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  • Day94

    Penrith, Australia

    October 6 in Australia

    Part 2 :P
    die Echse ist eine East Water Skink :)

  • Day59

    Day 59: Defqon1 Australia, hell yeah.

    September 17, 2016 in Australia

    Finally waking up again in a nice motel, knowing that it's going to be a great party with 100% good weather. I had everything read and a good night sleep. So made my own breakfast and walked to the trainstation since buses don't go in the weekend here. From Springwood station it was only 30 minutes to Penrith were I joined the party people in the shuttle bus. Nice that the Australian people were easy recognisable while most dress up really collorfull or just extreme. There was also this guy who brought in this huge crocodile very fitting for australia and later that day a few sharks came by to make it complete. When I arrived at the gate, there were like at least 50 policemen and 3 dogs sniffing around for al kinds of drugs. I tought it would be a little overdoing it, but after a few hours of party it made sence to me haha. At the gate was a show going on with this guy dressed in a devils costume flowboarding while everybody was waiting there. At 11:00 the gates went open and I went to buy myself a Defqon Cap and a handfan because it was hot has dragons breath put there. Dragonblood was the them so it was very fitting ;-). After buying tokens and some beers which they give in cans, and for the collectors you can return empty cans for half a token. Well I had my hands full and was not planning to keep empty cans. On the area it was easy to see who was Dutch, they all were dressed on orange. So in no time I was sitting at a table with 12 Dutchies. I love the Dutch, especially because they now how to party. But I also like to experience Australia so I got to know this wonderfull Australian couple Jess and James. I came in contact through the one and only Rene, so that was already promising. The party was amazing, a little smaller than Defqon1 at home, but I love the music and the DJ's were the same. I hopped from the Dutch group to the Aussie group all the time and had great fun with both. Visited all stages and have seen the most strange people doing the weirdest shit haha. Some aussies go all in, probably because they finally get the opporunity. Next to the Aussies there are loads of Chinese dancing totally different and going wild with all kinds of fancy toys and tricks. At 1400 the Dutchies grouped together for a photo and it wasn't even all of them but so many Dutchies was hilarious to see gathering there. Haha it felt like home and I loved it. They day went by very quick, headhunterz didn't show up but the next best DJ's were there. The end show was a lot like the one at home, that means very good and brings back memories. After the endshow the Q dance sound was heard and everybody run off, but the time table showed one more hour at the blue RAW stage and one other stage. We went for it, and the funniest thing was that 80% was Dutch over there haha. We know how to party haha, we had the most fun out there and went for the shuttle when Adaro couldn't play any more songs after 2300. 12 hours die hard party, I did miss that, also felt that I was tired from the walks the last days with and without the backpack. Heading "home" and travelled with the dutchies to the station, some rebellious dutchies were walking around with wheeltires and shopping carts and when security said leave that here they yelled... noooo it is mine, don't take my wheel. Haha. From the station I had to travel on my own to Springwood but off course there were other easy recognisable Dutch to hang out with. I must say, a perfect day in down under with a Dutch tune haha. Slaap lekker dutchies :) ik zal jullie missen.Read more

  • Day2

    Ankomsten till Sydney

    December 27, 2017 in Australia

    Resan från Shanghai till Sydney gick bra, lång och dryg flygresa men utan några sensationer.

    Framme och redo för den behagliga Australiensiska sommarvärmen laddade vi på våra Opal-kort och begav oss med tåget. För att spara lite pengar valde vi att hyra ett hus utanför Sydney i Werrington i 3 nätter. Cirka 1 timmes tågresa från centrala Sydney.

    Vi hoppade av tåget vid Mount Druitt för en välsmakande lunch för att sedan ta bussen sista biten till Werrington. Buss 780 skulle vi ta, det hade vi kollat upp. När nästa buss 780 kom till hållplatsen hoppade vi på spända och glada över att vara på plats och i full färd på vårt äventyr. Vi upptäcker ganska snabbt att det inte finns någon panel eller högtalare som berättar vilken som är kommande hållplats. Eftersom vår direkta erfarenhet av Australiensiska folket är att de är väldigt sociala och trevliga så gick jag fram till vår chaufför och berättade var vi ville av och frågade om han kunde säga till. Han förklarade vänligt att det var den andra buss 780 mot Penrith som vi skulle ta. Ingen större fara då han släppte oss vid nästa hållplats som den bussen också körde förbi och så satt vi i gräset och väntade 15minuter på nästa buss. Så gick ingen större nöd på oss.

    Framme vid vårt hus i Werrington som vi bokat via HomeAway då det t.o.m. Var svårt att hitta hus att hyra via AirBnB nu under jul och nyår runt om hela Sydney. Slitna efter vår resa och aningen jetlaggade hoppade vi in i duschen följt av en underbar tupplur. När jag försökte väcka Louise efter 1,5h svarade hon med "Nej, jag ska sova!". Men efter lite ihärdighet och en kopp kaffe så fick jag upp henne.

    Vi njöt en stund av vår privata trädgård innan vi promenerade till ett shopping Village som ligger bara ett par minuters promenad bort. Vi inhandlade förnödenheter som frukost, grillmat och självklart alkohol på IGA och BWS. Fick ju ett sex-pack för bara 12$AUD om man köpte valfritt sex-pack, det erbjudandet kunde jag ju inte tacka nej till.

    Hemma igen blev det en lugn kväll med öl i trädgården och förhållandevis tidig sänggång då jetlaggen fortfarande satt i.
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  • Day38

    skydiving in- and outdoor

    October 24, 2016 in Australia

    Today I did 2 skydives. Two times STAGE 3. And I have to repeat it because I was all the time turning and could stay put. My landings where a bit rough. One was a belly slide. But luckily I survived :-P. I could feel my heel a bit but it's not to bad.

    One instructor said to me that it's cheaper to do some indoor skydiving to practice my body position. So I drove to the indoor skydive center and did like equal free fall time of 14 jumps. So thats a lot of practice. At the beginning I was turning but at the end I managed to control my movements. So hopefully I'll manage to finish my AFF course this week depending on the wind.

    I spoke to an skydive instructor at the indoor skydive center and we talked about skydiving and surfing. He said he had a board for me 7'2 feet. So perfect for beginner as me and he wants 250 for it so that's good. Now only a wetsuit.

    Now eating a very nice burger! And heading back to the dropzone.

    - AFF STAGE 3
    - Indoor skydive 1th time
    - Indoor skydive 7th time
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