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  • Day37

    Reggeli seta

    January 12, 2015 in Vietnam

    Day 12
    Napsuteses napra ebredtunk, ugyhogy kisetaltam fotozni a folyopartra. Hoi an a Thu Bon folyo deltajanal helyeszkedik el, aminek rengeteg apro pici aga van. Ez megadja a varos es a kornyezo falvak sajatos hangulatat, es biciklivel jo kis kirandulasokat lehet tenni.
    Mindenhol csonakok, gyonyoru palmafak, es madarak vannak.

    Vietnamban a hagyomanyos reggeli a tesztas leves, vagy leveses teszta, attol fugg honnan nezzuk :))) Igy a hotelben is ebbol all a reggelink, eloszor omlett kenyerrel, majd teszta, vegul gyumolcs.Read more

  • Day36

    Tavasz Hoi an-ban, Rock villa

    January 11, 2015 in Vietnam

    Tegnap nagy izgalomba jottunk, amikor a hoi an-i hotelbol kuldott e-mailt a tulaj, hogy magyarok vagyunk-e, mert "beszél kicsi magyar", es nagyon orul, mert mi vagyunk a tavaly nyilt hotel elso magyar vendegei. En azota szeretnek hazankban a '70-es evekben egyetemre jart vietnamiakkal talalkozni, amiota vietnamban vagyunk :) Sajnos mikor ideertunk kiderult, hogy bar nagyon szeretett volna velunk talalkozni, nem tud itt lenni, de vendegei vagyunk egy vacsira :))) hat nem aranyos?
    A hotel amugy tok jo helyen van, egy folyo partjan, 1km a tengerpart, 3km az ovaros. Es itt mindeki biciklivel kozlekedik, ugyhogy mi is ezt tervezzuk.
    Miutan elfoglaltuk a szobat, kipakoltunk, es kivalogattuk a szennyesunket, mert mar korabban eldontottunk, hogy felidoben, azaz kb itt, mosatnunk kell. Mondta a hazineni, hogy van mosoda szolgaltatas, 2USD/kg, mondtuk OK. En naivan szetvalogattam egy szines, egy sotet adag, mondom neki, hat nem tudom, mekkora a mosogep, mire felvilagositott, hogy no problem, mert majd kezzel mossák.... Csak azt remelem, nem a folyoban fogja mosni! Kicsit kellemetlenul erint a dolog, de probalom ugy felfogni, hogy jotekonykodunk ezzel.
    Bringara pattantunk, es eloszor a tengerpartra, majd az ovarosba tekertunk be. A tenger most nem a legjobb formajat hozza, de ahhoz kepes, hogy 1 honapja meg tajfun volt...:))) az ido amugy sokkal baratibb itt, mint Hanoiban. Igaz, nem sut a nap, de kivalo az ido a varosnezesre, biciklizesre, lazulasra :))) napozni lesz meg boven idonk kesobb.
    A kozlekedes amugy nem para, miota rajottem, hogy annak van elsobbsege, akinek hangosabb a dudaja :))) nem igazan letezik olyan, hogy kresz, de mivel sosem voltam kepben a szabalyokkal, nem is zavar igazan :))
    Rogton megragadott minket ennek a videki kisvarosnak a hangulata, mikozben bicikliztunk, vizzel elarasztott rizsfoldek,es a gyonyoru folyo mellett vezetett az utunk.
    Read more

  • Day17

    Bikini Shooting

    May 21, 2017 in Vietnam

    So, drei Tage lange haben wir nichts von uns hören lassen und warum ? Wir haben einfach die ganze Zeit damit verbracht das perfekte Bikini Foto zu produzieren 😂 nein Quatsch.. aber wir haben tatsächlich endlich ein paar Tage lang faul am Strand herum gelegen und die zuckersüße Stadt Hoi An auf uns wirken lassen :)

  • Day62

    Off we go again!

    April 19, 2017 in Vietnam

    We've packed up again and caught a flight from Hanoi to Hoi An. With the free visa we only have 15 days in Vietnam so we are trying to make the most of it and go to as many places as possible. The flight only lasted an hour and we had been given seats by the emergency exit which meant so much leg room which was great! We're not sure why we had these seats when many others were free on the plane. After landing we had a long taxi ride to our home stay hotel as the airport is in the next city from Hoi An. We arrived expecting to be staying in someone's house but it does feel more like a hotel than a home stay. We now feel maybe they call the equivalent of a B&B back home a home stay here. The room is lovely and even has a balcony with a pretty nice view, the only downside is so many bugs! Even a dead huge beetle in the toilet upon arrival! The mosquito net we bought yesterday is definitely up and ready. After getting ourselves sorted we walked the 15 minutes to the beach where we spent the rest of the day. We sat and had food, lots of fruit juices and Nick had a coconut as well. We braved the sea which was a little bit cold and with our goggles had a little surprise when I saw a jellyfish in front of me! We were a bit freaked out to start with but discovered they were swimming quite far from the shore and went back a few times to have a look and take photos with the go pro. After about 2 hours of swimming and a final mango juice we found somewhere on the way back for dinner. We're looking forward to our first night under the mosquito net and here's hoping there will be no fresh bites tomorrow!Read more

  • Day63

    Bike ride in 33 degrees? Why not!

    April 20, 2017 in Vietnam

    When it's 33 degrees what is the best thing to do? Hire bikes of course! It's so incredibly hot! We're not use to this after cold rainy Japan that our bodies are struggling to cope. We're about a 20 minute bike ride from the old city of Hoi An so we woke up early and set off after breakfast. After dodging all the motorbikes and some directions we made it to the old quarter where we parked up and had a wonder around. The roads are closed to motor vehicles for most of the day so it made walking and cycling around much nicer. We paid for a ticket that gave us entry to 5 different things to see in the old town. Luckily we just managed to make a showing of a traditional art performance that consisted of music and dance. It was very interesting and entertaining to see. By this point the heat was really building and we had only reached about 11am! We went to visit a temple nearby before setting our sights on a juice bar but unfortunately there had been a power cut so no juices for us. We did find somewhere with power and enjoyed a nice refreshing drink. Nick ordered a coconut and it was honestly bigger than his head! It was also ripe enough to eat some of the flesh inside. They were being cut up by our table so we saw other people being given ones half the size of Nick's so we definitely got good value for money. It seems I'm very bad in the heat. The sweat was just pouring down me all over and I even had salt crystals forming on my legs. Literally was melting but we pushed on through to see another temple that was so incredibly beautiful. Outside it had a dragon statue made from broken pottery and glass and inside the temple itself hung large coiled incense sticks which were burning with prayers hang inside. The aroma and atmosphere of the temple was lovely. We luckily walked around the edge to discover a garden at the back that it seemed no one else went to see. It again had a huge group of dragons as a statue and also small ponds and bridges. It's probably the prettiest garden we've seen. We also visited a 400 year old Bridge that has a temple on it and a traditional Vietnamese house. After some lovely food we got on the bikes once more and headed to an island that is meant to be lovely for cycling. We stayed to the main road so didn't see many views but it was a peaceful and easy ride through quieter streets and a good experience to see where people live. The road was quite long and didn't lead to anything more than houses and the edge of a river at the end so we turned around a headed back. By this point we were so ridiculously hot so we headed for one last juice in the old town before returning back. Our plan was to get changed and head to the beach but having arrived at the beach at about 4pm it was a lot cooler than we expected and we didn't fancy actually getting in the water in the end. Instead we just chilled on the sun loungers and had some fruit and ice cream before heading back to the restuarant we went to the night before for tea. We had a lovely day exploring, even with the heat Vietnam is so beautiful.Read more

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