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  • Day3

    Farvel Danmark!

    June 21 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Der Tag begann recht früh mit Bjarne, dem ersten Europäischen Meeresmaler auf unserer Tour. Er ist in Vejers Strand der Fischräucherer, er ist Linkshänder und raucht auch beim malen :-)
    Mit Sommer-Regen haben wir das Zelt eingepackt. In Lindholm sind wir auf einem ehemaligen Wikingerfriedhof spazieren gegangen und verlassen nun Dänemark mit der Fähre von Hirtshals nach Kristiansand. Farvel!

    The day started quite early with Bjarne, the first European sea painter on our tour. He is the fish smoker in Vejer's beach, he is left-handed and also smokes while painting :-)
    We packed the tent with summer rain. In Lindholm we walked on a former Viking cemetery and now leave Denmark with the ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand. Farvel!
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  • Day9

    Aalborg Denmark

    May 29 in Denmark ⋅ 🌫 11 °C

    May 29.. Aalborg Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the world. Crown prince and queen Marguerite are figureheads have no political power and live in the royal palace in Copenhagen. Their flag is a white cross on red background. It is known as a flag of celebration... people use the flag for decoration and clothing quite freely. Denmark is known as a welfare state where everyone is looked healthcare, free education, free senior and child care. People pay 40 pc tax. Including 1pc to church and state tax. They are known as the happiest people in the world
    Our first stop Aalborg 4th largest city pop 120,000 ...home of Knudsen ...architect of Sydney Opera House....the university has world renowned school if architecture. The city features many architectural beauties.
    Our walking tour (we walk/tour 15,000 to 20,000 steps most days) highlighted oldest church dating back to 1200s known for export of white cement worldwide.
    Following our tour we stopped for drinks at the John Bull Pub where we spent a delightful evening chatting with a couple of local young people about everything from beer to sports to life Denmark. They had both travelled extensively but decided to return to Denmark citing the quality of life. We all thoroughly enjoyed their company.
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  • Day759

    Vester Hassing picnic area + Aalborg

    July 25, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We've squashed Martha Motorhome up into the shady corner made by two tall hedges because we are trying to hide from the heat. This area of Denmark provides a lot of picnic spots where people are happy for you to stay overnight. This one has an apple tree whose fruits are not yet ripe and a Mirabelle wild plum, whose fruits are deliciously in season. Will picked a punnet of them for us to munch on.

    After the first night we took a trip into Aalborg, a city on the Limfjord. Will has become adept at looking ahead and finding good places to park for city visits. Today he had programmed in an open parkland near the zoo, where there was a small amount of shade. We arrived just after 11am and were able to nab the last tree covered spot, thus keeping the van as cool as possible for Poppy. The park even had picnic benches with metal holders for your bbq! The only disadvantage was that it was up a hill - a bit of a rarity in Denmark! We enjoyed the ride down and loved the provision for bikes as we cycled in; seperate lanes, traffic lights and racks when we got to the station.

    As we wandered around Aalborg's shopping precinct, we found it had the same peaceful quiet as so many of the Danish settlements we have visited. There were enough people to breathe life into the streets, but not so many as to stifle. On one of the wide, well planned and kept city thoroughfares we found a haberdashery to keep Vicky occupied, but no music shop for the guitar strings Will was looking to buy.

    Our tummies were beginning to rumble so we began to look for a place to eat. Vicky found a café that she liked but Will didn't and Will found a pub that upon further investigation, neither of us liked. Looking on the Happy Cow app (a Trip Advisor for eateries with veggie options) we entered a sandwich shop into the map and began making our way toward it, only to stumble upon We Feat, a purely organic hipster café serving salad bowls, fresh juices and smoothies. Will enjoyed 'The Hottie' with pulled beef and chillis and Vicky had the morish Summer Bowl with falafel and watermelon, accompanied by a Green Gun juice of avocado, lemon, ginger, spinach and apple. It was scrumptious!

    Aalborg is built on the banks of the Limfjord so following lunch we meandered down to the waterfront. The area had obviously been spruced up but it was time to make our way back to Poppy, so we backtracked to the station and cycled up the hill significantly more slowly than we had come down. The heat and final steep incline beat us, but we loved the freedom of being able to ride most of the way.

    We hadn't managed to find any guitar strings for Will, but when driving through the suburbs we spotted a music shop with room to park. Job done - thank you Aalborg!

    We'd been running low on LPG for a while, so leaving the city we visited two petrol stations that the Fuelio app said sold LPG. They didn't. Checking the webpage, we discovered there were only 5 stations in Denmark that sold the gas we need for our fridge, cooking and water heating, the nearest being 200miles down south! Oops! We don't have a guage to tell us how much we have left, but after having a think, we decided to return to the picnic slot we stayed at last night then make our way slowly towards the fuel station. We could cover the distance in a day if necessary and didn't want to cut short our time in this beautiful part of the country unless it was necessary.
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  • Day758


    July 24, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    From one harbourside overnighter to another, we've driven a short distance from the luxury marina at Sæby to the working harbour here at Hals. It isn't an official motorhome area, but comments left on Park4Night by a resident said the town doesn't mind vans staying, enjoying the area and shopping in town.

    A shallow bay lined with reeds spreads out in front of us; Will has tried fishing but the weeds make it difficult. To our right, a black wood community centre with a pyramidal roof stands empty and a row of yellow painted huts lead along the left side of the marina. The boats here are more practical than the cruisers at Sæby, many of them focused on fishing. A huge beige ship, that we believe is a ferry, is moored to a large concrete wall beyond them.

    There was no shade so we took it easy after arriving in the afternoon, putting ice packs near Poppy's bed to cool the air. Will cooked up the three Weever fish he had gone on to catch after being stung by one yesterday. They were pretty bony but tasted good.

    The following morning dawn saw a great burning ball of vermillion bridge the horizon just after 5am. It was going to be another hot one!

    Part of the reason we chose Hals was for the Wednesday market mentioned on Park4night. There were a few food stalls under cover at the sea side of town, making us think that it was just a small affair, but beyond these we found a buzz of activity in the streets. It seemed the whole population had stepped out to sell their wares, with people coming from far and wide to trade alongside the locals. As well as the roving traders, shops extended their square footage to outside stalls, homes spilled out onto tables and gardens opened their gates for people to peruse the goods they offered. We kept approaching corners, thinkng we had reached the end, only to discover another street was buzzing with life from this weekly phenomenon. The number of independents selling their second hand goods meant it was a cross between a market and a car boot sale. There were so many different stalls it was difficult to take in all the items each displayed. We love this sort of thing, but by the end, even for us, it was verging on being too much! We came away with some smoked mackerel, locally made honey, fresh cherries and peas from a market gardener originally from Brighton and Vicky found some wool and toy stuffing in one of the yarn stores.

    We were in two minds about whether to stay a second night, but the baking temperatures drove us to move on and seek shade. Before leaving, Vicky emptied our small box of rubbish in a bin and was grumbled at by an ill tempered old man who stuck his head out of one of the huts and called over the car park 'is it full yet?'. We hardly ever get anyone showing ill feeling towards us, but it is upsetting when somebody does, even though we don't believe we did anything wrong.
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  • Day75

    Pause und Reifendienst

    July 23 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Morgens an unserem Schlafplatz war das Wetter direkt wieder sonnig :)
    Zuerst machten wir uns auf zu Euromaster Viborg. Nachdem neue Reifen hier leider deutlich teurer sind als in Deutschland entschieden wir uns für die Reparatur des Hinterreifens. Anschließend machten wir eine Pause, wo es dann auch Frühstück gab. Lara hupfte fröhlich in der Werkstatt umher :)Read more

  • Day75

    Lindholm Høje

    July 23 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Auf dem Weg nach Frederikshavn sahen wir ein Schild für die Lindholmer Hügelgräber. Chrissi hatte davon mal gelesen und wir sind direkt hin gefahren. Die Gräber kann man kostenlos besichtigen, man muss nur aufpassen, dass kein Schaf ausbückst, denn die leben dort. Das Museum sparten wir uns da es bald schloss und 10€ für Durchrennen uns dann doch zu teuer war. Lara hat sich das Puzzle ausgesucht, vorher wollte sie 2 Stück, aber wir konnten sie noch runterhandeln 😂.Read more

  • Day36

    Leaving Denmark Norway here we come

    July 23, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Just spent our first day in Aalborg down a fjord in Denmark. We went on a tour to a medieval castle and market. It doesn't sound too fascinating but it was really interesting. We had a local lady who took us through the castle. She brought the place to life. I kept thinking of my Mum looking at all the beautiful table settings with silver and China and the period furniture from all the different inhabitants over the centuries. Outside there were markets in the castle grounds where the locals were dressed in medieval costumes but were actually producing goods, food or music from the time. It was not crass as you would imagine as they all were quietly getting in with it not looking for applause or trying to flog their wares. The only downside was it started to rain and has been raining since. We are back on board though and drinking coffee reclined in rockers as the ship heads towards Norway. We are at sea tomorrow as we cruise into the North Sea and around the corner to Norway. So far the sea is calm and we haven't put on our seasick patches but Bette is on guard.This ship is really very comfortable. It is much more modern and stylish than the Silversea one we were on before. We feel very lucky to be able to travel in such comfort. Bette has even corrupted me into some afternoon naps. My back continues to plague me and Bette's right knee is terrible but doing what we can to get by. Next time I think we better bring a physio with us. We were hoping the Coles family gathering today to say goodbye to Lucy and Josh was a happy/sad one. It was great Bette spoke to Lucy the other day. Bon Voyage to you both. Travel safe and enjoy London lol Barb &BettexxxRead more

  • Day18

    Skagen Ost - Egense

    May 16 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Morgens kleiner Spaziergang am Strand. Später dann auf der Fahrt einkaufen und duschen in den öffentlichen Sanitärräumen im Hafen von Hals. Leider hatten die angekündigten warmen Duschen nur ca. 8 bis 10° C. Da ging das Duschen schneller als geplant.
    Danach ging es noch mit der Fähre nach Egense wo wir direkt am Hafen unseren Stellplatz gefunden haben.Read more

  • Day19

    Egense - Storvorde

    May 17 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Regen, Regen, Regen und Wind. Wir konnten aus unserem Wohnmobil ganz gemütlich bei Standheizung den Kitern und Windsurfern zuschauen, die trotz des Wetters oder vielleicht auch gerade deswegen, aufs Wasser gegangen sind.
    Um 16 Uhr war das Wetter immer noch nicht besser. Wir sind trotzdem losgefahren zuerst ein bißchen einkaufen und dann direkt zum nächsten Stellplatz.
    Der Stellplatz sollte Meerblick haben, hatte er auch, man musste nur dazu vorher auf einen kleinen Hügel mit Picknickplatz steigen.
    Der Stellplatz lag ganz schön mitten in einem kleinen Wäldchen und hatte ein Trockenplumpsklo mit Sägespänen dabei.
    Wenn ich hier immer von einem Stellplatz schreibe, dann ist das fast nie ein Stellplatz, sondern üblicherweise ein ganz gewöhnlicher Parkplatz, nur wir (und viele Andere) nutzen ihn als Stellplatz. Trotzdem das in Dänemark das Campen auf Parkplätzen verboten ist.
    Oft stehen an solchen Plätzen auch extra Schilder, wo explizit das Campen verboten wird. Dann halten wir uns auch daran, aber sonst .....
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