Sestière di San Marco

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    • Day 9

      Amr’s birthday in Venice

      September 30, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Another lovely day! Had breakfast at our little place right under us…a fabulous eatery, and very popular…in the morning there is an array of pastries, and yogurt, fruit, granola, and by lunchtime it has transformed to pizza, bruschetta, focaccia, panini - all fresh and very appealing. And wonderful coffee, fresh juice (and wine, beer and the eternal Aperol!)…so we are well placed for food. Then we set off walking - this time over the Rialto and into the markets there (saw the baby calamari that I would love to buy in Oz)…then on to the station via the different route..all very lovely along the endless streets, canals, bridges and campos. I totally depend on Amr as a guide…totally lose my sense of direction in these learning some of the landmarks on the route to S Marco…!

      The high tide came up again and the walking boards came up in the piazza S Marco…it was receding by the time we got there and we sat on the dry side and had a drink watching the scene till our allotted time to visit the basilica. With great agony Amr had managed to book tickets online as we knew it reduced queuing time to get in, and we had watched the chaos of people trying to enter….so we went early thinking we’d have wait a bit, but to our delight we had immediate access, and were blown away yet again by the magnificence of the building, the gold mosaics just everywhere - quite dazzling. We even paid extra to see the Pala d’Oro which is an elaborate slab of gold and jewels, with enamel pictures…impossible to describe…created as an altar cover (instead of cloth)…altogether a beautiful visit.

      We are starting to understand the weather…it is fine in the morning, and in the afternoon it clouds over, and today it did rain - needed umbrellas - and was more than passing clouds! But never pouring rain. Amr has just told me that tomorrow and Sunday will be fine in Venice! We’ll see.

      Tonight we go to the concert in La Fenice, and we think we’ll have a little late dinner after. Tomorrow we plan to take a train to Vicenza, to have a look round there, and maybe stop off at Padua on the way back. It will be a bit of a break to walk along normal streets for a change - much as we love the alleys of Venice!

      Now back from our evening…the concert was was a Belgian sextet (the Phoenix Sextet) playing Wagner, Brahms and Schoenberg…not in the big opera theatre but in a smaller room suitable for chamber music…I think there are 3 halls - the opera hall, the concert hall and the chamber hall…we think we’ll do a tour if we can fit in to see it all. The renovation since the fire is beautiful…very light - white ceilings, peach coloured walls and trim, chandeliers.

      The concert finished soon after 9.30, and I hoped there would still be restaurants willing to feed us…but no problem - a small place just round the corner from the hotel was open (and a few more came after us)…we had a delicious meal - Amr had a veg pasta, I had gnocchi, and we had grilled vegetables…perfect. A good birthday I think!
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    • Day 2

      Ciccetti and Canals

      April 7 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Walked and walked Venice in the mist and in the baking sun 🌞
      Wonderful sights around every corner... lots of dead ends, but that's what makes it fun.
      Lovely venetian snacks (ciccetti) and so relaxing (out of the main drag)Read more

    • Day 12

      Delays to Destination…

      June 13, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

      Today’s travel experience was expected and unexpected. We’d expected to experience travel glitches during our journey, we just hadn’t expected to experience so many on a single day🙃. First delay - train from Wimbledon delayed due to “emergency works”. No problem -we reroute and make the hour long trip to Heathrow. Second delay-huge line at Swiss Air. While waiting I receive a text update that the flight is delayed 15 minutes. Not a big delay but we now have only 30 minutes to make our connection in Zurich. We make the Zurich flight but an additional delay is announced as we wait on the plane ✈️. Kai naps on flight. I work. Our seats are the very last seats on the plane. We are thus the very last people off the plane. Third delay- another line at immigration but the first miracle occurs-our connecting flight to Venice is delayed. The single clerk at immigration is processing a mass of time stressed travelers. The tension in the line of waiting passengers is acute. We all have flights leaving in minutes. Kai and I let 2-3 especially desperate travelers ahead of us thinking we have extra time due to the announced delay. We clear customs and hope to find food but it turns out- the flight is holding for us (I had the time wrong). We run to board the flight🎉. Thank you Swiss Air for waiting for us. Delay four- we made our flight but our bags have not. The line for baggage assistance is long, again there is a single clerk. (Dante missed a particularly tortuous level of hell- waiting in interminably long lines with little hope of progress.) We make our report and board the waterbus for Venice. It’s a beautiful and delightful 1.25hr boat ride. We enjoy watching the sunset 🌅 and the moonrise🌕 over Venice. We disembark at San Marco- our room is 10 minutes walk away. Delay five- we can’t find our hotel. We can get within 1 minute of it using google maps but can’t find it. Everywhere we look are befuddled travelers with phones set to google maps trying to navigate Venic’s labyrinth of cobblestone alleys and passage ways. Miracle 2 is that our bags were lost. We are tired after dragging our small carry-on bags up, down, over, and across the many, many small canals and waterways of Venice. We would not have survived with our suitcases. It’s now very dark and late. We have gelato (miracle 3) for dinner and to refuel before contuing our hotel search. An older Venetian couple stops to help us. Essentially- they don’t know where the hotel is either and tell us us “it’s impossible to find your way around Venice” and that we should call for the hotel for rescue. Perhaps - Global Gaurdian should add Venice Navigation to their package of services… It’s 11:30 when we find our hotel. Our room is on the 3rd floor. There is no elevator🥺.Read more

    • Day 23

      Clever husband...

      October 9, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Now the man cant remember what day it is but my very clever hubby managed to find the hotel where we had our honeymoon this morning. Purely based on a corner of St Mark's Sq and a random bridge. Not bad for over 17 yrs ago.Read more

    • Day 7

      Arrival in Venice

      September 28, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      A very smooth 4 hour train trip to Venice, and we are enchanted as arrival here always makes you feel! We took a vaporetto to Ca’ d’Oro near our hotel as Amr’s bag would be rather hard to drag far…found our little hotel tucked in a small corner. Our room is in a separate building nearby, and thankfully our man carried the big bag up the 2 flights of stairs!! Charming room, looking over a little campo and we are in heaven…

      Set off straightaway as we needed to walk after such a long sit, and wandered and got a bit lost, and found ourselves, walked to S. Marco piazza and along the riva Schiavoni, beyond where the thickest crowds are…it is milling with people in the main popular areas, and very slow moving along the narrow streets…just have to be patient and enjoy. We realise we have only been here in winter when crowds are definitely limited. But it is fun and gorgeous. We found and booked our favourite restaurant - still going strong - where we used to come frequently…asked for an 8pm booking, but could only get 8.30 (glad we thought to book!)…but we will never starve - there are so many eateries everywhere, and specially round where we are staying. It is not raining, and in fact there is high cloud with small blue patches and brightness shining through, making a magic light. Just lovely.

      Now back from a perfect dinner at A La Rivetta…Amr first went there in 1983 and we have been there every visit since and it never disappoints. We have booked again for Saturday. (Paul you will have been there with us in 1991 if you can remember!)…after a bit of a break in our room we set off at 7.30 and walked back to S Marco and through and on past the very expensive upmarket shops and found the route to La Fenice where we have a concert booked on Friday. Then walked further towards the Accademia, before turning back to the restaurant. The Piazza S Marco looked much better at night - less people, and the scaffolding on part of the basilica hardly shows at night…we took some art photos, and Amr did some art canal night photos.

      Got to the restaurant at 8.30 and it was bustling…such fun. To my delight I spotted baby cuttlefish a la griglia on the menu - I guessed it was the Venetian equivalent of my Spanish favourite - chiperones a la plancha, and it was…perfect…Amr had bacalao with polenta, and we had buttered spinach and bean and onion salad…SOO good. And even ended with an amazing panna cotta, with caramel crunchiness scattered over - MasterChef worthy! I think we are going to enjoy our time in Venice.
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    • Day 7


      August 24, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Und schon sind wir wieder in Venedig angekommen...eine kurze aber doch sehr schöne Reise mit viele Eindrücken...
      Venedig ist eine bunte und laute Stadt...viele schöne Häuser...verwinkelte Gassen...und überall Menschen.
      Bei einer Gondelfahrt...ja das musste sein😂...haben wir die kleinen Kanäle durch schippert...und nein der Gondoliere hat nicht gesungen 😉....
      Heute Abend dann die Abschiedsparty und dann geht es mit dem Flieger ✈ wieder nach Hause...
      Auf wiedersehen Aida ...vielleicht bis bald mal wieder🛳
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    • Day 1

      day one

      December 25, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

      wir haben zum zweiten mal den ersten tag in venedig erlebt. leider haben wir bis jetzt nicht viele außergewöhnliche sachen/menschen erlebt bis auf "sie".

      sie ist eine mitte 50erin die alleine venedig mit einer sehr außergewöhnlichen aufopferung erkunden möchte und -da bin ich mir sicher- wird. sie hat uns bereits auf der fahrt auf dem boot vom flughafen marco polo bis zum markusplatz über 70 minuten mit ihrer hingabe begeistern und selbstverständlich auch motivieren können indem sie wie ein junger hüpfer durch das boot ja schon fast getitscht ist und mit ihrem (achtung!!!!) ipad bilder machte- und zwar von allem. egal was grad vor der linse war sie hat unnnachgiebig alle 3 sekunden ein bild geschossen. dass wir sie 4 stunden später beim supermarkt wieder treffen sollten war wohl ... schicksal.

      neben etlichen pizza stücken, cappuccini und einem großeinkauf im "despar" (die italienische version des "spar") haben wir viele bereits bekannte orte wie unser hotel vom letzten mal wiedersehen können und dabei 10km hinterlegt. morgen gehts dann weiter bei strahlendem sonnenschein. auch mal schön zur abwechslung.

      auch heute gibt es schon ein paar bildchen zum gucken.
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    • Day 66–67


      June 7 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

      Mir si ufemne Camperstellplatz u vo dert unternehme mer eh Tagesusflug uf Venedig.
      Es isch mega schön! Aber het scho ijz mega viu Touristen.. si zu dene Sache glüfe wo im Herr der Diebe vor Cornelia Funke Schauplätz si.Read more

    • Day 8


      September 28, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Unser letzter Stopp brachte uns wieder zurück an den Anfang.
      Dieses Mal spielte zum Glück auch das Wetter mit und Venedig zeigte sich uns in seiner vollen Pracht.
      Die viele Kanäle dienen als Hauptverkehrswege, was allein schon ein einmaliges Stadtbild abgibt.
      Fantastische Bauwerke aus der Renaissance und Gotik runden dieses ab und machten Venedig für uns zum abschließenden Highlight unserer Reise.
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    • Day 40

      Ausflug Venedig

      October 28, 2022 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Gestern habe ich mich dann sehr spontan dazu entschlossen einen Abstecher nach Venedig zu machen. Mit Rom wahrscheinlich eine der bekanntesten Städte in Italien aber um ehrlich zu sein ist die Stadt an sich sehr overrated! Nicht wirklich viele schöne Gebäude, sehr viele Touris, nicht sehr einladend und es stinkt💩 Außerdem fällt einem die Orientierung, durch die ganzen engen Gassen und Kanäle, sehr schwer (musste bestimmt 20 leute fragen wie ich zum Bahnhof komme) 😅 Das einzig schöne in Venedig ist der Fluss und die Kanäle, für einen Tagesausflug hat es sich aufjedenfall gelohnt aber ich würde keinem empfehlen einen ganzen Urlaub dort zu verbringen!Read more

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