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  • Day34

    Moesgaard Beach and Museum

    September 14, 2017 in Denmark

    Today it's Ib's turn to show us his special places. He takes us for a bit of a tour of Aarhus, some bits we've seen already with Karen but we have Ib's interpretation, plus a few others. Also we go for a chemist run to top up on cough medicine and panadol etc for us with colds. It looks like Karen may have caught it too :(
    We go and see Moesgaard Strand, a beach that is very nice and looks as it would be very busy in the summertime. Then we drive through the forest of beech trees to get to the museum. We were here 5 years ago but the museum today was not there then. Then, it was a weekend get together of viking re-enactment people/festival that we could go and visit.
    This museum is built into the hill and has grassed roofs that you can walk on. The museum is not just about the vikings, it is an archeological and anthropological museum as well, so many of the exhibits are about other cultures. Aarhus Uni also have something to do with it. Ib has done work there too.
    There was an Australian Aboriginal Christmas room!! There were very clever technological interactive stations right through the museum. We spent 3-4 hours but could've spent more.
    Home for a late lunch and the usual arvo rest. This cold really makes you tired by the afternoon.
    Poor Karen, I feel bad that she may have caught our bug
    Thor is on his way home on the bus but is held up by a 12 car accident on one of the bridges so we may not see him tonight
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  • Day30

    Breakfast together at 9.
    Shopping centre to find more cough mixture for mum and dad.
    Thor takes us on a tour of Aarhus Uni and his geology campus. Complete with microscope slides of minerals.
    Go to Thor's apartment and have a lovely lunch made by Thor.
    Thor's older sister's 45th birthday. She's just moved from Sweden so go to her new house. Have coffee and cake and meet or re-meet extended family.
    Home to relax a little then tea/chat/bed.
    Julie is driving back to Copenhagen tomorrow so we say good bye to her. We probably won't see her again this trip
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  • Day31

    Washing and Aarhus library

    September 11, 2017

    This morning we catch up on our washing and just chill. I ring Steve and have a nice chat.
    After lunch Karen takes us to look at their new town library. It is very nice, so many little areas to study or read, a section for kids and babies. They were setting up an exhibition about technology aids to help with independent living. That was very interesting
    There is also a very clever carpark that takes your car and a lift thing takes it under the building and apparently then "under the sea". We are right at the maybe..
    It rejected Karen's car "not enough clearance" so she had to park elsewhere. We watched someone else "retrieve" his car - fascinating.
    After that we pick Thor up from his place so he can have tea with us.
    I'm struggling to fight the "flu" everyone had on the farm tour. Getting into the honey and lemon drinks to try and boost the immune system
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  • Day33

    Museum, church and botanical gardens

    September 13, 2017 in Denmark

    We go to book train tickets back to Copenhagen on Monday, with booked seats this time! !
    Aros (the name of yesterday's museum) is actually the viking name for Aarhus. Visited a small underground viking museum where they actually excavated the exhibits on site in the 60's. Skeleton and all - murdered man
    Domkirk-lovely. Built over viking stones when Christians took over but now reference to that in the church. The decorations here are a lot more colourful than others but done in chalk type paint
    Also visit the Botanical gardens in big glass houses. Very nice. They have some Australian trees there too.
    Arvo snooze. Getting better.
    Ib is back. Thor is in Copenhagen
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  • Day29

    A biiigg long travel day back to Denmark

    September 9, 2017 in Denmark

    Awake at 2.30 AM Iceland time to catch the 4am bus to Keflavik Airport. Our flight isn't until 8.30 but others fly out at 7 or 7.30 so we just go woth them. Free bus! Otherwise pay a 50 euro taxi fare 👍
    Icelandair flight to Copenhagen takes about 3 hours so we all manage a bit of a snooze to keep us going.
    We then catch the right train for a 3 hour ride to Aarhus. So we managed some mire snoize. One thing - when I booked the train I apparently didn't book seats so we were in other people's seats but they were all good about it. Dad did have to play musical chairs for a while!
    Thor and his girlfriend Julie picked us up. Sooo good to see and hug my boy again!!! He was just as stoked 💕 Julie is lovely, she lives in Copenhagen and is in last year of nursing. They met in Australia!!!
    Thor brought us around to Karen and Ib's place . Nanna was there to greet us, Karen and Ib were next door at a neighbours party 🎶🎵🍻
    Nanna, Thor and Julie made us a very lovely meal. Karen and Ib came back around 8-ish. We talked until we couldn't stay awake any longer.
    Looking forward to being able to relax and just be in one spot for a while.
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  • Day32

    Sickness and Aros museum

    September 12, 2017 in Denmark

    Had a fever and sweats through the night but felt ok by morning. A few periods through the day when the lurgy wanted to claim me but I am enjoying the lemon and honey drinks 👍
    Thor took us to one of the Aarhus museums before he had Uni this afternoon. It's modern art so some pieces are quite questionable...."that's art??" ...and some were interesting. There's a huge very lifelike creation, Big Boy. It has been there for a while apparently and an Australian made it. There was also a film piece there by an Australian.
    We came back to a lovely soup made by Karen then a rest afternoon. By then I needed a snooze- the flu was getting me a bit.
    Nanna made us tea and we had a movie night with Thor. Ib and Thor usually watch movies of a Tuesday night but Ib is away tonight so we are standing in for him 😉
    We watched Red Dog with German subtitles!
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  • Day35

    Finally back on the bike

    September 15, 2017 in Denmark

    The weather fines up today, lovely and sunny.
    I hop on Karen's bike for a 12 km ride into city and back.
    Still feeling energised and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine so go on a 5 km walk up the street.
    Feeling tired by the time I get back.
    Don't see Thor today - he is busy at Uni.
    Karen might be getting our cold 😡

  • Day6

    Gamle By

    March 8 in Denmark

    Mein Tag bestand heute aus einen kleinen Strandspaziergang im Nebel, lesen und lümmeln auf der Couch und am Abend Sauna.
    Das Wetter hat heute einen Teil seiner Bandbreite gezeigt, wenn auch nicht unbedingt die Schönste. Schnee am Morgen, Nebel den ganzen Tag und Regen am Abend.

    Und weil das jetzt nicht so ein spannender Tag für euch Follower ist, gibt es einen Bericht von unserem Ausflug nach Gamle By in Aarhus.
    Julia und ich waren im Oktober 2015 in Aarhus.
    Auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert ist das Museumsdorf „Gamble By“.
    Gamle By = Alte Stadt, ist ein Freiluftmuseum, welches in Form einer mittelalterlichen Stadt angelegt wurde. Die Häuser, welche man dort findet, sind originale aus ganz Dänemark, welche an ihren ursprünglichen Standorten abgebaut und in Gamle By wieder aufgebaut wurden.
    Es gibt Häuser aus verschiedenen Zeitepochen, um 1800, um 1900 und die 1970er. Einige Häuser stehen auch für ein Handwerk aus der jeweiligen Zeit. Beeindruckend fand ich die alte Apotheke. Die Wohnsituation der Menschen in der Zeit ist recht authentisch nachgestellt. Da macht sich bei mir immer Dankbarkeit breit, im hier und jetzt zu leben.
    Die Bäckerei in Gamle By ist in Betrieb und verkauft sehr leckeres Gebäck und Brot. Man kann sich auch mit einem Fiaker über das alte Pflaster kutschieren lassen.
    In einem Mietshaus kann man sich mehrere Wohnungen ansehen, die im 70ziger Jahre Stil eingerichtet sind. Witzig, in einem Wohnzimmer lief im Fernsehen das Fußball WM Endspiel von 1974.
    Auch die Innenstadt von Aarhus ist sehenswert, Cafés und tolle kleine Geschäfte findet man in der Altstadt.
    Wir hatten bei unserem Tagesausflug nach Aarhus nicht mehr viel Zeit um zum Beispiel dem Kunstmuseum mit seiner Rainbow Panorama auf dem Dach einen Besuch abzustatten.
    Aarhus hat ein wenig den Ruf der ewig Zweiten...
    Zweitgrößte Stadt Dänemarks, steht erst an zweiter Stelle nach Kopenhagen, wenn es um Städtereisen in Dänemark geht. Aarhus, Kulturhauptstadt 2017, ist auf jeden Fall eine Reise wert... und ich muss da definitiv noch mal hin.
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  • Day6

    Die zweitgrößte Stadt Dänemarks durfte auf der Fahrt nach Norden natürlich nicht fehlen - lag auch auf dem Weg 😏.
    Der anscheinend zur Gewohnheit werdende Snack am Straßenrand neben dem Meer blieb aber die einzig wirklich positive Erinnerung: Die Innenstadt war zwar geschichtsträchtig, aber leider überfüllt!
    Abends bereiteten wir uns lieber auf einem Campingplatz noch mental & physisch für die 3-tägige Fährüberfahrt nach Island vor: Melis Seekrankheit und das Schlafen in Mehrbettzimmern im Deck UNTER den Autos verursachten kaum Vorfreude...Read more

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