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  • Day154

    'Zbogom' to Croatia!

    November 27, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    During our month in Croatia we were never far from the clear blue waters of the Adriatic. There was a lot more of the country to explore inland in the North East but as camping outside of designated sites isn't allowed and there weren't many sites listed in this area, we focussed on the tourist orientated coast.

    Visiting outside the summer months meant we weren't able to swim in a warm sea or lakes, but it did give us space to explore a stunningly beautiful country. For us, it would have been too hot and crowded to be enjoyable in summer.

    Things that will stand out in our memory include:
    1. The amazing coast road that kept us so close to the sparkling clear blue sea and the sunsets over it for hundreds of kilometers.
    2. The numerous islands, some of them like the mainland, others devoid of vegetation and others small, round pimples, with lush green trees growing right up to a thin strip of rocky shoreline.
    3. The craggy mountains that rose up parallel to the coastline and contained the most amazing waterfalls in their valleys.
    4. The olives, clementines, pomegranates and figs growing wild or being farmed and harvested. We foraged some and bought them at markets or roadside stalls. Dried figs were a particular favourite of Vicky's.
    5. The markets that sold so much fresh local produce, including fish and seafood straight from the nearby harbour and homemade olive oil.
    6. The number of people who spoke English, not everyone by far, but a huge percentage in the tourist areas.
    7. The abandoned, bullet pocked houses; scars from the war 25 years ago when those Serbians that survived were expelled from the country. It is recent history in Croatia but it made us think of other countries where those that aren't seen as 'indigenous' are the subject of intimidation and violence.
    8. New developments, signs of a tourist industry on its way up.
    9. Stones, and lots of them! Rocky landsacapes supporting not much more than sage, endless dry stone walls, light stone buildings ranging from ancient structures such as Pula's Amphitheatre to tall terraced homes lining narrow stone streets in old town centres.
    10. Our encounters with the numerous cats and dogs roaming free - we did well not to come back with some!
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  • Day155

    Graz, Austria

    November 28, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    After finding one more closed Slovenian stopover, we crossed the border into Austria. There were booths and officials at the border but no passport checks in place.

    The water was turned off at the two Austrian stopovers we tried but we did manage to empty the toilet at one. The need for water becoming more pressing, we decided to head to the €21 a night stopover in Graz that prided itself on being open all year round. On the way we passed a number of houses with Christmas decorations, including leafless garden trees sporting large shining baubles. Small Christmas trees strung with fairy lights stood outside individual shops in towns beneath lights put up by the local authority.

    It was with almost ecstatic relief that we pulled into the large Graz site, turned the fresh water tap and saw that it worked! There were 160 pitches and we couldn't resist parking at number 122, the number of our old home in Netherton. We booked in for 2 nights, giving us plenty of time to make use of the good quality showers, washing machines and tumble dryer :)

    The manager had given us Graz brochures, including one for advent and a bus map. He has circled the stop we were near as well as the central depot so we decided to give it a go and headed to the bus stop, hoping this public transport excursion would go better than the one in Dubrovnik. The buses came every 7 minutes so we didn't need to wait long. Upon boarding we saw there was an information screen with audio announcements that tracked our progress - brilliant!

    Getting off (at the correct stop!) we made a beeline for the Christmas markets. There were about a dozen in total and instead of the huge 'super market' like in Birmingham, they were intimate collections of around a dozen stalls secreted away in small squares. Each specialised in something different, such as handmade items, colours from around the world or the children's Wonderland. The air was infused with Glühwein spices mixed with a little smoke from chestnuts roasting on open fires. We treated ourselves and warmed our hands around steaming mugs of Glühwein.

    As the sun set and the lights were turned on, they'd focussed on the classic fairy lights instead of different coloured LEDs and there were lots of real trees and pine foliage. The effect was to create a warm and classical atmosphere. The main street had hundreds of lit up trees suspended upside down in a grid that criss crossed above the road. The markets had been quiet when we arrived but the atmosphere livened up as the evening progressed. After searching on Will's Maps.Me app, we managed to find the square that contained a nativity scene ice sculpture. Though it hadn't had any signs directing people to it, it was an amazing piece of art.

    We finished the evening off with another mug of Glüwein, fish and chips for Will (just not the same as the ones back home) and a Baumkuchen for Vicky (a dough string spiralled around a cone then toasted and dipped in cinnamon sugar).

    We bussed it back to the site feeling warm, happy and very Chrismassy!
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  • Day41

    Abstecher nach Graz

    June 15, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Am Morgen standen aufgrund der Empfehlung von Warmshower Alfred mehrere Routen zur Auswahl. Jo entschied sich für ein Kompromiss aus Entfernung 100km, Höhenmeter 2000m und Sehenswertem, wobei maps für die Routeplanung zu Hilfe genommen wurde, was nicht die schlauste Entscheidung war.
    Zwischen Alp und Fischbach im Nichts gab es 5 Wege, aber nur einen im Navi. Dieser entpuppte sich mit der Zeit mehr als Bachlauf mal mit mal ohne Wasser. Fahren war 4km bergauf als auch ein Großteil bergab nicht möglich. Somit gab es die erste Wanderung in den Bergen :) (leider mit Fahrrad). Zur Entschädiung gab es nach der Wanderung ein schönes Panorama, wo Bergbauern Weiden mähten und das Gras zum Trocknen aufhängten.

    In Graz besucht Jo seinen Bruder. In der angenehmen Sommernacht ging es noch zu einem kurzen OKG (Ortskontrollgang) durch den Stadteil Lend mit pulsierenden Straßen, unzähligen Bars und jungen Leuten.

    Hamburg - Graz 2742 km
    Neuer Topspeed 85,66km/h

    Sa ist Pause und So geht es dann mit dem Bus zurück nach Wien an die Donau, von wo aus die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft angefeuert wird und Wi wieder dazustößt. Jo
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  • Day61

    Graz in Austria

    September 12, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Made to Austria. The ride/down down the a mountain range from Kransk Gora was much more open some tight corners but a lot of nice sweepers , good bitumen and and not a lot of traffic. Again beautiful scenery, green with rivers and streams everywhere.

    Graz is a bit of an Industrial city (I was sorta expecting all of Austria to be villages surrounded by green rolling hills) so glad I only stayed the one night. At leasT a good part of the ride here was enjoyable. I did have a good lunch along the way!!!Read more

  • Day228

    Day 229: Exploring Graz

    October 1, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Busy day of exploring today! Graz (pronounced Gratz) is Austria's second-largest city, and the only major place in Austria we hadn't already visited. The old centre is of course a UNESCO world heritage site, so we were keen to check it out!

    Had a hotel breakfast (first time in a long time!), then walked down into the old part of the city (we were staying about a kilometre outside near the train station). We basically just kind of wandered around for the next few hours, soaking in the sites and filming at a few different spots.

    It's quite an interesting mix, since it's much more of a cross-roads than other cities nearby, so you can feel the influence of several different cultures (Germanic from the north, Balkan from the south, Orthodox from the east). It also survived the upheavals of the 19th and 20th centuries (ie mass artillery and bombing) mostly intact, so there are probably more old buildings here than in nearby Vienna.

    Stopped at a nice-looking restaurant for lunch and had some traditional food - Shandos had sausages and I had a mixed meat plate of pork & chicken, some fried and some grilled. With biers, of course. Took a while to get the bill but then we were back out amongst it.

    As there often is, Graz has a large steep rock sticking out of the middle of the city with a castle built on top, so we caught the lift up and checked it out. It was once reckoned as the world's strongest fortress, and even Napoleon with the might of the Grand Armee couldn't capture it. In the end, Graz surrendered anyway as the French threatened to burn Vienna to the ground if they didn't. What a dirty trick!

    After this the fortress was pulled down, so there's actually very little of the battlements left now. Though there is a clock tower perched at the front of the hill which looks very cool. The tower has existed since the 13th century, though obviously the clock was added much later! Also interesting to see that the clock used a large hand for hours and a smaller hand for minutes - when it was installed the concept of "minutes" hadn't been invented and wouldn't have been useful in any case!

    (If you're wondering, "minutes" were only really fleshed out as a concept in the early 19th century with the advent of railways. Prior to this it wasn't really necessary to know the time any more accurately than the hour!).

    Wrapping up our filming we headed back down into the old city, where we chilled out in an outdoor cafe for a while. We'd done a fair bit of walking, and though it wasn't hot it was definitely warm in the sun! Back home where we relaxed for a little while before heading back out to a nearby Asian restaurant for dinner. It was kind of a pan-Asian restaurant, where you could get sushi, Thai curry, Chinese dumplings and so on, so I didn't have great hopes. In the end my Thai curry was OK, nice and spicy but very very oily. The sushi at a nearby table looked good, but I was dubious about ordering raw seafood on a Sunday night in a land-locked country!
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  • Day213

    Übernachtung in Österreich

    May 2, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Die Übernachtung auf einem Stellplatz in Graz bescherrte uns ein teilweise ohrenbetäubendes Gewitter. Da die Blitze ziemlich heftig und auch nah an uns dran waren, haben wir erst einmal gegoogelt, ob das Auto auch mit aufgeklapptem Dach wie ein faradayscher Käfig funktioniert. Ja, tut es! Mit der Info konnten wir dann einigermaßen entspannt schlafen gehen 😋. Milla hatte vor dem Regen viel Spaß auf dem Stellplatz. Nur Daggy konnten wir leider nicht frei laufen lassen, da es im angrenzenden Wald die hochansteckende Fuchsräude gibt.Read more

  • Day1


    December 29, 2014 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ -4 °C

    Auf der Überholspur. Eine ungewöhnliche, schnelle und zugleich bequeme Art, den Schlossberg von Graz zu erklimmen, ist der Schlossberglift. Die ästhetisch äußerst ansprechende Lösung des in das Innere des Berges eingebauten Liftes ist äußerst praktisch, wenn man es etwas eiliger hat oder gerade einmal nicht so gut zu Fuß ist. Die Glaskabinen des Liftes lassen während der Fahrt den Blick auf die beleuchtete Felsstruktur zu – Bergschau von innen.Read more

  • Day18

    Größte historische Waffenkammer der Welt

    August 15, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    32 000 Objekte ...Zeugnis einer konfliktreichen Zeit...das Waffendepot galt als wichtigste Ausrüstungszentrale des habsburgischen Reiches.....

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