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    • Day 121

      Werkstatt, die zweite

      April 11, 2023 in Australia

      Hallo meine Lieben,
      Heute morgen sind wir früh aufgestanden, da der Termin (7.30 Uhr) für die Werkstatt anstand.
      Ein Mitarbeiter war so nett und hatte uns dann noch in die Stadt gefahren, da die schon wussten, dass es länger dauern wird😰
      Wir haben dann erstmal schön was gefrühstückt. Es gab heiße Schokolade, Kaffe und sehr leckere Sandwiches🥰
      Danach sind wir in eine Bücherei gegangen und haben etwas gelesen und ein paar Dinge geplant und nachgeschaut.
      Das bittere Ende war, dass sie leider nicht ganz fertig geworden sind und wir morgen früh nochmal hin müssen. Aber er war guter Dinge, dass es nicht all zu lange dauern wird. Also hoffen wir mal, dass es morgen weiter mit unserer Reise geht 😍
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    • Day 112

      Day 11 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 21, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

      Today we have a lot to do. All horses are going fast today. But Glenn is working today and also a friend from Anton came to help us train the horses. So we were a lot of people and got the job done really good and we were ready already at 12.30 pm 🤗
      Really nice to be done early and have some time off to relax before we had to get out and feed the horses. Marika had to go to town to fix some stuff and buy stuff for the pizza we gonna made tonight. 😋
      The horses are all staying outside tonight, so we only had to feed them.

      So back inside with the pizza in the oven Marika go a call from a friend, that her good friend Kima had an accident on the racetrack and is on the way to the hospital.
      So she spent some time to find out how she is and finally got to know that she is okay, having a broken wrist and a concussion but okay otherwise.

      That was so good to hear.
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    • Day 109

      Day 8 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 18, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

      Today it was already much warmer in the morning.
      Megan is free today and we have a lot of horses going fast today... So this is going to be funny...

      They first went out with the jogging horses, while Tracey and I fixed the horses for the first heat ready.
      When Marika, Anton, and Glenn were done jogging the horses, Tracey and I had even the horse for the second heat in and started to fix them.
      I gonna be inside alone while they go out and train four horses and Jack is out fixing the track 😬
      So I finished the horses for the second heat, fixed and took out Cam in his paddock and started to gear up the third heat while they were out.
      So we all washed the first heat horses and kicked them out before Marika, Anton and Glenn went out with the second heat.
      Tracey and I brushed and fixed the jogging horses fast and while she was driving them out with the quad to their paddocks I fixed the horses for the third heat totally ready and then we both started to take in the horses for the fourth heat as well.

      Back inside they helped out washing the horses again and taking in the last one for the fourth heat, even started to gear them up.

      So while I was inside alone during the third heat, I got the fourth heat ready and fixed as many horses as I could from the first heat until Jack came back and helped me with them. So we got them all ready before they came back.

      During the fourth heat Tracey, Jack and I fixed as many horses as we could, had Freda out in the walker and Elvis on the treadmill and I went out with him to swim him as well.

      It went pretty good I think, we got ready in a good time but driving the one-year-olds is taking quite much time. But we had a lot to clean up as well so around 2.30 pm we were finally done.
      After a quick lunch, we took a little nap, before it was time to get back out and take in the horses, fix them and feed them.

      As Megan is gone I got to take care of her cat and the bird she is trying to raise at the moment. It was three from the beginning but two of them died on the second day. But this one is getting stronger and bigger with every day 😊

      I am feeling a little bit like I might get a cold and the hot and humid air during the day today was not helping me at all. But I felt already better during the evening but anyway I went to bed early to get a good sleep.
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    • Day 101

      Day 1 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 10, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Today I got up early, 5.30 am to be ready to go with them to the stable at 6 am.
      The first thing I got to do was taking out some horses from their boxes, check the temp, pick their feet, change their rug and kick them out in the walker. During the day I did this a couple of times.
      In between, I helped them to gear up some horses as well, picked up some from the walker, washed a lot of horses and did as much as I could to help them.

      Around 10 am Marika, Anton, the boss and I went with 3 horses to Melton for trials, training races.

      It took us around one hour to get there. Once we arrived we loaded of the stuff onto the sulkys, took the horses and went to the stable area. All got a fast stopover in the pee box, as they don't have boxes here for the horses.

      After that, we started to fix them straight away and Marika went out with the first one for the warm-up. In this stable, they actually are warming up the horses! That's not so common here in Australia.
      Back in, we got the other two ready and Marika and the other driver, Jason, went out with the other to warm them up as well while Anton and I got Elvis ( his real name is Dreamcatcher) ready for the next trial. As soon as Marika and Jason were back inside Jason had to drive out with Elvis for the trail. So I and Marika fixed the other two horses ready while Anton went up to the track to watch Elvis.

      Marika and I had the other two ready when Jason came back inside so we had just to take off the bike from Elvis and put it on Kiwi.
      While they went out for the next trail I was suddenly alone with Elvis. I didn't really know what to do and how they want me to take care of him, so I just did, what I thought should be right. I took off all the gear, checked the plus, walked him for a while and gave him a nice shower. So Anton was happy when he came back from the track 😊

      We got the other two horses quickly ready as well, packed in all the stuff, they wash all at home and got going really fast again.
      We stopped at KFC for lunch and even I found something to eat 😉

      Back home we were loading of the horses and five them before we kicked then out in their paddocks, loaded of the stuff and at 3.30 we were ready and went inside for a calm afternoon. We went to buy some food and I found German bread!!! I can't believe it! Really good bread!!

      And we even found some L&P from New Zealand, for tonight's dinner. 🤗
      Around 7 pm Marika and I was cooking dinner and around 9 pm we went to bed. As I didn't sleep so well last night I was pretty tired.
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    • Day 104

      Day 4 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      Today was a calm day in the stable. We had online horses to high, swim or go on the treadmill.
      So all was going pretty easy and smooth in the morning.

      After all horses, we're done training, Marika and I started to fix the one-year-old so Antin could drive them today as well.

      We were basically done with all the rest but there were still 2 babies left so we all were doing some extra cleaning and organized a shelf new until the last baby was outside and we could have lunch. Even though we hadn't so much to do today we got ready at 2 pm, quite late.

      Marika and I had lunch and then went for a nap.
      I am really not used to this anymore 🙈😂

      The rest of the evening was calm, we all watched a movie together but anyway went to bed pretty early, tomorrow gonna be a massive day, we have like 20 horses going fast tomorrow 😳😅
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    • Day 105

      Day 5 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

      Today we had a massive day in front of us.
      Glenn is always free on Saturday and Sunday and Daniel has vacation from today on. And all the horses are going fast today.
      And Jack can still not do so much because of his hand and he also needs to fix the tracks all the time. So Marika, Megan, Tracey and I gonna have a lot today.
      The day anyway started pretty calmly because a few horses had lost a shoe and we had to wait for Anton to show up and put new shoes on them.
      But them it got pretty busy. The first 3 hours went petty good anyway. Anton, Marika, and Tracey were driving the horses and while Megan and I are fixing everything inside. Took them in from the paddocks, put them in the walker, geared them up, washed them, fixed them and kicked them out again. After a while, we git more and more behind so it was actually good that there was a heat with only two horses in the middle so Tracey was also inside and could help us to catch up again.

      So, in the end, we were done earlier than we were all expecting.
      Pat, the owner showed up around 12 o'clock and started to roll up some bandages, clean up behind the horses and washed all gamashes as well. First I felt bad, that he was helping but Marika told me, that he is usually doing this on Saturday's.
      So it's not because Megan and I did a bad job inside.

      We were totally done at 2.20 pm and took a beer together to celebrate that this day finally is over 😂
      Marika just said: Good you are here at the moment, without you we would have been totally fucked. 🙈😂
      Even with me, we were almost fucked at one point.
      I really had to step in and take quite much responsible as Megan is pretty new in this job and she sometimes gets a bit lost. She needs to learn still a lot but she is really trying to do her best all the time.
      And with only me and Megan inside to fix the horse I ended up coordinating and fixing a lot more than before. But I obviously was impressing Pat, as he said to Marika that I do such a great job and he will pay me for it good. Not that I am expecting it, but it's nice when someone is really appreciating my help like this. 😊
      All the other do as well of course and they thanked me a lot for it and got really happy to hear, that I will stay definitely one more week to help them while Daniel has vacation and Jack is still not able to work normally again 😊

      We had some lunch and decided to have a girls night with take away and a movie tonight.
      Of course Jack was allowed to stay with us and even Megans boyfriend Chris came to stay over the rest of the weekend. 😉

      So we had some pizza and Chinese food in the evening and watched a movie together.
      Nice end of the day. 😊
      Tomorrow Marika and I are free and we gonna sleep soooooo long 🥳
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    • Day 108

      Day 7 at Anton Golino Stable

      March 17, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

      It was still cold this morning. Pusspuss, the stable cat, was very happy to see me this morning. Probably because I have been starting to feed her 😉
      Today we have a lot of horses jogging.

      We were supposed to go to the Ballarat Racetrack with around 9 horses for the trials but Anton changed his mind yesterday evening as he could not find another driver to drive the horses. We were actually happy to stay home 🙈

      Everything went on as normal during the day.
      We git ready around 2 pm in the stable and Marika and I were back out at 4 pm to take in some horses, fix some and feed them all. We were a little bit faster today and got ready at 5.20 pm.

      Back inside we were discussing what to eat and wrote a shopping list and then went shopping. We could buy PASTA!!! 🥳 Amazing!

      We actually got all we needed.
      So nice.
      Today's dinner was mashed potatoes with fish! 😊😋
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    • Day 562

      Goodbye Langwarrin - Hallo Ballarat

      November 17, 2023 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Heute ging es nach Ballarat zu unserem nächsten Housesit. Dort angekommen mussten wir feststellen, dass Hygiene und Sauberkeit sowas von garnicht vorhanden war. Wir waren auch sehr überfordert mit der Situation und haben nachdem die Besitzerin abgereist ist erstmal geputzt.Read more

    • Day 563

      Horror in Ballarat

      November 18, 2023 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Es geht einfach nicht…..wir haben eine Nacht hier geschlafen und haben den Housesit tatsächlich abbrechen müssen.
      Wir haben heute nochmal 4h alles geputzt aber es wurde nicht besser. Eher haben wir neben dem ganzen zugestellt, dreckigen Zimmern noch viel scheiße festgestellt z.B ist der ganze Teppichboden zugepisst. Das erklärt auch den bestialischen Gestank. Einfach nur abartig Messi!

      Verzweifelt haben wir einen Schlachtplan am Nachmittag gemacht. Wir konnten ein AirBnB für zwei Wochen in der Nähe finden um uns um die Hunde zu kümmern und haben die Besitzerin zur Rede gestellt.

      Ende vom Lied war:
      - Hunde sind am selben Tag noch für ein Zwinger abgeholt worden
      - Schlüsselabgabe um 10 Uhr abends an ihre komische Freundin die es garnicht verstand
      - Wir saßen auf den AirBnB kosten

      Aber wir haben uns gesagt, dass wir uns dann einfach eine schöne Zeit in Ballarat machen bevor es an die Great Ocean Road geht.
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    • Day 577

      Janines Geburtstag - Festival Spilt Milk

      December 2, 2023 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Heute ist Janine 31 geworden und dazu gab es ein geiles Festival: das Spilt Milk.

      Dazu sind wir auch mit dem Camper auf den Campground gefahren, der unserem AirBnB Vermieter gehört, da sein Haus bereits vermietet war, wo wir die letzten Wochen drin waren.

      Das Festival war richtig cool: hier waren Singer/Songwriter wie Dennot Kennedy und am Abend sogar Post Melone
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