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  • Day7


    April 24, 2017 in Latvia

    Wij reisden naar Sigulda, een dorpje dat bij het natuurpark Gauja hoort en waar wij vandaag een flinke hike achter de rug hebben! Zo fijn in het zonnetje. Het zag er nu al prachtig en indrukwekkend uit, en dat terwijl nog alles in de knop zat. Ik snap wel dat dit een geliefde plek is voor wandelaars en mountainbikers in de zomer! Over ons heerlijke toetje in het restaurant zat uiteraard een lekker Black Balsam sausje :) Morgen treinen we terug naar Riga en stappen daar op de bus naar Tallinn, Estland.Read more

  • Day15

    To Sigulda and back

    August 26, 2017 in Latvia

    Morning bus trip to Sigulda to the east, the most popular resort in Latvia, in the Gauja River valley. We stopped at the Latvian bobsled track. You were able to walk alongside some of it.We then got on our bikes and cycled through the Gauja National Park visiting Latvia's "largest cave", Gurmana Cave. The whole cave has many carvings, ancient and new. We even had a busker there.
    Continuing on we stopped at Turaida Castle. This castle still had many out buildings and towers standing. Latvia's oldest church built in 1205 is also there.
    After lunch we headed back west mainly along the main road with a few hills and a bit windy to Saulkrasti to a private bicycle museum which was very interesting. One bike had rope for tyres and one was built entirely of wood made from an old building of significance. We popped down to the beach but was a bit cold and really rough to dip into. Had a paddle instead.
    Bussed back to Riga and we had tea as a group at The Garlic Pub. Garlic in the meal but they also did a garlic beer and garlic coffee. A few of us shared a garlic beer but didn't go for the coffee
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  • Day58

    Air Cableway, Sigulda, Lettland

    July 29, 2017 in Latvia

    Der Plan war eigentlich ein ganz anderer: mit der Seilbahn über den Fluss, dann sechs KIlometer wandern, zwei Burgen und eine Höhle besichtigen und anschliessend mit dem Bus zurück zum Parkplatz, wo unser Auto steht.
    Nur leider stehen wir jetzt fast eine Stunde hier rum und die Seilbahn fährt nicht. Das Warten nervt. Und als irgendwie "technische Probleme" die Runde machen geben wir auf, holen das bereits bezahlte Fahrgeld zurück und nehmen doch das Auto. Wenigsten können wir zwei Frankfurterinnen zur einen Burg mitnehmen, die dann zurücklaufen wollen.

    Am Abend lesen wir, dass tatsächlich keine Bahn mehr gefahren ist.
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  • Day58

    Kungu Rija Restaurant, Lettland

    July 29, 2017 in Latvia

    Spontan haben wir uns entschieden, nicht weiter nach Cesis zu fahren sondern in diesem Restaurant am Strassenrand zu essen.
    Es gibt leckere lettische Gerichte für sehr wenig Geld. Blutwurst mit Preiselbeeren, Grieben und Linsen, Matjes-Filet.
    Und auch hier findet eine Feier statt ...

    Wir haben es nicht bereut.

  • Day2

    Castle Of The Livonian Order In Sigulda

    October 19, 2017 in Latvia

    For today we rented spontaneously a car for just 11€ for the day and drove out of Riga for about an our to the little township of Sigulda which is know for its beautiful autumn forest and medieval castles.

  • Day2

    Turaida Castle

    March 4, 2017 in Latvia

    Before we left London we signed up to an all day winter tour of Sigulda and the surrounding area with a company called Discover Latvia. When organising it we had been told it was unlikely to be snowy and the tour guide at the deer park would be on holidays while we were there. Closer to the date or host alsop told us due to unseasonably warm weather a lot of the parks were very muddy and slippery.

    We didn't quite know what to expect when we got picked up on Saturday morning by Janis in his family van and headed to our first stop, collecting his 12 year old son, Gustav, along the way. Driving out of Riga, the Soviet influence on the city was very apparent in the architecture, especially when compared to the art deco architecture in Riga.

    Our first official stop was Turaida Castle, which was built by the Livonian's in 1214. The weather was pretty dicey and raining. We got out of the car and off we went. We visited the small church, which was one of the oldest surviving wooden churches in Latvia. Around a memorial site next to the church Janis told us the story of the Rose of Turaida. Maija Rose was a little girl when she was found among the wounded after a battle in 1600 and taken to Turaida Castle, where she grew to be a beautiful woman with many suitors. The only one with a place in her heart was Viktors, a gardener at nearby Sigulda Castle, home of a rival group. These two used to secretly meet at Gutmana Cave. One day, a suitor from the Turaida side of the river decides to Lee Maija to the cave under false pretences, to kidnap her for his own. To ensure her escape, Maija promises the suitor the magic scarf around her neck. The scarf would protect her from a blade and to prove it he should swing his axe at her neck. You don't even need to imagine what happened next, but the suitor was captured and hung for his crime. Court documentation had shown this story to be true!

    On approach to the main Castle, Gustav announces that we all have to run to the top of the Tower, counting the steps as we went along. We got there, maybe forgetting to count the steps, and the views out over the valley were pretty nice, although limited by the weather. The small on site museum gave a history of the Livonia. It was interesting that although Turaida and Sigulda were very close together and only separated by the Gauja River they were never part of the same group's territories.

    Back to the car, and to a buffet restaurant in Sigulda. It was tricky to work out what the food was, but we definitely had our fill and it didn't burn a hole in your pocket.

    After lunch we went to a nearby spring to fill up water bottles, as well as get Janis' supply for home in lathe water drums. There were lots of locals, remembering we were in the middle of nowhere, filling up bottles for their own use!
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  • Day9

    7. Noc - sjezdovka pod Siguldou

    September 13, 2016 in Latvia

    Kemp u mesta Sigulda jsem nasel, ale za noc ve stanu bez sprch a wc se mi 9€ davat nechtelo.

    Spim v aute na konci typicke litevsko-lotysske polnacky (tvrdy prasny povrch, rozryty vetsimi ci mensimi dirami). Prede mnou je takovy svazek, 50 m na vysku? A je z nej sjezdovka :). Za mnou sumi reka Gauja, ktera dala jmeno i prvnimu lotysskemu NP. Ten ocihnu zitra.

    Mimochodem, nocni Sigulda v centrs je naprosto nezajimava a nudna, jinak bych mel chut se i prochazet (v bunde, je 14 stupnu).Read more

  • Day10

    Hrady u Siguldy a NP Gauja

    September 14, 2016 in Latvia

    Hrady supr, krasne opravene a znovu postavene drevene vystavby, podsebiti a strechy.

    Gauja je park, chranici udoli reky. Dal jsem dva kratsi treky a zadna pecka se nekona - kam se to hrabe na Svatojanske proudy :). Proste reka, pisecne brehy, okolni les.

    V prirode zacina podzim a neskutecne si to uzivam. Taktak se zacina obarvovat listi a valet se po cestickach, kde treskute chrupe a cinka. Pavouci vlakna, modra obloha, bile kmeny briz, pronikava zelen mechu, bile strapate cary cirrusu. Vune orechu a vresu.

    Setkani s pani pruvodkyni u hradu, povidani o znecisteni vody: na mape je pramen, chtel jsem vedet zda tam opravdu je a zda voda je pitna. K memu prekvapeni mne cely kus parkem doprovazi a pritom povidame - odkud a kam, jak se mi libi Pobalti, ze ona byla "v Cechia" v Praze a po hradech v ramci nejakeho studijniho tour... A ze malo dostupne pitne vody (i v domacnostech!!) maji kvuli chemickemu znecisteni podzemnich vod. Stacilo pry 10 let a vsechno je jinak. Placata krajina holt. Vidite, a my pitnou vodou v CR splachujeme wc...

    Legracni "nejvetsi jeskyne v pobalti" vypada jako bezny kokorinsky previs a ma 10 m na vysku. Za 2,5€ parkovne se mi to ani snad nevyplatilo :)).

    Lotysske vesnice jsou ponejvice shlukem samot.
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