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  • Day30

    Rest Day in Amboise

    September 19, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    On any extended ride rest days are something to be eagerly anticipated as they approach, and enjoyed when they arrive. I had especially been looking forward to our time in Amboise, partly because I knew how much the group would enjoy visiting the beautiful Clos Luce (the final home of Leonardo da Vinci), and partly because of the opulent accommodation we would be staying in.

    Since this was my third visit to Amboise, I decided not to return to the home of Leonardo, but to visit the imposing Chateau d"Amboise instead. This towering building dominates the centre of the city and is reached via a long sloping walkway. Although the external appearance is rather uninviting, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it actually is when viewed from the inside.

    The Chateau d'Amboise occupies an prominent location that affords glorious views down to the city of Amboise and the River Loire. Unlike Chambord, the chateau is a much more aesthetically pleasing building and the rooms are of a more modest size. It is surrounded by spectacular lawns and gardens. If I was a king of France, I know which place I would choose to live in.

    The Chateau is only a short walk from Leonardo's home. During the time of Leonardo's three year residence at the Clos Luce, a secret tunnel was constructed to join the two buildings together. This meant that Leonardo could meet his patron Francois 1, without having to venture in the open spaces of the city. Leonardo's short sojurn in Amboise ended in 1519 when the great genius died, most probably as a result of a stroke.

    Maggie and I spent the afternoon wandering the streets of the old city and we ended up in a quaint Salon de The (coffee shop). As soon I entered the place, I had a feeling of deja vu. I remembered that I had enjoyed a cup of coffee in the same place, back in 2013. It is amazing how strong some recollections from the previous trips can be. Events that I thought I had completely forgotten come flooding back as if they were yesterday.

    Our evening meal was held at our hotel. It developed into quite a celebration as we all knew that it was the final night that Carol and Samantha would be with us. Tomorrow they will be leaving the team to make their way back to Paris, and then home to Australia. We will all be sorry to see them leave as they have been such a valued part of the group.

    Tomorrow our reduced group ofd 14 riders will continue to Tours.
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  • Day29

    A New Bike and a Beaver in Blois

    September 18, 2019 in France ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Ever since my unfortunate crash, way back in Sancerre, I had been having trouble mounting the bike. It is not easy to throw your hind leg over the seat when you have limited mobility in your knee. Each time I tried to mount the bike in the conventional way, not only was it ungainly, but I felt like I was in imminent danger of ending on the ground in another ugly tangled pile of bike and person.

    There is a very practical advantage to the low bar "unisex design" that is so popular in Europe. Not only can it be used by people of either sex, but it is much safer for anyone with a flexibility issue. I happen to qualify on both counts.

    Blois happens to be the location of the head office of Loire Valley Travel - the operator who supplied our bikes. They had already arranged for one of their bike mechanics to service all our bikes before we left the hotel. That gave me a thought.

    "Would it be possible to exchange my bike for a low bar bike ?", I asked.
    "My bike has a broken headlight because some idiot fell off it", I added.
    I was very pleased when the reply was in the affirmative.

    About 90 minutes later all the bikes had been checked, adjusted, lubricated and, best of all, I had been supplied with a replacement step through bike. I practised mounting and dismounting. It was sheer bliss. Gael had also swapped her bike for a similar step through and was also rejoicing loudly.

    It was while we were gathered by the Pont Charles de Gaulle (aka Big Bridge), that we made a wonderful observation. Down in the river there was a strange animal swimming and cavorting with the ducks. Was it a rat ? Was it a cat ? No, it was a beaver !!!! The women all squealed with delight. It was like watching Wind in the Willows. It really was a big beaver, and he even swam right over to our bank of the river to show off his swimming skills. It was magical way to start our day's ride.

    Although the weather was cooler than we had been used to, it still showed no sign of rain and the bike mechanic assured us that the freshening breeze was actually a tail wind. What a perfect start to a day's ride.

    I happily jumped on my new bike and off we went. Our destination for the day was Amboise, about 45 km downstream. Although 45 km does not sound like far, I well remembered that the previous times I had ridden this route we had been battered by the twin demons of hills and head winds. Although the hills were still there, it was amazing just how much easier life is when the wind is coming from behind you.

    The second part of the ride is across an elevated and exposed plateau and the tail wind really was a wonderful gift. Although the cycling conditions were amazing, a "domestic disagreement" between Maggie and me threatened to put an untimely end to our 45 year marriage. I guess the stresses of the last four weeks had to find an outlet sooner or later.

    Fortunately the atmosphere cleared later in the day and we were able to join the rest of the team for an absolutely divine dinner at "L'Alliance" restaurant. Everything about that place was incredible. It would have almost been worth the price of the trip, just to experience that food again. Many declared it was the best dinner they had ever had.

    Our home for the next two nights is the "Clos "D'Amboise", a magnificent 17th century mansion that has been converted to a 4 star hotel. It is a wonderful way to experience some of the style that the wealthy of that era enjoyed. I had one of my best night's sleeps since the trip began. Tomorrow is a free day to allow our team to explore this wonderful city where Leonardo da Vinci lived out his final years.
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  • Day6

    Le Clos Lucé - DaVinci Ausstellung

    August 24, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 32 °C

    Im Garten von Chateau Clos Lucé befindet sich eine Ausstellung zu den von Leonardo da Vinci erfundenen Maschinen und der Umsetzung. Dazu haben wir mit dem Eintritt von je 21 Euro (!) noch den Besuch einer Sonderausstellung über Leonardo da Vinci mit Zeichnungen und der Umsetzung des berühmten 'letzten Abendmahles' als Wandteppich gebucht. War interessant, aber die Sonderausstellung war nicht so ergiebig. Der Garten war insgesamt gut gemacht, wobei die Hörststationen im Text eher zu lang waren.Read more

  • Day27

    Villandry to Amboise. 52 km

    October 1, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Our funky B&B was fine but the dinner and brekky just so-so...aren't we getting picky 😜. Think I'd get tired of ducking under beams pretty quickly too (not to mention Daryl!). Nice lady tho.

    Gorgeous ride in the morning...neat towns, nice track and views. Bit of a slog thru Tours mid-day but the bike route well marked and the cathedral jaw-dropping.

    Then into wine country with a vengeance...very tasty in fact 😋. Hanging our hat in Amboise for a couple nites. Balcony off our room is nice. Chateau right around the corner; oozing history. Definite tourist destination with usual tradeoffs...people watching always fun 👬👩‍🚒💩.
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  • Day10

    Chateau, Chateau, Chateau!

    May 6, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    I LOVED the Royal Chateau Amboise, A+. What I loved was that it was charming, spectacular chapel (they say that Leonardo da Vinci's bones are buried in the chapel but I guess there is some question about that) gardens, view of the city and river below, use of stone, curl·i·cue spires and chirping birds.Read more

  • Day41


    June 23 in France ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Après un début d'après midi pour (ré)découvrir Tours, direction Amboise en fin de journée pour aller voir le Clos Lucé et les machines de Léonard le lendemain.

  • Day3

    An der Loire entlang /Amboise

    April 18, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Stadtführung per Motorrad ist bei Werners Tourenführung „obligataire“ , kann auchnicht abbestellt werden
    Als Folgender kann man nur dem Elefantenhautanzug (*1) hinterherfahren

    Siehe Video das hier erst noch kommt...

    Genau so grau
    Die Größe des Leders kann nicht von kleinen Tieren sein
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  • Day8


    October 20, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Amboise ha tutto della città reale. Da un lato, un maestoso castello a strapiombo sulla Loira, dove visse Francesco I. Dall’altro, il  Castello del Clos Lucé dove l'ingegnoso Leonardo da Vinci lavorò a molti progetti per il Re... Scoprite ad Amboise la storia favolosa dei Castelli della Loira cullati dal fiume, anch'esso reale.
    Il Castello Reale di Amboise e i suoi giardini sovrastano maestosamente la riva sinistra della Loira. Fine commistione tra fortificazioni medievali e stile rinascimentale, il bell'edificio domina il fiume. Da aprile a settembre, esplorate i sotterranei misteriosi e la torre dei Minimi, la cui cima si poteva raggiungere a cavallo!
    Reale, è questo l'aggettivo che qualifica perfettamente Amboise. La città, le cui strade pedonali ammaliano, fu un tempo la città di due grandi figure della storia: Francesco I e Leonardo da Vinci. L’illustre artista ha inoltre dato vita a numerose creazioni per il re.
    Per cogliere tutto il talento di questo genio del Rinascimento, scoprite le sue incredibili invenzioni al Castello del Clos Lucé - Parco Leonardo da Vinci. Nella sala, bozzetti e animazioni 3D vi spiegheranno tutti i funzionamenti. Non c'è un altro posto come questa splendida dimora rinascimentale, che restituisca così fedelmente l’universo di colui che è stato contemporaneamente pittore, ingegnere, architetto e anche musicista. E c'è un motivo: è proprio qui che visse gli ultimi tre anni della sua vita, finché si spense nel 1519. Riposa ora al Castello Reale nella Cappella Saint-Hubert, dalle magnifiche vetrate. 
    Per restare nell'ambito dei castelli, ma questa volta in versione miniatura, esplorate il Parco dei mini castelli, questo vasto parco propone i bozzetti dei Castelli della Loira in scala 1 a 30.
    Passeggiare a bordo Loira contemplando il Castello reale di Amboise basta a capire che la città è profondamente legata al suo fiume.
    Per una vista grandiosa della Valle della Loira, recatevi a 5 km da Amboise, alla Pagoda di Chanteloup. Costruita dal duca di Choiseul nel 1775, questa straordinaria torre conica di 44 metri di altezza e di 7 piani sorprende per la sua singolare bellezza.
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  • Day6

    Medical morning

    February 26 in France ⋅ 🌧 4 °C

    Arno is sick and after we went to the pharmacy-doctor-bank-doctor-laboratory-pharmacy we got some pills for him and went for breakfast and hot chocolate at our favorite bakery in town.

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