Gautam Buddha Nagar

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    • Day4

      An amazing day

      February 5, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 21 °C

      Today I had an incredible day. It was my first time going to the slums to the proper area that PMGY have set up. We arrived and the free slum clinic and local school were right next door. First we went into the school and watched the children’s assembly where they sung and danced for us, it was so sweet. I then Went to the slum clinic and sat with an amazing doctor who volunteers here 5 times a week. We met about 40 local patients all in about 2.5 hours and then I would take their blood pressure and details and the doctor would write prescriptions. All the medicine that was given out is funded by PMGY so it is an incredible free health clinic for the local people. It was right next to a slum school and basically Vishy the guy who runs PMGY funds the slum school and slum clinic and all the medication they give out, it’s amazing! We then went outside and played kebaddi with the children for playtime, played skipping and then they sung to us was so funny! In the afternoon we went to an orphanage and the children were so cute. We sat with them and gave them questions as homework and then we danced and played with them! Was so fun :)Read more

    • Day6

      Day 4

      February 7, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 17 °C

      Today was such a busy day!! this morning I woke up early so I could have the best breakfast but we got taken down to pray downstairs and it took 35 minutes, I had to rush my breakfast in the end lol! The priest threw water on us and gave us a bindi! I first went to the slums and went to the children’s assembly where they sung and danced for us! The female doctor then took me with her to the medical slum clinic and today there were more women than yesterday. I gave out 4 vitamin D shots and cleaned wounds again, it was so interesting! We even saw an infected C-section wound from 3 years ago that the doctor assessed and explained what the course of action would be. I was then asked by the same teacher as yesterday to teach a second part to my decimal lesson in the tiny classroom. It was actually amazing, at the start they couldn’t understand how to order decimals in ascending and descending order and by the end they could do it, I even had to set them homework and promise the teacher I would come back tomorrow after the slum clinic to help again! We then came back for some needed lunch and half way through eating Vishy ran in saying there is a surgery if anyone wants to go. Me and one other girl were like we’ll go so we got in Vishy’s car and drove to a different slum hospital. We watched a lady hAve a hysterectomy where her uterus got removed. The surgeon said there would be another C-section later on so we waited not knowing how long it would be. The lady was induced and unfortunately she needed a C-section so we were lucky we waited! We then watched the C-section and it was just as aamazing as last time. The lady did lose quite a lot of blood which was stressful but she was okay and the baby was a gorgeous healthy baby girl! It was amazing. We then came back and had samosas they were so yum! We had been told that there was a boys orphanage next door that we could go to any time so Hannah, Bri and Summer went next door and played UNO and did magic tricks with the boys, it was so fun! We are definitely gonna go back in the evenings!Read more

    • Day3

      First day of project

      February 4, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 17 °C

      Today we woke up and had orientation followed by a trip to the local craft and art festival market in Faridabad! We then went for a walk outside the house and as our house is literally right in the middle of the slums, we walked through and met the children and people. Staying in a house in the slums gives us such a unique experience to see the daily life of the local people here, it was amazing. I had asked Vishy (the man in charge of the volunteer house) if there was any surgeries today and he said that there would be 2 at 6pm however he wasn’t sure what these would be. Never the less I decided to go as I wanted to get as much exposure as possible! I went to this tiny slum hospital and the conditions were just a million miles away from england and the western world. The surgeon walked in in bare foot and in home clothes, before sitting down and starting surgery on his first patient. I first watched a prostate be removed and then a bladder tumour be removed. A sample of the tumour cells were removed to be used for biopsy. We then watched another surgery of a similar tumour removal and were about to leave when the surgeon said there was a C - section coming in! We stayed and it was the most INCREDIBLE thing I have ever seen. I was literally stood over the patient with the surgeon holding instruments as they cut open this lady and pulled out a tiny 32week old baby. We waited for it to cry as it was blue and so tiny! The amount they stretch the skin once they have made the incision was fascinating! I was literally stood over the lady when the baby was pulled out next to the surgeon, it was amazing. We then watched them stitch the uterus and stomach and everything back up and they showed us how to stitch the uterus etc together properly. The patients friend then said we could go and meet the baby whose leg was slightly deformed and so we did and he was gorgeous. It was one of the most surreal and incredible experiences I have ever had. It was amazing how one minute the baby was still in the uterus and the next it was crying in front of us!!Read more

    • Day11

      Back in the slums

      February 12, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 13 °C

      Today was so much fun! We started off going to the slums this morning and dancing with the children in the assembly. I then headed to join the female doctor in the slum clinic and sat with her as loads and loads of patients came in. She gave me a job to give out injections to over 10 women one by one and she only showed me how to do it once! It was so scary but so cool to be so hands on. I then got to do a mini ultrasound on a lady who was 6 months pregnant and could hear the heart beat of the baby it was amazing. I got to feel the baby and she was explaining the position of the baby in the tummy. Was so cool! After this, I helped paint some of the walls in the school building that has just been built and then played with the kids in the playground! We then came back to the house and had a yummy lunch before heading off to the mixed orphanage. It was so chilled as we bought a book of geometric patterns for the children to colour so we all sat there chatting doing that, it was so fun! After this they danced and sung for us before we left about 5:30. We came back, had dinner and Nutella topped chappatis (which we realised taste vaguely like Nutella crepes) and headed next door to play UNO with the boys in the orphanage next door. Was such a fun day!Read more

    • Day12

      Such a good day :)

      February 13, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Today was SUCH a good day I loved every second. We decided to go to a different medical project this morning and do the medical camp instead of the slum clinic and it was so good! We had to do so much hands on work and loved it. We took names ages what the problem was, took blood pressure blood sugar and then gave out prescriptions, it was so much fun and we met so many people from the community. It was so busy and the people just kept coming we even had to say no to a few as we needed to finish up! We also had to clean wounds and replace dressings so it was so interesting! We then came back for lunch and I had another freezing bucket shower it was terrible hahaha. At 3.30 the tuk tuk picked us up and we had the most amazing evening ever. We had said we wanted to do the home visit this evening and it was actually a visit to our tuk tuk drivers house. We drove about 10 minutes in Faridabad and arrived in his town, like 20 children were there to greet us and then we got given flower garlands and got dressed up in Saris by the women and makeup and hair done, it was so cute! We played with the children, taught them English dances and they taught us Indian ones and had one million cuddles with them all, they were adorable! The family gave us dinner and all the children from the town came to sit with us it was adorable. Honestly one of the best evenings ever! Basically all the children from the town waved us off, didn’t wanna leave!Read more

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