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  • Day10

    Paris - Notre Dame

    September 27 in France

    Die Bateaux Bus sind keine Ausflugsboote, sondern eher Transportmittel. Da die Sehenswürdigkeiten von Paris aber durchaus eher an der Seine liegen macht das gar nichts.
    Wir sind ein ganzes Stück die Seine im schönsten Sonnenschein entlanggefahren und sind dann ein erstes Mal bei der Notre Dame ausgestiegen.
    Sonderlich viel haben wir da dann nicht gemacht. Wir haben Bilder gemacht und vor allem lustige Gruppenfotos mit springen. Ich hab hier auf dem Handy aber nur die Slow-Mo Version, also müsst ihr leider auf den Anblick verzichten!
    Nach dem kurzen, aber eindrucksvollen Stop bei der Notre Dame ging es zunächst zu Fuß weiter.
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  • Day10

    Paris - Institut du monde Arabe

    September 27 in France

    Von der Notre Dame ein paar Minuten entfernt liegt das Institut der arabischen Welt. Da darf man umsonst auf die Dachterrasse und den Ausblick auf Paris genießen.
    Man hätte auch einen Fahrstuhl genießen können, aber irgendwie würde ich überzeugt, dass die Treppe nehmen eine gute Idee wäre. Die paar Stockwerke haben ich und andere also per Fuß erklommen.
    Der Ausblick hat sich dann aber durchaus echt gelohnt! Ein Minipicknick haben wir da oben auch gemacht, aber der kurze Aufenthalt war dann wieder vorbei und ich hab wer weiß warum wieder die Treppen nach Unten genommen.
    Nach dem kleinen Ausflug ging es zurück zu den Bateaux Bus und von da aus an beeindruckenden Gebäuden vorbei zu unserer nächsten Station.
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  • Day27

    Scooters around Paris

    July 24 in France

    We had planned to catch the Big Bus around Paris today. This was scuttled when we found a way of hiring motorised scooters which we could ride around and drop off anywhere. They are battery operated and really a great way of getting around Paris.

    We rode them past Notre Dame and had a look at this 900 year-old cathedral which is so famous and has seen a lot of history, including two world wars in the last hundred years.

    We rode the scooters to the Army Museum and Napoleon's Tomb. We spent a couple of hours in these amazing places. The army museum has the most amazing collection of Medieval armour and weapons in the world. The Spanish Army Museum in Toledo is extraordinary, but the collection in the Paris Army Museum is even better.

    We then located some more scooters and rode them to Place de Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower from another perspective. From there we walked to the Arch de Triumph to see the amazing arch and the crazy roundabout. We walked through the underpass and stood in the middle of the roundabout and saw the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the eternal flame which is located directly below the arch.

    We travelled by train back to our apartment for a bit of a break after that energetic day.
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  • Day27

    I went for a wander in the Marais district of Paris at about 7:00 pm. This is the famous Jewish district of Paris and has narrow streets and lots of character. There are restaurants and all kinds of stores, including Jewish shops, selling all kinds of food and goods. Some of the most exclusive brands and boutiques have outlets in this area. It is also fascinating to see little bookshops and niche clothing stores. The Falafel outlets which are famous in this district are also hard to resist, so I didn't. I ordered and received a lamb schwarma which was delicious.

    The Pompidou Centre, the Place des Voges and the Jewish Synagogue are all locations I walked past. There were also plaques outside schools which acknowledged the hundreds of children that were relocated by the Germans (Allemande) to Nazi war camps during world war two and never seen again.

    The Marais District is one of the areas of Paris that one can just wander through and marvel at the history oozing from every building and doorway. It is an amazing district of Paris.
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  • Day29

    Paris wanderings

    July 26 in France

    Today Ben and Emily went to Versailles, so Sam and I had a more restful day.

    I went on a scooter ride around Paris in the morning, visiting some of my favourite spots around town, including;
    The Seine, Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Co Book Shop.
    I visited the Epicerie by Oliver that Priscilla and I visited with the Carrolls when we first went to Paris. I paid a visit to Le Procope, the oldest cafe in Paris, dating from 1686. Significant figures from the past have sat in this cafe and discussed their revolutionary ideas, including Ben Franklin, Danton, Marat, Rebespierre, Napoleon, Balzac, Victor Hugo and many more.

    Sam and I met Ben and Emily at St Chappelle, the famous church in the Conciergerie, the old palace of the royal family on the Isle of Paris. The palace was used at various times for the royla family, then it was converted into a prison. It was the place where significant prisoners, including Marie Antoinette, were held prior to execution during the Revolution. The chapel has huge stained glass windows that tell the whole story of the Bible. The windows are what make this chapel so unique and special. The light coming through the windows gives the interior and magical glow.

    I also paid a visit to Galeries Lafayette, the famous shopping centre in Paris, and on the way marvelled again at the Paris Opera building which is spectacular. It takes one's breath away every time you come around the corner and see it from the front. Galeries Lafayette has a beautiful view of the Paris skyline from the seventh-floor terrace.

    It was another fascinating day in the old city of Paris.
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  • Day1

    Apres des mois de préparation, un retour définitif de Bangkok, un mois de vacances en France, on repart sur la route et cette fois pour 6 mois de vadrouille autour du monde.

    Ce voyage commence par près de 4 semaines en Iran... 🇮🇷
    On est incroyablement impatient!

    Avant ça il a fallu faire le sac et c'est une partie très difficile, partir avec le minimum n'est pas facile, surtout pour Marie...

    On va essayer de mettre a jour cette application le plus souvent possible pour vous partager photos et ressentis!

    On vous embrasse !
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  • Day8


    September 29 in France

    Saying farewell to Bordeaux we boarded a train for Paris. This was not the super fast TGV; we did make brief stops in Poitiers and Angouleme. Still, it only took three hours and the train was very comfortable. The scenery on the train was pretty ordinary. The scenery from our hotel in Paris, however, was fantastic. The Paris Pullman is located close to the Eiffel Tower. In fact we had a partial view from our rooms. Our first goal after unpacking was lunch. We found a wonderful restaurant called Beaujolais that served great Italian food! We still had time to show Pat and Mike a few sites. We started by walking to the Eiffel Tower for a closeup view. Then we took the metro to the Arc de Triomphe. There was some special veterans celebration going on--lots of people and old soldiers. We did a little strolling down the Champs-Elysees before returning to our hotel for the evening.Read more

  • Day31

    Paris, france

    September 28 in France

    Quelle grande ville!! 2 jours de visites non-stop pour prendre avantage de notre Paris pass. Ou commencer.. !! Premierement 2.5 jours a Paris n'est vraiment pas assez! Je crois quil faudrait un 4 jours afin de visiter tranquillement. Mais bon - nous avons compacter le tout et sommes contentes avec nos visites! Nous avons pris le bus ‘hop on hop off’ qui nous a permit de visiter plusieurs choses! Deux églises (Sacre Coeur et Notre-Dame) Arc de Triomphe, jardins trocado, petit palais et grand palais, tour Eiffel, tour Montparnasse, chateau Versailles et ses jardins, musée Louvre(un dixième lol). Nous avons aussi fait le bateaux sur canals et un beau wine tasting dans les caves du louvre. Nous avons mange de la gelato en se promenant auprès de les canals. Wow nous aurions pourrions être ici pour plus longtemps! Les Parisiens en general on ete tres gentils avec nous mais tu as les typiques qui te coupent en ligne ou ne se donne pas la peine de te faire un sourire. Aussi - il n'y a pas de toilettes nul part et quand tu en trouve il faut payer!? Une chose - nous realisons a quel point nous sommes bien et choyees dans notre pays!

    Nous avons terminer notre sejour a Paris avec un petit picnic en avant de la tour eiffel et sommes presentment en route pour la Belgique. Je pense bien d'y revenir un jour Paris pour faire les choses unpeu moins touristique et juste vivre leur quotidien (cafes, magasinage, restos, promenade a velo).

    Bruges- nous arrivons!!
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  • Day18

    Paris and a room with a view!

    April 12, 2017 in France

    I arrived in Paris after a 90 minute flight from Barcelona. I decided to catch the train since it was a fine day and to save some money! I managed it ok catching a shuttle, then a train and signs were surprisingly self explanatory. My schoolgirl French is coming back to me!

    I had booked a lovely old hotel just by Notre Dame Cathedral but could only afford their cheapest single room (I am hardly in it anyway). I got to the hotel admiring the view by the river as I walked from the underground train and got offered an upgrade for two of the six nights I am here. It is one of their best rooms and the very friendly owner said I deserved it since it was my first time in Paris! (they had a cancellation).. it is a lovely big double room with a view of a park and the cathedral itself. Pinching myself!!Read more

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