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  • Day72

    Passee Rastplatz

    September 6, 2016 in Germany

    We had come to the end of our exploration of Germany's North West coast. Whilst it had been good to see the sea, we liked the lakes, the wide open country and numerous birds of prey best.

    We zipped over the Danish peninsula, via Hamburg towards the North West coast. Looking at our Bord Atlas the stopovers all seemed pretty expensive so we overnighted in a service and rest area on the A20. Surprisingly it had views over woodland and freshly ploughed farmland and was far enough away from the road for us not to be disturbed by traffic noise. The chirping from flocks of starlings filled the air and we were treated to a beautiful sunset.Read more

  • Day275

    Day 276: Wismar Day-Trip

    November 17, 2017 in Germany

    Final day-trip out of Hamburg today, and it was definitely the longest too. We were heading to the town of Wismar, another of the important Hanseatic League cities along Germany's northern coast. This one was to the north-east, not really much further than Lubeck, but since it's a much small city the transport connections were slower and more difficult.

    We left Hamburg around 9:30am on a train heading north-east, for about 90 minutes. Changed at a little place called Schwerin for the train north to Wismar, finally arriving at midday. Since we had to get back to Hamburg at some point, and it was going to take another 2.5 hours to get back, we didn't want to spend all that much time out here. Decided we'd get the 3:15pm train back, so that gave us just over three hours to see the city.

    Walked down to the main square which was quite nice but definitely not the greatest main square we've seen. Probably not in the top 10! But the main attractions here are the huge brick Gothic cathedrals. There are three of them in town - one was largely untouched by the war, another survived until about three weeks before the ceasefire when it was hit by Allied bombs and rebuilt in the 1990s, and a third which was heavily damaged and eventually bulldozed by the Communist government in the 1960s, though the enormous clock tower still remains.

    Was fascinating to look around the three churches and see the differences in approach and size. They're a real testament to how important the city was back in the day as well - not many cities could boast of three enormous brick cathedrals! With daylight waning, we had a look around the harbourfront where the "Schwedenkopfe" are located - literally Swedish heads. Carved wooden heads of Swedish people that guarded the harbour entrances, remembering that this area was part of Sweden for about 200 years and it's actually not very far away - just across the Baltic!

    Made a hurried trot back to the station but made it in plenty of time, where we boarded the 45 minute train back to Schwerin, then waited about 30 minutes for the connecting train back to Hamburg. Another 2.5 hour journey in total, but it was worth it! And I got to listen to a whole bunch of podcasts! Neither of us felt inclined to go back out for dinner (even though the weather had been sunny today, first time in about two weeks), so we just grabbed a feed at the station. I had Burger King and Shandos had some fried rice.
    Read more

  • Day2


    April 16 in Germany

    Hüt si mr 29 km gloffä, ohni Rägä und ohni dass eus anderi Wanderer g'chrützt häi😊... jetzt si mr scho chli uf dä Weggä 😌. Dr Wäg isch praktisch alles am Meer entlang gangä durch urchigi Wälder. Churz vor Zierow häi mr no ä Filmcrew troffä, diä häi grad diä 305. Folg Soko Wismar - Der schöne Finn- draiht😃. Äs wimmlet do vo Schwän, mir häi hüt gfühlti 300 gseh. Morn isch Stadtbesichtigung Wismar aagsait.Read more

  • Day1

    Ostseebad Boltenhagen

    April 15 in Germany

    Hüt si mr vo Hohen Schönberg entlang dr Küschtä bis Boltenhagen gloffä, diä erschtä 20 km 😊. Bis am 12i häi mr ab und zue d'Sunnä und zwoi Reh gseh, nochhär isch's ä Rägäwanderig wordä😐. Do hüt Sunndig isch fahrä kaini Büs. Dr Hotelbsitzer do z'Boltenhagen het churzerhand bschlossä mi zrugg zum Auto z'fahrä 😊 . D'Lüt do si sehr fründlich und hilfsbereit. Morn sölls s'Wätter besser wärdä😎. S'Yumi mag guet, ihrä gfallt offäsichtlich das Vagabundäläbä.Read more

  • Day1

    1. Etappe geschafft

    July 24 in Germany

    Gerade eben sind wir in Wismar angekommen und warten jetzt noch auf unsere Gastgeberin für heute. Gleich geht es dann noch auf eine kleine Erkundungstour durch die schöne Altstadt und den Hafen.

    Anmerkung am Rande: Wer denkt, dass die Landschaft an der Ostseeküste spiegelglatt ist, der hat weit gefehlt. Es gibt hier zwar keine riesen Steigungen wie im Harz oder Weserbergland, aber trotzdem waren wir vom Auf und Ab ziemlich überrascht.Read more

  • Day1

    Erster Kontakt...

    July 24 in Germany der Ostsee. Der Fahrradweg bis hierher war zur einen Hälfte gut asphaltiert und zur anderen Hälfte befestigter Schotter. Die Sonne ist bisher kein großer Faktor, weil wir fast ausschließlich hinter der Düne im Wald fahren. Der nächste Stopp ist Boltenhagen.

  • Day19


    August 8, 2015 in Germany

    Samedi, 8 août 2015
    Le ciel est couvert ce matin, ça ne sera donc pas "journée plage" comme prévu. Nous allons en ville de Wismar et parcourons donc tranquillement ce bijou, protégé par l'UNESCO. La plupart des bâtiments sont construits en briques rouges, comme les trois églises que nous avons visitées. Nous allons dîner au même Brauhaus qu'il y a cinq ans avec Jonas. C'est toujours très bon et copieux. Une promenade avec Kyra au Hundestrand et c'est déjà l'heure de songer au programme de demain.Read more

  • Day19


    August 8, 2015 in Germany

    Vendredi, 7 août 2015
    Etre en route en haute saison, demande beaucoup de souplesse d'esprit. Un de nos buts principaux de ces vacances était, à part les lacs de Mazurie, l'île d'Ussedom, la voisine de Rügen. En parlant avec nos voisins de camping hier, nous savions que ça allait être difficile de trouver une place de camping libre sur cette île. Mais nous n'y sommes même pas arrivés, le ferry de Swinemünde avait une file d'attente d'au moins 1h30. Changement de direction donc; nous passons par Stettin et visons la région de Rostock. Quatre téléphones plus tard, les campings sont pleins, nous visons la belle ville de la Wismar et sa place pour camping-cars (65 places). Quand nous arrivons vers 15h30, tous les emplacements sont occupés. Fallait venir avant midi, d'après les résidents. La prochaine option, le camping à Zierow, où nous avons déjà dormi avec Jonas en 2010 en rentrant de Rügen. Par bonheur, la réceptionniste nous a trouvé une belle parcelle pour deux nuits. Nous pouvons donc enfin faire une promenade "relaxe" le long de la plage et aller souper au resto du lieu.Read more

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Nordwestmecklenburg, Landkreis Nordwestmecklenburg, Distrikto Nordokcidenta Meklenburgo, Distrito de Mecklemburgo Noroccidental, Ipar mendebaldeko Mecklenburg, Arrondissement du Mecklembourg-du-Nord-Ouest, Nordwestmecklenburg járás, Circondario del Meclemburgo Nordoccidentale, ჩრდილო-დასავლეთ მეკლენბურგის რაიონი, Солтүстік-батыс Мекленбург, Ziemeļrietummēklenburgas apriņķis, Северозападен Мекленбург, Powiat Nordwestmecklenburg, نارتھ ویسٹرن میکلنبرگ, Северо-Западный Мекленбург, Loundkring Nordwestmecklenburg, 西北梅克伦堡县

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