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  • Day36


    July 23, 2017 in Germany

    Had a wonderful stay in Dresden. Dresden was bombed many times by the allied forces during the war and destroyed - it burnt for 5 days. Most of the old building were destroyed or just left with part of the shell. Dresden was then part of Eastern Germany under communism. Since then amazingly Dresden has now been restored and a large percentage of the old building have now been rebuilt - as they originally were. it's quite extraordinary but amazing. Our internet is very patchy for the next week or so, so post are sporadic.Read more

  • Day47


    July 23, 2017 in Germany

    Dresden is a beautiful city with magnificent buildings. It is hard to believe that it has all been rebuilt after being bombed at the end of WWII.  For decades, the communist regime of East Germany refused to rebuild the most historic and well-known landmark of Dresden -- the Frauenkirche church. Its ruins remained untouched as a symbol against war and as a memorial for those who were killed. It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall that restoration and rebuilding began.The rebuilding of the church and other sights and monuments was mainly due to the financial support coming from western German states and according to a volunteer at the church from a lot of rich people. Some buildings were constructed in a modern way, others were totally rebuilt, based on old photos and the use of original stones found in the rubble. The restoration of the city has not been completed yet. There are construction sites throughout the city. We did a great Hop on Hop off bus tour which took us over the Elbe River with great views of the Upper Elbe Valley and its trio of castles - Albrechtsberg Castle, Lingner Castle (aka Villa Stockhausen) and Eckberg Castle - located adjacent to one another. Lots of restaurants to choose from and good food. We want Al to order a pork knuckle (huge) but so far he has resisted. We head to Prague tomorrow for six days and then back to Germany so it's not too late for that pork knuckle Al 😆Read more

  • Day67

    Dresden germany

    September 1 in Germany

    Eckberg castle is where our hotel is today, toured Dresden and got a history lesson in how the American bombs turned the city to rumble that burned for 5 days and left only one bridge remaining across the river. Tonight we have dinner in the castle. So much to see in this big world we live in. Riots in Chemnitz Germany 42 miles away, over immigration, same problems we have in USA.Read more

  • Day62


    August 27, 2016 in Germany

    A riverside car park stopover on our way to the north coast. It rose to 34°C in the van so we sat outside in the shade much of the time to keep cool and watched the stars come out in the clear sky as night fell.

    When reflecting on our experiences in the Czech Republic we talked about our plans to visit other countries. We started with Germany because there are so many advantages to travelling in a motorhome here: Will has been learning German, there are frequent stopovers and facilities for vans, the roads are good and the country is very used to international travellers. The only difficulty we could think of was the accessing the internet. Whilst we are really enjoying our time here we know we run the risk of spoiling ourselves and getting a shock when we travel to countries without such a good setup for van travellers, without a language we know and in a season where there aren't many tourists!Read more

  • Day61

    Großolbersdorf layby

    August 26, 2016 in Germany

    After leaving the campsite in Prague we braved the Czech roads and headed north. There was a tunnel where the inside lane was suddenly closed off by a sloping barrier, roadworks with unsigned narrowing of the already narrow lane caused by barriers projecting into the road and no rest places to stop and change driver. When the roads improved and we started to see windmills and advertisements for parking we knew we were approaching Germany!

    We found a layby shortly after crossing the German border. It was a bit noisy with the road and lorry engines but we were glad of the familiarity. There was a scenic country view over a straw field on one side and a corn field with long distance sights and sunset the other. Vicky picked a fresh bunch of wildflowers for the table as Will cooked tea. The layby had small shelters with benches and signposts to nearby villages that could be reached by walking through the fields, but after all the exploring we'd done in the last week we were happy just to relax inside the van.
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  • Day22

    Eastern Germany

    September 23 in Germany

    Hello! I drive through East Germany on the way to the Czech Republic. I visited her at Rakotzbrücke, got stuck in the dirt and got wet .. a little bit. After a cool evening in Berlin at the Wampen, I drove with a friend further south towards Rakotzbrücke. This bridge was built from 1863 to 1882 and spans the Rakotzsee. Unfortunately, the bridge and the drum is being renovated so the atmosphere was not very nice. Maybe it was also due to the heavy rain: D When we wanted to leave the parking lot at the Rakotzbrücke I turned my Africa Twin and came a bit to the edge. I thought "No problem getting out of this". Well it did not work. I had to unload the machine, overturn and set it up again. In the evening we reached friends and came there dry and warm. Totally wet! Continue to Prague!Read more

  • Day3

    Stadterkundung Dresden

    September 14 in Germany

    Heute haben wir die Altstadt von Dresden erkundet. Im Hygienemuseum sind wir gestartet und Garten viel zu wenig Zeit für die tollen und interessanten Ausstellung. Weiter ging es über den Markt in die Frauenkirche und in die Semperoper. Den Abschluss haben wir im Zwinger gemacht. Obwohl es bereits 17.30 Uhr war, tranken wir endlich einen Kaffee und spekulierten etwas. Es gibt ja so viele interessante Menschen!! 😊Read more

  • Day2

    Sachsens Glanz - Dresden

    September 13 in Germany

    Im Sachunterricht muss jeder 4 Exkursionstage absolvieren. Ich habe mich für die Fahrt nach Dresden entschieden. Zum einen, weil Dresden wirklich sehr schön ist und es dort viel zu sehen gibt. Und zum anderen, weil ich do schon 3/4 Exkursionstagen sicher habe.
    Wir haben direkt am 1. Tag eine Weinprobe in der Nähe vom Schloss Pillnitz mit einem netten Winzer gemacht, der immer dafür sorgte, dass unsere Gläser nicht leer sind.🍷😋
    Das hatten wir uns nach einem langen und anstrengenden Tag auch verdient.
    Von der Stadt Dresden werden wir in den nächsten Tagen mehr sehen.
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  • Day4


    September 15 in Germany

    Heute waren wir im Elbsandsteingebirge. Ich kannte es bereits und freute mich auf den Tag auch wenn wir nur die Hälfte der damaligen Wanderung machten.
    Wir sind diesmal allerdings zuerst durch die Schwedenlöchern bis zur Bastei und dann zur Brücke. Die Aussicht war überragend und wir hatten wieder mal Glück mit dem Wetter!!
    Auch wenn wir nur die Hälfte gelaufen sind, tun unsere Waden ziemlich weh und die Beine sind schwer! Es waren einfach sehr viele Treppen in den letzten Tagen. 😃😅💪🏼 Der Tag hat sich sehr gelohnt! 🌞🍺
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