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    • Day7

      Besuch in München

      May 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      26 Kilometer zu Fuss durch die Stadt. Es hätte eigentlich etwas Erholung von den letzttägigen Strapazen sein sollen - aber gut. :)

      #Englischer Garten
      #Schlosspark Nymphenburg
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      Sehr schöne Fotos!!!! München ist tatsächlich einen Besuch wert..Ma

    • Day3

      Munich by train bus bike and by foot!

      August 27 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

      Saturday in Munich did not disappoint! Started with THE most wonderful breakfast, we could’ve stayed and stayed!
      So many sights, a real melting pot of so many cultures, food and language-such a vibrant city. We visited Dachau with an outstanding guide (rivaled Richard from London), unreal to be standing where thousands have suffered. Truly a time solemn reflection.
      Then on to biking our way to and through the English Gardens in Munich - to say Munich is a bike friendly city is quite the understatement.
      Now we are enjoying a lovely evening with dinner and the off to Hofbrau to dance on the tables…
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      Is this pure honey comb you’re eating?


      Yes sir


      I neeeed it

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    • Day107

      Musik im Haus der Kunst

      April 30 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Freitags spielte zunächst Lucy Railton solo, dann begleitete Kali Malone Stephen O'Malley bei seinem Stück "Les spheres". Nach einem sehr interessanten und informativen "artist talk" samstags spielten die drei zusammen Kalis Komposition "Does spring hide its joy?", die mich schon vor Monaten in Aarhus so begeisterte.Read more

    • Day28

      BMW Welt

      January 9, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

      Had come across quite a few recommendations that the BMW Welt was worth a visit. It's not a museum but essentially a very over-the-top car showroom that anyone is able to wander about and ogle the latest from BMW, Mini, and Rolls Royce.

      There's interactive exhibits, cafes, a fancy restaurant, merch shop, and then some people actually there to buy and pick up their new cars. Being attached to the old Olympic park it was well worth the trip out of town for a look around (assuming you have a daily ticket for transport and don't have to cop the crazy prices for a metro ride).
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      Do you buy your cap there?


      Nice green!


      Flashy for a car yard what 😳 - F

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    • Day110

      Boring Travel day

      July 9 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      Miles: 4.7 Steps: 10999
      Flights stairs: 10

      It was a boring travel day for the most part. We flew from Manchester, England to Munich, Germany this morning. It was very uneventful. We almost had too much time. We got there way early, made it thru security, took our own sweet time having a great breakfast … and then realized our plane was on its final call and RAN thru the airport to be the last one let on. Lost track of time. Woops. But we made it.

      We’re getting VERY good at handling all the mass transit in every city. I think back to the first few weeks and it’s a night and day difference. So much easier now that we’ve got so much experience.

      After dinner headed to the movies and saw “Thor, Love and Thunder” - it’s a must to see every Marvel movie as it’s coming out when traveling with the massive Marvel geek that Jordan is. It’s still a treat to see the different theaters in each country - and just experience “life” here.

      We’re back in hostels for awhile - it’s the norm in most of Europe. The next two nights we’re in a really nice one tho. Brand new. Bunks with privacy screens, small lockers, lights, charging ports and personal fans right in the bunk areas. Such an experience living like this. I’m sure I’m the oldest person in this whole building tho!!
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      Wow! Good thing you're not claustrophobic.

      Christie Mitchell

      It’s actually not too bad. Some are so tight you can’t sit up.


      Silly me! I never knew(thought about the fact) that both of those Ferris wheels were pods and not seats!😂😂😳🙄

      Christie Mitchell

      The pods in London held almost 30 - this is much smaller. They look to hold 6 or so

    • Day4

      Deutsches Museum

      June 26 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Into Munich itself today and our first stop was the Deutsches museum. Think the science museum in London but 5X larger. They'd even built replica mine shafts under the museum which you could walk through.Read more


      looks a very cool place

    • Day45

      Day 45 - Guten Tag Deutschland!

      September 17, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Inevitably I woke shortly after 3.00am & never got back to sleep again. Perfect preparation for a long day of driving!

      We had breakfast at 8.30pm, loaded up the car only to discover a tyre inflation system error warning light & a service warning light illuminated on the dashboard. We had messed about with it the previous evening & seemed to have buggered it up. Perfect news for a long day of driving!

      We popped into the a local Spar shop for some final provisions, sweets & drinks. After, with a little bit of trepidation, we headed to the Slovenia border crossing armed with a detailed travel itinerary of exactly where we had been in the last 6 weeks.

      It was 10.00am exactly as we approached the vehicle free border & as Jackie wound down the window & raised our passports, the guard who was having a fag, just waved us through. Great, I was glad I had spent time preparing our travel itinerary! Still I’m sure it will be useful at the other border crossings.

      The SatNav was set for Lake Bled without tolls & it took us back up to Koper, then north east on the A1. The A1 is a well maintained dual carriageway & the main road through Slovenia. We followed it to the outskirts of the capital city of Ljubljana, then picked up the A2, another dual carriageway north. Slovenia is a relatively poor country & they are definitely missing a trick by not charging a toll, because this is the main land route for Germans seeking sun in Croatia & Greece.

      118 miles later & around midday we arrived in Bled with it’s fabulous lake in the Julian Alps. There were car parks signposted, but I skirted the lake seeking a spot we could stop at for free. I did, illegally on the junction of a private road. We both got out to admire the lake from the waters edge.

      Lake Bled is very picturesque, surrounded by mountains & forests. The lake is 6,960ft long, 4,530ft wide & has a maximum depth of 97ft. Bled Island sits in the middle of the lake & has several buildings including the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Above the lake sits the impressive Bled Castle on the north shore.

      After taking sufficient photos & disabling the warning light on our dashboard, we set the SatNav for München (Munich), Germany again avoiding all tolls. It was to be a further 250 mile journey arriving about 5 & a half hours later.

      We circuited the lake once more, then instead of rejoining the A2, we followed the 452 & 201 around the northern edge of Triglav National Park. The border crossing into Austria was at the remote Wurzenpass.

      We were the only vehicle at the crossing & we showed the guard our passports & stressed we were transiting straight through to Germany. The guard asked us where we had been & we told him Croatia, to which he asked us to wait & he ran into his office. Seconds later he returned with a Self Declaration sheet of paper in which I had to write my name, sign and date it. He didn’t look at our passports to check the details or write down our vehicles index, but instead sent us on our way saying we weren’t allowed to stop in Austria. That was easy.

      We then climbed up an extremely steep road over Wurzenpass & scarily back down the other side. Our route took us towards Villach, then along Route 100, which followed the Drau river & sat in the shadow of the raised A10 toll road. Our route took us through numerous pretty Austrian villages & then Route 99, up & down near deserted skiing resorts.

      It was a very enjoyable drive until around 4.30pm, we arrived in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. The traffic was horrendous & we spent over an hour in a constant traffic jam. It prompted Jackie to ask the question “Would the toll road have avoided this traffic?” She then looked it up & the toll road was about 20 miles shorter & at least 3 hours quicker, BUT that’s not the point of a road trip!

      Eventually we made it out of Salzburg & reached the border crossing into Germany. The guard waved us on without even seeing our passports. WoW. We then hurtled along the toll free Autobahn 8 for 90 miles to Munich. Despite doing 80mph, a procession of BMWs, Audi’s & Mercedes sped past us as if we were hardly moving.

      It was gone 7.00pm, when we arrived in Munich, parked our car in a designated underground car park & walked to our hotel, H+ Hotel München. The receptionist was extremely helpful & provided us with a map for all the things we needed to see & a recommendation for dinner. Our hotel room is bijou, but very comfortable & functional. A good example of German efficiency.

      We dumped our bags & crossed the road to Schiller Braeu, a Bavarian bar & restaurant. We walked in & a very officious serving wench (Helga) shouted at us to put on our masks. The whole restaurant looked around at us. Good start!

      We had a couple of large home brewed lagers. Jackie had the most expensive thing on the menu again, Bavarian roast beef smothered in onions & roast potatoes. I had roast pork and crackling in a dark beer sauce, 2 types of dumplings & coleslaw. It was much needed superb hearty fare.

      After a short stroll around our salubrious surroundings, we called it a night.

      Song of the Day : Border Song by Elton John.

      Bonus Songs : Bled by Every Mothers Nightmare.

      Autobahn by Kraftwerk.

      Madame Helga by The Stereophonics.
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      We remember how fluent you were in German at Luffa!!

    • Day1

      Jour 1 - de Paris à Munich 🇩🇪

      July 30 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Voici les News du premier jour du voyage ! 🇩🇪
      Nous avons commencé notre journée par un réveil à 5h du matin, la nuit fut assez courte car les derniers réglages des paquetages se sont faits jusqu’à 1h du matin la veille 😅
      Nous avons pris un départ de Paris Gare de l’Est à 6h55 et sommes arrivés à 12h30 à Munich avec une correspondance à Stuttgart.

      Les vélos ayant été démontés la veille, nous avons dû les remonter à notre arrivée à Munich. Nous sommes ensuite allés déjeuner dans une auberge typique bavaroise des Rahmschnitzel et des Jagerschnitzel.
      Nous avons visité une partie du centre ville en nous baladant vers Marienplatz, le Frauenkirche, le nouvel Hôtel de Ville de Munich et l’église Saint-Pierre de Munich.

      La journée s’est terminée avec un dîner dans un restaurant bavarois / balkanique où nous avons découvert les Cevapcici et les Raznjici !

      Au final, c’était une grosse journée avec 13km de marche en plus de la fatigue du voyage, mais nous avons pu visiter l’hypercentre et goûter des spécialités !
      Toute l’équipe va bien dormir pour redémarrer en forme demain pour notre dernier jour de visite de Munich !
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      Bon Courage !!! 👍🏾


      Merci Cédric ! 😋

    • Day111

      The rest of our day in Munich

      July 10 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 66 °F

      Miles: 6.0 Steps: 15782
      Flights stairs: 7

      After we visited Dachau, and picked ourselves up off the floor figuratively, we headed out exploring Munich. Honestly, we could have just headed back to our hostel as it was so upsetting to go thru, but we only have one day here so didn’t have that luxury.

      We went over to the Olympic park, where they held the 1972 summer games. It’s really neat to see how these cities have repurposed these massive areas built for the Olympics. Munich has made much of it useable for the people today. Germans close down almost every building that can be on Sundays - and they are known for going out and enjoying themselves. We could see that today at the park. So many families out.

      Then we headed into old town - saw the town hall and squares. There are protests in almost every city over the Ukraine situation. Today tho I believe this one was regarding Bosnia. And it’s unbelievable how many pride flags we see in every country - love it!!

      Eventually we found ourselves in the very historical Hofbraeuhaus Beer Hall. It is over 500 years old - strangely, we started our day at a concentration camp and ended it at a beer hall where Hitler once stood. I’ve only had a sip or two of other peoples beer over the years - never enjoyed the taste or the smell. But today, couldn’t let Jordan drink alone so had my first! Figured why not start big … so had a full liter. Can’t say I enjoyed it that much, but didn’t hate it either. 🍺
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      The meals there are huge like the beers. [z elaine]

      Christie Mitchell

      I saw that! They were. Just had pretzels as we already had eaten dinner

    • Day2

      Jour 2 - Visite de Munich

      July 31 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Aujourd’hui, nous avons visité Munich à pied et à vélo ✌🏼
      Nous avons débuté la journée par le parc olympique de Munich où ont eu lieu les Jo 1972. Nous avons fait une balade à pied sur les berges puis avons monté la colline qui surplombe le parc et la ville de Munich.
      Nous avons ensuite pic-niqué au bord du lac du parc olympique un des meilleurs Doner Kebab de Munich (verdict : excellent 😋)

      Nous avons ensuite passé l’après midi à parcourir la ville à vélo et nous sommes arrêtés en fin de journée au plus grand parc de la ville: l’Englisher Garten où l’on a pu voir des surfers et tremper les pieds dans l’eau.

      10km de marche et 20km de vélo pour notre dernier jour à Munich. Demain, nous traverserons la frontière direction Salzburg en Autriche ! 🇩🇪 > 🇦🇹
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      Super reportage ! 👏🏼😃


      Merci, content de te faire voyager 😎✌🏼


      Nouveau casque ?


      Eh oui, tu as l’œil 😉

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