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  • Day3

    Das war einer der schönsten Momente in meinem Leben. Der Moment, als ich zum ersten Mal Eisberge gesehen habe. Ich war einmal im Sommer und einmal im Winter bei der Lagune. Im Winter sieht es auf jeden Fall noch spektakulärer aus!

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  • Day6

    I was sceptical in the beginning, but the glasier lagoon is one of the most amazing landmarks Iceland.
    Although it was quite cold with the wind, the colours are just gorgeous!

    However, the ice in the lagoon is getting less and less. There used to be many icebergs, but now there are only „a few“.

  • Day16

    Ice ice baby

    August 4, 2017 in Iceland

    Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon

  • Day3

    Late Night Photography

    February 8 in Iceland

    Here is the reason our blog updates slipped behind. A late night at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

    Having arrived in the dark and found our room, we settled in and had a lovely meal then, given how clear the skies were as we travelled to the hotel, we decided to check the aurora forecast App on Rob's phone. It looked promising so at around 10.30pm we decided to take the plunge and drive the 20 minutes to Jokulsarlon to stand in temperatures around -6c ... and wait and see. We didn't have to wait long because when we arrived and turned off the headlights there were the Northern Lights ... right there, shining in an almost cloudless sky over a lagoon of frozen ice and bergs. Stunning.

    We stayed there until around 1.30am as the lights came and went and we got to bed an hour later. What a day! We don't think we could have ever have wished for a day like this. From leaving Hofn, the photo stops, the incredible sights in perfect weather and the afternoon light at the lagoon. All that and we are gifted with the aurora at the glacier lagoon. What a rewarding day. A privilege to see what we saw and the opportunity to photograph it. Not just one kind of view but a kaleidoscope of sensual experience.

    Okay, we know that's a bit OTT but hey, what an impressive day!
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  • Day5

    The Other Diamond Beach

    February 10 in Iceland

    The main activity of the day was scheduled to be a visit to an ice cave in the glacier. This promised to be one of the highlights of the two weeks so we had to be at the cafe at Jokulsarlon for 1pm. With the late start this meant we had to think about how to spend the morning so we decided to visit the 'other' Diamond Beach at Jokulsarlon.

    The lagoon exits to the sea via a narrow channel. In fact, this is how the ice makes its way to the sea to be swept back onto the beaches of black volcanic sand. There are beaches on both sides of the channel and it is the left one which most people visit, as did we during the 2016 trip and also yesterday when we first arrived here. Why the left hand one? Well, it is the nearest to the Jokulsarlon car park but mainly it's because most of the ice diamonds arrive there.

    The right hand beach has far less ice but it is also less crowded and we thought we'd check it out. Yep, less ice and less people but we felt the other beach was the best. We stayed a while a took some photographs but the waves were much stronger than yesterday so we had to keep grabbing our tripods and running. Then all of a sudden we needed to leave for the ice cave trip.
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  • Day3

    First Visit to Jokulsarlon

    February 8 in Iceland

    We arrived at the glacier lagoon mid to late afternoon and how different it looked from when we were here in October 2016. First of all, it wasn't raining and foggy. Second, there were far fewer icebergs with most of the lagoon frozen and this gave it a different feel altogether. Such is the nature of this place ... it's never the same, even from one hour to the next. To be honest, an hour is too long as the bergs and ice are constantly moving and the weather ever changeable.

    We parked up and spent time photographing the ice in the lagoon before going to Diamond Beach to photograph the crystal clear ice stranded on black volcanic sand. Time passed unnoticed as we tried to capture the essence of the place, the patterns formed as the waves washed over and around those diamonds of ice as the light gently faded. Not windy this time, not raining and so pleasurable. We captured some great photographs. It was dark when we arrived at our hotel.
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  • Day5

    The Weather Changes

    February 10 in Iceland

    It seemed too early to go back to the hotel, so a little way along the road we pulled into one of the small car parks to go and see if there were photo opportunities looking over the lagoon ... more a frozen lake as you have seen. After about half-an-hour the temperature dropped and the winds arrived. Suddenly. One minute it was calm and the next there were really strong gusts and by the time we got back to the car snow was being blown across the roads. The first photo is from that car park just before we left and the second about 10 minutes later at the turn-off for Fjallsarlon, the other glacier lake in the area.

    The drive home was interesting with gusting winds and snow being blown across the road, though we could see the advantage of Iceland's roads being raised like they are as it prevented the build-up of snow. That night the storm raged outside and we were glad to be inside. That seemed to be the way though, when storms like this arrive the roads are closed and you are not allowed to travel. And so it was.
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  • Day9

    Gletscher bei Nacht

    October 2, 2017 in Iceland

    Unseren letzten Stopp erreichten wir dann gegen Sonnenuntergang: Der Gletschersee

    Riesige Eisschollen treiben hier im Wasser und verhaken sich gegenseitig. Die Strömung zischt daran vorbei und hin und wieder schafft sie es, einen Brocken zu lösen und mit ins Meer zu reißen.

    Da es schon dunkel wurde, waren zum Glück nicht mehr so viele Touris hier. So hatten wir wieder genug Zeit die richtige Belichtung einzustellen und trotz Dunkelheit noch tolle Aufnahmen zu bekommen.Read more

  • Day23

    Eines der letzten Highlights!
    Der See diente schon als Drehort für James Bond-Filme und nun auch als Kulisse für unser Spaghetti-Mittagessen-Picknick 😆
    Schon ein schönes Gefühl die riesigen Eisschollen im Schneckentempo an einem vorbeiziehen zu sehen.
    Dann noch Sonne dazu und ein kulinarischer Stop (Löwenzahn-Gletscherwasser-Eis), schon ist es ein super Tag!
    Das mag ein Franz 👐

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