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  • Day5


    January 21 in Cambodia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    5. Tag, Kep
    Heute ging's, wieder mal mit dem Bus, nach Kep. Ein verschlafenes Örtchen am Golf von Thailand, kurz vor der vietnamesischen Grenze. Wir haben einen tollem Platz zum Schlafen gefunden. "Casa Kep", betrieben von einer Deutschen und einem Schotten. Zauberhaft und paradiesisch sind die Adjektive, die es perfekt beschreiben. Warum Kep? Natürlich wegen des Essens. Kep ist für seinen Krabbenfang und dessen Zubereitung berühmt. Das durften die Reinhardt s natürlich nicht verpassen.Read more

  • Day29

    Kep, Kambodscha

    March 7, 2017 in Cambodia

    Vom 04.-07.03. sind wir nun im ruhigen und sehr überschaulichen Kep, unserer letzte Station in Kambodscha, etwa 35 km vor der vietnamesischen Grenze. Auch Kep, ähnlich wie Kampot, hat trotz seiner überschaulichen Größe viel zu bieten. Man kann mit dem Fahrrad die Uferpromenade am Meer entlang fahren, auf dem "Crab Market" Fisch essen oder einfach nur die Einheimischen dabei beobachten, wie sie den Fisch zubereiten, räuchern oder grillen. Am 05.03. haben wir uns mit Kian getroffen, der ebenfalls gerade durch Asien reist. Verrückt das man sich auf Reisen irgendwo auf der Welt mit Menschen trifft, mit denen man im Alltag in Deutschland nur selten zusammen kommen konnte, weil die Zeit es oftmals nicht erlaubte. Gemeinsam mit Kian waren wir im etwas kleineren Nationalpark von Kep, haben wilde Affen gesehen, waren Tintenfisch und Garnelen essen und haben uns am Abend bei einem "Angkor Beer" über unsere Reiseerfahrungen ausgetauscht.
    Zuletzt waren Lars und ich in den "Caves", den Höhlen im Umland von Kep. Ein kleiner einheimischer Junge mit wirklich gutem Englisch führte uns durch die Höhlen, erzählte uns von der Geschichte des Drachen, in dessen Magen wir uns demnach in der Höhle befanden. In einer der Höhlen kann man auch schwimmen, da der Wasserstand jedoch durch die momentane Trockenzeit nicht hoch genug war, konnten wir leider nicht baden.
    Damit ist unsere Reise durch Kambodscha tatsächlich schon zu Ende - verrückt! Ein Monat mit vielen tollen Erfahrungen und Eindrücken, freundlichen und lieben Menschen sowie vielfältige Facetten des Landes!
    Heute geht es weiter nach Vietnam, neues Land, neue Eindrücke, neue Menschen - wir sind gespannt und freuen uns darauf! "Åkhun" ("Vielen Dank") Kambodscha 🇰🇭
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  • Day175


    January 10, 2018 in Cambodia

    Meine erste, komplett eigene, Scootertour führt mich von Kampot nach Kep. Ein bisschen Strand, ein bisschen Krabbenmarkt und eine holprige Fahrt durch den Nationalpark. Gekröhnt durch nen nassen Hintern, als uns auf der Rückfahrt der Regen überrascht hat.

    Spaß gemacht hat es aber trotzdem 😉.

    Die Mönche auf dem Bild gehen in Kambodscha übrigens von Geschäft zu Geschäft & segnen dieses gegen eine kleine Spende.

    Hängematten!! Das ist, was Kambodscha für mich ausmacht. JEDER hat ÜBERALL eine Hängematte. Sei es im Tuktuk um die Wartezeit zu versüßen, an jedem Straßenstand, an jeder Marktbude und an jedem Haus. Hängematten gehören überall zur Grundausstattung.
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  • Day53


    November 14, 2014 in Cambodia

    This morning we got on the boat from Phu Quoc to Ha Tien, the Super Dong (ba dum tss)! Then we asked one last time if Dong was an acceptable payment method for goods and services. Upon confirmation we got our Dong out and paid (ba dum tss, ba dum tss!). Imagine childish laughter here...we also estimate that the total of like 3 people will understand and/or laugh about this joke ;).

    Between Vietnam and Cambodia we had to wait a while. We had lunch with an English couple which actually made it worth the wait. On the border we experienced the usual try to gain the additional dollar here or there from us. Boy did the border guard look disappointed ad we whipped out our vaccination certificates without which you allegedly have to pay an extra fee to enter Cambodia. 1 Dollar saved. Yessssssss!

    Now we are in Kep, Cambodia and this is one nice but very small and sleepy town. We are in a very nice hostel which is swarmed by French people. To the nonexistent city center it is quite far but we decided to walk nonetheless until the famous crab market (It was so far that the tuktuk ride back cost us 3 USD). But Claire is allergic to seafood and Karsten doesn't like it, so we had fish and chicken with pepper sauce which was DE-LI-CIOUS. Now we still have to find out what to do here ;).
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  • Day54


    November 15, 2014 in Cambodia

    OK, we reconsidered the part with the nice hostel. Party all night long, giant cockroaches and the air full of weed ;). Oh and as we are writing a big spider crawled along our wall.

    Today, we walked through a complete national park! That sounds like a very impressive feat, but Kep national park is possibly one of the smallest in the world. It was a very nice walk through a habitat of scorpions and giant spiders - none of which we actually encountered.

    In the afternoon we rented a tuktuk to take us to some places. Just the ride on the streets and bumpy roads through green rye fields would have been worth it. Beautiful! First, we went to some old French houses destroyed by the Khmer rouge and not yet restored. After that, we visited the salt fields of Kep. In the dry season, which is officially about to start in a couple of weeks although we didn't have rain for more than a week, sea water is taken here for evaporating and leaving behind its salt. The highlight of the tour was the visit of a organic pepper plantation. We learnt about the differences between green, black, white and red pepper and some tricks of growing pepper. We'll get to that when we come back. The last stop was a little cave where different stalactites took on shapes roughly resembling animals. On the way there dozens of kids where already running and cycling next to our ride offering their guidance through the cave. So you have to pick one but like 5 come with you anyways. The lonely planet says they're practicing their school english which is complete and utter bullshit. They only repeat the phrases they learned which is cute enough and allows them to earn a little extra on the side.

    Only downside on Cambodia so far: fucking dogs!
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  • Day23

    Leaving paradise

    November 3, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Leaving our little bit of paradise this morning back to phnom phen, have accomodation booked at FCC more to come on that in the next day or two, my son has challenged me to a selfie a day those who know me will prob be a little surprised that I even know how to take a selfie 🤳 here are couple first standing in front of the desk in my villa at verandah resort the second outside the entrance to the villa, haha bit serious looking but I'm sure they will improve, there u are my son one a day but started with two 😍Read more

  • Day14

    Part 2: Kep

    March 12, 2018 in Cambodia

    When we got to Kep we went straight to the Butterfly Farm which was so amazing and only $1! We saw so many lovely butterflies including the male striped blue crow which was particularly lovely. We then went walking around the national park, rode along the coast to our final stop for the day, the famous crab market. Apologies in advance to my vegan/ vegetarian readers! I think we got there just in time before the market closed. It was so much fun! We chose crabs that had just been freshly caught and took them to the chef who cooked them for us. Literally the freshest crab I've ever had, so yummy and with the beautiful sunset while having dinner.

    What a fantastic day!! Tomorrow we will journey to our final stop in Cambodia, the capital, Phnom Penh.
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  • Day6

    Crab town

    October 4, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The bus journey was surprisingly uneventful until David panicked, having realised we had underestimated how far we had to travel once getting off the bus by a margin of around 100km. We buried our heads in the sand and went back to sleep to then be woken in Sihanoukville by 4 locals crammed in the single bed opposite. We departed the bus in the pouring rain with the plan to find another bus to get to Kampot, part of the way we needed to go. Due to being tired and wet we instead bartered with the local taxi mafia and secured what we thought was an aircon car. As we were led to our next mode of transport we realised the last 5 dollars we bartered got us the downgrade to a new form of tuk tuk - the modified car tuk tuk - for the three hour drive, which included a stop to pick up a mysterious white bag from a lady and a second to drop it off next to a temple, at this point realising it was a large dead bird in the bag. No words were exchanged to explain this.
    We finally arrived to our next home, a wooden shack on stilts with open windows and cracks, only cold water and a non-flushing toilet. The bed had holey mosquito net around it which we hid our bags under. We headed for the shower to find a family of frogs occupying it...we were unsure if we were laughing or crying.
    After cooling and cleaning off we headed out to explore the new town. Kep is a cute sleepy seaside town famous for its crab market. We wandered through the main stretch of the town to find breakfast/lunch - stopping at the first decent place this time, filled with locals watching a Chinese movie and one other tourist group.
    By the time we got to the end of town we had acquired a young follower - a local girl obsessed with saying hello and goodbye to us - who we said our final bye to as we hopped into a tuk tuk back to our bungalow. Despite our bodies begging for rest, we then headed back out on a hike through the national park to a temple on a hill which gave us a perfect view over the town and sea. We got back before dark to cool off again before having a drink before dinner. The owner of the place arranged for us to get a free pick up to one if the famous crab restaurants that had a seaview. David got 3 crabs with local black pepper and sweet chilli sauces, which he smoothly ate with a little help from wikipedia. Kerry was more cautious and got the chicken with the local green pepper sauce. We headed back to our wooden shack to get some shut eye ready for next day of surprises.
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  • Day4


    April 15, 2017 in Cambodia

    After our quite tiring couple days in Mondulkiri, Kampot was a pleasant pause. It was different from any other place we had been to in Cambodia. Hosting a beautiful long lake with many cafes and quiet roads. We strolled along the river and saw the sun reflecting on the water. We ate some tasty food and I indulged in a few milkshakes! But most of all... a half pint of beer was only 50 cent! So we definitely filled our guts! We drank pretty much every evening at the same little cafe and so did the other locals and expats. We saw the same faces at this cafe also drinking and taking advantage of the very very cheap beer.....I mean 30p pretty much to us. Kampot is also known for pepper...they did have a pepper farm which ya could go see but it ain't really our thing haha. But I did try the famous pepper in the form of a pepper burger which was yum...I had it twice! The hotel also had a roof terrace which me and katie sat on most days to top up our tans and listen to music while watching the lake. It was so relaxing! And so much more peaceful and easy to walk around then other towns.Read more

  • Day13

    Kep kep kep kep !

    November 1, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Bonjour à tous !

    Aujourd'hui nous avons décidé d'aller faire un tour dans une plantation de poivre, endroit recommandé par nos hotes, entre Kampot et Kep. Pour s'y rendre, fini les routes goudronnées, nous voilà parti sur une piste quelque peu cabossée : Entre poids lourds perdu dans ces chemins, trous, bosses et Cambodgiens à éviter, vous vous en doutez, cela fut donc un véritable terrain de jeux pour nous ;)
    Nous voilà enfin arrivés à "La Plantation" (et oui, comment être plus originale, quand on est un couple franco-belge et que l'on décide de faire une plantation de poivre au Cambodge ?), la plus grande exploitation de poivre du cambodge. Nous voila donc parti au travers de ces cultures, apprenant comment est extrait le poivre... autant vous dire qu'avec nos têtes, vous êtes pas prêt d'en savoir plus ! Par contre, gustativement parlant, on se souvient que nous avons passé 30min a gouter du poivre en essayant de se souvenir de la différence de goût avec le poivre précédent. Un bien belle aventure.

    Petit trip en canoë dans la Green Cathédral des mangroves du coin pour se délasser un peu avant de reprendre la route pour Kep, village marin spécialisé dans les fruits de mer. C'est ici que nous avons participé à la décrabisation du monde en mangeant deux individus tout à fait innocents, cependant fort succulents. Après un coucher de soleil sur la mer, nous rallions Kampot et notre hutte non sans peur. Rouler de nuit sur une nationale se révèle risqué. Beaucoup de deux roues roulent sans feux dans le noir complet, certaines voitures n'allument pas non plus leur feux (économie ?) et d'autres font demi tour en plein milieu de la route avec un lampe frontale en guise de phare. On ne parlera pas des trous dans l'asphalte et des remorques garées sur la route.

    Bref, plein de belles choses, de découvertes, de surprises et de bonheur :)

    Prochain article sûrement à la capitale vers laquelle nous allons retourner quelques jours.

    Bisous à vous qui nous lisez !

    Ps: Si vous mettez des commentaires, n'oubliez pas de signer. Ça nous fait quand même plaisir mais quand on ne sait pas qui écrit c'est un peu dommage :)
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