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  • Day2

    Prague, Czechia

    April 10 in Czech Republic

    Today was a very long day. I was out from 8am-5pm straight. I wanted to see whether Charles Bridge would be empty at 8am and it was. Then I took a walk to John Lennon Wall, and used my tripod to take some snaps. Then I had to brace myself for an uphill walk to Prague Castle. There are many free areas to wonder around, so I would not recommend wasting money on a ticket. When the crowds showed up at 10am...I made a swift exit. Where to? Well I wondered around many shops and a market. I also sat a cafe full of locals to try some real Czech beer. It only cost 33 Kroner which is roughly £1. Plum brandy is said to be a local specialty but I personally don't think that it even tastes like plum. The weather was great today it was 20 degrees and sunny. Looks like I picked the perfect dates to visit Prague.Read more

  • Day233

    Ausflug nach Prag

    May 22 in Czech Republic

    Damit wir uns für unseren anstehenden Aufenthalt in Deutschland langsam wieder an mehr Menschen um uns herum gewöhnen, fuhren wir heute in die Hauptstadt Tschechiens. Bevor wir die klassische Touristentour starteten, mussten wir erst einmal einen Parkplatz finden. Gar nicht so einfach und in einer der teuersten Städte Europas hat das auch gleich Mal 23 € für den Tag gekostet. Das gleiche Preisniveau hatte auch der Mittagssnack 🤔. Am Rathaus gönnten wir uns eine Portion Prager Schinken für satte 20,00 €. Das ist wirklich teuer, aber der war unglaublich lecker!

    Wir folgten unserer Route – vorbei an vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten – bis zur Karlsbrücke. Dort ließen wir spontan eine Familienkarrikatur erstellen – was für ein Spaß 😂. Danach ging es für Daggy und den neuen Bewegungsdrang von Milla zum nächsten Park, was in der Altstadt leider aufgrund von fehlenden Grünflächen eine Herausforderung war. Zum Abschluss hatte uns Josef (unser Host) noch in sein Café eingeladen. Dort erfrischten wir uns an leckeren Säften und Salaten. Gestärkt ging es nach einem Zwischenstopp bei einer Waschanlage wieder ab nach Hause.

    Prag hat uns als Ausflugsziel gut gefallen, aber nur für einen Tag, sonst ist das Geld zu schnell weg 😜.
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  • Day28

    2. Tag

    October 22, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Nach dem Frühstück ging es zu Fuss in die Altstadt. Mit Headset versehen und geführt durch unseren Reiseführer Martin haben wir uns die Regierungsgebäude, Kaufhäuser, Cafès mit den herrlichen Fassaden angeschaut. Anschließend ging es auf der Moldau mit dem Schiff weiter. Nach der Schifffahrt durften wir uns "frei" bewegen. Wir haben uns in ein Cafè gesetzt und Kaffee bei leckeren Kuchen genossen.
    Auf dem Rückweg ins Hotel haben wir in Geschäften gestöbert. Bei der Gelegenheit habe ich für die Firma einen Kronleuchter erworben. Zum Abendessen bei Folklore sind wir in lustiger Runde im Bus in ein nettes Restaurant gefahren. Den Abend haben schließlich in einer Outdoorbar beendet
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  • Day66

    Prague Part 2

    August 3 in Czech Republic

    We started the day by getting up early to visit the Terezín memorial which is a concentration camp an hour outside of Prague. Reading information online about how to get there from Prague made it sound very straightforward but it wound up being extremely difficult. We found out at the bus station that we were told to go to by online sources that it was the wrong station after trying to buy nonexistent tickets. When we got to the right bus station there weren’t many signs indicating which bus stop to wait at. We went inside the station office and the worker we found did not know either. Luckily the bus that arrived at the station first wound up being the one we needed which we discovered by asking the bus driver. When we got to Terezín we also had some difficulty finding the small fortress. Luckily we were able to discover how to get there after given a map by a worker at the ghetto museum. When we made it to the small fortress we informed the ticket person that due to all the confusion we missed the tour that we booked and asked if we could join another one. Luckily we didn’t pay in advance and were able to join a later tour, but the ticket office worker was very rude when communicating with us. The tour itself was very well done. It appears that very few English speakers visit Terezín because our English tour only had about 5 people on it whereas the Czech and Spanish tours each had at least 30 people. One of the people on our tour even spoke Czech but decided to take the English tour instead just because it was smaller. The concentration camp was different than we expected because it wasn’t a death camp like Auschwitz but more of a prisoner camp and an intermediary work camp for Jews before being sent to death camps. The neighborhood outside the fortress was a ghetto that Jews were sent to live in. This was the ghetto used in the Red Cross visit and propaganda film to show the world that the Nazis were not mistreating the Jews. Before the visit and film the Nazis sent thousands of the sick Jewish people in the ghetto to death camps to make the ghetto look not overpopulated and doing well. They also set up other fake facilities before the visit to make things look much better when they were typically terribly inhumane conditions to live in. Being in the camp was an eerie but powerful and important experience. We also had a lot of trouble finding the right bus stop and bus schedule leaving Terezín. We eventually figured it out thanks again to the worker at the ghetto museum. We realized that the confusion and concern from having difficulties finding our way around and with language barriers was actually an appropriate experience to have during our visit since the fear and confusion we experienced doesn’t even come moderately close to what the Jewish inhabitants must have felt at the time the camp was in use. When we finally made it back to Prague we went on an afternoon tour of the castle district. This was my favorite thing we did in Prague because the castle district was extremely beautiful and had a great view of the city. I’m not alone in finding the castle beautiful, apparently when McJagger visited Prague he thought the castle was so pretty that he personally paid for lights to shine on it at night! The city to this day can thank The Rolling Stones for their lovely nightlight. We started our tour by visiting the brewery at the top which is run by the monks at the monastery there. Apparently this is one of only 12 official monk brewed beers according to some official rules. Starting the tour with a beer in hand for the journey was pretty ideal to me! We walked around the beautiful castle grounds which apparently back in the day had so many exotic animals that were collected by the Hapsburgs roaming around that by today’s standards it could be considered a zoo! My favorite part of the tour was the convent which had tons of very tiny colorful houses. It looked like something pulled straight out of a fairytale! We also saw a vineyard and the church during our tour. While the Czech Republic has by far the largest beer consumption per population in the world they also like wine, and taxing wine has funded many projects in the city! I didn’t try the wine during my trip, likely because the beer was always cheaper than even water so it always seemed to be the best drink option! After the tour we went to get traditional Czech food at Micovna due to a recommendation from a friend of mine who recently travelled to Prague. I got the duck thigh with a Pilsner to drink and both were absolutely delicious! When we were done with dinner we went back to the hostel to join in the nights bar outings. We again only stayed briefly. All the people were friendly but not quite our crowd so we decided to do round two of getting burritos and calling it a night instead! The next morning we walked across the famous Charles bridge which was beautiful yet full of tourists. If I visit Prague again I want to go late at night when it is lit up by gas lighting. We then shopped for a little bit and then checked out of our frat house. Looks like our short lived college Greek life experience is over, but that’s okay because we have something better ahead of us, air conditioning!Read more

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