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  • Day78


    December 11, 2016 in Australia

    Gestern mussten wir leider unseren schönen Camper abgeben. 😏
    Danach ging es mit dem Zug direkt nach Silverdale (ca. 60 Kilometer westlich von Sydney). Dort sind wir jetzt bis nächsten Sonntag zu Gast bei Adrienne.
    Sie hat ein großes Haus und ein riesiges Grundstück inklusive großem Pool mit Whirlpool. 😀
    Wir müssen morgens dann immer etwas Gartenarbeit machen und Nachmittags können wir am Pool entspannen. 😊
    Gestern und heute war auch noch Adriennes Freund Thomas hier, der Österreicher ist. Er hat uns gestern mit österreichischem Kartoffelsalat und heute mit Wiener Schnitzel und selbstgebrautem Bier verwöhnt. 😀
    So können wir es gut eine Woche aushalten. 😆
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  • Day80

    Chillout in Silverdale

    December 13, 2016 in Australia

    Die nächsten zwei ,,harten'' Arbeitstage in Silverdale sind vorbei.😄
    Aufstehen war jeweils gegen 9 Uhr dann für 2-3 Stunden Gartenarbeit (zwischendurch ein Smoothie🍹). Dann Chillout-Time im Pool 🏊🍉 und der Hängematte. Bei 45 Grad ist das auch das einzige was man machen kann. So lässt es sich leben.😆

  • Day40

    good skydive day

    October 26, 2016 in Australia

    Today was a perfect day to skydive! 30 degrees and almost no wind.

    I started with my stage 4. Jump out of the plane with 1 JM. Then just assuming box position and watching alti. Landing was also good, I only had to walk a bit far becouse I landed behind the target.

    Next was stage 5. Also 1 JM on the side and he came up front and I had to do a 360 turn. Then docking (touch the JM). Another 360 and docking. But I didn't had time for docking. So I turned 180 degrees and deployed my Parachute. The flying with canopy was also good and landing good

    Next stage 6. Because of traffic control we couldn't get any higher than 8000 feet (normal 13500) so that's pretty low. This was my first solo exit!. I stabilized and did one 360 turn. And then I had to deploy my Parachute. Also good canopy control and good landing.

    Video of stage 6:

    Next stage 7. Also solo exit. After exit stabilize and do a backflip. The main reason is to become unstable and stable again. I did the backflip and then was a bit wobbly and stabilized. After that I had to do some tracking. So arms backwards and move forwards. Then be In a box position and I had to deploy my Parachute directly. I had to turn @ 5000 ft and deploy @ 4500ft. And when I watched my alti I was already @ 4500ft. Then thesame as the stages before, good canopy control and good landing.

    With 4 jumps and all stages completed it was a very good day!

    Afterwards I ate some noodles and watched with some other guys some cartoons. It was Rick and morty, what a awsome cartoon, completely insane Haha. Next me and a few other guys went for a hike and walked over a closed half burned bridge and did some chilling. There was also a big bee hive. Really cool to see.
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  • Day42

    shitty weather day, and 1st Surfboard!

    October 28, 2016 in Australia

    Today when I woke up, there where clouds and very light rain. And you can jump only with b license or higher. So no jumping for me.

    I started to replace my belts of my car. When I replaced them I started the car. Again smoke and lots of noise. So I dismounted the powersteering belt. And I found the main issue. The pump itself was broken. So pretty shit beginning of the day.

    I had a nice warm shower, ate something and got my car ready to drive. I drove to an mechanic. And he said. O no not for that car.. He made some calls and he probably could fix it for $900. Ai that's a lot of money. He directed me to an other shop. They had an used pump for me. It I'll cost me $530. I went to another shop. And he could do it maybe for 300 a 400 so that's a better price. But I have to come back on Tuesday.

    Afterwards I went to the mall to get some straps to strap the Surfboard on the roof racks. And o went to a friend. He had a great coloured Surfboard for me. So I got my first Surfboard! Can't wait to surf on it! :D I only need some wax for it.

    Tomorrow heading to the blue Mountains. (sorry I didn't washed my car yet...) I found something for you Berry, 1m toblerone!

    New video of surfcamp!
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  • Day48

    finished AFF and first B rel!

    November 3, 2016 in Australia

    In the morning I had to do the hop and pop - AFF stage 9. So jump at 5000ft out of the plane and get stable as soon as possible. Then deploy Parachute and land on the ground. As simple as it can get. And I passed!

    Next are the B rel's. These are the stages for the b license. I did the first stage today and it didn't go to well. My exit was unstable and it was my first exit where I had to climb outside the plane. After I got out of the plane. I had to do some slowfall with docking and fastfall with docking. But I just went going backwards and moved to far from the instructor. At 5000ft I had to turn 90 degrees away and do a short track, brake and deploy Parachute. I did everything way to slow and my Parachute was opened @ 2200ft that is way to low. So next time I have to be faster and make quicker adjustments. My landing was good and landed next to the target.
    Video of the jump:

    I studied trough the books for the a exam. I hope to do it next week.

    This evening had a talk with some mates at the dropzone, played ping pong and ofcourse perudo! And we drink some beers, great evening!
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  • Day50

    b rel's with barbie

    November 5, 2016 in Australia

    The night before was pretty crazy we did some tree climbing in the middle of the night. And some rock climbing. But it was so good!.

    The next morning I had to wake up early and do my b rel 1 again. The exit was a lot better and I deployed also at the good height. The only thing I have to improve is that my legs are to wide.

    Afterwards I did B rel 2 and did an linked exit. That went really good and I had to turn sideways and dock. And the Turning I had to do with my leg. But still have to bring my legs more together. So somewhere next week I'm gonna do some more indoor skydiving and improve my box position.

    Video of b rel 2:

    In the afternoon we had some beers because I finished my AFF, someone else got his b license and another one got his tandem instructor license. It was pretty cosy. In the evening we had an barbie (bbq) and played some games. It was really good!
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  • Day50

    making a terrace

    November 5, 2016 in Australia

    Today was an relaxing day. We tried to find a chill place with some guys but didn't worked out. On our way back we saw a junk pile. We took an useful chair and some wood with us.

    When we got back home we ended up to make an terrace for someone. And one of the guys had a bobcat and everyone was watching. Wen he was done he drove on 2 weels and did some donuts on the bobcat, that crazy old guy!

    We leveled everything out and places pallets with on top the wood we found. Pretty good result!

    Also add some pictures of the dropzone, carparking where I parked my car and buildings for skydive center. Also all the caravans where a lot of people live in on the dropzone.
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  • Day177

    Training für den Rückflug

    February 24, 2017 in Australia

    ...war das hier natürlich nicht, sondern eine Sache, die ich auch in Deutschland schon lange mal machen wollte. Dann hab ich mir gedacht: Wieso nicht beim ersten Mal über der schönsten Stadt, die ich auf dieser Reise gesehen habe?

    Und so kams dann. Aber hätte mich John, mein Jump Master, nicht geschubst, wäre ich natürlich NIE ausgestiegen :) Und vor lauter Aufregung und/oder Schiss habe ich glaub ich auch nicht gespürt, was so ein Sprung an Adrenalin freisetzen kann. Eine Wiederholung ist wohl irgendwann nötig.Read more

  • Day14

    skydive center - arriving

    September 30, 2016 in Australia

    Today I had to check out of the hostel. It was to bad. I thought it was nice with all the friends on the room.

    I went to the skydiving center with train an cab, it took like 3 hours. Pff I'm happy when I finally have my car. I never ever did so less on a whole day as today. After arriving @ the dropzone I met some local people who lived there. What a mess! All old caravans and old buildings. But the people here are very cool. I walked around and every time I saw someone new. And I did completely nothing whole time from 2 pm.

    I already have my wingsuite for tomorrow :-D. (wingsuite is for people above 300 jumps). Now early to bed because tomorrow we start at 6:45.
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  • Day16

    skydiving center - day 2

    October 2, 2016 in Australia

    Today my first day of skydiving!

    I had to put on an suit, goggles and alti. I was going with a tandem jump so like everyone else, but now I had to do also the routine of AFF STAGE 1. It went very well and we landed on our butt. I was a bit disappointed because I expected more from skydiving. But it was fun.

    After doing the TAF 1 I had to do the AFF 1. But it was so busy that I had to wait till 12:30.

    I was briefed by the JM's and they took me through the dive and did a practice dirt dive (same as in the sky but om the ground). We went up in the plane and I jumped out of the plane. Got stabilized with 2 JM's attached to me. Checking my alti and looking around. @ 9000ft did an practice throw. Again check alti and looking around. @ 5500ft throw my first Parachute and it had line twists. So I had to turn to get rid of the twisted lines and grab the toggles (that's for steering the Parachute). Then look down to locate the dropzone. And find the arrow that the TA (target assistant) pointed. I had to follow exactly the way the arrow was pointing. After I was almost at the ground I had to follow the instructions of the TA for landing my Parachute. My landing was perfect. On 2 legs and only 2 passes walking. Jumping alone was so much more exiting than tandem jump! up to stage 2!

    Also briefed by my JM's. This jump I had to do and practice throw immediately after I stabilized. After that moving forward with my arms behind me. Than boxing position (the more relaxed position in free fall). After that Turning left. A guy asked if he could jump with us, he had an camera and filmed my jump for free!. I'll share the link for YouTube as soon if I got it on YouTube. When I jumped I forgot to do a practice throw and we didn't have time for an turn. I should opend my Parachute @ 5000 ft but was a bit to late @ 4500ft. Also reasonable opening of the Parachute, had to do a practice flare (brake) and Parachute was perfect. Also on directions of TA and landing was perfect! Up to stage 3!

    I got briefed and everything, got on the plane but we couldn't get any higher than 8500ft (to many aircrafts in the sky). And for stage 3 we needed at least 9000ft. So had to land with the plane. Tomorrow next try for stage 3.

    The weather today was perfect, not to much wind and 26 degrees. Just lovely!

    Again sorry for letting you down on pictures guy's!. Movie is coming soon!

    Movie is below. Enjoy
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