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  • Day186

    Sightseeing-Tour Part 2

    February 16 in France

    Das ofizielle Highlight des heutigen Tages war die Kathedrale Notre-Dame, das inofizielle war allerdings, dass die Sonne schien und das Erkunden der Stadt an sich. Unsere Tour fing damit an, dass wir uns "verfahren" hatten: Wir waren nämlich an der falschen Sehenswürdigkeit. Eigentlich wollten wir zum "tour Montparnasse", da ich aber nur Montparnasse eingegeben hatte, kamen wir an einem ganz andern Ort raus und suchten verzweifelt den einzigen Wolkenkratzer innerhalb von Paris, was ja eigentlich nicht so schwer sein sollte.:D Einmal drin im Sightseeingbus mussten wir uns zum Glück nicht mehr auf unseren eigenen Orientierungssinn verlassen, zumindest vorerst, und machten uns bequem auf in Richtung "Louvre" und "Notre-Dame". Das "Louvre" besichtigt haben wir allerdings nicht, da uns nicht der Sinn nach Kunst war, aber da das ganze auch von aussen beeindruckend ist, haben wir natürlich einen Abstecher gemacht. Noch besser war dann allerdings Notre-Dame. So ein riesiges und vor allem altes Bauwerk zu besichtigen und zu wissen, dass das ganze ohne Hilfe von modernen Kränen und Gerüsten gebaut wurde verschlug uns glatt den Atem! Die Detailreiche der Statuen, Wasserspeier und vor allem der Kirchenfenster... Während wir die Kathedrale besichtigten lief grade eine Messe und auf dem Weg nach draussen mussten wir noch einer Prozession aus unzähligen Priestern und Bischöfen Platz machen, die "die Krone Christi" durch die Kathedrale trugen. Ein ganz schöner Wirbel, aber ganz hübsch war sie wirklich.
    Auf dem Weg zurück schauten wir noch bei einer Streetperformance von 4 Tänzern zu, die wirklich unglaublich witzig waren.
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  • Day2

    Das geheinis ist gelüftet

    October 7, 2017 in France

    Hallo Paris

    250km vor Paris hat sie es erraten, und die Freude war groß.
    Nach einem guten Frühstück,geht es los auf Tour, es gibt viel zu sehen und um euch mit zu nehmen , gibt es ein paar Bilder.
    Das Wetter ist traumhaft schön. Wir haben 17 grad und Sonnenschein. Ich werde mich nachher wieder Melden.

    Bis dahin euer Yves.

  • Day6

    S: BDub Eats

    March 19 in France

    Du Pain at des Idées and a last stroll in Paris...

    This bakery was a nice discovery for us during this trip. We loved all it had to offer from our first visit so fella requested that we had to have some for our last morning before we took off once more - I didn't complain! It was a nice easy walk and a great start to what was about to be a busy day. Safe to say, we had very good viennoiseries this trip (an important task in all of our trips to paris😅) and we will definitely keep coming here if we should ever be back in this lovely city!

    Oh and by the way, the 10th district is the place to stay!!! Loved everything about the area we stayed in...hardly any tourists yet close to the major sight (or at least transportation), and the selection of where locals eat, drink and shop around our flat was in abundance! It really felt like we were living like Parisians...#LifeGoal 😘
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  • Day18

    Paris and a room with a view!

    April 12, 2017 in France

    I arrived in Paris after a 90 minute flight from Barcelona. I decided to catch the train since it was a fine day and to save some money! I managed it ok catching a shuttle, then a train and signs were surprisingly self explanatory. My schoolgirl French is coming back to me!

    I had booked a lovely old hotel just by Notre Dame Cathedral but could only afford their cheapest single room (I am hardly in it anyway). I got to the hotel admiring the view by the river as I walked from the underground train and got offered an upgrade for two of the six nights I am here. It is one of their best rooms and the very friendly owner said I deserved it since it was my first time in Paris! (they had a cancellation).. it is a lovely big double room with a view of a park and the cathedral itself. Pinching myself!!Read more

  • Day22

    Dinner at Chez Leveque

    April 16, 2017 in France

    I had passed this eclectic little restaurant two doors from the lovely Hotel Esmeralda and looked at it curiously as it didn't look like much from the outside. I asked the hotel owner for a recommendation and this is where he said to go. Inside the restaurant was small with a vibrant atmosphere and the menu was blackboard style all in French. The friendly waitress translated for me but in the end I asked her to choose for me.

    My starter was a pork terrine on toast with melted goat cheese. It was delicious and the salad it sat on had a very nice dressing. Next was a perfectly cooked medium rare duck breast sitting on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, also very good. The sauce was very tasty (I could hear Manu saying ahh the sauce) and I really enjoyed the meal.

    As I left the restaurant I used their bathroom and to my delight found it had a shelf of paint pots and brushes for you to paint your own tile! I spent far too long reading other people's and left without doing my own but I will try and visit again and leave my mark!
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  • Day22


    April 16, 2017 in France

    I went to the lovely Sainte-Chapelle on Easter Sunday and after queuing for some time at Notre Dame, I was expecting to queue here but for some reason, after a short wait for security (something there is now at every place you visit), I skipped the only queue there was with my museum pass. The side room of the chapel you visit first was lovely but a little ruined by the ever prevalent souvenir shop!

    A short few steps and I was in the main Chapel. It was jaw dropping stuff with the most beautiful stained glass windows reaching up into the vast ceiling. The photos do not do it justice but give you the idea. At one stage the sun shone through them and their real beauty was revealed.

    The outside of the building is quite plain and it is nestled next to the justice building. The exit passed out by this building and the soldiers with their automatic rifles were a stark reminder of the need to protect such places.
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  • Day18

    Dinner with a French friend

    April 12, 2017 in France

    While Magali was not technically a friend when we met for dinner on my first night on Paris, she certainly was one after the evening was over. What a delightful person she is and such a lovely host. Magali had met and looked after Natalie when she was in Paris last Christmas (she is an old friend of Matt's mother). I contacted her and she made time in her busy life, running her graphic art business, to meet me one evening and have dinner. We met and discovered we were kindred spirits sharing a love of travel and seafood among other things!

    Magali took me on a walk through the sunset evening telling me the history of the area as we went. We visited a small local market and I watched as she joked with the seller of foie gras and we tasted his produce. Next we went to a restaurant that specialised in seafood and Magali and I proceeded to polish off the largest platter I have seen (actually a tower of seafood) with crab, oysters, prawns, clams, cockles and many other shellfish I had never tried before. It was all devine and two bottles of wine and much conversation later we emerged as new friends. I look forward to catching up with her again when she next visits New Zealand.
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  • Day12

    Paris - Pantheon, Mouffard, Notre Dame

    September 7, 2017 in France

    Another big day of walking ahead, so Glen and Jeff decided to do the Hop On/Hop Off bus around Paris. We did start out with a Metro ride though, but in the end I think we ended up walking a big chunk of Paris and home again, given taking the Metro by the time we we were ready to come home was going to take only 2 minutes less than walking. Walking won.

    The agenda for today started us out at the Pantheon, but given this was not THE Pantheon, Craig was willing to reserve entry until we hit Rome - so only the outside viewing. Across the road was the Sainte-Genevieve Library which I wanted to have a sneak peak of, but non-borrowing visitors apparently are only allowed at certain times, and it was about 4 hours from when we rocked up, so it didn't eventuate. We then wandered to the Rue Mouffard Market which is a lovely narrow cobblestone street full of specialty shops (fish shops, veges, olives, fromagerie, patisserie, flowers etc) and narrow restaurants and cafes. The street is narrow as is, but the vendors pull out checker-plate platforms into the street to extend their shops which gives it a very intimate feeling. Craig bought his Opinel wooden handled knife whilst we were here, so we are set for picnics for the rest of the holiday now.

    A 20 minute walk further on we were crossing the Seine to the back end of the Notre Dame. Craig had declared this a "no queue" day, so it was only for a look from the outside, and then we ran into the parents! Around the corner from here, we joined the Parisiennes in what seems to be a prolonged affair and had déjeuner at one of the gorgeous cafes that line the streets. I had lunch a glass of rosé which seems to be the vin du jour (and with good reason - quite quaffable!). After lunch we continued on to the Pont Neuf to look at the thousands of padlocks attached to the balustrade and then across to the "inside out" Centre Pompidou.

    The kids are keen for their holiday souvenir to be a pocket knife, so as we were walking to Rue LaFayette we came across a hunting shop. It was so tiny and full of what would mostly likely take up 4-5 times more real estate in Australia. As such, it was a constant stream of saying "pardon" to every other person in the shop as you walked in or around them, trying to not let all the stock fall on the ground. A bit of an experience trying to negotiate buying a couple of pocket knives.
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  • Day2

    Notre Dame

    September 22, 2017 in France

    We arrived at the hotel way to early for check in. So we hopped on the hop on hop off bus but with in minutes we were so board we had to get of to stay awake.

    The Notre Dame was the closest attraction and we thought if Quasimodo lived there it had to be less boring 😜.

    It was one of the most amazing churches i have ever been in. The art in the church is unbelievable, a specially the sculptures depicting the appearance of Jesus to several people after he rose from the dead and the depiction of His birth story.

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  • Day20

    Floating down the Seine

    April 14, 2017 in France

    Taking a cruise down the Seine is another of the many "must do" things on a Paris visit. I went at 7.30pm at night, hoping to catch the sunset. The river is filled with other boats all doing the same thing, rush hour on the Seine!

    The other thing you see all along the banks, is groups of friends and couples sharing food and wine as they sit on the banks. It was noticeable that their alcohol laws are very different from ours with some large groups partying around a pile of beer and wine.

    It is a great way to get a glimpse of many of the iconic buildings and also a sense of Paris culture. At one spot of the river there is three little stages where people come to dance the salsa.
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