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  • Day1051

    Colditz, Saxony

    May 13 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Martha Motorhome is parked in a gravel car park surrounded by grass on the edge of a residential estate at Colditz. We are a little disappointed because photos in the Park4Night app suggested there would be views of the famous castle, but instead of spires and turrets we have low rise apartment blocks. Oh well.

    Today's journey has been of mixed success. We managed to fill with diesel and LPG as well as getting some food shopping but none of the four motorhome shops we visited had the replacement door handle we need.

    Passing a big 'Willkommen in Colditz' message in the late afternoon, we got settled in the car park and after a short rest, walked down the hill to explore. There has been a castle of sorts on site from 1083, surviving through refurbishments and rebuilds to serve as a workhouse, mental hospital, sanatorium and from 1933 a Nazi political prison for communists, homosexuals, jews and 'other undesirables'. During WWII its security was heightened and it became a POW camp for officers, those considered highly dangerous or a serious escape risk. It was these efforts to escape that have immortalised Colditz castle in a board game, books, a tv series and films including The Colditz Story and Escape from Colditz. In 1945 the Soviets captured the site and turned it into a prison camp for burglers and non communists. Subsequently it has been an Old People's home, a nursing home, hospital, psychiatric clinic and is now a museum and youth hostel.

    A sign directed us along a woodland footpath to the tiergarten (zoo) and castle 400m away but checking on our map it was in the wrong direction. Trusting Maps.Me we arrived at the modern looking, white rendered walls with four storeys of rectangular windows, bordered in red sandstone and topped by a red tiled roof. Entering the courtyard we found all doors closed and nothing but a small information board identifying different parts of the castle. We tried to walk round to the front, but the sheer rock face made this impossible. Deferring to our map once again we headed optimistically towards a footpath leading down the grassy hill, only to find a padlocked gate. Feeling tired and dispirited we returned to the van for tea.

    Knowing we had a long drive ahead of us the following day, we headed out once again in the evening. Our mission? To view the front Colditz Castle. Will had looked up a quiet road accessed by dropping down to the town and skirting round the grounds. This would have given us a great view if it weren't for an 8ft stone wall... Fortunately, Will had a secret weapon! Peggy the Drone was deployed to fly above the wall and trees. She executed the manoeuvre perfectly, capturing images the land based efforts could only dream of!Mission accomplished, we wandered through the open town square to the bridge, catching glimpses of the castle, but never being afforded a full view, like one of those puzzles you can only turn over two squares at a time to reveal the image that lies underneath.

    Down by the river we met two people, one of whom told us he'd been gassed by the police and asked us for money for a coffee. A number of locals we passed seemed to stand out, leading us to think there was still a mental health institution operating in the town.

    On the way back we followed the footpath signed 'tiergarten' and 'castle' for about 0.5km into a wooded area that used to be part of one the largest zoos in Europe in the 1500s, but long since repurposed into a native wildlife habitat. Our plan had been to branch off and return to the van via a route marked on our map, but this looked like it petered out, so we doubled back and took the roadway. It was ironic that a place famous for attempted escapes had so many barred routes that foiled our attempts to get where we wanted to go in the here and now!
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  • Day1119

    Zwenkauer See

    July 20 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    It is more difficult finding access to lakes here in Germany than in Lithuania, but it was important to do so today, with outdoor temperatures of 32°C. Will has thankfully located a quiet car park within sight of Zwenkauer Lake. Well done Will!

    With intermittent use of the air con we kept cool enough while driving. All these kilometres meant we were in need of a diesel but the motorway prices were €1.54 pl so we used the sat nav to find a fuel station near an indoor shopping centre, which was far more reasonably priced at €1.25. Unfortunately they didn't accept many types of payment card, so we ended up just topping up €50 and paying by cash.

    Our cupboards were beginning to look rather bare so we parked up, grabbed a trolley and headed to the only supermarket in sight. A Netto. Having been so excited at all the organic produce in the Polish supermarket we visited a few days ago, we were seriously let down by Netto. First, their machine didn't accept many of the deposit bottles we wanted to return. Second, we had a long list of items when we went in and many of them were still on that list as we came out. Never mind, we consoled ourselves with yummy apple strudel from the baker next door.

    Feeling tired, our hearts sank after we'd navigated Martha through a busy, built up area to get to the lake and were faced with bollards blocking access to the car park we'd intended to stay at.

    Ever optimistic, Will attempted a back route. His persistence payed off. There were plenty of free bays and we could even see a sliver of water from the one we chose to park at.

    Will took many swims from the pebbly beach. It was his stroke of genius to take the body board down so Vicky could use it as a float and stay in the lake longer, without having to worry about getting over tired. The water was deliciously cooling.

    Back at the van we watched the many cyclists pedal by. It looked as if there was a good quality track stretching 26km all the way around Zwenkauer, which seems to have been created from a disused quarry. We didn't feel up to cycling in the heat, but on the second day we took a gentle stroll along this route to a viewpoint over the water.

    When relaxing that evening we couldn't quite believe it when we saw three people walk by with a retriever, a terrier and a pig. No, not a pug, a pig, of the potbellied variety! It had been a hot couple of days but as darkness fell a strong wind blew in an electrical storm. Hard rain thrummed down on Martha's roof, cooling the air, while flash after flash lit the sky, illuminating silhouettes of trees dotted around the car park.
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  • Day326

    Leipzig Decathlon trip!

    April 26, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today Peter and I bought our first home together...a three-person hiking tent from Leipzig decathlon! We decided to go for a new one as Peter's existing one is a snug two-person without a porch and its quite bulky. With the weight being at a premium when bike touring, a smaller more compact pack and a porch space to bring the bags into at night and potentially in the rain is going to be much more convenient.

    We also picked up an inflatable pillow each and a couple of long-sleeved tops in H & M SHOULD the summer ever decide to come!!

    The tent is going to take one hellof a road test so reviews to follow!!
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  • Day1

    30. Geburtstag in Whyra

    May 6, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Heute wird ein grosser Tag für Olli. Die Gebusrtagsfeier bei Oma war richtig schön und die erste Nacht im Heu war auch klasse.

    Nach ein paar Stunden Schlaf wird erst einmal gemütlich gefrühstückt und besprochen, wie alles aufgebaut werden soll. Alle bringen ihre Ideen mit ein und wir können uns sehr gut vostellen, wie am Ende alles aussehen soll. Martin, der Herr des Hofes, lässt uns freien Raum und wir dürfen uns überall kreativ austoben. Wobei, der Hof lässt von ganz allein seinen Charme sprühen und es ist eigentlich nicht viel zu tun.

    Hier und da ein paar Tische rücken. Ein paar Sachen zurechtschieben und die Hardware steht schon einmal. Für die Software sorgen letztlich die Gäste. Die Idee war es, das Buffet durch die Gäste gestalten zu lassen. Jeder bringt das mit, was ihm als kleiner kulinarischer Schmaus auf einer Reise in Erinnerung geblieben ist. Aber es sind auch traditionelle oder hausmännische Speisen erwünscht.

    Diese Idee scheint bei dem Gästen gut angekommen zu sein und alle haben sich ins Zeug gelegt. Das Buffet gestaltet sich sehr bunt und reichhaltig. Es wurden äußerst leckere Speisen, Suppen, Nachtische und Beilagen gezaubert. Ein Gaumenschmaus übertrifft den anderen. Für mich ist es eine riesen Überraschung und ausserdem auch ein riesiges Geschenk. Ich hätte auch mit Helfern keinesfalls so viel, so abwechslungsreich und vor allem lecker kochen können. Wenn man bedenkt was das auch alles gekostet hätte, hätte man es beim Lieferservice bestellt, ist da ein riesiges Geburtstagsgeschenk zusammen gekommen.

    Dafür kann man garnicht genug danke sagen.

    Jeder hat einen grossen Anteil an diesem wunderbaren Abend gehabt. Nach dem Buffet geht es entspannt zu. Auf dem Hof ist Platz und jeder findet jemanden zum plaudern. Der Hof lädt gerade dazu ein, sich treiben zu lassen und zu schauen, was sich ergibt.
    Im Innenhof glimmt das Lagerfeuer und im Saal läuft die Musik. Das Wetter ist ganz auf unserer Seite und lässt uns draußen gewähren. Zu später Stunde wird dann noch die Gitarre ausgepackt und die Tasche mit Musikinstrumenten verteilt. So bekommt der Abend eine ganz eigene Dynamik und die Stimmung ist gemütlich-entspannt. So hat Olli es sich gewünscht.

    Wie gesagt es war ein grosses Fest mit tollen Menschen und schönen Momenten. Genau so wie es war, war es richtig schön! Vielen Dank noch einmal an alle, die mit vorbereitet, geholfen, gekocht, gebacken, mit aufgeräumt oder mit ihrer Anwesenheit zu diesem schönen Geburtstag beigetragen haben!
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  • Day2

    Mit dem Fahrrad

    May 25 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Gegen 08:00 Uhr tröpfelt es ein wenig, also noch ein Stündchen chillen. Ausgiebiges Frühstück dann bei Sonnenschein.
    Fahrrad muss sein... kleine Runde (reichlich 25 km) durch eine schöne Landschaft auf gemütlichen Sträßchen und einem alten Bahndamm.
    Die Kinder verbringen nach einigem Hin und Her eine reichliche Stunde im Spaßbad von Bad Lausick, während wir Alten das Grillerchen vorbereiten.
    Tagesausklang am Lagerfeuer.
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  • Day1


    September 21, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Unsere zwei Verfasser berichten in den nächsten acht Wochen über eine Teilstrecke des Abenteuertrips vom Nordpol zum Südpol.

  • Day7

    Tagebau Schleenhain

    October 11, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Umwege gefahren bedingt durch Baustellen und so durch Zufall hierher gekommen. Alles recht surreal. Es sieht aus wie eine offene Wunde der Erde.
    Bei all dem was ich in diesem Jahr an menschengemachtem gesehen habe, ein weiterer Ort, der diesen "Jahrhundert Sommer" mit seinen nicht enden wollenden hohen Temperaturen sehr anschaulich erklärt.
    Dies ist ein Blick auf unsere Welt, der Blick auf den Grill und das ewige Gefeier ein anderer, ein bequemerer. Unsere Enkel werden uns berechtigt sehr viel vorzuwerfen haben.
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