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  • Day122

    Day 1- Ha Giang to Nam Dam village

    September 18 in Vietnam

    Today we rent a motorbike and head out of Ha Giang on what is known as the 'Great Northern Motorbike Loop'. It rained quite a lot overnight and the day is interspersed with rain and overcast clouds. Leaving Ha Giang we quickly hit small roads of varying conditions through beautiful landscapes of rice paddy fields with mountains backdrops. We make a few stops because of the rain and drive through some amazing mountain passes, through mist and clouds. We pass small villages where you can see people in beautiful ethnic clothing going about their daily life, tending fields (it's rice harvest time at the moment) transporting firewood on their motorbike or herding buffalos. We finish off the day in Nam Dam village, home to ethnic minority Dao people. We stay at a lovely simple homestay in the area and go for a small walk around this stunning area. Unfortunately photos can't capture how beautiful this part of the world is.Read more

  • Day121

    We leave Hanoi, our home for the last 10 days, for some adventures in the northern mountains of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. We arrive at the bus station just in time to get a fancy sleeper bus to the town of Ha Giang. It doesn't take too long for the bus to depart the high rise city landscape of Hanoi for the surrounds of rice paddies and corn fields. We arrive in Ha Giang just before it get dark in time to find a small homestay for the night. It was nice to wake up the next morning to a less polluted place and rice paddies outside our window, instead of city sky scrappers :)Read more

  • Day123

    We left our lovely homestay and head off towards a town which I had read had a traditional ethnic market this morning. The ride took us through a beautiful pass through the clouds and small villages. The cool air, mountain mist and steep mountain sides made me really feel like being in the middle of nowhere! often passing smiling men, women and children dressed in beautifully colourful ethnic clothes and going about their day either carrying baskets of corn, stacks of wood or grass. We sadly arrive a little too late in Mau Due as the market is over and realise the markets here start around 4-5am and are usually over by 11am/midday. We back track a little and head to the town Pho Bang, which is a border town before China. We were told the border is very fluid here is people often crossing over to go to the markets on the China side, however when we arrive we find there is a manned boom gate and told that we can't pass because it's China on the other side. We see some brief blue sky in the afternoon before being rained on again as we look for another homestay in the next small town.Read more

  • Day124

    Day 3- Pho Bang to Lao xe to Ma Le

    September 20 in Vietnam

    We woke to sun and blue sky which was quite nice after 2 days of overcast skies and rain. We left our homestay and took a small road to the town of Lao Xe often passing smiling men, women and children dressed in beautifully colourful ethnic clothes and going about their day either carrying baskets of corn, stacks of wood or grass. We stop at the local shop and someone kindly fixes Lila's pants elastic which broke this morning (without wanting a payment). There seems to be a high population of young children in this and many villages we pass, all their faces so expressive and super cute! We head on to the neighbouring village which borders China (I'll write more about that next). We take lovely small roads through small villages, often stopping at the local shop for a small snack, coffee and today we tried the sugarcane ice blocks. Again we are spoilt by very amazing and spectacular scenery. Each turn you take seems to open up another amazing view of the rice paddies turning yellow in colour almost ready to be harvested and behind these what seem to be never ending mountains of different sizes and shapes. We visited another Chinese border point and head to a homestay in village Ma Le, which is in a beautiful 200 year old wooden house.Read more

  • Day124

    Day 3 - Sneaky peek at China

    September 20 in Vietnam

    After meeting the boom gate keeping us from seeing China yesterday, we headed to some other border areas today (thanks to Google maps) and random sign language communication with local people in the village. At one village we get to the end of the road and see other people taking the rocky pathway over the hill, so decide to see where this takes us. After a short while we see the border mark post, minus the boom gate with a man! And take the customary video of Lila showing she is in Vietnam and then in China. We cross over for a sneaky peak on the Chinese side and find the landscape is the same and if we didn't have Google maps or the border mark post, you would have no idea you were in another country.
    In the afternoon we head to another border point which is even smaller and less significant or utilised. We are treated to an amazing view of what seems like a hidden valley on the other side.
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  • Day125

    Day 4 - Ma Le to Lung Cu to Ma Le

    50 minutes ago in Vietnam

    Today we head off for Lung Cu the most northern town in Vietnam as their have their weekly market today. We arrive around 9am and the market is well and truely alive with amazing colours of people from ethnic groups wearing their traditional clothes. It's such an interesting market with people selling both ethnic and western clothes, traditional medicine (we saw someone look like she was telling fortunes using a raw egg in a bowl), modern medicine, fresh and cooked food, tools, household items, mobile phones and Sim cards. It's such a visually stimulating place with the colourful clothes of people from the surrounding villages coming to the market in their traditional clothes. We head up to the flag pole hill and eat some yummy food we got at the markets, including this very yummy pancake/bread that was being heated on coals. Afterwards we enjoy a coffee in the nearby Lolo village before heading out for some more exploring in these far northern roads and villages. We go 'off road' for a bit (which Jean loves and Lila and I love a little less). We see the most northern road in Vietnam and Jean and Lila visit another border point, however it is a bit more serious with a watch tower and camera, as well as skull and Cross bones on the border marker post. We also visit another border area which is basically a big hole in a wire fence with a billboard of the other side (only written in Chinese and Vietnamese.
    And as if we hadn't seen enough border points we saw another one which we could walk across and we saw people go across on their motorbike and come back with beer (as it must be cheaper on the Chinese side).
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  • Day323

    3. Tag: Há Giang Loop

    June 29 in Vietnam

    3. Tag und der Popo schmerzt immer noch! Angekommen! Der nördlichste Zipfel Vietnams, danach kommt nur noch China. Interessantes Gefühl, wenn man bedenkt, dass Vietnam für 1000 Jahre zu China gehörte und danach zu Frankreich, Japan und teilweise den USA.

    Im nun kommunistisch vereinten Vietnam gibt 53 Ethnische Minderheitsgruppen, welche sich vor allen durch die abgeschiedenen Bergregionen ihre Tradition, Kleidung und Kultur beibehalten konnten. Es ist ein stolzes Volk welches sich seine gewonnene Unabhängigkeit bewahren möchte - gerade bei der Kriegsgeneration und abgeschiedenen Völkern hat man das Gefühl als "Westbürger" nicht ganz so willkommen zu sein.Read more

  • Day324

    4. Tag: Há Giang Loop

    June 30 in Vietnam

    Der Popo hat sich an den Schmerz gewöhnt und das Motorrad ist ordentlich schmutzig - Zeit für den Rückweg! Wir sind unglaublich glücklich, so viel echtes, ungeschminktes Vietnam gesehen zu haben.

    Das Land hat unglaubliches Potenzial und trägt enorm dazu bei die stetig wachsende Weltbevölkerung zu füttern: Reis, Mais und Vietnam ist nach Brasilien der 2. größte Kaffee-Lieferant der Welt! (durch das sozialistische Bruderland DDR 1980 eingeführt).

    Es scheint so als ob Vietnam ein paar Treppenstufen überspringt. Die Felder werden zum Großteil mit der Hand bestellt, Teile der Bevölkerung leben in super einfachen Hütten, aber das Smartphone ist immer dabei.....
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  • Day321

    1. Tag: Hà Giang Loop

    June 27 in Vietnam

    Die Möglichkeit zu haben den Weg frei zu wählen ist eine unglaublich tolle und doch schwer Entscheidung gleichzeitig. Gerade beim Reisen sind die Webseiten und Kataloge voll mit tollen Bildern und man tendiert unter anderem aus Bequemlichkeit dann doch zum "Schema F".

    Mein Tipp: Drauf losreisen und mit sich mit anderen Reisenden unterhalten!

    Dank einer verrückten dreiköpfigen Motorradgang, welche wir in Ninh Binh getroffen haben, wussten wir um die "Hà Giang Loop". Trotz einer Blitzflut in der Region haben wir uns aufs Motorrad gewagt - 4 Tage auf dem Bike im nördlichsten Zipfel Vietnams!Read more

  • Day322

    2. Tag: Hà Giang Loop

    June 28 in Vietnam

    Schon am Tag 2 hatten die Anfänger einen wunden Popo vom Motorradsattel, aber die atemberaubenden Landschaften geben einen neue Energy für den Start. Was die einen zum Spaß fahren, ist für die Menschen in der Bergregion Alltag. Alle nutzen den gleichen Weg und der ist über die Pässe ... so trifft man die ein oder andere interessante Transportmethode :-)

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