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  • Day131

    Alles roger in Kambodscha?!?

    July 24 in Cambodia

    Auf dem Landwege (mit Bus und zu Fuss) passieren wir den Thailändisch - Kambodschanischen Grenzübergang. Die „Brücke der Freundschaft“, die diese einst verfeindeten Staaten verbindet, erschreckt uns zunächst beim Anblick von soo viel Müll im Fluss, der deswegen wohl sogar toxisch sein soll. 😱 Trotz aller online Horrorgeschichten was beim Passieren der Ländergrenzen alles schief laufen kann, ist bei uns dank der Hilfe der Busagentur alles glatt gelaufen.

    Generell wirkt Kambodscha auf den ersten Blick unterentwickelter als Thailands ärmere Ecken. Arbeit, die sonst „schon“ Maschine oder Tier verrichten, scheinen hier noch von Menschenhand erledigt zu werden (z.B. Ziehen von Handkutschen). Wie wir später erfahren, soll es wohl auch nur um die Stadt Siem Reap, in der wir aufgrund der Nähe zu Angkor Wat wohnen, eine Müllabfuhr geben. Sonst landet überall halt alles auf den (Wasser-)Strassen. Sehr traurig! Doch dass man weniger Umweltbewusstsein und ein ganz anderes Verständnis von Müllentsorgung hat als viele „westliche Staaten“, haben wir leider schon viel zu oft auf den Stationen unserer Weltreise feststellen müssen.
    Apropos Wasser: wenn‘s hier mal regent, dann so richtig! Zwar nur für kurze Zeit immer mal wieder über den Tag verteilt, aber die Strassen stehen danach komplett unter Wasser.

    Die Kambodschaner scheinen ein recht freundliches Volk zu sein, das überraschend gut Englisch spricht. Und sogar einen Deutschen treffen wir hier als Hotelangestellten an. Dieser Weltenbummler fortgeschrittenen Alters aus Bayern verbringt immer wieder mehrer Monate im Jahr in Kambodscha, diesmal um seiner Bekannten bei der Eröffnung ihres neuen Hotels zu helfen... also um ein wenig deutsche Ordnung in das asiatische Chaos zu bringen. 😅 Er erzählt uns auch immer gern und ganz unverblümt vom Leben und Leiden in diesem Land. Sehr interessant und auch oft krasse Stories! Wir lauschen immer ganz gespannt wie bei Kapitän Blaubeers Märchenstunde. 😉
    Zu unserer riiiiesen Freude hat er auch deutsche Gerichte auf die Speisekarte gesetzt. Nach all den Nudeln und Reis der letzten Wochen/ Monate können wir unseren Augen kaum trauen, als wir Currywurst Pommes sowie Wienerschnitzel & Co. auf der Speisekarte lesen. Selbstverständlich wird genau dies auch an einem Abend bestellt, und das war wirklich das beste Schnitzel, dass Maggi je hatte! Hut ab und ein grosses Lob an die kambodschanische Küchenfee! 🥩🥗🍟🍗🍻 Zum Frühstück gibt‘s sogar frisches Baguette. Ein Traum! Das sind die kleinen Freuden des Lebens!! 🥖🍳🥞🍍

    Die Bilder spiegeln unsere ersten, sehr gemischten Einblicke in das Land wieder:
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  • Day3

    Kambodscha - Siem Reap

    October 11 in Cambodia

    1. Tag in Kambodscha:
    Die Einwohner selbst nennen sich Khmer. Obwohl sie eine eigene Währung besitzen (1 Euro ~ 4700 Riel) ist es üblich hier in US Dollar zu zahlen. Riel Münzen gibt es dabei aber leider nicht mehr. Heute sind wir mit dem Tuktuk in ein Dorf gefahren, wo wir ein echtes Khmer Abendessen bekommen haben. Viel Reis, Reisnudeln und Fleisch. Zum Glück gabs aber auch vegetarisches Curry und Gemüse. Eine Spezialität hier ist Amok...hierbei wird verschiedenstes in Kokosmilch in einem Bananenblatt gekocht (siehe Foto). Sehr empfehlenswert, wenn man kein zu scharf/würziges erwischt :)
    Auch interessant ist, dass jedes Haus einen eigenen Schrein zum Schutz vor bösen Geistern hat.
    Morgen steht der große Angkor Wat Tempel bereits um 5 Uhr Früh am Programm :)
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  • Day77

    Lilys Secret Garden

    April 21 in Cambodia

    We talked about taking a cooking class when we were over here. It’s a good way to meet people but also to learn the culture and, well, get better at cooking, and so you can make the same dishes you love here, at home.
    Jackie found an awesome home cooking class, that, turns out is literally right behind the hotel, two streets over, called Lily’s Secret Garden. The place is run by Lily, a Cambodian chef as far as we can tell, and her husband Chris, a Belgian who has a flare for business, maybe.
    Chris picked us up in a tuktuk at our hotel and took us to the local market to buy the ingredients for whatever we were cooking. This is the market where only locals shop...astounding place. We took our groceries to Lily’s to meet the chef. I think we all thought she was the one doing the cooking class. They had another character, Darwin, a Cambodian with a great sense of humour. Also a chef at a local high end restaurant.
    Stay tuned for an invite to Cambodian night.
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  • Day16

    Siem Reap, Kambodscha

    50 minutes ago in Cambodia

    Wir sind recht problemlos von Ho Chi Minh
    City in 45 min nach Siem Reap geflogen. Die Kontrollen am Flughafen waren aber ziemlich langwierig.
    Vom Flughafen wurden wir per Motorrad-Tuk-Tuk von der Unterkunft abgeholt.
    Das Hotel Pavillon d'Angkor ist toll, stylistisch absolut unser Geschmack (allerdings sehr modern europäisch).
    Für morgen haben wir für 20$ eine Ganztagestour nach Angkor Wat und Umgebung angemeldet. Wir sind gespannt.Read more

  • Day61

    Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, Cambodia

    February 22, 2017 in Cambodia

    Temples, cathedrals, mosques, monuments, shrines...we've seen a lot over the last few months of traveling and we've learned that we enjoy them...but we also learned that we don't need to see them all. Angkor Wat was the one you can't miss in this category when you travel to Southeast Asia so this was pretty much our religious site grand finale for this trip.

    It is the world's largest religious monument stretching 402 acres built by the Khmer Empire. Most were originally Hindu temples but later converted to Buddhist and some back and forth again by the ruling kings through history. Interestingly, India had a large influence in SE Asia, and particularly in Cambodia starting around the first century, which is evident in many of the carvings and details in the temples.

    We woke up at 4am to see the sunrise at the temple and avoid the crowds. While the sunrise was beautiful, the crowds were still in full force and somewhat took away from the experience- but I suppose that's a bit hypocritical to say as a tourist. We did the short circuit tour with a guide who was a monk in his earlier life. It was a solid 10 hour day but many people spend multiple days there and still don't see it all. It was worth spending the extra money for a guide as he provided a lot of insight to the temples' religious history and into the modern day culture which we learned there is still tension between Cambodia and its neighbors Vietnam and Thailand who have abused the Cambodian people through history by taking their land and even seizing control of Angkor Wat at one point in time and still calling it a creation of their people.

    The temples were all impressive and reminded us of some of the detailed carvings from India and the size and magnitude of Egypt. Over the last one thousand years since their creation they seemed to have held up well. Our favorite was the "Tomb Raider" temple which is overgrown with giant trees. The roots of the trees flow between the sandstone bricks and are slowly destroying the temple, but it makes for one of the coolest man-made/mothernature combinations you'll ever see.

    After a long and very hot day in the stagnant Cambodian heat we recovered in our Hostel's pool. Siem Reap was an interesting city with a lot of tourists, backpackers, expats, and plenty of entertainment along Pub Street with clubs, karaoke bars, and mobile bars blaring YouTube music videos and pouring cocktails from their bicycle carts.

    Although our visit to Cambodia was short we felt like we saw what we needed to and got to check another country off the list!
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  • Day76

    EoCambo Residence

    April 20 in Cambodia

    We have had pretty good luck with accommodation. Really only one place where the room may have not met everyone’s standard. We stayed at the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanoukville and were extremely impressed. The place we are in now must have taken the cream of the crop from that group and brought them here. The service is impeccable. They love to hear how your day was, what your plans are for the next day, every whim, they are on it.
    The rooms are spotless, hot water, no smell, no insects and they literally run to to help you out, simply awesome. EoCambo Residence, street 22, downtown eastside, Siem Reap.
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  • Day77


    April 21 in Cambodia

    There is a school in Battambang, (say it like Battumbong) that takes disadvantaged kids and develops their musical, dancing, acting and acrobatic skills. To raise money for the school they put on cirque du soleil type shows.
    It’s just outside of town a few minutes in a tiny little dome circus tent kind of thing, holds maybe 300 people?
    But for the price of admission you get a fabulous show of daring acts, acrobatics, dancing, and singing. It’s actually really good and totally worth it. If you want the ultimate in entertainment pay for the front row, otherwise save your riel and get the seats on the side.
    There’s beer and popcorn too, what more could you want?
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  • Day79

    Just another day in Cambodia

    April 23 in Cambodia

    Because we like to keep our travel plans open, we don’t book anything in advance and kinda let the trip take us wherever we wanna go. Works well for us, mostly. Eight months ago when we booked the trip to Singapore and then home from Manila we didn’t give much consideration to how or when we would book a flight from wherever we were at the end of the vacation to get to Manila. And this revelation hit us just the day before we needed to be in Manila to catch the flight home.
    And when we did look into it months ago, to fly from Siem Reap, say to Manila, it was about $80 per person. That’s really good. If you wait until the day before that price goes up. We hoped to just fly to Shanghai and make our connection there with our original booking and not have to go to Manila at all and give us an extra day in Cambodia. China Eastern Airline, while being an awesome airline for the actual flying part, aren’t so hot with their customer service, we actually still haven’t heard back from them.
    So Robert and I set out to find the China Eastern Office in Siem Reap and straighten things out. Now, many of the tuktuk drivers don’t speak English, and from what i can tell some don’t read either. And the streets are seldom signed, if at all. And every bloody road looks the same as the last, so we weren’t any help either. Three tuktuks later, and stopping for directions three times, we accidentally stumbled on the China Eastern Airline offices. They were closed.
    Little did we know, when the girls took off at the same time as us, for a yoga class, they had the exact same “issue” with their tuktuk as well. It’s all a a work in progress.
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  • Day79

    Our Last Night in Town

    April 23 in Cambodia

    We still had to pick up a couple gifts and souvenirs, and get another damn massage...there are massage places everywhere!! And Amber needed a pair of sandals; she blew out her last pair walking around the temples.
    So we went down to the night market, though it was daytime and bummed around down there. We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe to see a live band. Of all the places to eat and drink in Cambodia, I’m pretty sure we found the most expensive.
    But the band was awesome. ROCKSTORM, local Cambodians playing all your favourite metal hits from the nineties. Absolute riot, check ‘em out next time you’re here.
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  • Day76

    Night Market and Pub Street

    April 20 in Cambodia

    Like all SE Asian towns and cities, theres a night market where they sell all the same stuff on one street as the other. Lights and loud music and people everywhere. It’s a spectacle not to be missed. The one in Siem Reap is a little smaller than the ones you’re used to but fun nonetheless. Adjoining the night market at one end is the Pub Street. A couple of streets that cross cross each other, with yet more lights and much louder thumping music. Hundreds of places to eat, drink and shop, you can even watch small children dancing on stage. Cambodians exploit children like no other. We walked around for a bit and had a beer on the second floor of some place to people watch, which is always great fun.Read more

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