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  • Day189

    Laguna Amarga

    December 1, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Etwas ausserhalb des Nationalpark, an der Laguna Amarga bietet sich ein wunderbarer Platz zum übernachten mit einem herrlichen Blick auf die drei Torres. Um 5.20 Uhr ist dann ein schöner Sonnenaufgang, der die Berge beleuchtet.Read more

  • Day392

    Punta Arenas

    December 14, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Punta Arenas war Beni und meine letzte gemeinsame Station. Unsere Reise war gigantisch und ich habe mich sehr gefreut das er mich besucht hat.
    Vielen Dank Benjamin!!!

    Die Stadt an sich ist recht schön für eine Großstadt. Es gibt nicht all zu viele Hochhäuser, was vielleicht auch auf den extrem starken Wind das ganze Jahr über zurückzuführen ist. Von unserer Reiseleiterin hatte ich erfahren, dass der Wind im Winter nicht ganz so stark ist, dafür ist es eiskalt. 😂😂😂
    Der Aufenthalt war schön, jedoch war auch Beni der Meinung, dass auf Dauer es nichts für uns wäre.
    Die bunten Dächer der Stadt sind eine Art Tradition. Da die frühen Fischer nicht so viel Geld übrig hatten, haben sie einfach die gleiche Farbe wie die von ihren Booten dafür benutzt.
    Benis Reiseführer empfiehl ein Café, das gute Kuchen macht, das stimmte auch. Nur die Portionen waren riesig, ich glaube es war das erste Mal, das ich einen Kuchen einpacken ließ. Im Verhältnis würde ich sagen es waren 2 Stücke Schwarzwälder Torte. 😲😲
    Ich möchte mich darüber nicht beschweren, viel mehr das Café empfehlen für den nächsten der hier herkommt.
    Die Truppe war echt spitze, ich hab über eine Stunde da gesessen und sie mir angehört. Mein altes Handy in Kombination mit dem Wind gibt leider nicht ganz die richtige Akustik wieder. Aber es vermittelt einen recht netten Eindruck.

    Ein guter Freund sagte mir was in glücklich macht; "Einfach chillen" ich: Was meinst du damit?
    Er "nichts Produktives machen!"
    Das gefiel mir und ich nahm es mir direkt fürs darauf folgende Wochenende vor. Ich schaute seit langem Mal wieder Filme und genoss nichts Produktives zu machen. Es war richtig toll.
    Er flog heim am Freitag und ich blieb noch übers besagte Wochenende.
    Am Montag startete ich mein nächstes Abenteuer.
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    Axel Schäfer

    Wir chillen alle zu wenig😉

    Inge Schäfer

    Der Kuchen sieht ja lecker aus ja chillen ist immer gut😴😴

  • Day40

    W Trek Day 6: Central to the towers

    December 16, 2019 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    We weren't as crazy as some others who planned on seeing the sunrise at the base of the towers - a 4 hour hike from our camping. Nonetheless, the plan was to leave early. So the alarms went off at 5:30. After an easy flat first 30 minutes, the climbing started. Just when we warmed up from that and were taking off layers, our map showed a point was approaching called 'Windy pass'. How windy could that get, we thought. Very windy as it turned out, as Machiel almost lost a hiking stick and Daniel's bag almost rolled into a river. But we survived and came out stronger. We soon reached our halfway point: camping Chileno. When we booked our trek in August we wanted to camp here instead of at Central, but they were already sold out. Either way, now it was a nice place for a break and we enjoyed the lack of wind in their refugio while chewing on some nuts and chocolate.

    Time for the toughest part of the day: climbing 450m in altitude over the next 4.3km. The first half was still a very enjoyable walk along the river through some nice forest but soon the path turned into a wall of loose stones. The windy and sweaty hike up didn't seem to end, but we stayed motivated by the big tour groups emerging behind us that we didn't want to be eaten by. When we reached the viewpoint we were busier changing into dry clothes while finding a good place to relax without strong winds, than that we were looking at the towers. The view was great, but our tiredness of the whole week, plus the large amount of tourists in that spot, made it harder to enjoy than usual.

    After a while we were cold enough and hiked back down to Central. We had dinner in the restaurant of one of the refugios to celebrate our successful W Trek. The oven was broken, but they still served good sandwiches and juice. After a shuttle bus and regional bus, we were back in our Corner Hostel in Puerto Natales late in the evening.
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    Lida Schönbeck


    Lida Schönbeck


    Martijn van Brink

    Congrats on completing the W trek

  • Day33

    Preparation Day 1

    December 9, 2019 in Chile ⋅ 🌬 12 °C

    On Wednesday we will start the famous W-trek in Torres del Paine. Since we are always a bit slow, we have booked an extra night, meaning we will actually spend 5 nights in the park. While we are really looking forward to it, that needs some proper preparation. We had heard about an oat flakes shortage from a hostel guest but we're lucky that they were restocked right when we were at the supermarket. So we could finish the day having already covered breakfasts and most of the dinners. We visited the Conaf information desk at the bus station to get some more info about the trail, and to pay the park entrance. Then we were forced to watch an informative video about how to behave in the park. Super cringy but let's hope it helps the nature in general. It was also laundry day. 11.5 kg of dirty clothes meant that we had not much more left than what we were wearing. Let's just say Daniel was ready to go for a swim at any time.Read more

    Lida Schönbeck

    Have an enjoyable hike. Good luck!

  • Day135

    Chili - Glacier Grey

    January 19, 2020 in Chile ⋅ ⛅ 7 °C

    Le glacier Grey...Une decouverte magnifique pour nous qui ne sommes pas des montagnards. Ce géant de 6 kilometres de large est le cousin Chilien du Perito Moreno en Argentine dont il partage le champs de glace. Bloqué entre les Andes et un massif volcanique, il termine sa course et libère ses icebergs dans les eaux du lac Grey au sein du parc Torres del Paine.Read more

    Christel Rossignol

    Superbe !!


    Pour sûr, ça doit vous changer de Bora Bora. Nous on a chaud... 117 days


    Magnifique! 😍👍

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  • Day38

    W Trek Day 4: Resting at Francés

    December 14, 2019 in Chile ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Due to Susanne's unreliable knee and us not having done a lot of serious multi day hikes in a while, we had decided to stay 2 nights at camping Francés when we booked the trek and its campings back in August. Since we had been lucky with the weather and already completed the Francés valley the previous day, that actually meant we had a real resting day.

    Apart from feeding ourselves we didn't need to do anything. We slept very long, even had an extra afternoon nap, enjoyed a lukewarm chocolate at the restaurant and had our warm meal at 15:00 to get a spot in the windshielded small kitchen area, which besides a cooking area was also the smoking area. Lovely. There were also again signs all over the place that any trash should be taken with you. Except for cigarettes apparently, as for that they placed a specific cigarette trashcan. Not surprisingly, it was full of plastic as well. It was all a bit contradictory. To make matters worse, a part of Machiel's spork broke off, and his sunglasses have also had their best time. But they are both still in action!

    Given the hilly terrain, to rest our feet and knees properly we also optimised the amount of comutes between the tents and bathroom/cooking area which came down to 2 or 3 per person. We had a wraps dinner in our tent, went to bed early and were ready for the last two days of our hike.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    That campsite does not seem fitted for so many hikers! And its not even peak season! (or is it?)

    Suzanne Schönbeck

    Just put some alu foil in the other

    Susanne and Machiel

    Not yet no, peak season is in January. And true, the camping isn't fitted for it at all. Which ultimately is just dangerous for the nature. They only care about money.

    Susanne and Machiel

    New duct tape did the trick! For now...

  • Day31

    Bonjour le Chili

    February 4, 2020 in Chile ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Aujourd'hui, le bateau ne s'est pas mis à quai. Sans doute faute de profondeur nécessaire dans le port le Punta Arenas, il est resté en rade (au sens propre!). Nous avons donc débarqué, tels des conquistadors sur le sol chilien à bord de chaloupes. Mais en plus pacifiques.

    Ce matin était étrange: il paraît que l'on est en été et il fait un froid de gueux, le détroit de Magellan ressemble plus à la mer qu'à un détroit, sauf un peu plus à l'ouest où sa largeur se rétrécit jusqu'à 800 m. Nous partions pour une excursion en français et voilà t'y pas que l'on se retrouve dans un car plein d'allemands avec un guide ne parlant pas français. Donc il traduisait son discours en anglais à l'accompagnatrice flamande qui essayait tant bien que mal de nous traduire tout ça en français! Un vrai bonheur. Nous avons failli vivre une nouvelle révolution dans le car, les esprits s'étant quelque peu échauffés. Nous, on voulait des commentaires en bon et intelligible français. Sus aux flamands!
    Sur le chemin, notre car est passé devant ce qui, paraît-il était une baleine. P't être bin que oui... Le chauffeur roulait à fond et n'a pas daigné lever le pied un instant. En tout cas, baleine ou pas, il y avait bien une bestiole dans l'eau (peut-être un dauphin?). Nous en avons d'ailleurs vu quelques uns sur le chemin du retour.

    Du retour d'où me direz-vous? A une soixantaine de Km de Punta Arenas se trouve une recontitution d'un ancien fort du 19ème (siècle, pas arrondissement!), le fort de Burnes. Tout en rondins, il domine le détroit de Magellan et le spectacle est superbe. Un immense plan d'eau parcemé d'îles, dont la Terre de Feu que l'on aperçoit à peine, juste en face.

    Ensuite, petit tour en liberté dans la ville et sur le bord de mer. Sympa, mais sans le cachet d'Ushuaia. Et puis quand même, on est vraiment au bout du monde.

    Ce soir, spectacle présenté par les membres d'équipage.

    Pour Geneviève: la plupart des passagers fait le tour complet.
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    jacques SEGUY

    et vous n’avez pas vidé votre bourse en achat de magnets sur le place d’arme de Punta Arenas .... comprenne qui pourra...

    oberti annie

    Bon, à l évidence ça caille....mais quels surprenants paysages!

  • Day102

    Tierra del Fuego

    February 15, 2020 in Chile ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Es war soweit - schon sind wir in unserer letzten Woche Patagonien auf den eigenen, resp. gemieteten, 4 Rädern angelangt. Nach dem touristischen Höhepunkt entschliessen wir uns, die letzten Tage nochmals in der einsamen Wildnis zu verbringen - Feuerland, wir kommen!😍
    Vorher nutzen wir die ankommende Schlechtwetter-Phase jedoch für einen Kulinarik-Tag (was bei uns soviel bedeutet wie 6 Stunden in 3 verschiedenen Restaurants mit WLAN Mittagessen, Zwischen-Dessert und Zvieri-Znacht-Pizza einzunehmen😉) in Puerto Natales und unsere Camper-Pflichten mit Einkauf und Tanken in Punta Arenas.
    Auf dem Weg zur Fähre lichtet sich der Himmel kurzzeitig, was wir promt für einen Abstecher in den Pali Aike Nationalpark nutzen. Tolle frühere Vulkanlandschaft mit unzähligen Tierbegegnungen - und als Highlight die Plattform mitten im einem historischen, 10'000 Jahre alten Vulkankrater.
    Dann ist es soweit und wir überqueren die Magellan-Strasse per Autofähre und setzen über auf die Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, benannt nach den vielen Feuern, die die ersten Entdecker auf der Insel sahen bei ihrer Ankunft.
    Das Wetter ist durchzogen und so verbringen wir viel Zeit in unserem Auto - neben Netflix, Kartenspiel-Kriegen und Lese-Sessions natürlich vor allem auch beim Erkunden dieser faszinierenden Insel. Die Landschaft ist enorm abwechslungsreich und wir treffen von rauhen Küsten, endloser Steppe, über schroffe Felsen und dichten Wäldern bis zu tiefblauen Seen alles an!😍 Beim Halt in Caleta Maria haben wir das Gefühl am südlichen Ende der Welt angekommen sein, und auch wenn dies nicht der Wahrheit entspricht so ist es doch wenigstens das südliche Strassenende von Chile...😉
    Der Höhepunkt folgt wieder zurück etwas weiter nördlich. An der Bahia Inutil ("Nutzlose Bucht"😉) hat sich vor wenigen Jahrzehnten eine Kolonie von ca. 70-120 Königspinguinen angesiedelt, die ansonsten nur noch weiter südlich auf den subantarktischen Inseln vorkommen. Durch einen neu geschaffenen Nationalpark werden die Tiere geschützt - und wir erhielten so die Möglichkeit, den kleinen (bis ca. 1.20m grossen) Bruder des bekannten Kaiserpinguins von Nahem in ihrer freien Wildbahn zu sehen. Ein unvergessliches Erlebnis!😍
    Abrunden wollten wir unseren Feuerland-Aufenthalt (und ein wenig unser Patagonien-Abenteuer allgemein) nach dem Vollerfolg an Chantals Geburtstag mit einer weiteren, abschliessenden Nacht in einer wunderbaren Estancia. Optisch gelang das zwar auf jeden Fall, jedoch waren der kalte Empfang und das noch kältere Zimmer, so wie der (notabene nach der vereinbarten/reservierten Startzeit noch abgesagte) Ausritt leider eine herbe Enttäuschung.
    Nichtsdestotrotz genossen wir die erholsamen Tage und schlossen die Insel trotz der Kälte und des Windes in unsere Herzen😊
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  • Day44

    Goodbye Franzi and hello Punta Arenas

    December 20, 2019 in Chile ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Our last day in Puerto Natales. We headed to the bus station for 2 busses. We had to say goodbye to Franzi whose bus would take her north to El Calafate for her flight home. A first goodbye of several in the next few days. Strange to suddenly be with 3 instead of 4 😢 With Daniel, we took the bus south to Punta Arenas. We tried to research possible tours to see penguins (yes, we are really trying to find them!) but the tours were either too expensive or people who took them told us it wasn't worth it for other reasons. We stayed in a hostel in Punta Arenas but it felt like a home stay and the host tried her best to get us into Christmas spirit. She also was kind enough to let us use her washing machine and clothes line to not only wash clothes but also clean our tent to assure it will be approved by bio security in New Zealand. For the rest there wasn't much else to do in the town and area without a car and/or lots of money. So we enjoyed the local food, had a walk along the coast and walked up to a small viewpoint.Read more

    Suzanne Schönbeck


    Stephanie Bakker

    Very nice to read about your trip and to see the amazing photos! Merry Christmas & safe travels! :-)

    Lida Schönbeck

    Merry Christmas to you!

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  • Day35

    W Trek Day 1 - Paine Grande to Grey

    December 11, 2019 in Chile ⋅ 🌧 4 °C

    We needed to be at the bus station at 7am for our bus to take us to the boat at Pudeto, which in turn would take us across Lago Pehoe to camping Paine Grande in the national park Torres del Paine. It was raining quite a bit but we knew the weather was predicted to get better in the afternoon. On the way to the dock the axle/wheel/something on our bus broke. After some opportunistic and noisy attempts by the bus driver to fix it (by trying to drive back and forth about 10 times which only made it sound worse), we were thankfully allowed to move into one of the other busses that drove by. Yay mass tourism! Finally arriving at the Pudeto dock together with another 80-something hopefuls, we saw the boat arriving and unload the people who came back from the park. Surprisingly there were a handful of suitcases being dragged off. Also a lot of people had big heavy-looking sleeping bags that they didn't mind getting wet in the rain. Interesting choices, we thought, but only later we realised why this wasn't even so unusual.

    When the boat arrived it stopped raining! What amazed us the most was the amount of rental tents set up, which gave it a very corporate feel. It didn't look like there were many people who brought there own tents like we did. It was also possible to rent practically any other gear you might need for some nice high prices. And buy all the food you wanted as well, like 500gr uncooked pasta for 5 euros. The shop even had fresh food and we saw many people with bought lunchboxes from the camping owners. What also felt contradictory was that there were signs all over the campsite that any trash should be taken with you, yet there were trashcans as well. We figured it had to do with day tourists, but it still felt like it made little sense.

    We ate a quick bread lunch in the spacious kitchen area and then started the hike towards camping Grey. The trail was leading through a nice valley and later climbed up to a very nice view of a lake. There were even some icebergs floating that must have travelled all the way from the end of the Grey glacier which was were our camping for this night was located. The 11km trail estimated to need 3.5 hours took us 4.5 hours including some small resting and view-enjoying breaks and we arrived at the Grey camping at 17:30. Again, lots of corporate tents which meant that it was difficult to find good tent spots and reminded us a bit of a camping full of stacaravans/mobile homes. We did not like that too much but in the forest in the back of the camping grounds we found some nice spots joining other hikers with their own tents. We had dinner in the kitchen area, the only area where gascookers are allowed. This is due to a lot of forest fires in the past and the traces of that are still very visible in places. There was a viewing point nearby of the glacier and glacier lake, Daniel and Susanne couldn't resist to take a look and it turned out very cool. But we also had to sleep as we had a long day of hiking ahead of us.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    So beautiful there!


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