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  • Day10

    Day 10 to Day 13 - Novice Camping in Pag

    August 13, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Day 10 - Naked Lady

    It was a really comfy sleep, despite both having to get up during the night and hike to the toilet. I got up at 6.30am & witnessed Germans doing what they do best - laying out towels on the beach.

    At 7.30am Jackie & I walked up to the on-site bakery & bought a loaf of bread. Breakfast consisted of bread & jam & coffee, then discovered our first downside to this campsite - wasps. They had taken a liking to our jam & were very persistent.

    We then walked down to the beach, which looks pretty but is actually man made from sharp shingle & rocks. The centre was pretty busy with kids & pets so we decided to go to one end where there was hardly anyone.

    We chose our spot then realised that the only other person on our section of the beach was a woman who was stark b*****k naked. She was in her late 50s/early 60s, but had a reasonably fit body for her age, not that I was looking! Actually, neither of us could help it, because as it seems with most nudists, she liked to stand up & walk to the sea and back for maximum exposure without any hint of embarrassment.

    After a couple of hours, she got dressed & left. It was very strange, because there was no indication the nudism was acceptable at the campsite beach & there were young kids around. I needed to know more about her, so that evening, using my detective skills, I tracked her down. I found her doing online stretching exercises in full Lycra, with her husband outside their Slovenian registered caravan.

    During one of our many dips in the sea, my legs got painfully attacked by fish pecking at my scabs. Now that should be good reason to stop picking them!

    The beach side bar was our lunchtime venue. It was very pleasant, but only served drinks, no food. We had to make do with a couple of large, very cheap beers.

    At 5.00pm, we packed up at the beach & cycled the 3.5km gravel path along the waters edge to the nearby town of Novalja. Jackie likened it to Ibiza, lots of youngsters & not a nice beach in sight. We cycled up & down the busy promenade & bought a box of cheap white wine in a supermarket.

    Later that evening we ate bread, crackers, crisps & biscuits with white wine. Despite having only spent one night under canvas, Jackie is already apparently dying of malnutrition & is craving meat!

    She is also suffering from RV envy, particularly as most are cooking hot meals or having having barbecues.

    Well that was more than I intended.

    Song of the Day : The Nude by Catherine Wheel.


    Day 11 - German Inquisition

    We had a good but hot sleep, but neither of us needed to march to the toilet during the night.

    I got up early, fired up the stove & boiled some water for a coffee. I poured the milk into my cup & it hit the bottom with a plop. It had gone off & I even managed to get rid of it myself!

    At 8.00am when Jackie finally got up, we went to the bakery, but horror of horrors they had already sold out of bread! We were forced to order a selection of pastries - one meat, one apple & one cheese. The meat pastry won hands down, a cross between a meat pasty & a sausage roll.

    After a morning on the beach, we adjourned to the beach bar for our usual liquid lunch. The 3rd beer apparently took a long time to arrive at us, so the barman insisted we have it for free. We hadn’t even noticed, but generally we are not one to turn down a freebie. We had a 4th so we could still spend our money.

    During our lunch, a German woman started to interrogates “Are you English?” “Yes”. “You don’t look it”. Apparently we look too dark to be English, but she saw our Citroen with it’s GB sticker. The woman & her entourage wanted to know how we got here, what we were doing & how could we afford so much time off etc etc. It was a proper interrogation.

    Later that evening, we were minding our own selves with a wine, when the German Interrogator, I think she was drunk, bellowed across the campsite “Mr & Mrs from England. We are over here”. Most of the campsite looked round at the 2 foreigners in their little tent. Slightly embarrassed we waved back.

    Jackie’s ‘malnutrition’ got the better of her, so against my better wishes we wandered up to the on-site restaurant for what turned out to be ‘Hamburgergate’.

    We both ordered the not that cheap hamburger & chips with a carafe of red wine. When the meal arrived, the hamburger was a massive hamburger, but no bun in sight. The burgers were very dense in texture & tasted processed. Jackie took one mouthful of her hamburger & refused to eat anymore of it. The result of this catastrophe was I tried to eat both burgers & Jackie ate all her chips & most of mine. I would have been happy with crackers again.

    At 1.00am we were awaken by thunder and lightning. Water was dripping into our tent. We made a couple of precautionary adjustments, then lay in our now soggy bed & listened until the worst of the storm had passed over around 4.00am.

    Song of the Day : Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? by The Alarm.


    Day 12 - Ant Trouble

    Despite being awake most of the night, I still got up not long after 6.00am. Everything was moist & still dark clouds loomed overhead. I brewed up a coffee & watched the comings & goings. Most of the campsite guests seem to pack up & leave on a Friday or Saturday, presumably to get back to work on a Monday.

    After getting all the wet clothes out of the tent & draping them over anything available, we had a meat pasty each & hit the beach. It took a while for the clouds to burn away, but they did. The beach was virtually child free which was a bonus.

    Before lunch, I changed into my trainers & went for an approximate 3 mile run to Novalja Beach & back. It felt good.

    Lunch consisted of local bottles of beer, because the draft beer had run out, then it was back to the beach.

    We returned to our tent for the evening and discovered that we had been invaded by ants. We now know that it is not a good idea to leave food that’s been opened on the floor of the tent! The ants certainly had a penchant for citrus wafers, that I had opened & eaten half of following ‘Hamburgergate’. The other half meant for Jackie were riddled with ants. The crackers & other foods were also infected & the groundsheet was alive. We salvaged what we could, blowing ants off the crackers, because eating them for our tea.

    By 9.00pm, we were knackered & called it a night. Unfortunately it was still warm & we made our 2nd camping howler.

    Song of the Day : Ants Invasion by Adam & The Ants.


    Day 13 - A Road To Nowhere

    Woke up in agony 2 hours after going to bed. I had been bitten by mossies on pretty much every part of my body & the bites were as itchy as hell.

    Why? It was still very warm when we went to bed, so we left all the tent doors open including to the bedroom compartment. I then probably confounded the problem by reading my iPad, thus attracting them to the light.

    In the morning, we made a list of the fruit we were going to buy for a healthy breakfast & dinner, but then discovered that the fruit lady didn’t come on Sunday. We made do with meat pasties, croissants & baguette again.

    The day consisted of beach, run, lunch of beer & wine, then beach until 6.00pm. We then decided to go for a power walk along my run route, but Jackie decided we should take an inland route uphill.

    That was fine & we were having a good work out until the road came to an end. There was however a rocky footpath that we decided to take to hopefully get us back to the campsite. Unfortunately the path clearly hadn’t been used in years & was overgrown with vicious gorse bushes & huge buzzing black insects that were very upset by our presence. Luckily, we were wearing our protective gear, Jackie in a flimsy vest, shorts & trainers, whilst I was wearing just shorts & trainers. We got ripped to shreds, then after at least 400 metres of this savage footpath we came to a dead end. I was so glad I hadn’t chosen the route!

    We retraced our steps until we found an alternative route that took us a long way back round to the campsite. This should have been a short power walk, but ended up being a 90 minute trek.

    We were battered, but nothing that a beer & a nice hot shower couldn’t sort out.

    It was baguette, croissants & crackers for tea. We are looking forward to a hot meal!

    Song of the Day : Wonderful Life by Black. (It was played in the bar at lunch & seemed appropriate - prior to our hike).
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  • Day41

    Day 41 - Beach Resort to Ski Resort

    September 13, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ 🌙 18 °C

    Woke up this morning to Sergei holding video conference calls on the balcony having obviously recovered from the night before.

    We packed up our stuff, loaded up the car, said our goodbyes to Ivo & Sergei then headed west on the 118 through Korcula island. Around midday, we arrived at Vela Luka & the port for our 1.45pm ferry to Split (again). We parked our car in the lanes & was informed that the ticket office wouldn’t be open until 1pm.

    Instead of getting a drink next to ferry office, we walked about 400 metres around the harbour & found a bar frequented by locals. We bought our 2 cheapest beers of the entire trip, then set about booking some accommodation at our next destination. We bagged an absolute bargain, a triple room down from £135 to £54 for 2 nights. Less that £25 a night when we get our 10% discount.To celebrate we had another beer & treated ourselves to a meat pie from the bakers next door.

    Shortly after 1pm, we purchased our ferry ticket & boarded the ferry for our 3 & a half hour crossing to Split. It was absolutely baking hot in the sun & everyone was seeking a shady spot. The beer probably helped, but Jackie managed to get to sleep on a bench with a unique method of keeping cool. The breeze billowed her short skirt up like a balloon, thus airing her nether region. I’m not sure what the other passengers thought. Or me taking a photo of her!

    The ferry cruised past the islands of Hvar & Brac & arrived in Split just after 5pm. It was a much more orderly disembarkation from the ferry this time & we were soon on the open road heading north. We followed the toll-free Highway 1 for over 140 miles passing through Sinj, Hrvace, Vrlika, Kijevo, Biskupija, Knin, Gracac & Udbina, before eventually turning off & driving a few more miles to Plitvicka Jezera. Our route had taken us past Perucko Jezero (a large lake) & up into the Croatian Mountains. It was a tough drive as we were continually driving into the dying sun.

    Around 8.30pm & in the dark, we arrived at Guest House Slavica, which is probably our poshest room of the trip so far and the cheapest. We dumped our bags & walked 2 minutes up the road to the local pizzeria, called Bistro Vucnica, which is actually in a ski lift station. This was our first actual proof that we were now in a ski resort.

    We shared a very nice fancy chilli pizza & a beer. It was again posh and again cheap! We’ll be back.

    The night was complete watching the last couple of overs of another remarkable win for England with a white wine nightcap.

    Song of the Day : Movin’ On Up by Primal Scream.
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  • Day14

    Day 14 - Team Work Makes The Dream Work

    August 17, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C


    Very comfortable night. We have got ourselves a bit more organised now & learnt from our mistakes.

    At 7.30am, I returned from the bakery with our pasties & croissant, then sat down with my coffee. I looked across at our neighbours in the blue transit van & nearly spat out my coffee out. The wife is a very large chain smoking lady who was sat in her reinforced camping chair facing us in a short dress with her legs wide open. All I could see was acres exposed belly flesh hanging down between her legs. Nearly put me off my meat pasty!

    I think she realised what we could see, so she turned her chair around to face away from us.

    At 8.30 we emptied the car & the inside of our tent, then methodically packed everything up. We started with our remaining clean clothes going into our rucksacks & any dirty clothes into a full black bin liner. I didn’t have much to contribute to the bin liner because I had worn nothing but 3 pairs of shorts during the entire camping stay.

    We packed up the tent & all the extras & slowly & carefully loaded up the car. Once the boot was full the cycle rack & bikes were attached & the top box filled. Afterwards we showered & put some actual clothes on, then packed up the remainder of our stuff & departed around 12.15pm.

    Our first proper experience of camping had on the whole been very positive, even Jackie would agree with that. Just as well because we are doing it all over again in 2 days time!

    The facilities were were very good & clean & quiet. It helped that it was apparently only about 40 percent full.

    There are some, what can only be described as ‘characters’ attracted to camping, which made for great people watching.

    1. Our Big lady & her ‘Compo’ husband neighbours who spent nearly the entire 5 days asleep in their transit van.

    2. Nudie who returned to the beach on 2 further occasions without her husband & paraded around.

    3. Lilo Lil, a German Lady who liked to walk up & down the beach all day without her top on, but with her lilo tucked under her arm.

    4. The Munsters, a family of 5, who had all the gear including a speedboat, but seemed very scruffy & a bit simple looking. I’m being polite.

    5. Gobby German interrogator & her entourage.

    I could go on & on.

    On the outskirts of Novalja, we stopped at a hyper market & picked up some essentials - plastic wine glasses, washing line, scourer, washing detergent, 2 boxes of white wine & 8 large packets of our new favourite crisps.

    We then headed south through the Island of Pag. Jackie took the opportunity to check our emails & discovered we should have already sent more money by bank transfer to our next campsite. This caused a panic for about an hour until the campsite emailed us to say we could pay on arrival.

    Our journey followed the Adriatic down to Pag Town where we crossed a bridge back to Croatia mainland. We eventually arrived at Posedarje & followed Jadransko more (a big lake) round until we reached our second Novigrad. This was a delightful village with a castle on Jadransko more.

    After a leg stretch, we continued on the scenic route to Skradin & one entrance to Krka National Park. It was just after 3.00pm, when we located our accommodation, Rokovaca guest house. We have a gorgeous bijou self contained apartment & the enthusiastic host Vishna (translates to Cherry in English) rattled off our options to visit Krka NP & her recommended restaurants.

    We took a stroll around the small fortified town, which was teeming with day trippers, then returned to the solitude of our apartment with it’s balcony for a wine & a shower.

    At 7.30pm, we arrived at the highly rated Konoba Dalmatino for a keenly anticipated decent hot meaty dinner. Jackie had steak in pepper sauce with pom frites & ratatouille, whilst I had the house speciality of beef in red wine sauce with gnocchi & a side order of pom frites. The meat was so tender & delicious, which we washed down with white wine & sparkling water.

    After a quick nightcap of the complimentary homemade sherry provided by our host Cherry, we hit the sack & were asleep by 9.30pm.

    Song of the Day : Pack It Up by Gonzalez.
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  • Day42

    Day 42 - Most Beautiful Place on Earth?

    September 14, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    We woke up in the skiing village of Jereza after a really decent night’s sleep. We went down at 9.00am for our pre-arranged €7 breakfast. The owner brought out fresh coffee, then he cooked a ham & cheese omelette for us. We also had cereal, a plate of ham, cheese & salami, bread & jams, yoghurt, a banana each & jug of orange juice. We ate as much as we could & took the yoghurt & banana with us. It was well worth it, but we couldn’t do it justice.

    Before 10am, we arrived at the car park for Entrance 2 of Plitvice Lakes National Park. It didn’t get off to an auspicious start, when we paid our 200 kuna (£25) each & received just our tickets only. I enquired about a map or leaflet & were told we could purchase one from the souvenir shop. A sign read “Take Nothing but Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints and Use Nothing but Time!” Well it certainly wouldn’t be any helpful literature.

    We entered the park both chuntering to each other that for the price it was outrageous, not like the US National Parks. Inside the park, I found an information desk & asked again for a map & the lady told me to take a photo of the map on a sign. Not quite the same! She did, however, advise to us take the H Route, a 4-6 hour trek of 9km. We then caught the electric bus to the start several miles away.

    We & about 40 others disembarked the bus & followed the elevated path. Within minutes we were walking alone & marvelling at the magnificence of the park. The lakes were absolutely crystal clear & a myriad of colours from deep blue, turquoise through to bright green. All around us were waterfalls & babbling brooks making their way downwards through lush vegetation. It was spellbindingly beautiful.

    Plitvice Lakes is described in official literature as ‘the oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia. The park is situated in the mountainous region of Croatia, between the Mala Kapela mountain range in the west and northwest, and the Lička Plješivica mountain range to the southeast.

    With its exceptional natural beauty, this area has always attracted nature lovers, and on 8 April 1949, it was proclaimed Croatia’s first national park. The process of tufa formation, which results in the building of the tufa, or travertine, barriers and resulted in the creation of the lakes, is the outstanding universal value, for which the Plitvice Lakes were internationally recognised on 26 October 1979 with their inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 1997, the boundaries of the national park were expanded, and today it covers an area just under 300 km2’.

    We followed the path taking hundreds of photos, 293 photos actually. As always I’m not sure I did it justice. After about 5km of trail winding around & over the lakes, we arrived at they boat station. We caught the free boat across a large vivid turquoise lake to the other end to continue our Route H.

    Before continuing, we took the opportunity for some refreshment. We had an ice cream & ate the juicy pears we had bought with us. The second leg of our journey only got even better, which I didn’t believe was possible.

    Our route took us through a gorge with dramatic waterfalls & caves & more turquoise water. Eventually the path took us up to the top of the gorge, which gave us fantastic views looking down below. We completed our 9 km Route H at Entrance 1, where we should have got an electric bus back to Entrance 2, but I wasn’t finished. Instead, I convinced Jackie that we still needed to walk the extra 4km around the lake. It was such a pleasant walk that she didn’t mind despite lugging a rucksack with 2 litres of water & various other things around.

    Around 4pm we completed our trail. We both agreed that the park had been the most beautiful place that we had ever been to or seen and it’s not like we haven’t seen a few around the world.

    In addition the park was pristine. Throughout the whole day we only saw one plastic bottle, one discarded cigarette butt & just a couple of coins thrown into the water. It was worth every single penny. I don’t know enough superlatives to describe it further so I won’t attempt it.

    After returning to the car, we had a cruise around the skiing resort, which is quite hard to visualise in the summer. Back at our accommodation, we trawled through our photos & picked out a selection for the blog.

    That evening we returned to Bistro Vucnica for a cheeseburger to share & an extra portion of French fries. Apparently Jackie couldn’t eat a whole one so nor could I!

    Song of the Day : You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
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  • Day12

    Los Pollos Hermanos bricht alle Regeln

    September 2, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Wir die absoluten VollgasRoadbookChaoten haben heute beschlossen unser Motto heute ist:

    breaking rules

    Die einzige Tagesaufgabe wäre gewesen zu relaxen und keinesfalls mehr als 250 km weiter an der Küste hoch zu fahren.
    Da wir aber immer unser roadbook wegen so vieler anderer zu erledigender Dinge ziemlich außer Acht gelassen haben, haben wir beschlossen auf der Autobahn nach Maribor hoch zu schießen. Sehr gute Freunde namens Stanko und Slavko aus Maribor stellen uns morgen ein Büro mit Sekretärin zu Verfügung 😅 und so können wir unser roadbook bis Salzburg Zieleinlauf noch schaffen 🕺.

    Unglaublich: Als wir auf der Autobahn an einer Tanke nach Herkules nachsehen müssten lief uns mein früherer Roche Key-Account Bernhard noch über den Weg. So klein ist die Welt.

    Hermann gehts gut. Er war aber so müde und noch so fertig vom gestrigen Abend dass er nur noch ins Bett wollte. So ein Weichei.

    Georg und Jürgen machen sich noch frisch jetzt und dann gibts noch Abendessen mit Absacker.
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  • Day11

    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    July 6, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Heute haben wir den Plitvice Lakes National Park besucht. Der berühmte Forscher des Traveitin-Entstehungsprozesses, I. Pevalek schrieb 1926 an den Plitvicer Seen: "Die Essenz der Plitvicer Seen liegt in Travertin und in travertinbildenden Pflanzen, nämlich Algen und Moosen. Unermessliche Anzahl von Wasserfällen, verschiedene Barrieren dazwischen. Die Seen und die einzigartigen Höhlen wurden alle von travertinbildenden Pflanzen geschaffen. "

    Ja, blaue und grüne Seen, Wasserfälle, schön angelegte Wege, Tropfsteinhöhlen und vieles mehr kann man hier sehen. Ein lohnendes Ziel auf dem Weg ans Mittelmeer. 22.000 Schritte waren das heute alleine im Park.
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  • Day16

    Heimweg 1. Etappe

    August 2, 2020 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Punkt elf Uhr haben wir uns auf den Heimweg gemacht. Mit Vorfreude auf Zuhause und etwas Wehmut. Kroatien ist ein tolles Land, aber wir lieben auch unsere Heimat 😍 14 volle Tage sind eine lange Zeit gewesen.Read more

  • Day28

    Tag 28 - Novalja

    August 11, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    90 km / 1635 km - 10 / 139 Stunden


    5 € / 24 € Transport (Fähre, etc.)
    14,5 € / 294 € Lebensmittel
    30 € / 181 € Unterkunft
    0 € / 34 € Eintrittspreise
    0 € / 5 € Anschaffungen

    49,5 € / 538 € Gesamt

    Heute hatte ich ein gutes Stück Fahrt vor mir. Auch wenn es gedacht immer bergab gehen müsste, ist der Weg doch weit.
    Deshalb will ich zeitig aufstehen. Auch die Morgenröte wollte ich fotografieren. Deshalb hatte ich vor, mir auch den Wecker stellen.
    Nun, der Morgen sah dann folgendermaßen aus:

    05:20 - Morgenröte, knapp verpasst. Sie weckt mich kurz und ist dann wieder verschwunden.
    06:30 - Sonne kommt raus. Ich lass sie mir auf mein Bett scheinen und drehe noch ein paar Runden im Schlaf.
    07:30 - Aufstehen und frühstücken, packen und Abfahrt vorbereiten
    08:00 - Die Sonne brennt! (Die Sonne ist nicht kalt)

    Also dann, auf geht es. Hinab ins Tal, hinab ans Meer. Endlich erreiche ich dich und kann in dir schwimmen! Doch vorher gilt es noch einen Berg zu erfahren. Wo war der im Höhenprofil meines Navigationsprogramms zu sehen? Bis ich oben war, nirgends.
    Nun dann. Das war dann der letzte bis an das Meer.

    Doch vorher zeigt sich das Land noch von seiner schönen Seite.
    Und die Fotomotive, die mir gestern verwehrt blieben, kann ich heute mitnehmen.
    Vor der Abfahrt dann wird noch etwas gegessen und die Aussicht genossen. Es schieben sich gerade drei Radler den Berg hoch und oben klatschen sich oben ab.
    "Halblang Jungs" denke ich und rufe mir in den Kopf, dass ich das ja auch gemacht habe. Mit Gepäck.

    Als ich dann aber unten angekommen bin, oder vielmehr schon auf halbem Weg, wird mir klar, dass ich den Anstieg ganz schön unterschätzt habe. Die Jungs haben eine beachtliche Leistung hingelegt.

    Und für meine überstürzten Gedanken, schickt mich das Karma ab hier wieder zehn Kilometer bergauf bis zur Fährstelle zur Insel Pag. Kein Wind, kein Schatten. Dort angekommen geht es dann steil bergab.
    Und auf Pag angekommen, wieder bergauf.

    Pag - Die Wüsteninsel.

    Es ist heiß. Sehr heiß. Windstill und trocken. In einiger Entfernung läuft ein Backpacker die Straße hinauf. Das letzte Auto aus dem langen Tross hält ungefragt an und der Backpacker freut sich.
    Ich freue mich für ihn und erkenne, dass trampen mit Fahrrad geil sein kann, aber auch tüchtig sinnlos.

    Nach der halben Strecke bergauf beginnt ein Stechen in der Brust und der linke Arm kribbelt.
    Ganz toll. Na wenigstens gibt es hier einen einzigen großen Stein, hinter dem ich etwas Schatten finde. Ich ruhe mich aus, trinke meine vorletzte Wasserflasche, die ich schon fast hätte zum kochen nehmen können und gucke den Insassen der Autos zu, wie sich mich angucken.

    Oben auf dem Berg angekommen freue ich mich kurz über die Abfahrt. Dann schleift etwas am Rad. Oder doch nicht?
    Nein, zum Glück ist es nur ein Platten. Na wenigstens nicht bei angenehmen Temperaturen, einer kühlen Brise und Schatten. Ich nehme die Herausforderung an und wechsle den Schlauch.

    Es fahren viele Fahrzeuge vorbei. Eine Fahre voll und der Gegenverkehr.
    Von denen hält keiner an. Nicht mal die Motorräder, die einen kleinen Kompressor mitführen (sollten, wenn sie ernst meinen, was sie da tun).
    Ich freue mich über diese Gastfreundschaft und Freundlichkeit der Party-Gäste Pag's und baue das Rad wieder ein, fahre weiter.

    Welch ein Glück, dass ich mir ein Hostel gebucht habe.
    Zum Spottpreis von nur 30 €. Ein echtes Schnäppchen für den dreckigsten Raum und das Bad, in denen ich je in einem Hostel war.

    Um den Abend nicht in dieser Stimmung ausklingen zu lassen, wollte ich noch etwas zu essen und zu trinken kaufen.
    Hier ist alles teuer. Teurer als in Deutschland. Die Stimmung auch. Goldwert.

    Song des Tages:
    Lost Highway - Wo Fat
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  • Day66

    Kevin auf dem Mond

    September 4, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Nachdem ich gestern die letzten zehn Kilometer mit einem leichten zischen und Luft verlieren verbrachte, war ich heute morgen beim losfahren dezent skeptisch..Das Loch war zwar klein, aber auch an der Seitenwand und somit offensichtlich nicht auf dem idealen Arbeitsweg der Dichtmilch..Ein kleiner Winkelwechsel hat das Problem dann aber gelöst..Auch an dieser Stelle nochmal tausend und einen Dank an die Jungs von Pédalage, die das beste Rad zusammengebastelt haben, dass ich mir auf der Tour hätte wünschen können..Und Kevin, falls mein Traum in Erfüllung geht, du männlich menschlich wirst und das hier jemals liest: I🖤U..
    Nach einer nächtlichen Streicheleinheit mit viel Spielzeug und Kettenfett für Kevin, entführte ich ihn heute auf seine erste kroatische Insel..
    Haben wir uns ein bisschen anders vorgestellt..Aber manchmal ist es doch schön überrascht zu werden..Palmen, Strände und Touristen wichen einer kargen, baumlosen und unbevölkerten Mondlandschaft..Die Mitte der Insel wird ausgefüllt von Salzfeldern und am Ende gibt's nen wundervollen Nationalpark..Vermutlich ist das Gras hier nicht grüner als irgendwo anders..Aber die Farben sind nach der fast schon blendenden weißgrauen Steinwüste so viel intensiver..Ich meine guckt euch das Meer an.!
    Von einem Hügel im Nationalpark erblicke ich einen kleinen Campingplatz am azurblauen Meeresufer..Er bettelt förmlich: bitte schlaf heut Nacht bei mir.! Naaaaaguuuuttt, denke ich mir..Wenn er schon so nett fragt..
    Am Eingang des Campingplatzes treffe ich einen radfahrenden, ungarischen Menschenfreund namens Julian, der zumindest schonmal in der gleichen Himmelsrichtung mit mir unterwegs ist..Das ist ein Novum für diese Etappe, auch für ihn auf seiner ein monatigen Tour von Istanbul nach Ljubljana..
    Wir philosophieren eine Weile über leichte Gesprächsthemen, wie Sinn des Lebens und wie der Weizen uns domestizierte und schließlich den Kapitalismus brachte, bestaunen den tieforangen Abendhimmel und verabreden uns zum Frühstück..
    Morgen stehen theoretisch zwei weitere Inseln an..Ich bin gespannt, was die für Überraschungen bereithalten..🙃..
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  • Day20

    Der Schatz im Silbersee..

    July 12, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    ...angekommen am Plitzwitzer Seen Nationalpark 🌲😆 und morgen auf den Spuren von Winnetou und Old Shatterhand auf der Suche nach dem versteckten Schatz 😉 unser Lager aufgeschlagen auf einem Campingplatz ganz in der Nähe.

    Insgesamt gibt es 11 Winnetou Filme die von 1962-1968 gedreht worden sind. Ein großer Teil der Filme sind an Drehorten in Kroatien entstanden. Den größten Bekanntheitsgrad haben mit Abstand die in den 60er Jahren gedrehten Winnetou Filme von Karl May.

    Der Schatz im Silbersee 😊 von 1962
    (als Kinoabend mit Knabberzeug immer wieder schön 🤗)

    Drehorte in Kroatien von dem Film:
    National Park Plitvicer Seen, Grobnicko polje,
    National Park Paklenica und Fluss Zrmanja
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You might also know this place by the following names:

Ličko-Senjska Županija, Licko-Senjska Zupanija, Lika e Segna, 리카센 주, Lika-Senj