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  • Day207

    O Canada!

    March 23, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Our visit to Delhi turned into a lovely break from travelling. We stayed in “mini-Canada”, thanks to our friends Staci and Dan at the Canadian High Commission. We left India behind for a couple of days, to drink coffee and gin & tonic, eat steak, burgers, butter tarts, and jump on a trampoline, play in the pool, and enjoy the company of a really fun Canadian family. Our actual exploration of Delhi was a bit limited, but I think it was worth it to recharge our batteries after a fun but intense time in India. Now onto Nepal - it is feeling like the final stretch of our travels has begun...Read more

  • Day7


    June 7, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 37 °C

    Delhi.. pop 25 million .. saw a little bit ..incl the house of Mahatma Ghandi ... his memorial, Sikh & Muslim Temples & Old City. Great day but 42degrees.

  • Dec15

    Museums and more food

    December 15, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    What better way to meet a county than going to a national museum! Yup, I'm one of those people. After sleeping longer and missing a breakfast we just headed to the museum. And it's a big one! It really introduces you to all the Krishnas, Vishnas, Ganeshas and other of amazing Indian gods. What a civilization, what a history. Also so many paintings, old dresses, weapons, musical instruments,...
    After museum we took a walk to the big India Gate. Since it was Sunday there were lots of people and families, lovely! A lunch later we wanted to see some huge Buddhist temple but it was very crowded, we'd have to leave all our stuff in cloakroom (no thanks) and it was getting dark so we went back to Connaught Place to meet with others.
    Tomorrow it's transition day, off to Agra on a train :)
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  • Dec13

    Hello India!

    December 13, 2019 in India ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    December is a nice time to travel tthr world, especially to warmer places. This year it's India time! Lots of plans, lots of places to see and a whole different culture to meet! Unlike other years I'm not traveling solo but with friends (Mara, Matjaž and Mateja) which will make a trip even more fun 😃
    We flew Aeroflot from Ljubljana to New Delhi throug Moscow. Didn't spend much time in Moscow though, they messed up our tickets so we ended up being upgraded to business class (awesome 😎) and a bit of a mess getting our bags In Delhi, but it all worked out okay...
    This sure is a crazy city, soooo many people, hectic traffic and really bad air pollution, so we're wearing masks when going out. 😷 It's not super warm, around 17 degrees (it rained a lot last night and we were delayed while landing).
    After meeting with Matjaž, who was already here, we started with huge breakfast with all kinds of different and good food, so delicious! Observing people on the street while eating I got a taste of what awaits me in this country - so many different people, styles, animals (cows!), beautiful kids, tuktuks who honk ALL the time,... Crazy yet awesome!
    We spent the say mostly going around Connaught place, a huge roundabout in the center with lots of shops, markets, street performers, you name it! Went to some good Rajasthan restaurant, amazing food (pretty spicy), with some menu, where we got to try around 10 different dishes - all vegetarian, but really good! I really hope my stomach doesn't protest much and I don't get a delhi belly (we have tons of medical stuff and some proper spirits drinks to fight it!).
    Of course jet lag came along and need to fall asleep, tomorrow awaits and we need to start exploring well rested!
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  • Dec14

    Wandering around Delhi

    December 14, 2019 in India ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    After some good rest it was time to hit the city. We didn't know there was breakfast served in hostel so me and Mara went to near Old Delhi to grab some food. Not much luck - street food only. I have a rule not to eat on streets for first few days for my stomach to get used to local bacteria... diarrhea isn't much fun 😕 But I didn't wanna go to McD 😛
    After returning to hostel and when Mateja arrived we all went through Old Delhi to see the Jama Masjid mosque which is next to Red Fort. Now THIS is Delhi 😃 Streets filled with people, dogs, goats, cows, butchers, power bank sellers, you name it! So condensed, cables everywhere, everybody honking ALL the time,... But pretty fun in a way. Not too happy about wearing mask all day long but still better than throat pain.
    Mosque is just beautiful, huge, sits right next to Old Delhi. Of course kids came to our girls to take photos with, what can you do, you five seconds makes their whole day 😊 Really lovely to see those smiles. You can even pay 100rs to climb to the top of one tower, which offers a great view of the city. I'd say whole city, but the smog prevents it, so you can't see the end of it (not that it's any different otherwise hehe).
    Of course we had more amazing food - more dal with garlic naan, paneer, roti, this food is AMAZING! Not to mention cheap - in a fine restaurant we paid 990rs for 4 (that's like 12€). We ended up on some rooftop bar in Pahar Ganj, because we absolutely needed some beer 😃 Nice place above the street with live music and very friendly waiter, telling us tons of stuff about India, Varanasi,... We're really enjoying all this :)
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  • Jan6

    Bye, India, you were amazing!

    January 6, 2020 in India ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Well, this is it. Again the time to say goodbye. Another awesome trip came to an end.
    India is a wonderful place. Far more than I expected. It's not just masses of people. It's not that hard or scary or anything. It takes some time to getting used to. But once you embrace it's vibe you can really enjoy it. It has soooo much to offer, beautiful nature, culture, temples, warm and nice people, amazing food (which we had way too much), weird and funny things,... It was everything I've hoped for - seeing impressive Taj Mahal, wondered around great Varanasi, shopped in Pushkar, seen huge castles in Jaipur, felt like being on another planet in Hampi and an amazing psytrance New Year's party in Goa. I love India :)
    A trip wouldn't have been the same without the company of Mara, who just became a backpacker a embraced India like a pro! Also Matjaž and Mateja, my old travel companions! Thank you all for all the amazing times, teas, laughter, support, garlic naans and whatnot ❤️
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  • Day2

    Mt. Everest

    April 28, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 36 °C

    We arrived later in Delhi at 1:30 since we couldn’t overfly Pakistan and had 1:15h longer. We had to go through customs and get our bag. We had again a big laugh because they looked as they were dragged through dirt. Well, yellow is a heikle color, right? After getting our visas for an hour stay at the airport if Delhi we were picked up by a very friendly guy, could relax for an hour in a lounge. That was a bizarre thing. There was also a little problem with me having Müller in the passport but Mueller on the visa for Bhutan. It is often a reason to discuss. But they let me in. If you are not Indian you need a Visa for Bhutan. Like that they control tourism. Last year 200’000 people visited that country, only 75’000 of them not Indian. They have an open border with India. We were advised to take seats on the left side to fly from Delhi to Paro because it was supposed to be the most beautiful flight. And it was. After again passing through security which was just weird being checked from a woman in something like a changing room - anyway, Lilian and me again laughed tears. We successfully boarded the plane run by Drukair. We first flew to Kathmandu getting closer and closer to the Himalayan giants. We saw approximately 5 Mt. Everests, since all of them very big but geographically it couldn’t be him/her/it yet. The French guy next to me didn’t have any idea and therefor no help in the Everest-confusion but was putting his camera to the window and excused himself all the time while doing it. So at one point I asked him if I could take the pictures so he wouldn’t lean over me all the time and I wouldn’t have to smell his bad breath. We had a quick stop in the capital of Nepal and then the mountain show really started. And there was Mt. Everest! At least I think the mountain on the picture is the real one. And if not, it is a pretty one at least so do not complain. It was a really nice flight and after a quite adventurous landing approach to Paro gliding through the valley we touched ground in Bhutan. Oh it smelled already very nice, fresh and spicy when leaving the plane (and the French guy). We were picked up by our guide, 25year old Tenzin dressed in the traditional cloth Gho and our driver Jimmy. We went right away to a temple. The temple has been built in the 7th century and is one of the oldest in Bhutan. The Bhutanese are very fond of nice clothes and it is advised to put on a nice blouse while visiting those holy sites. Well. I was still in my training trousers and I wasn’t at all wearing something just slightly similar and chic to a blouse. Let alone my fancy pink socks. You visit temples always without shoes. I felt a bit uncomfortable like I would not respecting their wishes on holy places. Luckily it didn’t seem a problem though. After that we went for a delicious lunch. Food is delicious here. I just gonna mention it once. It is also aspargus season. They are way thinner then ours and just yummy. After that we checked in in our hotel which was once a palace. I am always surprised when staying at such beautiful places because I just don’t expect it. What a view on the valley. Splendid. We were picked up in the afternoon for a walk in the town. The town is mostly a mainstreet and lives on tourism. They made the houses look pretty in the 80ies. We had something like the coffee number 10 and visited the local fruit and vegetable market. We came the way back to the hotel by foot, climbing up the little hill to see how we were doing at 2300m altitude and I went straight for a nap since I just couldn’t think straight due to exhaustion. Diner was splendid/delicious/marvelous, take the superlative you want, especially the chicken with cashew sauce, in a roundish restaurant with a view on the Dzhong, which we would visit the next day. Wonderful.Read more

  • Day16

    An Interesting Day

    January 30, 2019 in India ⋅ 🌫 10 °C

    Another nearby breakfast of roti and tea before heading out into the city again. First stop was just nearby, the Qutb Minar archaeological site. The main attraction here is the world's tallest stone minaret, topping out at just over 70 metres! It's very impressively designed as well, and located in a complex with a few ruined mosques, tombs and other buildings. Although it had been fairly quiet when we arrived at about 9am, it steadily filled up and by the time we left at 11 it was getting quite crowded. Fairly typical for a place in India! It's like constantly being at the Easter Show or something.

    Next stop we headed over to India Gate, a massive Arc de Triomphe style archway that commemorates the Indian dead from WW1, WW2 and other campaigns. Lots of Indian tourists about but not many Westerners. Huge numbers of people selling crap too, toys and photographs and the like - again mostly aimed at locals. I reckon it was probably a 50/50 split between people selling and people there to see the monument!

    From here we headed to Connaught Place, the centre of New Delhi designed by the British in the 19th century. There's a bunch of old white colonnaded colonial-style buildings around a multi-acre roundabout, laid out in very much a Parisian style. As it was lunchtime, we found a place that apparently did decent food and seemed busy so wandered in. We both had a thali which is basically a mixed curry plate - three small serves of curries, rice and naan. Very tasty!

    We felt like finding a coffee place and having a sit down to relax, and so we stood around near the exit of the metro station trying to find an option on our phone. As we were looking at our phones, a guy approached offering to clean my shoes; I said no and waved him away without even looking up since I was pretty used to constantly being pestered. Then he said "but sir, look!" I glance down, and lo and behold there's a huge dollop of wet cow shit on the top of my right shoe!

    It immediately clicked what had happened - he had squirted it there without me noticing, and would then expect a "tip" for cleaning it off! I shouted no and told him to F off, turning around and taking my shoe off. Shandos and I (okay mostly Shandos) cleaned the shoe off over the next 10 minutes with tissues and water we had to hand. The shit culprit had disappeared almost immediately which was lucky for him; as we were standing there cleaning it I was getting angrier and angrier and probably would have gotten physical if he'd come back. He was an older guy and pretty scrawny as I remember.

    Eventually we got 95% of the shit cleaned off. Both a little shaken, we decided to just head straight for the nearby metro and head home where we spent the late afternoon relaxing in our room. I did some more reading and apparently the shoe-shit scam is quite common in that area of Delhi - an article in the Guardian written in 2010 said he'd had it happen four times in the same area, even after living in Delhi for years! Apparently it goes back as far as the 60s. I've heard of similar scams involving mustard on jackets and fake bird shit, but those are often precursors to getting pickpocketed. At least it made me feel a bit better - we didn't lose anything more than 10 minutes of our time, and that even westerners who've lived here for a couple of years can fall victim to it.

    For dinner we headed out to an odd place nearby, a sort of hipster arts collective in a compound with galleries and multiple western-style cafes. We went in a couple of cafes, and both of them could've been anywhere in a first world country, although the prices were about halfway between Western and typical Indian. Quite an odd feeling, though I guess these places will keep on popping up. Although there's a lot of poverty here in India, there's a colossal middle class as well that's only going to keep on growing. Moving on tomorrow!
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