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  • Day16

    Mount Coot-Tha

    October 27, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Another day, another motorhome to see. This one was a beast. 4 tonnes of 4wd, on pneumatic (lift/lower) suspension. Designed for off road so that the accommodation doesn’t fall off when driven across extreme terrain. While this will give us options to go anywhere and not get stuck, I wonder how easy it will be to sell at the end of our trip? Again, a good learning experience and some sound advice about what works in Australia.

    The afternoon consisted of a visit to Mount Coot-Tha that overlooks Brisbane. At its foot is the cemetery where Bun & Mike’s mother’s ashes are, so we stopped off there to say “Hi” and also Bun had never been there. The cemetery is “heritage” so should remain forever .... it is vast and almost full, I wonder how long “forever” is when it has no relevance to anyone left alive which is what it will become after it’s full.

    Drove up to the summit where there is a lookout. It’s a bit hazy so the view was limited. Are there fires somewhere with the smoke causing the haze? At the foot, near the cemetery, is a botanical gardens. Time was running out as we were going out to our first Aussie BBQ this evening. We stopped for a drink before a slightly rushed walk around part of the gardens. Bun and I will have to go back when less rushed. The gardens are beautiful and full of wildlife.

    The BBQ was with Bob and Robin (Robyn?). Bob was RAAF and Robin a nurse. Their house is amazing, beautiful and airy with high ceilings. Bob gets frustrated that the large gardens are messed up by the local (protected) bush turkeys. Lizards and snakes co-habit the garden, some less welcome than others. At dusk, fruit bats flew in and out of the surrounding trees. Bob does most of the cooking and had prepared his own marinade for the satay chicken and prawns on skewers. The main BBQ was sausages, I wasn’t expecting that. Bob makes his own skinless sausages so they were pretty special. Hopefully we’ll go back again as we hadn’t finished our discussions about where to visit in NSW.
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    Mandy and Johnnie

    Nice! 🌞

    Tony German

    Where’s the pictures of motorhome!! ( go for a Winnebago))

    Wayne Bampton

    Bring back the sausage recipe and we’ll give it a go 🍽

    Andy n Bunny Briggs

    To y, it will be the Winnebago. Wayne - yep, I’ll have to try and get that, they were great

  • Day43

    Bye bye Campervan

    April 13, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Heute geben wir unseren Camper zurück. Wir hatten tolle 6 Woche, auch wenn er uns zweimal im Stich gelassen hat 😂

    Noch einmal Volltanken und dann ab zur Mietwagenstation, denn für die letzten zwei Tage haben wir uns noch ein Auto gemietet. So können wir die Umgebung noch erkunden und sind flexibler, auch was Hanna angeht. Die letzten Meter darf dann nochmal die Frau ans Steuer, und ich muss sagen er fährt sich erstaunlich gut. Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge verabschieden wir uns nun von unseren Zuhause auf vier Rädern und dann ist er weg.

    Mit unserem Mietauto machen wir uns auf dum Mount Coot-Tha Aussichtspunkt. Von dort hat man einen tollen Blick über Brisbane. Hanna macht uns die Fahrt dorthin leider nicht gerade einfach, denn sie hat Hunger. Oben angekommen wird also erstmal das Kind gefüttert 😋
    Dann genießen wir die Aussicht und gönnen uns noch ein Eis.

    Abends darf Hanna nochmal baden bevor es dann morgen nach Hause geht.
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  • Day216


    November 6, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Now we are in Brisbane. It is a very cool city with a very nice river front and the public swimming pool even has a beach! Our personal highlight was the Munich Brewery!

    Wir haben es bis nach Brisbane geschafft. Eine sehr coole Stadt! Vor allem die Uferpromenade ist ein kleines Naherholungsgebiet mit einem Regenwald, einem öffentlichen Freibad mit feinstem weißen Sandstrand und zahlreichen Restaurants und Cafés. Highlight ist natürlich das Münchener Brauhaus. Leider war das Bier hier ziemlich teuer (ca. 10 Euro für 0.5l), aber geschmeckt hat es trotzdem.Read more

  • Day96

    Shopping in Brisbane

    May 15, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Bei grandiosem Wetter fuhren wir am Morgen zur Mount Coot-tha Aussichtsplattform. Bei bester Aussicht über ganz Brisbane und Umgebung genossen wir Kaffee und heisse Schoggi und natürlich die Sonne

    Danach war Shopping angesagt! Eigentlich hätten wir neue Sommerschuhe für die Kids gebraucht. Aber hier haben sie bereits auf die Winterkollektion umgestellt. Bei diesen Temperaturen vergisst man, dass es hier bereits Herbst ist! 🍂🍃🍁 Ohne Schuhe, dafür mit neuen Büechli, Feuerwehr- und 🚔-Autos zum Spielen verliessen wir das Einkaufszentrum in Richtung Campingplatz. Dort stellten wir unser Wohnmobil ab und fuhren mit dem Bus bis zur Queen Street, der Shopping Mall im Zentrum von Brisbane. Einige Souvenirkäufe später sassen wir im "Jimmy's on the Mall" bei Seafood, Chips und Pizza.

    Zurück im Wohnmobil liessen wir den Abend bei einer Flasche Cider ausklingen. 😋😊
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  • Day214

    Day 3 - Brisbane

    November 2, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today is our last day in Brisbane before we head down to Byron Bay so we decided to pick the hire car up early and make a day of it.

    Our first stop was Mt Coot-tha which had a number of different trails up to the top where you got a great panoramic view of Brisbane. We chose the summit walk which took around 45 minutes winding through the trees. Half way up we made a small detour to visit Slaughter Falls however when we arrived at the waterfall it was bone dry! At the top of Mt Coot-ha the view was incredible! It was a very warm walk up so we treated ourselves to a Magnum ice cream each to help us cool off. Back at the car we still had hours to kill before we needed to pick up Maddy from the airport so we decided to head to the botanical gardens. We walked through the cactus house and fern garden before we spotted a big lizard on the path. We were bent over taking pictures when we heard another noise behind us. I turned to see an even bigger lizard running towards me and jumped about 6ft in the air!

    After the gardens we went in search of a Dominos for some $5 pizzas which we took to the park to eat. It was quite funny tucking into the pizza whilst lots of people around us were exercising. We did feel a little bit bad but not bad enough to stop stuffing our faces. After the sun disappeared we watched some Netflix in the car before making our way to the airport. With Maddy eventually at the pick up area we got her in the car and made our way to Byron. With the hours time difference and getting slightly lost finding the house we eventually arrived around 12.30am.
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    Jackie Blake

    Great Panaromic photo x

  • Day429

    Mt. Coot-tha

    August 6, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 68 °F

    Well, I had an amazing two days at the Australian Zoo. I can't believe Steve Irwin died in 2006; it seems like just a few years ago. But his spirit and life mission is very much alive.

    After walking back to the motel about an hour before the zoo closed, I watched some Netflix, ate some dinner, and read my book.

    I was up early enough to walk back to the zoo to catch the 09:35 bus back to Brizzy. Tickler picked me up at the train/bus station and us continuing her terrific tour of the city.

    Now we're at Mt. Coot-tha, a lookout point dating back to the city's earliest days. Lovely.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day125


    August 22, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    The forecast was for more rain but only patchy cloud and humidity hung in the air as we set out to hike Mount Coot-Tha. As on previous occasions we chose to walk out to the mountain/trailhead as well as undertake the ascent/trail to make one big hike.

    Moving under the shadow of glass and steel towers and across wide roads busy with Saturday morning traffic, we dropped down onto the bicentennial walk/bike way with its colour coded lanes stretching off into the distance, parallel to the river. The walkway was curtained with colourful art and flowers and we drifted along as cyclists and the Citycat ferries zipped past us.

    Cutting back into the city's suburbs, the route to the mountain was not clearly signposted for pedestrians, forcing us to meander through a cemetery to find our way over a motorway and onto the summit road. Once there the ascent began, the air thick with humidity causing sweat to tickle the napes of our necks. Those less energetic (more intelligent) went past in their cars but will power drove us on.

    Approaching each blind turn we hoped to find the summit before us but instead found only more road rising up and turning further away. We could sense we were close as the trees lining the road began to thin and the view became more visible. Yet time and again the road taunted us, stretching and turning, onward and upward.

    Finally, gasping with relief we arrived at the summit. Sitting down on the sculpted masonry of the lookout, we replenished our strength as views of the city stretched out to the horizon.

    As a cool breeze massaged our backs we met Hanley, an Indonesian/Australian entrepreneur who had cycled from his home to the summit with his little white dog, Benji, in a basket. Hanley described how Benji, despite sitting comfortably in his basket would still join him in panting and gasping as he cycled hard into the ascent.

    Once recovered we descended back into the city in time with the setting sun. A golden glow reflected on the river and the glazed faces of office buildings. Joints and muscles groaning we collapsed into our bedroom to contemplate our madness as the coolness of the floor permeated into our backs.
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  • Day183

    Brisbane nah und fern

    May 22, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Wir haben einen tollen Aussichtspunkt gefunden, der die Stadt in voller Pracht präsentiert.

    Einfach nur genial, wir waren richtig überwältigt.

    Zuvor hatten wir eine Wanderung zu einem Wasserfall hingelegt. Leider war dort kein Wasser, somit ist der Tobi gleich mal im Flussbett zurückgelaufen bzw. gesprungen.Read more

  • Day222

    Mt Coot-tha Lookout

    April 6, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Nachdem wir einige Zeit im botanische Garten verbracht haben und dort schon einige Zeit unterwegs waren, es langsam dunkel wurde, versuchten wir per Anhalter hoch zu kommen, es hielt aber keiner an. Also hieß es auf geht's!! An dem ersten Aussichtspunkt meinte Lukas, der Einzige den er in Brisbane kenne hätte ihm gerade geschrieben er wäre an uns vorbei gefahren. Er war so nett zurück zu kommen uns auf halben Weg einzusammeln auf den Berg zu bringen. Einfach witzig solche Zufälle!!!
    Die Aussicht über Brisbane war einfach super schön. Und nach einem kühlen Bierchen, konnte ich die Aussicht auch in der Dunkelheit genießen. Wunderschön. Von Ben erfuhr ich das es eine Brauerei gebe, die ich besichtigen könne und ein Stadium in dem Cricketspiele stattfinden. Mal sehen wie viel Zeit ich auf dem Rückweg habe. Dem Abstieg machten wir dann mit einem Uber zurück in die Stadt.
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  • Day60

    Mount Cootha und andere schöne Erlebniss

    May 20, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C


    Ein recht entspannter Tag stand an.
    Erika und ich machten uns einen sehr ruhigen und gelassenen Morgen. Gegen 12 Uhr ging es dann zum Grab von dem verstorbenen Bruder meiner Omi 👵🏼 . Wir lagen etwas Blumen 💐 hin und pflegten es etwas. Dann ging es weiter zur Queensland University. Wir führen etwas herum und Erika zeigte mir viel von der wirklich unfassbar grossen Universität. Anschließend fuhren wir hoch auf den Mount ⛰ Coo-Tha. Eine wirklich wahnsinnig schöne Aussicht auf die Ferne und die CBD ( City 🌃 ) erwartete mich. Danach ging es dann noch zu Just Poppy’s ( Der beste Burger 🍔 von Brisbane ). Und ja! Er war tatsächlich ziemlich gut!!! Zum krönenden Abschluss hatte ich tatsächlich noch das Glück 🍀 frei lebende Kängurus sehen zu können! 😍Read more

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