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  • Day32

    Boat Trip to Devin Castle

    July 24 in Austria

    Temperatures are almost similar to those that you are experiencing in the UK, and the glorious weather has made for a perfect boat trip along the Danube towards Devin Castle! Fortunately there are several areas on the boat where it's possible to catch a really cooling breeze so we're definitely not melting; we should soon be stopping and have a chance to have a wander around before the return journey.Read more

  • Day34

    Staff Blog - Richard Roper

    July 26 in Austria

    My non teacher friends think that anyone taking 120 teenagers abroad must be absolutely bonkers and can’t understand why anyone would do it. For me it marks the end of a fantastic year with a wonderful bunch of fine young musicians, singers and equally wonderful staff. We have spent the last 9 days making music together and creating memories which will stay with us for the rest of our lives; a great tour to end a great year.
    To those of you who are leaving us I wish you luck in your chosen path and to every one else....see you in September.

    Mr R
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  • Day18

    Hello Austria

    September 16, 2017 in Austria

    We cracked our first 1000km on a section characterized by plenty of hills and heavy wind - and rewarded ourselves with a cocktail in the evening :-)
    From the Greenways, we went onto the Iron Curtain Trail and crossed the 'No Man's Land' between the Iron Curtain and the actual border, whose inhabitants were forcibly removed and their villages demolished. Between 1948 and 1989 a total of 390 people were killed on the Czech part of the border while trying to escape.
    Yesterday, we reached Lower Austria,
    cycled through a large wine-growing area and earned a few curious "Grüß Gott" until we reached our campsite in Pulkau.
    Now we're heading to Vienna and really look forward to meet our host Samuel and spend a few regenerating days.
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  • Day65

    Melk Austria

    August 10, 2017 in Austria

    We stopped at Melk on the way to Vienna. Melk is an Austrian town on the River Danube, west of Vienna. It’s known for the 11th-century Melk Abbey, a vast monastery built high above the town. The Old Town of Melk is quaint and very popular with cycling groups.
    The Abbey is one of the biggest European Baroque ensembles and is UNESCO world cultural heritage listed. It overlooks the Danube. Benedictine monks have been living and working in Melk Abbey since 1089 and work in pastoral care and education (Melk Abbey Secondary School) and organise cultural events.Read more

  • Day173


    December 16, 2016 in Austria

    Kritzendorf was a free stopover just 30 meters away from a train station. We were very close to Vienna and could have hopped on a direct train to visit!

    The thing we'll remember about Kritzendorf is the textile warehouse over the train tracks. We have never seen anywhere with a greater range of fabrics, buttons and ribbon; not even Birmingham rag market! There were two storeys to this huge warehouse and we had to take two trips to take it all in! Like a dressmaker's Aladdin's Cave, there were long walls of floor to ceiling buttons and aisles upon aisles of textiles; Vicky was in heaven! We were very restrained and ended up buying just two meters of a nice grey material with elegant stylised cream heart outlines to make some extra covers for Poppy's bed. The prices were very good and although we only spent €9, they slipped a lovely box of chocolates into our bag for free! Vicky checked afterwards and they weren't even approaching their best before date!Read more

  • Day172

    Heurigen Weingut, Langenlois

    December 15, 2016 in Austria

    After having put a donation in an adapted milk churn for our stay at Ardagger, we emptied our waste, topped our water up at the fountain and set off to fill up with diesel and LPG on route.

    Continuing to follow the course of the River Danube, we were reminded very much of our time beside the River Rhein in Germany. We found ourselves once again in the land of a wide, fast flowing river with long transport barges and glass sided cruise ships, within a valley lined with vine terraces and grand castles.

    We passed a few interesting things on the way, first was a Schnitzel Drive In, something neither of us had seen before, but that Will was sorely tempted by. Second was a three storey school that had placed 4ft square canvasses outside each window. Some displayed numbers between 16 and 25 and others displayed a Christmas image painted by the children. They had turned their school into a giant advent calendar!

    Heurigen Weingut was up on the valley side and reached by very narrow roads. At one point we needed to reverse and turn back when we were faced with a lane that may or may not have been wider than the van, but that had tight bends and 4ft high concrete walls either side with scrape marks along them from others who hadn't been as cautious! The stopover was a quiet gravel car park that you could stay in for free if you ate at the wine producer's restaurant. Thursday just happened to be their rest day so we ended up staying for free.
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  • Day13

    Leaving Vienna

    October 12 in Austria

    We were just singing Willie Nelson's On the Road Again. Nothing quite like a bus load of people singing with the music on the bus at 9 AM. We rotate seats on the bus every day so there is always someone new to talk to. The group picture is everyone who is on the tour except 1 single guy.

  • Day25

    Little Information

    September 26 in Austria

    Just as information:

    This is the Mitas E-07 + Dakar.

    It now ran exactly 9184 Kilometer ( 5706 miles) and there is still some rest! I really love this tyre. Just on wet pavement it could be better but for 100-150€ a pair you got an amazing tyre!

    50% offroad / 50% onroad by mitas
    I did 30% offroad and 70% onroadRead more

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Niederösterreich, Niederoesterreich, Lower Austria, Neder-Oostenryk, Baixa Austria, النمسا السفلى, Niedaöstareich, Ніжняя Аўстрыя, Долна Австрия, লোয়ার অস্ট্রিয়া, Aostria-Izel, Donja Austrija, Baixa Àustria, Dolní Rakousy, Awstria Isaf, Κάτω Αυστρία, Malsupra Aŭstrio, Baja Austria, Alam-Austria, Austria Beherea, نیدراسترایش, Ala-Itävalta, Niederösterreich CoA.svg|60px, Basse-Autriche, An Ostair Ìochdarach, אוסטריה תחתית, Alsó-Ausztria, Ստորին Ավստրիա, Austria Hilir, Infra Austria, Neðra Austurríki, Bassa Austria, ニーダーエステライヒ州, ქვემო ავსტრია, Төменгі Аустрия, 니더외스터라이히 주, Austria Inferior, Nidderéisträich, Žemutinė Austrija, Lejasaustrija, Долна Австрија, Доор Австри, नीडरओस्टराईश, Neder-Oostenrijk, Bassa Àustria, Дæллаг Австри, Dolna Austria, تھلواں آسٹریا, Baixa Áustria, Austria Inferioară, Нижняя Австрия, Нижня Австрія, Bàscia Àustria, Lawer Austrick, Dolné Rakúsko, Spodnja Avstrija, Доња Аустрија, Austria Chini, Иёлати Австрияи поёнӣ, รัฐโลว์เออร์ออสเตรีย, Aşaky Awstriýa, Mababang Austria, Aşağı Avusturya, زیریں آسٹریا, Basa Àustria, Uruubos nga Austria, 下奧地利州

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