - של יום אחד בלבד במערת hang tien.
    כדי להגיע למערה צריך ללכת קצת בג'ונגל הויאטנמי, היה מחליק, לח, והיו חרקים וזחלים, אבל בסוף הגענו למערה. אין הרבה תמונות כי לא לקחנו את המצלמה איתנו (וגם קשה לצלם במערה) אבל היה ממש נחמד ויפה 🌴
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  • Day19


    August 31, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Heute wieder mitm Scooter los. Morgens eine Höhlenattraktion mitgemacht: Ziplining, Schwimmen und Schlammbad in der Höhle. War eine spaßige Angelegenheit. Danach zum Paradise Cave gescooted. Vom Parkplatz bis zur Höhle musste man ein ordentliches Stück laufen. Das hat sich gelohnt: viele schmetterlinge, eine zutraulich umherschwirrende Fledermaus, Riesengrashüpfer und mehr konnten wir entdecken. Die Höhle selber war die eindrucksvollste die ich je gesehen habe. Riesige schööne Formationen, eine unglaublich Hohe Decke und fast 2 km tief. Wenn man möchte könnte man sogar 7 km reintrekken mit Guide.

    Highlight des Tages waren aber vorallem die unglaublichen Aussichten die wir hatten als wir die Talstraßen entlanggecruised sind.

    Mit dabei: Marlon
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  • Day266

    Phong Nha, Vietnam

    February 27, 2016 in Vietnam ⋅

    Home to the some of the world's biggest caves, including the record holder, Son Doong, Phong Nha is a headquarters of caving and adventuring around Ke Ba National Park. Today a few friends and I hit Paradise Cave and Dark Cave, both cavernous underground worlds with miles and miles of tunnels and openings large enough to fit a battleship. In Dark Cave, a swim-in entrance and a mud-pool on which one could effortlessly float. The whole park also boasts incredible and strange mountains, as the alkaline landscape has been quickly and sharply eroded by rainfall.

    Because of the mess inside Dark Cave, I didn't bring my camera. The last two pictures are from Google and are accurate portrayals of my day there.
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  • Day34

    The Beauty of Phong Nha

    April 18, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅

    Wow, if this is just the beginning of what is to come in Northern Vietnam I am so excited!! Phong nhã is a UNESCO heritage zone containing the biggest cave and caves in the world. To see the biggest one it costs $3000 and you have to book at least a year in advance. Well that's not on the cards for us...

    As we had a crazy day yesterday the plan for the day was to just chill out, but after a 12 hour sleep we were fully refreshed and ready for an afternoon out. We hired a scooter and went to the Botanical Garden, did a 2 hour trek to a waterfall, saw the 8 ladies cave (8 ladies were trapped and died in a cave that got bombed) and then headed back. The views were stunning, the weather cleared and it was a really lovely day out. In the evening we met up with Elaine and Brian who travelled up that day. For dinner we ate yummy vegetarian food (such a relief after sooo much pork) and Will ordered a "Banana Penis" for dessert...
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  • Day12

    Around Pho Nang

    August 18, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅

    Taking a scooter is in our opinion the best way to get closer to the country and to the nature. Stop when you see something interesting, take small pathes and trails and enjoy the Impressions around you. So did we and the area around Phong Nha is really breathtaking. You feel like in undiscovered nature but with a street going through.Read more

  • Day35

    Caves, Scooters, Boat and Views

    April 19, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅

    Today we headed off with Brian and Elaine to explore some caves. First we headed to Phong Nha Cave where we got a boat ride through the cave. The caverns were huge and it was super cool. And this was supposedly the "least beautiful" out of all the popular tourist caves... Wow we must be in for a treat.

    Next stop Paradise Cave. The drive was just picture perfect. Blue skies, green rice paddies and towering mountains, just beautiful. When we got there kg was past lunchtime but we were worried it would close so we headed straight in. If I'm 100% honest when we eventually got to the cave I was so disappointed. At the entrance there was a lot of work being done on the bridge walk and all you could hear was drilling. I was so disappointed, but everyone told me it was just the start and not to judge just yet... And wow was I wrong. This was by far the biggest, most beautiful cave I had personally ever seen. It was just stunning.

    We then headed back finishing the famous Phong nhã Ke Bang loop. Once again we didn't have lunch but gorged on yummy dinner with wine and celano ice cream (Vietnamese version of cornetto). An absolute fab day!!
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  • Day24

    The waiting game to Phong Nha

    October 22, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    After making the most of our included breakfast in the hotel we had a chilled morning organising the rest of our trip before heading out for a walk before lunch. We had a cool drink and lunch at the 'Are you Tipsy yet?' bar and bistro where we got to sit on a swing and watch the (tourist) world go by. Lunch was the best pizza we have had so far, shared. We then collected our bags and headed to the DMZ bar where our bus was leaving from.
    Crammed onto a bus with all the other backpackers, most of them complaining that this was the worst bus ever and after one who even tried to refuse to sit next to anyone, we were off. As we got further from Hué the scenery changed; it became flatter and more barren then again to huge areas of rice paddies drowned in water. As the sun began to set, there were even some men fishing in one of the paddies. Four hours and one pit stop later we arrived in Cuo Lac, a little village that makes the most of tourists visiting the national park and caves.
    By now it had gone 6pm so we headed to our hotel, Son Tinh Hotel and were shown to our room - a huge space with two double beds. We booked our tour for the following day and had more food, this time local beef stew with bread and fried rice with chicken - both very tasty and filling.
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  • Day25

    The Caves of Phong Nha

    October 23, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅

    Today we did a tour of some of the caves in the Phong Nha national park. There were 12 others in our tour and a Vietnamese guide. On our way to the first stop the guide explained a bit about the Vietnamese war and the history of the caves. There are a total of 300 caves in the national park, including the biggest cave in the world ($3,000 for a trip inside that one!). We arrived at the the 8 ladies cave - now a memorial site to remember the 8 men and women that died inside after a rock avalanche, caused by American bombing which blocked the exit. After paying our respects, we continued in the minibus to the Paradise Cave, where we got a buggy 1.6km and then walked a further 500m up stairs through the rainforest to get to the entrance. By the time we arrived we were all very warm (and certain hungover members of our group finally stopped complaining).
    Paradise Cave (Thien Duong) is 31km in length, making it the longest dry cave in Asia. Inside it has vaulted ceilings with huge stalactites and stalagmites. I don't think our descriptions could ever do it justices, and neither do the pictures; the place is mighty and beautiful. An hour later we headed back down the stairs and towards the next stop - the Dark Cave.
    Lunch was presented to the group on a large platter of banana leaves with rice, bits of meat (well, bone), noodles and salad. It was also a good chance to get to know some of the other travellers - meeting a second person from West Yorkshire.
    Next, we changed into our swimwear, picked up a helmet with a head-torch, harness and lifejacket. We climbed more stairs to reach the top of a zip-line, hooked on one-by-one we flew down, across the river below to land just outside the next cave. Leaving our harness behind we creeped into the chilly water and headed into the Dark Cave. Walking barefoot over slippery wooden planks, sharp rocks and slimy mud we made our way 500m into the quiet cave to reach a mud bath. We bathed and covered ourselves with the mud before heading back via a mud slide.
    Next we hopped into some blow-up kayaks to paddle back across the river. Here we had some time to play - including swinging down short zip-lines into the water below. Once dried off we went back to the restaurant to find a bottles of local rum and coke waiting for us before the drive back.
    In the evening, we had a starter in one restaurant, some drinks and shared a main in the Easy Tiger Hostel, before finally sharing a curry and roti in an Indian for dessert. Completely and utterly stuffed we rolled back to our hotel.
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  • Day26

    Cycling up and down Phong Nha

    October 24, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Today we rented bikes from our hotel. Please keep in mind while reading the rest, these were two road bicycles with baskets but no gears. We started off in the wrong direction, realising not when the path turned to a fly-tipping area and further narrowed but when it finally ended at a wall. Back we went, dodging the young children on their bikes as they yelled hello at us. We followed the track parallel to the river, stopping at the Bomb Crater Bar which was shut but had beautiful views. We turned off the main track onto a dirt path, past a farmstay and to our first big hill of the day. Most of the rest of the cycle until we stopped for ‘lunch’ was rough, rocky and hilly terrain. We were glad to see signs for the Moi Moi restaurant, pulled up ready to fill up. Unfortunately, the chef wasn’t there so the girl serving us got some water, lemon juice and heated up some spring rolls for us. We soon remembered why we always order vegetable spring rolls as Kerry dissected, with a chopstick, the grizzle and fat from each of the 9 rolls to make them palatable. A bit disappointed we got back on our bikes and headed down the river to a bridge and then we were on our way back. More rough hills, a duck farm and local villages brought us back to our town, totalling 27km.
    Our hotel host was kind enough to allow us to use our room until our night bus so we had a quick shower and went to have some proper food. The drinks tasted more like grass than the fruit smoothies we had ordered. We then watched a film and packed up before sharing a blue cheese pizza at Capture. It was delicious, and the brownie was gone too quick to comment.
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