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  • Day70

    Angkor Wat at Sunrise

    August 12 in Cambodia

    It was a magnificent sunrise at Angkor Wat this morning. After that temple, we went to two others, including the one overtaken by trees and used in Angelina Jolie's film "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider."

    We got back to the hostel about 1139, so I've just finished a quick lunch and now I'm off for a nap. After the pool party yesterday, getting up at 0345 this morning hurt.

    Out for now. ✌️

  • Day5

    Cambodia - Siem Reap Day 2

    May 17 in Cambodia

    Ok so today we got up relatively early and headed off to the temples. It was soooooo hot by the time we arrived but we pressed on. Sometimes I think we are getting old, no never (haha). We went to Angkor Wat first which was massive and absolutely amazing. Saw the mix of religions and had a guide who explained the history. Our guide said it was a quiet day but still about 1,000 people there. We walked through the Wat but came back along the moat where it was cooler and less tourists. We then went to an old Wat where they are renovating it where it has been over taken by the jungle and you can see trees growing around and on top of the buildings. Incredible to see and the blocks of rock that were moved to build these structures were massive. We were exhausted by the time we returned to the hotel, spent the afternoon by the pool and sleeping! Went out to dinner to Mali’s which is run by the top chef in Cambodia. It was amazing, food was fantastic and we had so much we walked home, without getting lost and collapsed on the bed. Love Siem Reap!Read more

  • Day20

    1. Tag Angkor Wat

    November 16, 2017 in Cambodia

    Heute war Aufstehen um 04.30 Uhr angesagt, denn unser Tuk Tuk Fahrer Ra hat uns um 05.00 Uhr zu unserer Tempelbesichtigungstour in Angkor Wat abgeholt.
    5.50 Uhr warten wir dann am Sras Srang auf einen phänomenalen gut die Sonne ging auf und es war auch schön.
    Nach einem etwas gwöhnungsbedürftigen Frühstück im "Floating Bed" ging es dann zum Ta Prohm auch als Tomb Raider Tempel bekannt.
    Wir haben den Mund nicht mehr zu bekommen....300 bis 400 Jahre alte Bäume sind mit ihren riesigen Wurzeln mit den alten Tempeln verwachsen. Was für ein Anblick...Wahnsinn. Wir haben nur noch fotografiert.

    Danach ging es zum Bayon und zum Angkor Thom....diese Tempel und die Elefantenterasse waren wieder auf eine ganz andere Art beeindruckend.

    Unsere Köpfe und auch die Speicher unserer Kameras waren mittlerweile so voll, die Sonne so heiß, unsere T-Shirts schon so nass und die Besucherzahl so rapide gestiegen, dass wir beschlossen für heute unsere Tempeltour zu beenden
    Nach kurzer Erholung auf der Dachterasse unseres Hotels stürzten wir uns in das Getümmel von Siem Riap. So viele Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Street Food, Musik und Menschen aus aller Welt.....das pure Leben, Freude, Offenheit, Party...
    Wenn man wollte , konnte man hier jetzt gegrillte Schlange am Spieß, gegrillte Scorpione, Würmer, Vogelspinnen und anderes probieren....den Verkäufern hat es zumindest sichtlich geschmeckt....
    Marc und ich hatten die Tage keinen Appetit auf diese Köstlichkeiten und haben Papayasalat, Mangosalat, Amok und Chicken Curry vorgezogen.;-)
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  • Day4

    Cambodia - Siem Reap

    May 16 in Cambodia

    After an incredibly short flight we arrived in Siem Reap. Basically got up in the air and the pilot; who was female and named Helen announced that we were preparing for landing! We spent more time in the airport than in the air. We arrived and it was wonderful. Siem Reap was much more relaxed than Phonm Penh and we arrived at a wonderful hotel, and the lady who checked us in was great and gave us heaps of information. We settled in then decided to go for a walk to the night market for dinner and do a bit of exploring. Well I had the worst glass of wine, Pete thought it was poison, it was just old and very yellow. Note to self - drink cocktails not wine! Had a wander round and then decided to find somewhere for dinner and head back to the hotel. Ok so we got completely lost and ended up on quiet back streets trying to find our way home. Eventually stumbled across our street and found a restaurant nearby for a late dinner. They only supplied beer but we had tonic and finally managed to get him to pour some gin (or maybe it was only water !!) anyway it was a good dinner and a bit of an adventure. Off to the temples in the morning.Read more

  • Day19

    Phnom Penh nach Siem Riap mit dem Boot

    November 15, 2017 in Cambodia

    Heute starteten wir unseren Tag schon um 06.00 Uhr. 😮 Unser Speedboot von Phnom Penh nach Siem Riap ging um 07.30 Uhr. ( Preis 70 US Dollar für uns beide) 6 Stunden Bootsfahrt mit hoher Geschwindigkeit auf dem Mekong und durch den Tonle See, Südostasiens grössten See und einer der fischreichsten Binnengewässer der Erde. Im Tonlesee kommen fast 200 Fischarten vor. Der Mekong war schon sehr sehr breit, aber beim Tonlesee haben wir stundenlang kein Ufer gesehen, ab und an mal einen Fischer in seinem kleinen Boot. Wie beeindruckend....
    Kurz vor unserer Ankunft sehen wir dann schwimmende Dörfer......eine ganz andere Lebensweise.
    Am "Pier" erwartete uns schon unser Tuk Tuk Fahrer Ra. Vorbei an Lotusblütenfeldern, Reisfeldern mit Wasserbüffeln, Hütten verschiedener Art, die unter anderem für arme Kinder kostenlose Schlafmöglichkeiten in Hängematten angeboten haben, vorbei an Tempeln und schöner Natur kamen wir dann am Nachmittag in unserem Hotel OK1 Villa an. So viele Eindrücke....
    Und unser Hotel ist super schön für 14,00 € die Nacht mit Roof Top Bar und Swimmingpool. 😃😊

    Weswegen sind wir hier? Wir wollen Angor What sehen...
    Also haben wir gleich mal alles organisiert für die nächsten zwei Tage. Tickets besorgt, die gibt es gleich mit Foto von einem- für 3 Tage für 62 US Dollar je Person-...und den Preis mit Ra unserem Tuc Tuc Fahrer verhandelt für 2 Tage. (35 US Dollar)
    Und dann haben wir uns Siem Riap angeschaut....ein Trubel...Restaurants, Geschäfte, Street Food, Massagen....alles da...sehr lebhaft, bunt und schön. Und für 3 US Dollar mit unbegrenzter Zeit gönne ich mir (Kerstin) eine Fisch -Fuss- Massage....
    Da wir morgen früh schon um 05.00 Uhr nach Angor What fahren, damit wir auch ja zum Sonnenaufgang
    um 06.00 Uhr da sind, beschliessen wir den Abend auf der coolen Dachterasse am Pool mit Cocktails.🍸🍹
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  • Day3

    Angkor Archaeological Park

    March 1 in Cambodia

    The next day we got up at 3:50am to begin our full packed day of seeing the Angkor heritage site. First stop Angkor Wat for Sun Rise. It was really lovely. Our expectations were provably set a bit ridiculously high but it was truly lovely when the sun rose over the central tower.

    We then went to see Banteay Srei which was 37km from the main site and unfortunately it was really spoilt with the swarms of screeching and pushing Chinese tourists,which was a shame but I would recommend it even if though you have to travel far. Banteay Srei is a 10th century temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. It is the only temple made of sandstone which allows for the intricate wall carvings.

    Next we went to to Pre Rup, East Mebon, Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som which were part of the outskirts of the Angkor site and had very few visitors. Personally Preah Khan and Neak Pean were by far my favourite as they were still true ruins with little to no restoration and set in a lake and jungle surrounding. It was beginning to get very very hot and quite difficult to keep going, but being who we are we did not give up.

    The next stop was the very famous and ancient city of Angkor Thom which holds the iconic Bayon temple which is known for the giant stone faces that surround the towers. There are 54 towers each with 4 faces, a total of 216 intricate faces. We were beginning to get very weary.

    It was now the hottest part of the day and although we had been waiting all day to see this masterpiece is was a true killer. We then plodded on to Baphuon, the Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King. I was soooo thankful to see the smiling face and waving tuk tuk driver. I sat down feeling like absolute death to be honest. But this still wasn't the last stop. Our tuk tuk driver looked at us and said he's more than happy to take us home as we must have looked like a right pair! We were drenched from sweat, our hair was all over the place, we were just a mess.

    We had a quick wee break and then headed to our final destination, Angkor Wat for the 3rd time in 24 hours. Although we'd already seen 90% of it we hadn't climber to the top of the center, where we were told there were incredible views of the site. So we powered on through ran straight to the middle and got to the top. It was really lovely, I wouldn't say it was quite worth it for a 3rd visit, but still.

    We decided not to stay for sunset and headed back to the hostel. Our tuk tuk drivers was absolutely incredible he showed us way more temples that we expected and was just so patient, flexible and hospitable to our needs.

    Now normal people would then go back to the hostel have a shower, maybe have dinner and then go to bed (we could barely walk...). Nope not us... We had booked a sleeper bus to take us to the Cambodian Islands. This was initially a romatised idea of well we can save money and we will sleep really well as we were so exhausted and then we will wake up rested, get a ferry to the islands, be able to find a hostel super easily and then be checked in and ready for a swim by lunch. Gosh were we wrong...
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  • Day1

    To Cambodia!

    February 27 in Cambodia

    It's time to move on to our 3rd country in approx 6 weeks. The Laos- Cambodia border is also known as Scambodia. Throughout our time in Laos we have heard absolute horror stories of how people have been scammed at the border or had to wait for hours if they didn't just pay up the scam etc. Let's just say we have not been looking forward to today! We booked our bus from the Cambodian border to take us to Siem Reap so all we need to do is take a boat to the main island and then tuk tuk to the border for 10:30am for the bus pick up... Simple. We decided to leave at the crack of dawn to give plenty of time incase of any scams or holdups.

    Firstly we jumped on the boat off Don Khon to go to Bangkok Nakasang on the mainland. Destination 1 Complete.

    We arrived on the mainland with sooo many tuk tuks offering a lift to the border for 20,000 Kip, approx £20. Outrageous, so we confidently declined. We were told we should pay between 50-70,000 kip. We hadn't had breakfast and had no snacks for our long journey so grabbed some fresh steamed dumplings, a doughnut, fruit and snacks. We walked to the bus station to find it closed. A tuk tuk driver came and told us the bus and tuk tuks no longer go to the border as there is now a fine of $20 per traveller on the tuk tuk which has been enforced by the mafia Laos police in the last couple of days. For the first time we actually felt sorry for the tuk tuk drivers as they are now completely out of business! In the end he offered to take us 4km from the border and then said we can walk the rest of the way. It wasn't the ideal situation but suited us fine. We actually felt happy to have found an honest tuk tuk!! So first he took us to the money exchange and then off we go in our tiny lawnmower tuk tuk.

    All was going so well for the first 15 mins, super happy we hadn't been scammed yet and on our way to check point two. However, all of a sudden he stopped the tuk tuk and said he can't go any further and would only take us to the waterfall which was about 11km from the border, approx 3 hour walk, for $20 each... We were outraged and stood our ground. I think he realised we were not going to budge, literally, so he happily carried on to our agreed destination without any further hassle. Although he tried that initial scam we were happy with his general honesty and he was very apologetic about not being able to take us to the border, he genuinely seemed quite scared of the police to be honest. So Destination 2,the border, not quite complete.

    We then began our 50 min walk. To be honest it wasn't that bad, it was still coolish as it was only 8:30am and as we are pretty quick we got there in 40 mins. Destination 2 Complete!

    Next stop, making our way through the border scam free... Now this was supposed to be the more difficult bit... but as it was so early we were the only tourists there and although very nervous we got through in no time and didn't pay a single penny more than we were expected! The one eventful happening was when Will had to give his fingerprints. Bless him, the fingerprint scanner couldn't detect any fingerprints on any of his fingers. The guys at the immigration were trying to push his fingers down to make it work. Eventually he just laughed at waved him on. Destination 3 Complete!

    We found our bus driver straight away that and said the bus will leave at 11:45am. We had a good hour and half to just chill out, drink a pineapple shake and eat some lunch before heading to Siem Reap on the bus.

    Just a side note, before I came here I didn't really like pineapples, I'm now obsessed, a day without a pineapple shake is like being on holiday without having an ice cream! Criminal!

    So now to complete the journey to our final destination. The ticket we bought was specifically a ticket for the bus that uses the newly built road which shaves off a couple of hours off the travel time. Oh my god what a dream! OK sure it felt like we were constantly melting and the minivan wasn't the comfiest but the road, oh the road!! It was sooo smooth!!! We were on our first normal road in 6 weeks and we'd forgotten that its not normal to constantly be thrown out of your seat due to gravel and pot holes. OK so I wrote the above paragraph a couple of hours ago... I'm now sadly having to update our perfect trip. So we are supposed to arrive at 7pm and it's now 5:30pm. I'm not sure if the driver is running late for dinner or needs a wee but he's suddenly driving like a maniac!! He is not stopping for anyone, constantly beeping to tell people to move out the way and overtaking everything even if there's oncoming traffic. The last hour and half of the journey so pretty rough! But hey we got to Siem Reap safe and sound and the bus company organise personal tuk tuks to your hostel which was great!

    For dinner we had a quick look on Google and we saw the Bug Cafe. Well when in SEA! If intrigued look up bug cafe, Siem Reap on Google. So we read reviews, looked at all the crazy looking pictures and psyched ourselves up for some crazy food. We got to the cafe and it was closed! Disaster, but we ended up at a really lovely Khmer restaurant and ate yummy, not so crazy, food.

    The next day Will had a tummy bug again so we had a slow day of replenishing our stock of toiletries and clothes and planning the next couple of days and how we would do Angkor Wat. With quite a tight budget it took us a bit longer to organise Angkor Wat but eventually with the help of social media we were recommended a tuk tuk driver who would take us the route we wanted in one day for the price we could afford! We have to wait till Saturday but I really can't wait! In the evening we went to the night Market and I got 2 new tops, a skirt and my third pair of sunglasses. Hopefully they last longer this time! If you've never been to the night market, in particular in Siem Reap, the shop assistants constantly ask "do you want tshirt, do you want skirt, do you want trousers, do you want... " and follow you in your face round the market. I'm not really one for people following me and constantly talking to me when shopping and there was one stall in particular where she wouldn't leave me alone and I cracked and said very politely" actually I just want to be left alone". The woman went ballistic... And told me to get out. Well let's just say I didn't buy anything from her. But it was a very successful day and we bought everything we needed to get. Towards the end of the day Will was feeling pretty rough so we went back to the hostel and I bought a margherita pizza, corn on the cob and a Angkor Beer and he was soon better 😊 The beer was actually for me!

    The next day was a slow day starting with my first poached eggs in 2 months! We then went to visit the War museum. The museum, although quite small, was really heart wrenching. A war veteran who went to war from the age of 9 and nearly died over 9 times, also known as the Cat. He had been injured by an array of weapons including an RPG and AK47. He showed us his wounds, ball bearings and shrapnel that is still under his skin. He told us stories about the number of people in his village that had died due to UXO including children just running in the fields or adults gathering food. It was so sad to hear and see the pictures of people to this day that are still dying due to UXO. The museum is a definite must if you are in Siem Reap. For the rest of the day we just relaxed, ate a late lunch and planned our next steps after Siem Reap.

    Today, 1st March, was full of various chores and planning for Angkor Wat and for our sleeper bus and also finishing off our Siem Reap bucket list.

    Firstly with the chores, we finally found a super cheap laundry service that uses hot, I repeat hot water! You have no idea what a luxury this is so we threw our entire 5kg worth of clothes into the wash. Job 1 done.

    For once we have been planning a bit ahead and we've realised our wonderful Chiang Mai family are now in the southern islands off Cambodia and our next stop is there! It will be great to have a mini reunion. However having looked at price of accomodation it is pretty steep... So we are hoping to find something when we get there... If not guess what we decided to purchase. A HAMMOCK!! One of the guys Charlie felt the accomodation was also too steep so he has spent the last couple of days in his own hammock, so we decided why not try it haha Job 2 done.

    After a late lunch we went to see the beautiful Angkor Wat at sunset. For those that haven't been you can either get a one day or 3 day pass. The full site is 400 acres of land, it is unbelievably epic! Of you get time please read or watch a documentary about it, just astounding! We decided to get the one day as you can get it at 4:30pm the day before and then the full day after. So we decided to go crazy and try and do it one day, well the main sites anyway. Having watched the documentary the other day I knew that the site was big and I suppose I knew what it looked like but wowee. When you actually see it. It's just breath taking. As we only had an hour and half before closure we basically ran round the whole place to make the most of our pass and we decided not to go tomorrow and go to others instead. By the end we were being escorted and whistled off the premises with a couple of others hanging on to the dear end. But we saw everything we wanted to see and it was just epic. We then waited till sunset which was also lovely. I am so unbelievably excited for our day tomorrow.

    When we got back as it was our last proper evening we decided to try the bug cafe again. We ordered the tasting plate which has water beetle, crickets, silk worms, scorpion, tarantula and ants. When the plate came although yes it looked odd it didn't look as scary as in the pics and actually they were very easy to eat! Water beetle and silk worm were the nicest to eat and scorpion was very bitter with a slight liver texture. Well at least I can say when insects become the future for protein I'm ready!
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  • Day3

    1. Stopp Kambodscha: Siem Reap

    October 11, 2017 in Cambodia

    Nach spannendem Umsteigen in den zweiten Flieger (20 Minuten zwischen Landung und Boarding des Verbindungsflugs), hatte ich diesmal nach rechts viel Platz. Das Flugzeug war nur halb besetzt.

    Leichte Bewölkung mit Sonne und 29 Grad begrüßen mich in Siem Reap.

    Angekommen im Onederz Hostel, trinke ich meinen ersten Fruit Juice und überlege mir wie ich die nächste Tage gestalten will. Nach einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt hole ich ein paar Stunden Schlaf nach. Nach dem Duschen suche ich ein Restaurant fürs Abendessen. Pünktlich zum Essen schüttet es wie aus Eimern.Read more

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