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  • Day23

    Day 23 - Kayaking Naples

    October 2, 2017 in Italy

    Well...the slightly sore throat that I've had for a couple of days turned into a full blown cold overnight. But I decided to push through and make it to our 11:00 kayaking tour that we had scheduled. And I'm so glad I did! We were the only people on the tour. We basically paid less than it costs to rent a kayak for an hour in a tourist beach town for a 3 hour kayak tour around the cliffs and caves of Naples with a private guide. We were the only people in the water and had an amazing view of the entire Bay of Naples. It was awesome and beautiful - definitely one of the highlights of the trip so far. But by the time it was over, I had no energy left for the underground tunnel tour we wanted to do so we went back to the Airbnb for a much needed rest day. We napped, ate pizza, and watched Netflix all day and night. It's been great. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow as we set off to Capri!!Read more

  • Day22

    Day 22 - Naples Arrival - Pompeii

    October 1, 2017 in Italy

    We woke up early and headed south. Our first stop in Southern Italy is a quick two-night stay in Naples, the birthplace of pizza! We checked into our Airbnb and went straight to Pompeii. The first Sunday of every month, all monuments are free and we were able to get into Pompeii for free! We spent a few hours wandering through the ruins. It was really cool to see, with Mt Vesuvius towering behind. Now we are back in with delivery pizza for an early night.Read more

  • Day1

    Up to depart Ruislip before 3.00!! No exit onto M23 south so small detour via Redhill and ignoring postcode to find our parking. Through security in time for a quick breakfast in Garfunkel’s then a long bus trip from the gate round to the plane parked furthest away and nearest the car park. Take off to the west. Smooth flight and on time arrival. Picked up and transported to our Palazzo.
    Our taxi dropped us in a square some 100 m along a pedestrian street already busy at 10.00. We were plucked from the throng by our hostess, Maria Teresa and brought into a haven of peace. They kindly gave us a brief on the city sights and looked after our cases while our apartment was cleaned.
    We headed out into May Day celebrations with band for a recce of the supermarket then on to the funicular railway which took us up to the view point below Castel St Elmo. On the way back we did supermarket sweep part one for lunch picking up a fine selection of cheeses and cool beers.
    We then retired briefly for a snooze before further shopping activity to provide for home cooked pasta with local Campi Flegrei Piedirosso wine.
    An excellent first day in Napoli.
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  • Day3

    Museum and sea

    May 3 in Italy

    Forecast not too promising so decided to visit Archaeological Museum where many original artefacts from Pompeii are housed. There was a bit of a queue to get in and it rained on us there a bit. Once inside we started with mosaics including many from the Villa of the Faun, with exquisite details and tiny pieces to form the images. Coffee this time from a machine, quite acceptable and only 60 cents!
    Next frescos, some of them from Herculaneum and many depicting architecture and figures, from which it is possible to see what the houses, temples and people looked like some two thousand years ago.
    We rounded off our visit in the Farnese collection where there are amazing marble statues from antiquity.
    We found Sorbillo for lunch, but the queue was far too long, so we found pizza opposite and had lunch back at the flat, with a reviving beers.
    The afternoon weather was a little more favourable so we set off towards the port and Castel d’ovo. It did rain a bit on the way, though it proved a fine way to see another part of Napoli and the seaside. The view of Vesuvius just materialised from cloud at the Castel viewpoint. We headed back up pedestrian shopping streets that were thronging with people in search of a fish shop. We found a street corner stall and purchased three Orate which we had filleted (looked like Dorado we thought so didn’t want too much). Another supermarket dash and back to cook another gourmet feast.
    20,000 steps and another fascinating day.
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  • Day4

    Showers today dictated indoors. Firstly we arrived at San Lorenzo Maggiore which featured a museum while we awaited guided tour of the underground roman market built over an earlier Greek building. It was buried by a mudslide caused by rain and a Vesuvius eruption in 479AD. We definitely dodged some of the showers and enjoyed a very interesting tour.
    After coffee on the Via Duomo we visited the cathedral, dedicated to SAN Genaro where they are busy preparing for the procession celebrating the liquidisation of the saint’s preserved blood tomorrow. On the way back we found the ‘purgatory ‘ church, built by a benefactor to provide somewhere for poor souls who could not afford a proper burial to wait for admission to heaven. Up top was a normal church, below on similar footprint, a church with some niches containing skulls and a closed pit for bones of the deceased. At the back behind the altar, more skulls and bones, another pit and some earth burials. One might have expected to feel a bit spooky but musty was more like it.
    Janet acquired her Neapolitan earrings on the way back to base for lunch.
    A quiet afternoon we visited two very local churches, both large, one extremely finely decorated baroque, the other plain, Franciscan and with a wedding going on. There was some artisan chocolate for tasting on a stall at the gate- good too!
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  • Day9


    June 26, 2017 in Italy

    Why didn't Neil get one of these lovely little sailing boats? And yes you can swim- no sharks apparently!

  • Day20


    June 26, 2017 in Italy

    Luca, Lia's cousin, picked us up at the airport and delivered us to our accommodation which overlooked the Plebiscito Piazza and the Mediterranean. It was extremely hot so we headed straight down to the seafront and found ourselves a great restaurant with a view and settled back with pizza and wine and watched the crowds of tourists go by....and there were a LOT of tourists. Satisfied that we had stayed long enough to pass as locals we then walked the streets of Napoli loving all the amazing side-streets and greeting other locals in Italian 😉 as we passed. We walked up to the top of Pontile Castello dell'Ovo, one of the world's oldest fortifications - 15th Century building and amazing views. Worth tbe hundreds of stairs 😣We then discovered there is a lift. Not from the 15th Century!! To end the night of course we had gelati🍦It was nice to be back in Napoli. It is a vibrant city and we look forward to being back here in 5 days time when we return from Praiano.Read more

  • Day26

    Naples Italy

    July 2, 2017 in Italy

    It is Goodbye to Praiano as Luca drives us back to Naples. Before leaving the Amalfi Coast behind us Luca drove by two lovely beach towns, Minori and Maiore. They didn't have the same cliffside villages as Positano or Amalfi but had cafes, restaurants and the beach stretching along a long straight flat coastal road - a rare site on the Amalfi Coast. If we had known about these little gems we would have dedicated a day to exploring them. We then headed up through the mountains through the wine region of Tramonti, before descending towards Naples. We got some great views of Mt Vesuvius. Before going to our apartment we went to Ercolano or Herculaneum, an ancient Roman town which was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79AD but unlike Pompeii, Ercolano's ruins were covered by a pyroclastic material that buried the town in deep mud which preserved wooden and other organic-based objects such as beds, doors and even skeletons which have only been discovered recently. Until then it was believed the town had been evacuated by its inhabitants. Tomorrow we fly to Dubrovnik.Read more

  • Day2

    Just love Italy!

    May 12 in Italy

    Enjoying the Italian vibe - fab air B and B right in the middle of the Spanish quarter, over a Trattoria and a famous fish shop!!
    Great meal with the locals, cheapest food and wine for months!!
    Off to Pompei and the Amalfj coast with one of the waiters mates as a taxi driver and guide!!

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