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  • Day27

    Scooters around Paris

    July 24 in France

    We had planned to catch the Big Bus around Paris today. This was scuttled when we found a way of hiring motorised scooters which we could ride around and drop off anywhere. They are battery operated and really a great way of getting around Paris.

    We rode them past Notre Dame and had a look at this 900 year-old cathedral which is so famous and has seen a lot of history, including two world wars in the last hundred years.

    We rode the scooters to the Army Museum and Napoleon's Tomb. We spent a couple of hours in these amazing places. The army museum has the most amazing collection of Medieval armour and weapons in the world. The Spanish Army Museum in Toledo is extraordinary, but the collection in the Paris Army Museum is even better.

    We then located some more scooters and rode them to Place de Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower from another perspective. From there we walked to the Arch de Triumph to see the amazing arch and the crazy roundabout. We walked through the underpass and stood in the middle of the roundabout and saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the eternal flame which is located directly below the arch.

    We travelled by train back to our apartment for a bit of a break after that energetic day.
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  • Day27

    I went for a wander in the Marais district of Paris at about 7:00 pm. This is the famous Jewish district of Paris and has narrow streets and lots of character. There are restaurants and all kinds of stores, including Jewish shops, selling all kinds of food and goods. Some of the most exclusive brands and boutiques have outlets in this area. It is also fascinating to see little bookshops and niche clothing stores. The Falafel outlets which are famous in this district are also hard to resist, so I didn't. I ordered and received a lamb schwarma which was delicious.

    The Pompidou Centre, the Place des Voges and the Jewish Synagogue are all locations I walked past. There were also plaques outside schools which acknowledged the hundreds of children that were relocated by the Germans (Allemande) to Nazi war camps during world war two and never seen again.

    The Marais District is one of the areas of Paris that one can just wander through and marvel at the history oozing from every building and doorway. It is an amazing district of Paris.
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  • Day29

    Paris wanderings

    July 26 in France

    Today Ben and Emily went to Versailles, so Sam and I had a more restful day.

    I went on a scooter ride around Paris in the morning, visiting some of my favourite spots around town, including;
    The Seine, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Co Book Shop.
    I visited the Epicerie by Oliver that Priscilla and I visited with the Carrolls when we first went to Paris. I paid a visit to Le Procope, the oldest cafe in Paris, dating from 1686. Significant figures from the past have sat in this cafe and discussed their revolutionary ideas, including Ben Franklin, Danton, Marat, Rebespierre, Napoleon, Balzac, Victor Hugo and many more.

    Sam and I met Ben and Emily at St Chappelle, the famous church in the Conciergerie, the old palace of the royal family on the Isle of Paris. The palace was used at various times for the royla family, then it was converted into a prison. It was the place where significant prisoners, including Marie Antoinette, were held prior to execution during the Revolution. The chapel has huge stained glass windows that tell the whole story of the Bible. The windows are what make this chapel so unique and special. The light coming through the windows gives the interior and magical glow.

    I also paid a visit to Galeries Lafayette, the famous shopping centre in Paris, and on the way marvelled again at the Paris Opera building which is spectacular. It takes one's breath away every time you come around the corner and see it from the front. Galeries Lafayette has a beautiful view of the Paris skyline from the seventh-floor terrace.

    It was another fascinating day in the old city of Paris.
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  • Day81


    June 19 in France

    Bonjour from gay Paris!! Took the Eurostar through the Chunnel and 2 hours later... v'oila! Staying at an awesome apartment on the top (6th) floor of a quintessentially Parisian street in Republique. It was an early 5am London start, so troops were in fatigue mode, but nothing that an hour of PubG Mobile couldn't fix.

    Revived, we mastered the Paris Metro to stroll along Champs-Élysées and climb up the Arc de Triomph. Whole lotta stairs! Think we better get used to that here. The views were worth it!

    Playing tourist in Paris is so easy!

    I'm losing track of days, but no matter. Had a stroll through Nortre Dame cathedral and walked around Left Bank after, admiring the art. The boys chose a few Paris posters to add to their growing collection of cityscapes. Found a park to sit in and have a gelato while listening to a pop-up high school choir with amazing voices sing weird ditties about Ireland that stuck in my head for too long after. Later that night & at the end of our street, we strolled along Canal St Martin, a fantastic long waterway that snakes through Republique. At night everybody emerges with a glass of wine and sits on the edge of the canal for a few drinks. Some people bring instruments and there is spontaneous dancing. Fun vibe.

    Yesterday was 'epic.' We went to the Louvre and walked until our legs hurt. With 5 floors of art, you just can't possibly. However, we saw Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the oldest known sculpture (almost 9,000 years old), mummies, sphinxes... A lot of the French paintings in particular had written histories giving a context around the painting. That was awesome. Napoleon was quite vain.

    Exhausted with tourist fatigue we came home via the local boulangerie which has the best tarts ever! Jesse cooked a vegetarian spaghetti with salad, which we had on the balcony. Spontaneously a huge band started playing on the street below. Within hours more bands popped up, and dancing crowds filled the streets. Drum bands, orchestras... all funky music!! We got our second wind and went out to explore- which culminated in a 11:00pm Eiffel Tower visit! The views of Paris at night were awesome, and they put the sparkly lights on! Rather cold at the top, so hot Nutella crepes after were yummy!!

    The train home was packed with revellers. Happy, drunk Parisians singing loudly. It kept the boys awake & amused long enough to get home. The street party was still going strong (turns out it was a Midsummer festival of music), but we had no problems falling asleep!
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  • Day8

    Today is the one full day of Paris that we get. We stopped at a restaurant on the way to the metro and had a typical French breakfast.
    The days have been long so far, but this one will be the longest. Partly because it was warm.
    The previous couple of days had so much walking and stairs, it took it's toll on Linda. She went back to the hotel while the rest of us headed back to the tower to stand in line for an hour and a half. She would meet us at Notre Dame when we were ready.
    For the tower, there are options to go all the way to the top or just to the second level. You can pay a little less and walk the 700 steps to the 2nd level and then take the elevator the rest of the way up. If we came this far, we might as well go all the way via the elevator. The kids saved me a little money for once. If you are under 25 you pay kids prices
    There are signs everywhere to warn you of pick pockets. Adam thinks he spotted one at the metro station the night before and I think he's right. I've kinda done this thing for the last 29 years...

    We've seen some big churches on this trip but Notre Dame was the biggest of them all. The line was long getting in but it moved quickly. There were military members patrolling here with automatic weapons like they were at the tower and Mont Blanc St. Michele. It didn't bother me, but it's a shame that it's a necessity. The US should feel fortunate that we are not to this point yet.
    Construction began in 1163 and a neat exhibit shows the different phases of the 800 years of construction, of how it went from a small church to fabled Cathedral that inspired movies.
    It is nice but I can only imagine how much poverty could have been relieved with the money it took to build this.
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  • Day9

    Notre Dame

    June 9 in France

    I'm glad I went to the cathedral in Laon because Notre Dame de Paris was PACKED and I had no interest in being in those kind of crowds.

    So instead of going inside, I stood in the square and watched people let PIGEONS land on them.

    Wtf? Do these people not have pigeons where they come from? I just kept thinking "skyrats skyrats skyrats...."

  • Day18

    Paris and a room with a view!

    April 12, 2017 in France

    I arrived in Paris after a 90 minute flight from Barcelona. I decided to catch the train since it was a fine day and to save some money! I managed it ok catching a shuttle, then a train and signs were surprisingly self explanatory. My schoolgirl French is coming back to me!

    I had booked a lovely old hotel just by Notre Dame Cathedral but could only afford their cheapest single room (I am hardly in it anyway). I got to the hotel admiring the view by the river as I walked from the underground train and got offered an upgrade for two of the six nights I am here. It is one of their best rooms and the very friendly owner said I deserved it since it was my first time in Paris! (they had a cancellation).. it is a lovely big double room with a view of a park and the cathedral itself. Pinching myself!!Read more

  • Day22

    Dinner at Chez Leveque

    April 16, 2017 in France

    I had passed this eclectic little restaurant two doors from the lovely Hotel Esmeralda and looked at it curiously as it didn't look like much from the outside. I asked the hotel owner for a recommendation and this is where he said to go. Inside the restaurant was small with a vibrant atmosphere and the menu was blackboard style all in French. The friendly waitress translated for me but in the end I asked her to choose for me.

    My starter was a pork terrine on toast with melted goat cheese. It was delicious and the salad it sat on had a very nice dressing. Next was a perfectly cooked medium rare duck breast sitting on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, also very good. The sauce was very tasty (I could hear Manu saying ahh the sauce) and I really enjoyed the meal.

    As I left the restaurant I used their bathroom and to my delight found it had a shelf of paint pots and brushes for you to paint your own tile! I spent far too long reading other people's and left without doing my own but I will try and visit again and leave my mark!
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  • Day22


    April 16, 2017 in France

    I went to the lovely Sainte-Chapelle on Easter Sunday and after queuing for some time at Notre Dame, I was expecting to queue here but for some reason, after a short wait for security (something there is now at every place you visit), I skipped the only queue there was with my museum pass. The side room of the chapel you visit first was lovely but a little ruined by the ever prevalent souvenir shop!

    A short few steps and I was in the main Chapel. It was jaw dropping stuff with the most beautiful stained glass windows reaching up into the vast ceiling. The photos do not do it justice but give you the idea. At one stage the sun shone through them and their real beauty was revealed.

    The outside of the building is quite plain and it is nestled next to the justice building. The exit passed out by this building and the soldiers with their automatic rifles were a stark reminder of the need to protect such places.
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  • Day18

    Dinner with a French friend

    April 12, 2017 in France

    While Magali was not technically a friend when we met for dinner on my first night on Paris, she certainly was one after the evening was over. What a delightful person she is and such a lovely host. Magali had met and looked after Natalie when she was in Paris last Christmas (she is an old friend of Matt's mother). I contacted her and she made time in her busy life, running her graphic art business, to meet me one evening and have dinner. We met and discovered we were kindred spirits sharing a love of travel and seafood among other things!

    Magali took me on a walk through the sunset evening telling me the history of the area as we went. We visited a small local market and I watched as she joked with the seller of foie gras and we tasted his produce. Next we went to a restaurant that specialised in seafood and Magali and I proceeded to polish off the largest platter I have seen (actually a tower of seafood) with crab, oysters, prawns, clams, cockles and many other shellfish I had never tried before. It was all devine and two bottles of wine and much conversation later we emerged as new friends. I look forward to catching up with her again when she next visits New Zealand.
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