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  • Day160

    We arrived in Punta Arenas, Patagonia, without issue except one guy's luggage didn't make it. He's supposed to get it by tonight, but since our hotel is 250 kilometers away from the airport, I don't think he's holding his breath. We drove past the Straights of Magellan. Wow.

    Today, we're touring Torres del Paine National Park. We've seen wild guanacos (llama), nandu (ostrich), ibis, geese, flamingos, and black-necked swans. We stopped at a small lake that one of only four places in the world that has Stromatolite, coral fossils that are 4 trillion years old.

    Right now, we're at Mirador Salto Grande, the beautiful waterfalls.

    Patagonia reminds me of Wyoming and Montana, a land of harsh beauty. I could spend a long time here.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day108

    Today we trekked a long 13km in 6 hours. Our backpacks were heavy (20kgs) but we managed to make it to camp without any injuries. Scenery was magnificent with better views than yesterday. We saw some small avalanches and could hear bigger ones further along the valley.

  • Day37

    TDP - Day 3

    April 27, 2015 in Chile

    Backpack free day (mostly)! Thank goodness!

    Today we hike up to viewpoint Britanico, a 5 hour round trip from Camp Italiano so we can leave our heavy packs behind.. Hurray! Still a rushed day though as we still need to pack up camp and head to the next camp site (Camp Cuernos) after that. 8.5hours all up!

    The scenery has changed quite a bit though, beautiful vast lakes and greenery, and a pebblestone beach. Camp Cuernos is a powered campsite so we enjoy cooking indoors in the kitchen provided and attempt (and fail) to dry our soggy muddy socks by the log burner. We enjoy a delicious hot chocolate at the refugio and retire for the evening in preparation for a big day tomorrow.Read more

  • Day53

    17/06/17-22/06/17 Patagonia (Chile)

    Whilst everyone in England has been enjoying a heat wave, we have been enjoying the opposite extreme in Patagonia.

    We flew from Santiago to Punta Arenes, where the air hostess informed us that temperatures outside were a balmy -4 degrees Celsius. Punta Arenes is the furthest south either of us have ever been. From here, we took a bus to Puerto Natales, a small town where, if it hadn't been for all the snow, we felt as if we could be in an old Western film.

    We spent the night there, before hiring a car and driving to the National Park, Torres del Paine. On the morning of leaving, we thought we would make the most of the day and leave nice and early. We told our hostel we would want breakfast at 7am. When our alarms went off in the morning it was pitch black but we could hear the lady running our hostel clattering around getting breakfast ready. It was only then we decided to check when sunrise was.... 10am. We felt bad so got up and had breakfast before going back to bed for two hours so that we could leave in day light. She must have thought we were crazy!

    The park covers 1810 square km, and has some spectacular scenery and impressive animals. On our first drive through the park to our hotel, we spotted many guanaco (cross between a deer and llama) that would leap across the road unexpectedly, birds of prey – including a condor carrying the remains of a poor animal and an owl hunting, nandus (ostrich like birds) and most excitingly a puma! If it hadn't been for a tour bus stopped in the middle of the road with tourists taking photos of it, we think we would have missed it. Unfortunately we did not get the opportunity to take a good picture as it stalked it's way out of site too quickly.

    We were told that we were lucky to see it by the hotel owner, apparently it's quite rare! Our hotel was in a stunning location, situated on an island on Lake Pehoe. We had to cross a footbridge to reach it. The island was surrounded by mountains, and we were lucky to have a mountain view from our room.

    We spent three days doing walks around the park and enjoying the amazing scenery which consisted of snow capped mountains, waterfalls and turquoise lakes. It was very picturesque. Due to it being winter, there were few other tourists, and so we were able to enjoy everything without large crowds. It was truly stunning. Tom made it his mission to see another puma, until we spotted a puma print in the snow whilst out walking on our last day. We reacted by panicking and running home.... In hindsight we have found out that that is not the way to react if met with a puma. You should instead make yourself as big as possible, by raising your hands above your head, and never turning your back to them. At least we now know what to do if we ever see a puma lurking in the streets of Southampton.

    We returned to Puerto Natales, and were greeted by two forms of bad news. Firstly, our pre booked Hostel had cancelled our booking due to “maintenance issues” (we think it's because of the early breakfast thing) and secondly the buses to El Calafate, our next destination, had been cancelled until the weekend. We looked at various options available, and considered staying until the weekend, but with little else happening in the area felt that it was a waste of our time.

    Fortunately for us, the man we rented a car from took pity on us and offered to drive us there for a reasonable fee, which meant we were able to keep to schedule and finally cross the border into Argentina.
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  • Day46

    Torres del Paine

    March 20, 2017 in Chile

    After having only spent 3 days in Chile, all I can say is I LOVE CHILE. It's by far the most beautiful place I've been on this trip.

    The actual journey into Chile was a bit of a faff as crossing the border took 3 hours whilst the immigration police ransacked people's bags looking for fruit, cheese and meat (but ironically no mention of drugs or guns). After that it was pretty much plain sailing to Punta Arenas and then Puerto Natales, the base for Torres Del Paine.

    I've spent the last 5 days (4 nights) camping in Torres Del Paine, one of Chile's national parks, as I've been hiking the famous W trek which is about 75km walking and I was so lucky to be blessed with such good weather (after hearing horror stories about how bad the wind/ rain/ snow can be!).

    I won't bore you with all the details because it will literally make no sense to anyone who hasn't been, but it was 5 days of intense walking with a big rucksack, camping and chilling in the refugios, meeting some really nice people, having jokes along the way and seeing some of the beautiful nature and countryside that Chile has to offer - it's truly serene/ still/ out of this world. Next off I'm back into Argentina to El Calafate, for one of my last stops in Patagonia before I head back up north where hopefully it's a lot warmer.
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  • Day144

    Torres del Paine

    January 24, 2017 in Chile

    Ich bin total im Eimer, so was von platt und fühle mich gleichzeitig soooooooo gut.
    Ich habe mein Tagesziel geschafft. Ich war an den Torres del Paine. Das sind eine Reihe von Bergen, die mehr oder weniger senkrecht gen Himmel ragen. Leicht mit Schnee bepudert, ein Bergsee direkt davor und über allem kreisen riesige Kondore, ein Traum.
    Daneben bot der weitere Weg immer wieder aufs Neue klasse Aussichten.
    Meine Unterkunft könnte kaum malerischer liegen. Außerdem bietet sie eine warme Dusche, so rechtfertigt sich der Preis von fast 60€ im 7-Bett Zimmer zumindest ansatzweise.
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  • Day29

    Torres Del Paine NP "W-WALK 2. Tag"

    December 25, 2016 in Chile

    Eine schnelle Dusche und dann habe ich für 3.000 Peso "Sozial Media Internet" für 1 Stunde im Camp buchen können. Damit war es mir möglich via WhatsApp einen Texte und Bilder zu senden.

    Wir hatten jetzt erstmalig auf unserer Tour im Camp ein Restaurant. Essen war aber abgesehen von der Sehr guten Pumpkin Suppe eher überschaubar. Die ganze Gruppe trinkt Wasser.

    Rauchen ist übrigens im ganzen Nationalpark strengstens verboten.

    Heute sind wir 14 km gewandert, morgen werden es brutale 28 km.
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  • Day97

    Für uns hieß es früh aufstehen, denn wir wollten den frühen Catamaran an unserem gestrigen Refugium erreichen. Um den zu kriegen hieß es aber 11km zurückwandern. Die Nacht war wohl sehr sehr kalt, denn den gesamten Weg begleitete uns Raureif und die kleinen Bäche waren zugefroren. Auch die eigentlich matschigen Stellen waren bretthart und knirschten unter unseren Füßen. Die Sonne kletterte so langsam über die Berge und hüllte die Gegenüberliegenden in schönes rötliches Licht! Wir genossen noch kurz einen Tee am Aussichtspunkt auf den Gletscher und hetzten dann weiter. Vom Lago Pehoé stieg Nebel auf wälzte sich vorwärts zum nächsten kleinen See. Ein wunderschönes Bild! Nur mussten wir leider durch diesen Nebel durch, um zur Anlegestelle zu gelangen. Mit Mütze und Handschuhen frierten wir auf dem Weg. Nach 3 Stunden war es geschafft und überpünktlich erreichten wir den See. Typisch für Südamerika hatte der Catamaran natürlich Verspätung und wir nahmen langsam Abschied von diesem traumhaft schönen Nationalpark! Auf der anderen Seeseite sollte uns ein Bus einsammeln und auch der hatte über eine halbe Stunde Verspätung. Wir genossen die Erschöpfung aller Insassen und machten ebenfalls ein kleines Nickerchen. In Puerto Natales angekommen war erst einmal niemand in unserem Hostel, in dem wir unsere Sachen gelassen hatten, die wir im Park nicht brauchten. Also hieß es wieder warten... Abends gönnten wir uns eine Pizza und morgen geht es schon weiter nach Argentinien!Read more

  • Day29

    Torres Del Paine NP "W-WALK 2. Tag"

    December 25, 2016 in Chile

    Wir sind von unserem base camp "Las Torres camping zone" entlang des wunderschönen "Nordenskjöld Lake" gewandert und hatten spektakuläre Ausichten zur rechten Seite auf "Almirante Nieto mountain" (2.670 m) und auf " Cuuernos del Paine" (2.600 m).

    Vor uns in ca. 15 km könnten wir den mächtigen Gletscher "Gray glacier" erkennen. Der hat eine unglaubliche Länge von über 300 km !!!!

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