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  • Day11

    Bangalore #1

    September 29, 2017 in India

    Von Donnerstag bis Montag unternahmen wir gemeinsam mit zwei Kommilitoninnen einen kleinen Trip. Donnerstag Abend fuhren wir mit dem Nachtzug nach Bangalore, wo wir morgens um 5 ankamen und den gesamten Tag verbrachten. Abends ging es dann mit dem Zug weiter ins 9 Stunden entfernte Hospet, von wo aus man nach Hampi gelangt. Entgegen unserer ursprünglichen Pläne, testeten wir das indische Zugsystem also gleich zu Beginn unseres Indienaufenthalts. Bis auf eine kleine Panne auf der Rückreise nach Chennai, die zu einem einstündigen Stop mitten im Nirgendwo führte, waren wir tatsächlich recht zufrieden.
    Trotz Müdigkeit haben wir versucht, den Tag in Indiens drittgrößter Stadt Bangalore möglichst sinnvoll zu nutzen. Gleich zu Beginn wurden wir von einigen netten Herren zum Lunch eingeladen, während sie auf einem Altar ihre Schusswaffen ehrten. Außerdem schauten wir uns den Stadtmarkt und zwei Tempel an und spazierten durch den botanischen Garten Lal Bagh. Zu unseren Highlights dieses Tages zählten zugegebenermaßen jedoch auch Bier und Pizza, die wir uns in einer ortsansässigen Brauerei zu Gemüte führten.
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  • Day7

    Heading South

    November 24 in India

    On our last day in Delhi, we had a super late lunch at 4pm, our last meal as a large group. Our guide and bus toom us to a transit hotel near the airport. We napped, freshened up some, and got ready for the next leg of the trip - Mysore, Ani's hometown. The original ladies were headed home to the States and we said our sad goodbyes just after midnight.

    We caught a 3am flight to Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore), which landed just before 6. Ani arranged a driver for us, and we were off on the long drive to Mysore.
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  • Day1

    The Start Of The Adventures :D

    July 16, 2017 in India

    Well the city of gardens had many delights to offer. We arrived in Bangalore in the afternoon and then took one of the AC buses from the airport. Anjappar was the restaurant we had our first meal at. The reason for us choosing the restaurant was that it was a recommended south Indian restaurant from lonely planet but ironically we ended up having a really great north Indian meal with parathas and pander butter masala. Then we left for our hotel THE DOUBLE TREE SUITES where our dear host was eagerly waiting. Having dumped in the luggage and packed our bags for hampi we left to explore the hotel. The terrace presented us with one of the best views in Bangalore. After chilling on the terrace for a while we moved on booked a cab and started for our bus to hampi.
    We got onto a van which took us to the bus which freezed us at night. The Air was literally CONDITIONED for murder!!!!

    We were back in Bangalore after a day in hampi. A quick nap in the morning got us charged up for the rest of the day. We took a bus pass for the whole day for ₹70 each. On our way we stopped by to see a HUGE statue of the monkey god Hanuman and then explore the area around, strangely though we saw a death ceremony of someone. With our initial destination as the Bangalore fort we got off near the Bangalore market. Aromas of the food around us got our taste buds aroused and our stomachs interested and we decided to have our breakfast nearby. After looking around for a bit we decided to settle for a simple restaurant nearby. The parathas were HUGE!! And just one was enough to fill our stomachs which cost us a mere ₹30 per person. Then we decided to explore the nearby market. It was filled with different types of flowers, spices, bangles, rangolis, vegetables and lots more. It was really vibrant and a colourful place like no other.
    The fort was definitely not a place worth going as besides the big doors that were something out of the ordinary, nothing else seemed very delightful.
    Hoping to have a better experience we set off for the Tipu Sultan Palace nearby but the tickets were too pricey so we just had a look from the outside and then went off exploring the area nearby. The hospital building opposite to the Palace was more beautiful than the Palace itself.
    The Cubbon park was our next destination. Well it was nothing out of the ordinary but still a quiet place worth going to for just the peace of mind. Tired from all the walking throughout we relaxed in the park for a while. When I was busy playing pranks with a dog nearby my friend was trying to remove threads from her thin jacket ( I dunno what the name it has but I'll get back to this ). The library in the park was almost fully occupied with students who were preparing for different examinations and this could be felt from the expressions of their serious faces. The Bangalore Palace looked very beautiful from the outside but the tickets were too much so instead we decided to go to a nearby mall for bowling (The Garuda Mall). But unfortunately the bowling had been closed so we decided to go to the FOOD STREET in VV Puram.
    This is definitely the place to go to!! We started our big meal with a peri-peri potato chips like something (I'm sorry for not remembering the name ). It was damn tasty though for just ₹50. Then we had a couple of Dabelis and a chicoo milkshake along with a pineapple juice. This was followed by a round of pani puris, gulab jamun and pav bhaji. With a hint of rain around it all seems just perfect.
    We struggled our way through (improving our road crossing skills) by talking a couple of buses to Toit. The place was overcrowded as always and we we 47th in line to receive a table. Putain de merde!!!! But we decided to give a shot by sneaking in and hoping to grab a couple of chairs. We found one at first sight and then a sweet gentleman offered us another and we felt so happy to have saved an hour of our time at least !! Having ordered our drinks we skimmed through the beer digest (might be some other digest too)kept next to us. The music at the place was very singable (almost all songs were one's we knew ) so we joined along as sipping our drinks. The digest talked about a STAN LEE like person whose love for beers had no bounds and also about a bartender working there who never had drinks. Having ordered another round of drinks (Lemon juice and Toit something), we were enjoying the pleasant atmosphere using our judging skills to look at different people around us and guessing which part of India they were from. As it may be in our stars, we received no bill for our 2nd round. (Maybe they were free for us) We decided to head back home and well that's when we thought it was our day.
    But noway!!! Our host (high as f***) talked and entertained us about his idols and his favorite musicians. Sensing him quietening up a bit we decided to sleep. We later heard him shouting in the middle of the night!! (He doesn't admit so but we know).
    The next day we headed to the LinkedIn office nearby which offered us the best breakfast in a very long time !! From South Indian food to pav bhaji to juices that place had everything!!! The office was the place to work at!!! The gym, the music room, a cricket room, different types of arrangements woah!!
    We then marched on towards ISCKON temple by a couple of bus hops and a few road crossing practices. The temple was so beautiful from both inside and outside. On the inside of it, was a stage and a platform with gods and statues made of gold. People (overwhelmed by it perhaps) were donation all they had hoping that God might help them overcome their misfortunes. Finally after escaping a maze of sales people and food stalls we grabbed our shoes took a view pics and headed for the metro. As soon as we reached the station rain hit the place like lightning!! Old habits die hard and well we ended up taking a wrong train ! (Cause well maps and me never work)!! Finally we reached MG road and headed off for shopping. After losing all hope we planned to head to the Phoenix mall but then we ended up shopping in Bangalore central. My friend became busy shopping soon while I resorted to chatting with my old friends. We tried a few restaurants then but none seemed to satisfy us. So we had a goli wada pav instead which my friend liked (I'm happy). Then we met our host at a pub had a good time returned home and slept. We missed our train to Mysore the next day but got the next one and now bye bye Bangalore!!
    Back to Bangalore after Mysore with just a day more to spend, we decided to go to the nandi hills but unfortunately we couldn't afford a cab early in the morning directly from the railway station so we just went back to the hotel and had a nice nap. After getting ready gingerly we started off for nandi hills by taking a bus to majestic. We had our breakfast there. After searching for terminal 3 for a while we finally found out bus to someplace near nandi hills (chiklapur or something I don't remember). After the autos named an overpriced price to take us to the hills we just decided to wait for a bus. This bus took us directly to the top of the nandi hills and it was already 3:30 pm. We then took a circle around the hills where my companion took many many pics of the views. I wish we had some more time to spend there. But we decided to hurry up because we had made plans with our host for the night. Sensing our quickest option was the hitch hike a ride we tried our best and finally got a ride.We got off near marathalli bridge and had our customary Gobi Manchurians and then took a TOOKTOOK back to the hotel. Wherein we relaxed til our host arrived and finally left for the bus to chennai. Now we're finally travelling back to chennai after a long adventure :))
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  • Day15


    October 21, 2015 in India

    Heute gibts wirklich nicht viel zu erzählen.
    Hotel-Flughafen-neue Stadt-neues Hotel
    Bengaluru sieht schon viel schöner und auch moderner aus als alle anderen Städte bisher! Da es aber nicht viel anzusehen gibt, gehts morgen am Abend wieder weiter!
    Hab heute auch kein einziges Foto gemacht!!!
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  • Day33


    November 14, 2016 in India

    IT-Metropole Indiens und im Vergleich zu anderen indischen Städten, die wir bereits gesehen haben, echt grün (mehrere große Parks...) und gefühlt weniger Verkehrschaos und Menschenmassen ;)

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Bengaluru, بنغالور, Горад Бангалор, Бенгалуру, বাঙ্গালোর, Bangalore, Бангалор, Bengalúru, Μπανγκαλόρ, Bengaluro, بنگلور, Bangalore - ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು, બેંગલોર, Bangalor, בנגלור, बंगलौर, BLR, バンガロール, ბენგალურუ, ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು, 벵갈루루, Bengalour, Bengalurus, Bengalūras, Bangalora, ബെംഗളൂരു, बंगळूर, ဘန်ဂလိုမြို့, बेङ्गलोर, बेङ्गलूरु, ବେଙ୍ଗାଳୁରୁ, ਬੰਗਲੌਰ, Bangalur, بینگلور, बेङ्गळूरु, Bangaluri, බැංගලෝර්, Bangalúr, பெங்களூர், బెంగుళూరు, บังคาลอร์, Бенґалуру, 班加罗尔, 班加羅爾

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