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  • Day87

    Motorway stopover on A9

    September 21, 2016 in Germany ⋅

    After staying another night at Meyenburg to pick up Poppy's pills, we made like swallows and headed south. Whilst the sun is still shining, it has a lot less power and we are needing to give the heating a little blast in the mornings to make up for the warmth the van loses overnight.

    We are looking forward to meeting our friend Ade in Münich and thought we'd zip down and scope out a few stopovers for when he stays with us. Travelling 400km south on the motorway we saw the land around us changing from flat sandy earth to undulating forestscapes with soils that were darker and more red. We stayed in a restplace on th A9 where there were signs asking people not to drop food as it encouraged the wild boar! We are very lucky to be able to stay at these convenient restplaces - something that British services prevent.Read more

  • Day335

    Greiz at Peanuts

    May 5, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    A quick trip to Greiz to buy some last minute bits and bobs and to test the Terry saddle for the final time....thereafter, there's no going back! Yes, that's beer and water being loaded into the bags by Peter. Well, we are in Germany afterall and beer is cheaper than water...☺

    The little path between Elsterberg and Greiz is pretty grim to ride without suspension of any kind but the individual flagstones make it pretty well-suited to testing whether anything will fall off the bike or whether the seat "suspension" lives up to its confident marketing claim to avoid any seating discomfort!

    Test passed! The Terry Fisio GT is the saddle of choice for both bikes. Lets see what 1000s of kms does to it.

    For anyone ever venturing to my adopted second-home town of Greiz, "Peanuts" is a quaint little pub that sells home-made soup for EUR 3.50 or so, bargainous!
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  • Day31

    Munich to Thuringer Wald

    July 15, 2016 in Germany ⋅

    We left Munich and headed north for Hamburg asking the Romantic Road, 350 kilometres of highway between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany, specifically in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles. In medieval times it was a trade route that connected the center of Germany with the south.

    We drove through Dachau. The town is known for its proximity to the infamous Dachau concentration camp built in 1933 by the Nazis, in which tens of thousands of prisoners died.

    Soon we were in the German countryside, once again enjoying views of little villages and farms.

    Today, many farmers make use of solar power. Some install in rows in their fields, while others cover the roof of every building with panels 😃

    Another form of power generation are the wind turbines scattered around the countryside. These generate as much as 7MW of power, with rotor diameters of over 125m and tower heights around 115m. We were lucky enough to see one of the blades being transported on a truck, and they are ENORMOUS. I'm glad I wasn't driving the truck!

    Driving through Hohenaltheim, we came upon some creatures which looked very out of place....we found some Ostriches, yes strange but true 😆

    Tomorrow we head for Hamburg.
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  • Day325

    Greiz road test ...

    April 25, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Is spring here??!! I still don't know. Nature says yes! After watching a nest from the house stairs when passing each time for a week the "amsel babies" have hatched! (Blackbirds in English) . On the way out to meet friends in Greiz for lunch two or three very naked-looking bird shapes were just about visible in the foliage. With temperatures between 0-10 degrees C I hope that they'll fluff up quickly and thrive.

    The ride back from Greiz was a bit bleak, a biting cold wind and a saddle that is absolutley not living up to the hype of it its 500 x 5 star reviews and praise as a good touring saddle. Initial tests on the turbo trainer indoors were promising....when it came to it, a 14km round trip turned into a pretty miserable affair. Not a good sign at all!

    Afternoon plans had to fall by the wayside as this is a pretty critical bit of kit not to be right. Selle Italia is not my friend and someone will get an absolute bargain of a saddle on eBay when I'm back!!

    An evening spent shopping on bike24 until the early hours shooooould provide a plan B and C....!! watch this space.

    Before such a long sporting endeavour I'm trying to stay injury free by not doing anything too stupid..(aside from my day-to-day walking /running up and down the steep stairs of an old house in some novelty hugley oversized ant slippers, that is) turns out that a single HAIR from a toxic cactus of doom can have much more painful effects than misadventure in inappropriate footwear. Whilst lying on the floor to carry out the first part of kit inventory checking as P was bike tweaking, a cactus hair got into my calf and caused a huge hot red lump the size of a gooseberry which sends a wave of weird pain up my leg everytime I move my when climbing stairs..and cycling 😂😂😂. Cactus Jack and Selle Italia Diva saddles are on todays sh!t list!!!
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  • Day1

    Sondershausen, Deutschland

    July 27, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Heute beginnt dann der 1. Urlaubstag.
    1. Zwischenstopp auf dem Weg nach Thailand, um genau zu sein Bangkok, später dann Koh Tao, wird Oberspier in Thüringen sein.
    Da wird dann 1 Nacht bei Papa verbracht. Morgen gegen 14 Uhr starten wir dann mit voller Besetzung Richtung Flughafen Berlin Tegel,um dann 22 Uhr abzuheben und unserem Reiseland näher zu kommen.
    Ich bin jetzt schon gespannt und freue mich sehr auf unseren 1. Thailandurlaub. 😁
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  • Day286

    Day 287: Classical Weimar

    November 28, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Time to do a video about Weimar! It was supposed to be sunny today, but all we could see was drizzle. Waited until 10am for it to clear up, but no luck. So off we went, into the rain. Filmed at various places around the town, including Goethe's house, Schiller's house, and a few other spots. Had lunch at the Christmas markets which had opened today - interesting to see the difference between these and the far more kid-focused ones at Dessau. Also interesting to see the difference between these local markets, and what I remember of the larger tourist markets in Munich and Vienna from our last trip.

    More wandering and filming after lunch, eventually ending up in the large park designed by Goethe where it had happily stopped raining. Nice little place, Weimar - it feels very much like a student town, with a large university making up the majority of the population. It must be a real centre for music as well, since I constantly saw people wandering around with instrument cases.

    Headed home and relaxed for a few hours, before having an early dinner of gnocchi and heading back out to the Christmas markets. Filled up the edges with sausages and sweet treats, and of course gluhwein. No snow, but it was definitely below zero and felt it. It's nice that most of the places have fires for heating, but it does unfortunately mean you go home smelling like a chimney!
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  • Day285

    Day 286: South to Weimar

    November 27, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Back on the road, and not particularly sorry to leave Dessau. It's a long way from the tourist trail, aside from people doing world heritage site visits I guess, and it shows. Made the annoying walk across to the station one last time, caught the train up to Magdeburg, then another train out to Weimar - a city that's surprisingly important to German heritage.

    Arrived around 12:30pm and had lunch at the station McDonalds to kill time, before heading to our Airbnb. Host Markus was waiting for us and happy for us to check in early, so we dropped our bags, basked in the warmth briefly and then headed back out.

    First stop was the Bauhaus university, where the first Bauhaus school was originally located. Finished up our video here, though it wasn't particularly interesting since the main building pre-dates Bauhaus architectural style. Not a whole lot to see sadly.

    Also went for a wander through the old town to get the lay of the land, as we'd need to do some filming here over the next day or so. Weimar was home to a real German cultural hub in the late 18th century - it was home to Goethe, Schiller and Herder among many others, and not long prior it had been a centre for music too - home to Franz Liszt and (briefly) JS Bach. In the 20th century there were the Bauhaus connections, and Germany's first constitutional republic - the so-called Weimar Republic - was declared here. The centre of town is a World Heritage site, mainly for the late 18th century cultural impact of Goethe, Schiller and the rest.

    So we had a look at the nice buildings and squares, though didn't really do much filming. They aren't looking quite as nice as usual, sadly, since the Christmas markets are starting tomorrow and there's work vans everywhere. Satisfied with our afternoon of ambling, we headed home with some supplies to cook.
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  • Day287

    Day 288: Day off in Weimar

    November 29, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Since the Weimar WHS comprises of quite a few buildings, museums and so on, we'd originally allocated two days to get all the filming done. Or one and a half days, I suppose, since daylight hours are in such short supply at the moment. But we'd filmed 95% of what we needed yesterday, so just finished off a couple of things in the morning.

    The main visit we wanted to make was to the Duchess Anna Amalia library, a beautiful Rococo library building in the palace. The Duchess in question was a big patron of the arts, and one of the driving forces behind the cultural goings-on in the city. It's one of the most impressive libraries in the world, with over a million volumes of old books and folios. An original Luther bible, an original Shakespeare folio and so on. Though a big chunk of the collection was lost and/or damaged during a fire in 2004, just weeks before the books were due to be moved to a new secure facility.

    It's funny, you often read about devastating fires that happened a long time ago, but to see video footage of one happening so recently, and firemen in modern outfits spraying foam at stacks of ancient books - very sad. But we grabbed an early lunch around 11:30 at the Christmas markets, then headed for home where we stayed the rest of the day.

    Headed out to the Christmas markets again for dinner - this time I had a kartoffelpuffen which is basically just a potato schnitzel covered with apple sauce. It was .. interesting. Though the banana dipped in milk chocolate I had to follow it up was excellent, as was the enormous chimney cake!
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  • Day288

    Day 289: Wartberg Castle

    November 30, 2017 in Germany ⋅

    Time for a day-trip out of the city, something we haven't had since arriving in Weimar! Unfortunately since we were going to a castle, we had to leave Schnitzel behind for the day. Caught the bus to the station, then a train about 40 minutes to a small town called Eisenach, almost directly in the centre of Germany. Looking on the map, it looks roughly equidistant to the north, south, east and western borders of Germany.

    Another bus here up a long steep hill where we finally arrived at Warberg Castle around 11am. Very cold, plenty of of snow lying around on the ground, and a few little flakes fluttering around here and there too! The castle itself, despite looking very imposing from a military viewpoint, is actually more notable for cultural reasons as we were about to discover on our entirely-in-German guided tour!

    Founded in the 11th century by a knight, not much remains of the old buildings and it was largely reconstructed in the 18th century based on what they roughly thought it probably might've looked like during that era. It was home to St Elizabeth of Hungary, a Hungarian princess who was brought to the castle aged 4 and betrothed to the lord. During her stay, she devoted herself to helping the poor and sick, donating alms and setting up hospitals etc. When her husband was killed during the Crusades she was forced to flee, later dying in Italy aged just 24 and was sainted only a few years later.

    We also saw the Minstrel's Hall, site of a medieval competition where minstrels and musicians tried to win the lord's favour, and the losers would be put to death. Although it's likely apocryphal, it was later immortalised in an opera by Richard Wagner. But the most impressive room on the tour was the immense banquet hall. Again, a later reconstruction of what a medieval German hall might've looked like, it was still super impressive - impressive enough that King Ludwig II of Bavaria built a full-scale replica inside Neuschwanstein! This hall was where in 1817 a group of unruly German students gathered together to talk about politics in a way that was forbidden under dissent laws at the time. From this a political movement was born and it ultimately led to German unification in 1871. They even had the original flag the students used - red and black bars, with a gold leaf on the front. Which later inspired the German flag.

    But the most important room was last - Martin Luther's room. He lived in hiding here for 10 months after being excommunicated, and it was in this room that he translated the New Testament from ancient Greek into German. It paved the way for translations into other languages like English and Spanish, and for the first time the Word of God was in the hands of the people, rather than being filtered down via the clergy.

    So all in all, it was a pretty cool spot. It looked great too - exactly as you'd imagine a medieval German castle to look, which I suppose was exactly the point. Filming done, we walked back down the hill rather than wait for the inconveniently timed bus and through the pretty little old centre of Eisenach. Not much time to stop though, since we had a train to catch that only arrived every hour!

    Grabbed a quick late lunch at the station (it was now 2pm), and just made the train. Back to Weimar where we got the bus back home via the supermarket to pick up some dinner supplies. Schnitzel very happy to see us of course - it's been quite a while since he's been on his own for a whole day!
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  • Day11


    September 19, 2016 in Germany ⋅

    Heute war wieder Reisetag, ca. 260 km von Südniedersachsen nach Südthüringen. An dem Campingplatz wäre ich beinahe abgewiesen worden. Nicht weil er ausgebucht wäre sondern wegen Überschwemmung der Touristenwiese. In den letzten zwei Tagen kam wohl ordentlich Niederschlag die Hügel runter. Nach einem prüfenden Blick auf mein Gespann (Allradantrieb und kleiner Wohnwagen) und einer Ortsbegehung wurde mir aber doch Einlass gewährt.

    Am Abend schmiss ich dann zum ersten Mal die Heizung an und verbrachte ein paar gemütliche Stunden in meiner Sitzecke.
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