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  • Day213

    Looking for a appartment and work

    April 17, 2017 in Australia

    I drove in the morning to toowoomba to watch some appartments where I wanna live the next 3 months while I'm working.

    I watched 5 appartments in 2 days.

    Tuesday I had the interview with the person from the McLean farms. I had to do an test on wensday if I was fit enough and ofcourse I failed, so now I have to work :-P

    In the weekend I went to toogoolawah for skydiving. Did couple of jumps on Friday and Sunday. Saturday where a lot of clouds and some rain so no skydiving.
    Got now 47 jumps so I can almost apply for my b-licence!

    On Saturday I arranged my appartment and Sunday evening I moved in. On Monday morning I picked up a bed. So now I live in a proper house with 3 other people :-D.

    On Tuesday was a public holiday, so for work I had to wait for wensday to start. I had to do a drug test in the morning (that's pretty common to do that in Australia) afterwards Brett (the guy who I had a conversation with) showed me around and then I went straight to work.

    And I'm probably not gonna post any posts while I'm working. Because is kind of my regular job at home so. Probably next post end of juli when my parents come to Australia :-)
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  • Day254


    May 28, 2017 in Australia

    I'm doing good here. Living with roommates together is really good. Always someone home.!

    Work is also good. Currently installing egg handling machines so my line of work!

    Cause all my roommates do 4WD competitions. I went last weekend with Kim. She has a nice Nissan patrol v8. We went there Friday evening and there we met up with a bunch of people. Drinking beer around the fire.

    The next day there were some comps. How flexible the car is and driveability. That was okay to watch. But I wouldn't do that myself. And in the day everyone was drinking, even the drivers. When the night came a lot of people went 4wd on the tracks of the National park. My 4wd wouldn't be able to do most tracks so you actually need a high decent car. I went with someone else driving. He was driving with a beer in the hand. So weird. And driving so fast on 4wd tracks! About 50 until 60km/h. It was an awsome weekend and met a bunch of crazy people.

    With skydiving I got a few weeks ago my b-licence! Yeah! So now the fun actually starts!. This weekend I put an full face helmet on and a rel-suit (that's for relative flat work). It was so much better and it looked a lot cooler! Got 4 jumps in, 2x 3-way and 2x 4-way. I learned a lot and I was flying really good!
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  • Day296

    Update June

    July 9, 2017 in Australia

    Just after my birthday I went rally driving. That was awsome you drive in a Lancer evo and subaru wrx. I liked the Lancer more. I got the videos on YouTube.

    Further I finally got my pay rise what they promised me. So I made a lot of hours and saved a lot of money for the next part of my trip.

    This weekend I finally could Skydive with my own stuff. Own helmet and rel-suit. And I bought a ditter. That's an device that you put in your helmet and it beeps on certain hights while skydiving.

    After my payrise the company tried to pay me less money on every possibility. And after 6 weeks I'm still trying to get my money. But they are really slow (Australians....).

    Last 2 weekends a few birthday partys and had a good time playing pool.

    Got now bit more that 2 weeks left of work and then I'll travel again with my parents.
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  • Day12


    December 19, 2016 in Australia

    Stayed at Toowoomba Showgrounds for 3 nights. A top spot right on a small lake with an abundance of ducks, geese and cockatoos. Highlights - Japanese Garden, Picnic Point, Tabletop Mountain, Queens Park, and St Luke's Cathedral. Beautiful tree lined streets. Very hot (35°) when we arrived but big storm cooled it down.

  • Day341


    November 13, 2017 in Australia

    Had a couple of nights at the Millmerran Showground on the way in to Brisbane Town. Plenty of 4G coverage here, so was able to get some work done.

    Marg was able to get her hair cut & coloured in town whilst I slaved away...not sure I came out in front. 😉

  • Day98

    Toowoomba Road Trip!

    May 19, 2014 in Australia

    Toowoomba was a town to the west of Brisbane by about 2 hours. The Soul’a Shakers team had topped the performance board for a few weeks, collectively we’d smashed it and consistently had good lead and levels of sales of solar panels, so one week we were rewarded with the privilege and responsibility to travel to relatively untouched territory and catch new leads for biosolar in Toowoomba. It was a beautiful town of flowers up in a Highland area of Queensland.

    We were put up in some really decent apartments in the centre of the town, lush sofas, big tv’s, even fur rugs. The rooms unfortunately were double beds and we had to share! I ended up getting to know Chirag a little better after that week having to split a bed with him ?
    Apart from the one night where I met a cute little Canadian cheerleader studying on the outskirts of town and ended up at her campus ? For some reason I always end up with Canadians, I just love their accents and their attitudes, they’re always so much fun to hang out with.

    I’d put in a decent effort that week, skateboarding up and down the hills of the area covering decent turf, and getting decent leads. The last day I made it back to the team in a taxi from the campus in time for the Saturday lead hunt. With an added spring in my step I think I got 7 leads that day, one of my best days, a solid effort and went back to Brisbane with the team really satisfied with my personal performance.

    There was a competition on in the office for quantity of sales, and each week, the highest scorer won a place a spot on a ‘Mystery’ trip. The next week on Monday we had the morning meeting and Sunny went to announce the scores and I found out that my leads had topped the board for sales! 32 kilowatts! I’d never expected to win a place on the field trip but the toowoomba territory helped me succeed in getting a place and a free weekend holiday!! I’d gone on business trips before, but never a business holiday!! I was chuffed!
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  • Day9

    Kängerus und schotter Piste

    December 9, 2017 in Australia

    Heute steht mal eine längere Etappe an - 400km wieder südwerts.
    Aber geht ja schnell wenn man 40km ohne Verkehr mit 100 durchblochen kann 😎

    Grob über den Bunya Mountain (1‘100m) National Park zurück Region Brisbane nord.
    Zum ersten mal schotter Piste, muss mich wieder daran gewöhnen doch etwas länger her seit dem letzten mal, gell Marc 😉
    Und Kängerus in freier Wildbahn gesehen 👍 (Video kommt auf youtube, geht hier nicht so gut)
    As usual Gewitter von dem her bei Crows Nest abgestiegen bevors richtig los ging.
    Und merke: Das Navi hat nicht immer recht 😄
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  • Day10

    Bis nach Byron Bay

    December 10, 2017 in Australia

    Wieder besser Wetter nach dem Gewittern von gestern am späten Nachmittag. ☀️☀️
    Über Esk, Lake Wivenhoe, Ipswitch zur Gold Coast. Bis Ipswitch coole Strecke, dann Zwischenstopp in Surfers Paradise.
    Ist ja ein riesen Moloch! Ein Hochhaus am anderen krass...
    Danach übers Hinterland, Currumbin Valley.
    Geniale Strecke da wäre meine Honda perfekt gewesen. 👍
    Bis nach Byron Bay. Dort bleibe ich dann 1 Tag.
    Wieder gute 400 km.
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  • Day169

    Toowoomba, Queensland

    August 17, 2016 in Australia

    We drove inland for a couple hours to reach Steve and Sarah and Mila for a quick overnight visit to catch up again. Toowoomba, being planted right on top of a mountain provided incredible views in every direction and though our car didn’t love the way up we enjoyed rolling down for kms on the way back out.

  • Day50

    The Big Sausage - Toowoomba

    July 9, 1991 in Australia

    Next on the list, coming back to Brisbane is the "Big Sausage King" located in Centenary Heights, Toowoomba. I made to the place following my GPS and the address I found in Wikipedia. This Big Sausage is sitting on top of a convenient store and apparently was stolen during some restoration.

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