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    • Day26

      Cinque Fotografie-Napoli Day 1

      May 9, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      We said good-bye to Sorrento this morning. Our accommodations there were really first-rate. I don't recall feeling so pampered in a lodging in quite some time. Initially our plan was to take a commuter ferry back to Napoli later in the afternoon and sample wines in Sorrento, but our innkeeper suggested that we instead consider hiring a car and going wine tasting near Mt. Vesuvius.

      We chose the latter, and it was a really wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Our driver, Fabio, picked us up in a Mercedes van, and he told us about the adjacent towns, including, Castellammare di Stabia, the one he grew up in. He shared with us that he was engaged to be married next year, and that his fiancé was in a post-doctoral program in Napoli. He shared that it is Italian custom to move to the town where the wife is so the would be relocating to Napoli when he married.

      On the way to the winery, we passed the entry to Pompeii and we arrived at Cantina Del Vesuvio, a winery run by the Russo family since 1930.
      The grounds were quite beautiful, and overlooked the Bay of Naples.

      We were escorted by our tour guide who was quite lively and funny. Her speaking cadence did remind me a bit of Gilda Radner's SNL character Roseann Roseannadanna. We learned that the vineyards required no irrigation due to the porous nature of the lava field that maintained the perfect humidity for the grapes.

      In our tour group, we chatted with a retired couple from Michigan who were touring Italy. They were from the Detroit area and had been postal workers. They talked about their previous visit to Portland and how much they liked it there.

      After the tour we enjoyed wine pairings with a nice meal of breads, meat, cheeses and spaghetti. The red wine reminded us a lot of Washington's Red Mountain area wines as they were rich and complex. We concluded our visit and reconnected to Fabio who took us to the neighborhood where we are staying.

      Since we arrived before our host had finished work, we drank cappuccinos and watched the neighborhood people greet each other and interact with hugs and kisses. I think that of the things that I like best about our travels is just watching the people, particularly the interactions with the children.

      Finally, we arrived at Francesco's home, a beautiful remodeled apartment that is well appointed and comfortable. "Ance" was quite welcoming and he oriented us to the space and he made several restaurant recommendations.

      After a long nap, we ventured out for a city walk and to sample Napoli's culinary contribution to the world: pizza. Napoli is known for thin-crusted pizza swimming in red sauce and olive oil and topped with less cheese than we're used to in the U.S. An online acquaintance suggested that we also try the fried macaroni appetizer. Picture macaroni and cheese with peas and meat rolled into a breaded deep-fried ball. I liked them, but Jim C wasn't a fan. It tasted a bit like a country fare offering.

      We laughed at the notion of trying an exotic beer to accompany our pizza. Among the offerings was Nastro Azzurro, better known to us as PBR. We both chose a Dutch beer, and we enjoyed our pizzas.

      I should report that we've had several people tell us to be on high alert about pickpockets and other targeting of tourists. While we're striving to approach our travels in the city with eyes wide open, we both enjoyed the gritty medieval feel of the streets and alleys that are peppered with cathedrals and monuments every few blocks. Like Catania, the drivers, cyclists and scooters race through the narrow streets, but we found it to be part of the charm of the city.

      We're calling it a night, and we're looking forward to telling you about Pompeii and the Herculaneum tomorrow. Ciao!
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      Your comment about the gritty feel of Naples brought back a memory. When I went to Italy in 86 with my college girlfriend we had flown from St Louis to New York to Rome, quickly hopped a train to Naples where our trip would begin. We got to the train station quite late and quite exhausted. A man basically attached himself to us and took at least two of our bags into his hands and said he would get us to our hotel. he wasn't a cab driver but what we would now consider to be an Uber driver. My girlfriend was freaking out that I let a stranger put us in his private car with our luggage and then proceeded to drive us through some very ominous and sketchy parts of the city. I was so tired and burnt out by that time I didn't care if he kidnapped us as long as he'd let me sleep. As it turned out he took us to our hotel and we were safe and he tried to smooth over her anger but she just wouldn't have it. The next day we woke up to the city bustling with activity and had a great couple days exploring the wild city of Naples that a European friend of mine in St Louis had told me was like the playground of Italy.


      Hope you enjoy Napoli. Haven't been but have really enjoyed seeing it and hearing the dialect over three seasons of "My Brilliant Friend," adapted from the book.


      sooo lovely

    • Day3

      bummeln durchs Centro Storico

      August 22, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Heute sind wir durch das Altstadt-Viertel von Neapel gebummelt.
      Mit seinen unzähligen Kathedralen und Palazzi gehört diese nämlich zum Weltkulturerbe.
      Praktischerweise beginnt der Rundgang direkt an unserer Unterkunft.
      Am Duomo angekommen sind wir natürlich direkt in den Gottesdienst geplatzt und haben uns für andere Touristen fremdgeschämt, die ihre Hände fürs Selfie ins Taufbecken halten mussten.

      Durch Zufall haben wir ein wunderschönes kleines Nonnenkloster mit traumhaft schönem Innenhof entdeckt, das Monastero San Gregorio Armeno. Ein kleines Einod inmitten des ganzen Troubels.

      Genau wie unser neuer Lieblingsort Palazzo Venecia mit verstecktem Garten, der ein idyllisches Künstlercafé beherbergt.

      Ziel des Rundgangs war für uns eigentlich die Capella Sansevere. Dank Corona braucht man dafür aber jetzt auch einen Zeitslot, den wir natürlich nicht hatten😱 Ich war natürlich schon todunglücklich aber der nette Herr am Ticketschalter meinte wir sollen am nächsten Morgen ganz früh kommen, da gäbe es noch Last- Minute Tickets.

      Wir sind dann also weiter in die Catacombe San Gennaro spaziert mit kleinem Zwischenstopp im Bosco di Capodimonte. Bei 34 Grad ging es stetig bergauf🤪

      Die Katakomben (unterirdische Friedhöfe) waren sehr beeindruckend. Bis 2006 war das noch mitten im Camorra Gebiet (Mafia). Dank mittlerweile vielen Vereinen und Organisationen, welche sich gegen die Schutzgelder stark machen, können Touristen mittlerweile ganz unbehelligt auch dort entlang laufen🙈

      Eine leckere und vor allem ausgesprochen günstige Pizza hat den Tag dann abgerundet😋
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      Na,die 34 Grad erinnern mich an den Aufstieg zur Bastei....😅

    • Day2

      Castel S. Elmo und Certosa di San Martin

      August 21, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Heute ging es in das Castel S. Elmo, welches hoch über der Stadt thront und von welchem man einen spektakulären Ausblick über den Golf von Neapel hat...

      Tagesticket gekauft und ab ging es mit der Funicolare bergauf.

      Wir haben den wunderschönen Ausblick ausgiebig bestaunt und das Kloster durchwandert.

      Mein negativ-Highlight heute war, von einem ca. 70 jährigen angequatscht und nach meiner Telefonnummer gefragt zu werden😱

      Als wir genug vom Ausblick hatten, ging es runter in den Hafen. Dort haben wir dann schon mal unsere Fährtickets gebucht und den Abend nach einem ausgiebigen Spaziergang am Wasser vor dem Castel dell' Ovo ausklingen lassen.
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      Was ein 70jähriger du Ärmste. 😰 aber die hammermäßige Aussicht hat dich hoffentlich wieder etwas beruhigen können. Echt schön in Neapel. Wahnsinnig historisch hätte ich nicht gedacht. Da gibt es ja echt viel zu entdecken. Sehr schöne Bilder. Viel Spaß euch weiterhin

    • Day2

      St. Elmos Fire

      March 20, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      Nach einer kurzen Pause habe ich mich auf den Weg zum Botanischen Garten gemacht, um etwas Ruhe und Natur zu genießen. Pustekuchen, der hatte leider zu und so bin ich zur nächstgelegenen Bahnstation gelaufen, nach Montesanto gefahren und habe dort den Funicular in den Stadtteil Vomero genommen. Dort oben steht das Castell Sant'Elmo, das ansich schon sehr eindrucksvoll ist, der Ausblick hat aber alles übertroffen. Und das für 2,50 Euro, kaum zu glauben. Die Stadt lag mir zu Füßen und ich konnte den Vesuv, die Halbinsel von Sorrent und Capri sehen. Die untergehende Sonne hat ganz wunderbare Farben in den Himmel gemalt und ich habe die Zeit genossen, bis der Wind mich ausgekühlt und fast weg geweht hat. Ein perfekter Abschluss des Tages. Morgen geht es weiter nach Sorrent.Read more


      Die Aussicht ist grandios! Gute Weiterreise nach Sorrent!


      Tolle Aussicht. Beeindruckende Fotos.


      Herrlich. Einfach herrlich.


      Ein Traum Blick

    • Day16

      You never know what to expect!

      October 2, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

      So, We arrived in Napoli and asked our wonderful host what to eat. She walked us to the end of the block, pointed down the road and said, "Michele's, in the Piazza." So, in the rain and with lightning all around, off we trudged. When we arrived we found the sort of restaurant that you wouldn't even give a second glance at in the UK, yet odly, there was a queue awaiting to get in. So we took our ticket number and waited in line.
      We only just ate in one of only 15 Michelin starred pizza restaurants in the world!!! No menu. Either margarita or marinara, Either beer or coke. That was it. Best pizza we've ever tasted. Julia Roberts also ate here in the film Eat Pray Love. A truly marvellous dining experience that everyone who comes to Napoli should try.
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    • Day12

      Neapel und sein Chaos

      June 29, 2021 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

      Nachdem wir beim Anhalter fahren mit einem BMW M4 um die Kurven drifteten, uns Sandmücken beim Schlafen belästigt haben und wir endlich Mal wieder einen weichen Untergrund haben wollten, entschieden wir uns für ein gesittetes Hostelleben in Neapel. Glücklicherweise schleifte Thesi mich in jeden der 300 Vintageläden, sodass wir uns schon ein wenig im Gewusel von Neapel zurecht finden mussten. Neapel in Kurzform: Man überlegt zweimal in welche Gasse man geht, es stinkt, es ist laut und super überfüllt. Doch irgendwie hat Neapel seinen eigenen Charme, verstärkt durch die unbeschreiblich guten und günstigen Pizzen.Read more

    • Day27

      Cinque Fotografie-Napoli Day 2

      May 10, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      When I was in 6th grade, social studies coveted world geography. I was lucky that my teacher, Michael Norman, created an interesting way for us to learn world geography. Rather than being tethered to a textbook or an occasional movie, he gave us each a paperback copy of "Europe on $5 A Day". As we moved to each country, we were given a budget and we would select attractions to visit after reading about them in the guidebook. Our task was to then journal about our imagined experience. One of the experiences that I selected was to visit the ancient city of Pompeii. Fifty-two years later that imagined dream came true today.

      We started our tour by catching an express train to Pompeii from Naples. It was fortuitous that we found this route ten minutes before the train departed. We had a bit of spare time once we arrived to grab a cappuccino and croissant before meeting our guide Giulia. Thanks to the generosity of my former colleagues who chipped in for something to enjoy on our trip, we opted for a private tour to Pompeii and Herculaneum. We are very glad to have made that decision.

      Giulia was engaging and knowledgeable as an archeologist. She gave us so much more background about the people of Pompeii including their culture and the evolving influences of the Greeks and the Romans who made Pompeii a colony of the Roman empire.

      We learned that the citizens of Pompeii had no idea thar Mt. Vesuvius was a volcano, and they made no connection to a significant earthquake 12 years earlier.

      It was inspiring to learn about the archeologists' efforts to discover and excavate the ruins. Similar to our experience in Sicily we were moved by the vibrant frescoes and mosaics. The preservation process of the cadavers was fascinating to learn about that captured the last moments of life after the eruption.

      During the times of Pompeii, we learned that women were not allowed to vote, yet they were allowed to create organizing campaigns for preferred candidates. It was fun to learn that women found ways to wield power and to build campaign efforts.

      After a lunch break, we traveled with our guide to Herculaneum, another city that was buried by the volcanic eruption. One of the most striking differences at this site was that the burial of this site preserved organic materials: wood, boats, and remnants of food. It was remarkable to walk around these ruins and note that the perimeter of this site is surrounded by the current city and that ruins left to be discovered lie under the city.

      After we said good-bye to Giulia, we returned by train to Napoli and walked to our bed & breakfast. We wrapped the night by sharing a cup of tea and dialogue with our host Francesco. We practiced Italian and he practiced his English. An interesting language bridge is that he knows Spanish better than English, and I was able to bridge the gap in our understanding with Spanish.

      We decided to stay in for the night as we were both tired after walking about eight miles today.
      Buona Notte!
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      Wow! What a great day. And I think hiring a private guide is almost always worth every penny — and particularly when it is something as impressive as Pompeii that you are seeing. [Mary]


      What an awesome day!! Thanks for all the details.




      Impressive sight. [Lynn]

    • Day26

      Neapel : Pizza + Flug

      August 29, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      In Neapel waren wir in der berühmten Pizzeria L‘antiga Pizzeria da Michele essen, die aus dem Film „Eat, Pray, Love“ bekannt ist. Damit man die Pizza erhält muss man eine Nummer ziehen und warten. Unser Fazit: war ganz gut 👍🏼
      In Abschluss sind wir zum Flughafen gefahren und von Neapel nach Split geflogen.
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      Wusste gar nicht, dass du selbstständig bist 😋

    • Day28

      Cinque Fotografie-Napoli Day 3

      May 11, 2022 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      It was a beautiful day in Napoli today. We can feel a sense of emerging summer in the air after weeks of feeling like the wet Portland Spring weather was stalking us.

      We decided to build some museum time in today to enhance our Pompeii/Herculaneum visit yesterday.

      At the recommendation of our host, we first arrived early at the Museo Capella SanSevero which is a famed chapel museum known for many sculptures and paintings with a centerpiece of a detailed sculpture portraying a shrouded Christ (Cristo Velato) after the crucifixion. The elaborate detail of this work was really moving and beyond the shrouded Chrisr figure, the attention to detail like the crown of thorns and pliers for removing the spikes had a devastating impact while witnessing this piece.
      The Chapel further contains works of late Baroque art by some of the leading Italian artists of the 18th century. I wish I could have taken a photo, but they weren't allowed. You can find the images online.

      What felt like a bit of a non-sequitur,in an adjoining room, two human skeletons were on display with detailed evidence of anatomical parts, most notably the circulatory system.

      It was long thought that these displays were the first efforts at platination, much like the traveling exhibits that show up in museums around the world. More recent analysis of the arteries and veins the "blood vessels" indicate they are constructed of beeswax, wire and silk.

      After our visit to the Chapel Museum, we took a cappuccino break and walked to the Museo Archaelogico a Napoli. This museum has many interesting finds from both Pompeii and Herculaneum. Of particular note was a exhibit referred to as the Gabinetto Secreto (Secret Cabinet) where erotic Roman Art from the 1st century A.D. were found in Pompeii and Herculaneum. It is thought that the phallus was considered to be a symbol of abundance and protection.

      In one great hall, there is a Meridian Line with all of the zodiac signs represented. The interesting arrangement is that a small pinhole in the ceiling allows light to hit every day at noon and the sunbeam corresponds with the time of year. It is really a quite brilliant sundial.

      There were many other artifacts, paintings, sculptures and mosaics throughout the museum. We had been encouraged by yesterday's guide to view the Egyptian exhibit. It was fascinating to observe artifacts that were hundred of years older than those excavated from Pompeii as well as mummified bodies that were remarkably preserved.

      After the museum visit, we grabbed pizza for lunch in a lively neighborhood filled with area markets and other vendors. We then headed back to our B&B to relax before our next neighborhood adventure: haircuts.

      I had made online appointments at a local barbershop where our host goes. When we walked in to the shop at the appointed time, we were greeted with amused looks by several young barbers dressed in black, many with full-sleeve body art. My first thought was, this is going to be a mistake, but I was pleasantly mistaken. We were given great care, offered espressos and we both worked diligently to meet our requests for beard trims and haircuts.

      The young man who appeared to be the owner spoke English pretty well, and he became a bit like the orchestra director with all the comments of the experience. One of the men who worked on my hair, showed me his tattoo and told me it was his lifelong dream to go to NYC and Las Vegas. I told him that mine was to go to Pompeii, and that I hoped that his dream would come true soon.

      Several people waited on us and I kept thinking of the scene in the Emerald City when "Dorothy and Company" were getting groomed to meet the Wizard.

      After our haircuts, we walked over to an area gay bar for a drink. I noticed that the bartender was speaking English to a couple who arrived a bit after we did. I asked them where they were from and learned that they were John and Robert from San Diego. John had previously been a middle school teacher and NJEA member in New Jersey and Robert earned an ESL Masters degree at Gonzaga University. We really enjoyed the conversation and we learned that they will be in Tuscany as well. We've decided to stay in touch.

      We wrapped the night with one last meal of Napoli's famous pizza. It didn't disappoint, and we are grateful for another eventful day

      When we first planned our stay, we viewed Napoli as a necessary evil to visit Pompeii. Despite its bad press from some friends and acquaintances, we have found our experience here to be deeply endearing. Although I know considerably less Italian than Spanish, I have learned that taking the time to learn simple phrases like Good morning/afternoon/evening, Thank you, Please, very good, How are you?,good-bye, perfect, and pleasure to meet you carry the day. Grazie, Napoli! Buona Notte.
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    • Day46

      Tag 46 - Neapel

      August 24, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Heute ging es zu Fuß durch die Innenstadt von Neapel. Dabei gab es so einiges zu sehen. Zunächst ist mir ein Gefühl der Enge in den Sinn gekommen, als ich durch die Häuserschluchten gelaufen bin. Zum Großteil sah es annähernd so aus wie auf dem ersten Foto.
      Da ich noch etwas auf meine Einlasszeit in die Capella Sansevero warten musste bin ich doch zunächst in den sehr schönen und alten Klosterkomplex von Santa Chuara gegangen. Vorwiegend die Gartenanlagen im Innenhof haben es mir sehr angetan.

      Dann ging es aber in die sehr gut besuchte Capella Sansevero. Dort war es leider verboten zu fotografieren. Da es für mich aber visuell eines der Highlights des Tages war habe ich mal ein offizielles Foto angehängt.
      Dann bin ich noch an der Burg Castel Nuovo zur Piazza Plebiscito gelaufen einem der größten Plätze Italiens. An einer Seite befand sich ein schönes dem Pantheon nachgebildete Gebäude.

      Mit einer Bahn ging es daraufhin aufwärts zur Festung Castel Sant' Elmo. Diese Besuch war vor allem aufgrund des Blickes über die gesamte Stadt bis hin zum Vesuv und Capri lohnenswert, auch wenn man ganz oben auf der Festungsmauer ganz schön durchgebraten wurde.

      Abschließend ging es dann über die Krippengasse zurück zum B & B. In dieser Gasse wurde, wie der Spitzname vermuten lässt, Krippenzubehör in unfassbarer Vielfalt verkauft. Dazu gehörten auch Figuren von Maradona, welcher in ganz Neapel verehrt wird und überall thematisiert wird.

      Abseits der genannten Dinge sind mir über den Tag hinweg einige Sachen aufgefallen, welche mir seit Tagen vermehrt und gerade hier sehr extrem aufgefallen sind. Ein erster Punkt sind Motorroller im Kamikazemodus, welche sich nach belieben, abseits so einiger Verkehrsregeln, teilweise mit einer unfassbaren Geschwindigkeit durch die Gassen fahren. Aufmerksam machen sich sich dann immer durch ein kurzes, aber sehr lautes, hupen. Gerade das Hupen ist hier und auch auf den restlichen Straßen ein sehr gängiges Kommunikationsmittel. Zusätzlich ist mir aufgefallen, dass Neapel verdammt dreckig ist und an vielen Orten extrem unangenehm richt. Je weiter ich in den Süden komme umso mehr fällt mir der viele Müll an und auf den Straßen auf.

      Abschließend muss ich sagen, daß ich die Innenstadt von Neapel zwar teilweise sehr nett fand, aber bis jetzt meine am wenigstens schöne Städtetour war. Aufgrund der paar Highlights hat es sich aber dennoch für mich gelohnt. Morgen geht es dann nach Sorrent, mit einem längeren Zwischenhalt in Pompeji. Aufgrund der aktuellen Wetterlage konnte gerade Pompeji sehr spannend werden, da dort wohl quasi mein Schatten vorzufinden ist. Dahwe versuche ich möglichst zur Öffnung am Morgen vor Ort zu sein.
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      mega Foto


      Achso das hatte ich ganz vergessen zu erwähnen. Das ist wohl eine sehr bekannte U-Bahn Haltestelle, wo ich quasi direkt dran vorbeigelaufen bin. War ganz nett, aber mehr auch nicht 😅


      Wow! Hab die Fotos vor dem Text gesehen und war sehr beeindruckt. … hätte deinen Kommentar über die „am wenigsten beeindruckende Stadt“ nicht erwartet… überhaupt mag ich deine Art zu fotografieren… ist meiner sehr ähnlich… nur aus einem anderen Winkel😉😅😂 #207vs160


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